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Top 15+ Best On-Page SEO Softwares & Tools In (2023)

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SEO analysis is undoubtedly a strong platform for SEO and a stepping stone for any SEO campaign which may be required for blogging as well as content writing. If you do not have a definite plan then your efforts towards building a website will go to waste. You have to understand the particular niche that you wish to cater to if you want to taste success.

The algorithms in the various search engines are becoming more complex as the world of internet is getting more advanced. The different search engines are constantly changing their techniques when it comes to ranking the various websites. To get decent rankings you must make sure that your website if free from any spam.

Including links on your website as it can be located by the search engine very easily. You must also view the number of links that your competitors have on their website. You should at least examine ten of your closest competitors to have a better understanding of things.

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You must understand the profitability involved in catering to the niche that you want to cater to because every single website does not earn a lot of money. Using SEO analytics tool is good but do not overdo things with them. Once you understand where your website will work the best you can then start pitching your product or services to the customers.

Top 10 Seo Analysis Tools

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The different categories of SEO Analytic tools

The process of SEO is quite technical and it will help your website to get a very good rank on the different search engines. The SEO tools use customized software that is very helpful in pulling off the various SEO activities. Some of the tools are provided by popular search engines like Yahoo and Google and then there a few that are created by some companies.

Some of the software can be acquired free of costs while some other need to be bought for a nominal fee. Let us look at the different categories of the SEO tools.

#1 Ahrefs

Ahrefs Check Out Our Social Media SEO Tools - Best seo software

Ahrefs Site Explorer is a search engine optimization tool for monitoring and analyzing backlinks to a specific site . Ahrefs site explorer is another trusted source of backlink data. Ahrefs.com is an independent tool for SEO analysis with a wide range of features. It is designed, first of all, for SEO specialists and site owners. Analyze websites, track social media, build backlinks – Ahrefs has you covered.

Check out the new keyword explorer from Ahrefs:

Visit site

[Updated 2018] Top Best 15 On-Page SEO Softwares :Best Free SEO Tools

Website analytic tools

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This tool is really useful as you can actually evaluate the performance of your website. This tool helps you count the number of visitors who have visited your website. You can also keep a track on the number of times each page has been looked at. This tool will also give you valuable information such as the keywords that help you attract most of the traffic. With the data you will be able to locate the profitable areas on the website and also the areas that require improvement.

Tools for keyword research

This tool gives you the kind of keywords that are typed by the users while surfing the net.

Competitive Research Tools

This tool gives you an insight into the strategy of your competitors; so you too can formulate a better strategy to promote your website once you have studied the weaknesses in the strategies of the competitors.

PPC Tools

If you want to keep a track on the budget for the pay per click then this