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12 Best Noise Cancelling Apps For 2023 (Our #1 Top Pick)

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Neutralizer optimizes your volume by shaking the phone making it increase or decrease the volume of the device.


UrbanDenoiser app will help you turn your headphones into a noise-canceling headset. It is a beautiful and convenient music player with a sound reduction mode.

Are you also in search of the Best Noise Cancelling Apps?

I can empathize with you on the fact that noise cancellation is indeed a good option while you are on a call, be it voice or video. You are at the right place to read and learn about some of the best noise cancellation applications available.

You would readily agree with me on every detail presented to you in this article.

I have gained certain peace of mind recently after I tried and used some of the applications suggested in this article, and surely my friend, you would too.

You need not be an expert in technology to use these, being a bud to the garden also does the work.

You’ve got an iOS, no worries! You’ve got an Android, no worries. You’ll get everything you need to know about which application to use on your respective phones here. This article tells you about the software, its features, the pricing, and eventually its merits and demerits. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the general information, features, pricing plans, and pros and cons of the following noise cancellation applications:

  • Krisp
  • Denoise
  • Neutralizer
  • Noise Killer
  • Safe Headphones
  • Noise Generator
  • myNoise
  • Parrot Zik
  • UrbanDenoiser
  • NoiseWall
  • SoliCall
  • Noise Gate

Searching for noise-cancellation applications for your device can be a pain in the neck sometimes. But, once you know about them and not using them would be a bigger issue. I have gathered here for you the 12 best noise cancellation software. Read about each one of them, and how accessible they are, and then make the correct decision. 

12 Best Noise Cancelling Apps In 2023

1. Krisp

You don’t want to look unprofessional by someone asking you to mute your call. You need to suppress the background voices to leave the meeting uninterrupted. 

Krisp is here to help. It is software that is an AI-powered noise-canceling app for the device’s microphone. Incoming and Outgoing calls – both enjoy this ability.

Krisp Noise cancellation app remover- Krisp Review


You wouldn’t want to attend a call from a noisy location or would find it difficult to cope with. Krisp lets you have a clear-cut voice and video call.

Call centers mostly use this software as the environment is too full of noise, so using this keeps out the background noise from both sides – caller and receiver. 


  • Noise Cancellation – This is the first feature anyone would look for as being the app meant for it. This app uses the AI feature to suppress background noises. The conference app you are using for this purpose lets you add a virtual microphone and speaker to remove noise with a simple on-and-off button.
  • Hardware and OS support  – Before you choose any application, you tend to research whether it comes under your device’s hardware. Krisp functions on Mac OS and Windows, though it also works as a chrome extension. An iOS mobile app is found on the AppStore – Krisp Noise Canceling Dialer, making it accessible on your mobile too. Easy, no!!
  • Apps supporting the software – Krisp works with more than 800 different apps made for video conferencing like Zoom, Slack, Google Hangouts, Webex, and many more. Basically, this software supports every conferencing app aided by Mac and Windows.
  • Commendable Performance – The quality of noise cancellation is the most sought-after feature of any app. Krisp is available to you in varied bandwidths – HD full band and Regular mode. 


Every pricing plan available to you at Krisp offers you to use more than 800 conferencing software – 

krisp Monthly pricing

Monthly Plan

Free – This plan is perfect for people who only occasionally would be in a  remote place to have a conference. This plan enables – 

  • Microphone noise canceled for 120 minutes per week
  • Speaker noise canceled for 120 minutes per week

Pro – This plan is available to you at $8 per month which enables – 

  • Unlimited cancellation of microphone noise
  • Unlimited cancellation of speaker noise

Teams – This plan is enabled for teams with more than 50 contact sales and is available at $8 per month per user. You get the following features – 

  • Member management
  • Billing is centralized
  • Central configuration and deployment
  • Maximum and prioritized support

Enterprise – The price chart is not available for this one and you’d have to contact the sales to know the prices. Along with the Team features, you get the following here 

  • Support of VDI
  • Prioritized support 24/7
  • Business executive reviews

Yearly – You get the same features as for the monthly plan but at the following rates –

  • Pro – $5 per month
  • Teams – $5 per month per user
  • Enterprise – You’d have to contact sales for the same

Krisp Pros and Cons


  1. Removes the background noises
  2. Confidence boost due to noise cancelation
  3. Available for Mac iOS, and Windows, and also as a chrome extension
  4. Compatibility with more than 800 conference applications
  5. Availability of free trial for occasional use
  6. Confidentiality of every audio-video processing


  1. High CPU usage

  • Do you want to know which laptop is ideal for studying computer science? Then, go on over here to find out which laptop on the go is ideal for you.

2. DenoiseAI

You can now focus on creating more while having no problem with noise being created in your background with Denoise. The recordings and every voice tape would be now void of noise.

DeNoise AI- Noise cancelling app

Denoise lets you remove the noise that is in your existing videos or in your voice recordings.

You wouldn’t want the person on the other end to listen to an audio recording of most of what is going on in your surroundings and less of what you are speaking about.

Use Denoise to enjoy voice messages and videos that sound as if they were made in a studio.

Compatible with videos, may it be from your library or any other app, Denoise helps process and edit the videos. 


  1. You get professional sound without being a professional editor. This app does every magic possible. It removes every single background noise in the audio note or the video and offers you a high-quality edit in return
  2. The app has an interactive frequency band analyzer which enables it to locate audio signal
  3. Available on iPad, iPhones, and also on iOS extensions 
  4. Any video from your phone library can be edited. Also, those which you straightaway take from an app can also be edited.
  5. Low-cost transcription of video or audio to text for ease of use
  6. No ads and watermarks – easy to be used without a trace


You can use the software for nothing but a mere $1.99 for a lifetime. No ads or watermarks. Yay!!

Pros and Cons

Pros – 

  1. The videos and audios seem professional after the edit
  2. Absence of ads or watermarks
  3. Low-cost purchase


  1. Long videos cannot be edited
  2. Lags a lot of times and the site crashes which keeps users from editing more than a video

3. Neutralizer

Have you ever thought of just lowering the volume of everything going around you and listening to music at a high volume? Well, now it is possible with Neutralizer.

Neutralizer noise cancelling app

You get to optimize your volume by shaking the phone making it increase or decrease the volume of the device. This is possible because the software runs in active noise reduction mode.

Your device’s microphone would be used for this purpose. The application even operates automatically, which means even when the phone is locked, the app would continue working.

The app settings let you choose gestures and also the range in which the device volume can be increased or otherwise. 


  1. Compatible with Android 4.0 and above devices
  2. Takes into account your hearing capacity and adjusts the volume accordingly
  3. Best sound frequency adjustment
  4. Settings allow you to select particular gestures and volume range


Purchase this app for your device at $1.5 and experience the amazing features this app has for you

Pros and Cons

Pros – 

  1. Your earphones would be saved from all the noise in the background
  2. Equalizes your music according to your hearing quality
  3. Audio-enhancement policy 
  4. Regular improvement of sound experience

Cons – 

  1. Site crashes due to excess use
  2. Lack of updates
  3. Attractive format yet disappointing presets
  4. Need you to be a little tech-savvy to use the software

4. Noise Killer

Do you also get irritated when someone else talks to you while you are wearing headphones? Same pal, same!

Noise Killer-Best noise cancellation app

No worries, we have Noise Killer for us. It increases the volume when it seems like the noise is high, while it decreases and adjusts when it quiets down outside. Shake the phone and control the volume of the sounds – no need to open the app every time you wish to. 


  1. Filters out the noises in your surrounding instantly after installation
  2. Not just cancellation of sound, but blocking them out
  3. Has a shake function to help – great for joggers, adjusts the volume for you when you run
  4. Useful for places like a library which requires a quiet platform for studies and other activities.
  5. Streamlined center of usage


Noise Killer – Stop the Noise! The app is and can be purchased for free. 

Pros and Cons

Pros – 

  1. Beeps when noise is too loud
  2. Blocks the noise out
  3. Instant activation of the app

Cons – 

  1. Too many ads while using
  2. Exceeding the decibel level makes a sound. 

5. Safe Headphones

Do you also wish that something could let you hear if someone follows you or tries to talk at a distance? Everyone does. Here I have an app Safe Headphones for you.

Safe Headphones app- Best noise cancelling app

Constructed by jApp, it can be named as an un-canceling app used for what normally these apps are supposed to do. You can hear voices from outside your headphones without taking them off.

This app mostly ensures your safety when you cross a busy road or maybe walk through an empty road –  it helps you hear the noises clearly.

Safe Headphones help you listen to everything clearly for your help. Unmasking unwanted noises for your help is what this application. 


  1. Un-cancels the noise in the background
  2. Compatible with Android devices
  3. Plugin the headphones with this app activated to ensure your safety
  4. Turns the device into a listening device that catches all hints if something amiss goes on
  5. Lets you control the volume with the system volume button
  6. Improves hearing


You can enjoy this application for your benefit free of cost.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Works with AirPods and earphones as well
  2. Helps with those having hearing aids fitted in
  3. Collects the sound from the device’s microphone and transfers it to your headphones
  4. Amplified sounds for better hearing
  5. Keeping the device to the person speaking while putting on your headphones can also be done


  1. Site crashes with extreme use of Bluetooth device
  2. Lags behind when it comes to choosing your headphones’ microphone
  3. Ads come up every now and then

6. Noise Generator

Listening to music for every kind of noise it is quite impossible to work. Also, when we have to work with music playing alongside someone speaking to us, we look for an app that fulfills the purpose.

Noise generator

The noise Generator suppresses the noise generated and disallows it to continue through the headphones. Suppressing it leads to mirroring the sound wave by the original sound.

Along with the cancelation of outer noises, it also works in a reverse manner. It would make the music quiet while you listen to what the outer world says to you. 


  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. Configurable system 
  3. Downloadable on Android and iOS systems
  4. Noise reduction and vice versa
  5. No built-in ads, so no restrictions while playing music


This application is free of cost for everyone using Android and iOS devices

Pros and Cons:


  1. Easy-to-use application
  2. Great for relaxation – useful for listening to music without any interruptions
  3. Enabling to use of tones from the white noise range
  4. Helps remove tinnitus (the sound of ringing, whistling, chirping, and many more) in your ear
  5. Blocks noise enabling a peaceful environment 


  1. The volume buttons change the device’s volume, not the app’s amplitude
  2. Does not have a timer to help stop when not in use

7. myNoise

myNoise app is available both on Android as week as iOS versions. You pick a noise in the application, it will play until you stop the app.

You can have access to various options to choose from depending on what you want that’ll help you to sleep, meditate, cheer up, or concentrate.

It includes sounds like rain noise, temple bells, spring walks, and binaural beats.

myNoise app for noise cancelling

This is just a glimpse list of sounds in the app, but it has a lot more to listen to. You can happily relax with some of these sounds. It has all the top relaxing sounds to focus on.

Features :

  • Without a connection to the internet,myNoise has uncompromised sound quality and a high level of Customization.
  • myNoise generators cover the whole audible frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz over 10 color-coded sliders.
  • It has a timer, alarm, and several animation modes.
  • Calibrated noise generators are marked with a small calibrated target icon on the index page. Through a simple but accurate calibration process, these special noise generators can be matched to your hearing and compensate for your audio equipment and listening environment deficiencies, including the presence and nature of background noise.
  •  Calibration is unique to this myNoise app and makes calibrated noise machines that stand out from regular white noise machines. 

Pricing : 

This website is absolutely free and you can have access to all the sound generators. The iOS and Android apps are free and are also ad-free. Consists of the best and most successful noises.

Pros and cons :


  • It has an Active noise reduction feature and this process works very well
  • It can change the volume of noise according to the surroundings controlling the noise levels around you.
  • It has the capacity to decide which frequencies to turn up and which ones to suppress.
  • Blocks out all audible distractions.


  • myNoise reads the noise level around your phone with its microphone which takes several minutes.

8. Parrot Zik

Parrot Zik app is also an app for the cancellation of sounds. This app too is available for both Android and iOS users. To use all the functions of this application, you will need headphones.

Connect them and turn on the music on your phone. Then it will start the application and turn on the Start button while within a few seconds, the application identifies the sound source.


Then it will start the noise reduction process. It will automatically recognize the sounds and start the reduction process accordingly. With Parrot Zik, you can customize audio playback.

Parrot offers artists a chance to create and share their own audio Presets. Users can thus download these Presets and experience music the way the artists intended.


  • The app has appealing features and amazing quality.
  • It measures the sound level around your phone’s surroundings with the microphone.
  • When the noise spikes, the app immediately cancels out the noise that distracts you from your music and phone calls. 
  • This app will send notifications when there is too much background sound for it to work effectively.
  • When the background is too disturbing, your phone will automatically vibrate and also you have the option to turn off these notifications in Parrot Zik’s settings.
  • It can detect sounds where if the sound is low, the app is fine but when noise is high, it automatically starts the reduction process.
  • It also has a street mode.

Pricing :

Parrot Zik app is free to use for both Android and iOS users.

Pros and Cons :


  • You can use Parrot Zik to customize all the features of your headset.
  • It balances Zik’s highly varying frequency response.


  • The app does not work with some of the older versions of headphones especially it doesn’t connect with gen most of the time.

9. UrbanDenoiser

The UrbanDenoiser app will help you turn your headphones into a noise-canceling headset.

It is a beautiful and convenient music player with a sound reduction mode and a unique mode of sound improvement. It also has a mode that allows you to hear surrounding sounds without stopping the music.

Urban Denoiser cancelling app

You don’t have any need to feel discomfort or be distracted by the ambient noise of the surrounding atmosphere while hearing your music in headphones, UrbanDenoiser is with you solving all your problems with sounds.

This application uses a system of audio amplifiers. The app has a simple design and a small interface.

Features :

  • With this app, you will find useful features that will improve your music listening experience.
  • Forget the noise – it has a noise compensation mode with automatic volume adjustment and frequency masking.
  • A mode for listening to your media content and hearing the surrounding sounds too.
  • Audio Amplifier, volume booster: music amplifier restores natural hearing perception of the sound of the music.
  • Bass booster: powerful sound amplification, equalizer with various settings.
  • Combine modes: combine processing modes.
  • Test your hearing: you will get high-quality sound perfectly. App checks which sound frequencies your ears respond better to.


It is a free application that runs without any restrictions. It is not at all needed to pay any purchases for anything or to turn off advertisements.

Pros and Cons:


  • You will not hear any strange sounds while listening to music, especially, it is useful in public places.
  • It greatly improves the sound quality.
  • You also have the option to adjust the sound settings.
  • You will not be distracted by other sounds.


  • The app does not use microphones on headphones but rather uses the microphone of the mobile.
  • Sometimes the app crashes when you click SoundCloud.
  • You cannot do the hearing test with Bluetooth audio.

10. NoiseWall

It is a block noise app. This app can help you to cover all the strange noises and keep your focus on your studies, work, or sleep better.

Noise wall apps

With this app you can easily generate four types of noises:

  • White Noise – 20Hz to 20.000Hz – All the frequencies in the same level 
  • Pink Noise – 20Hz to 20.000 -More bass sound than white noise, because it is formed by an algorithm with a decrease in volume when frequency increases.
  • Red Noise – 250Hz – 500Hz -Sounds like an airplane cabin, train, or car interior
  • Brown Noise – 50Hz – 250Hz-Sounds like thunder, a distant plane, or a rocket 

The main aim of this app is to create a wall of sound that makes noises that may be distracting you. The sounds were synthesized with the libpd library.

Features :

  • This application has a special mode, that is to which you can hear your interlocutor. 
  • Block distractions
  •  Helps you to sleep
  •  Concentration to study, increases focus
  • Relaxing Sounds
  • Block Noise
  • Create a private ambiance
  • Replace and reduces stress
  • Helps to calm fussy and crying babies
  • Sleep timer with slow audio fade-out
  •  It will provide continuous sounds, no loops
  • Works offline 
  • Runs in the background while using other apps or when the screen is locked, just press the Home button
  • Installs to SD or Phone
  • This app won’t drain your battery

Pricing :

The app is free to download. This app needs permission to access: Open network sockets and more.

Pros and Cons :


  • This application has a noise compensation mode. 
  • Low enough noise frequency.
  • It adjusts the volume according to the sounds around your phone.
  • Block Noise also processes sound to make it better.
  •  It pays special attention to individual sounds that affect the quality of music.
  • The sounds are produced in real-time, they have no pre-recorded sounds.


  • It does not pick up sounds through the microphone of the phone and doesn’t produce counter waves through the headphones in order to reduce noises.
  • It doesn’t work anymore in old android versions.

11. SoliCall

Solicall noise firewall app

SoliCall improves audio quality in telephony. Its unique noise reduction software includes a Noise firewall for contact centers and unique noise reduction technology.

It allows you to easily improve your sound quality on any type of phone call.

The purpose of SoliCall Pro is to significantly improve the sound quality of voice calls you to make from your computer, regardless of the application you are using.

Mostly the developers of software communication, call centers, conference bridge providers, education centers, and also companies around the world that install your products to remove noises.

Features :

 It includes two types of features: 

  • reference-based
  •  profile-based.

Reference-based noise reduction helps you in disabling the background noise along with human voices. It is mostly used at call centers where both incoming and outgoing calls won’t let nearby human voices come through.

Innovative and patented noise reduction technology.

  • Compatible with many devices and platforms.
  • Available for cloud-based communication.
  • Improves audio quality and increases MOS
  • It has SoliCall connect and SoliCall Pro 
  • SoliCall Pro is client software that is installed on the end devices, usually on the PCs of the agents or the employees. On the other hand, SoliCall Connect includes in addition to client software also server software. 
  • Protect your privacy in VoIP
  • Repetition and continuation in calls
  • Noise-free conference calls

Pricing :

You get a free trial period of 3 days. Other payment issues are not discussed unless and until you sign up for the app.

Pros and Cons :


  1. Improves audio quality for any type of voice call
  2. Noise reduction filters disable the noise and human voices too
  3. Ability to switch the microphone on and off
  4. Reduce the cost of infrastructure.


  1. The major drawback that prevented it from reaching mass deployment.

12. Noise Gate

NoiseGate app for noise cancelling

A noise-canceling software application that is used to control the volume of an audio signal. Noise Gate is another great app that helps you to cancel noise in telecommunication apps.

This app is useful in interviews or even talking with friends on Skype, it will automatically improve the quality of the call by removing the noise.

There are many features in which you can select the input and output and also adjust the volume booster in the app.

Noise Gate analyzes the audio level in real time and makes sure it does not go above the threshold frequency value that you specify in the app.

When used with a virtual audio cable it can act as a noise gate for either a sound input like a microphone or sound output like speakers. This app is lightweight and can be configured onto a phone, a laptop, or any microphone or headphone system

Features :

  • Noise Gate for audio input to output.
  • Cuts out background noises when nobody is speaking on VOIPs like Skype.
  • Noise Gate uses your microphone to kill background noise and disturbance.
  • Can be used to feed your microphone through your speakers.
  • Block any noise like Background static, Microphone hum, and buzz, Laptop fan, Keyboard typing, and Mouse clicks.
  • The unique quality of NoiseGate appears in the muting of most background noises when no one is speaking. 

Pricing :

Noise Gate is free to download 

Pros and cons :


  • It is simple and easy to set up with any app such as Skype, Discord, Mumble, Google Hangouts, and Slang.


  • you have to set the gate precisely so that it eliminates noise but does not cut your sustaining notes off prematurely.

FAQs On Best Noise Calling Apps:

✅ Which app can be best used when it comes to noise cancellation?

Every application offers you almost the same features. What keeps them apart from each other is how they help you use their application. The most helpful would be Krisp and SoliCall as they take care of their customers’ woes and provide security.

💼 Which software would do both - safety and noise cancellation - Safe Headphones or Noise Generator?

Both of them work excellently when it comes to both these aspects. I would suggest you use Safe Headphones for it provides you options with using earphones, AirPods, and headphones.

💥 Where to find the pricing plan of SoliCall?

Search for the main site of SoliCall - www.solicall.com - for signing up to the site. You’ll be able to access the 3-day free trial but to know the payment, you’d have to sign-up and see.

⚡ Is there an app for noise cancellation?

There are a number of apps for noise cancellation. Some of the best apps for these devices are Krisp, Neutralizer, NoiseWall, Noise Generator.

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Final Thoughts on The Best Noise Cancelling Apps For 2023

With everyone working from home these days, having an Android or iPhone noise-canceling app are more important than ever. These are some of the top best noise-canceling apps.

I have given you a piece of brief information on all these apps, you must choose which one is best for you depending on why you want to use a noise-canceling app based on the features of the app.

Best Noise Cancelling Apps


Searching for noise cancellation applications for your device can be a pain in the neck sometimes. But, once you know about them and not using it would be a bigger issue. I have gathered here for you the 12 best noise cancellation software. Read about each one of them, how accessible they are, and then make the correct decision.

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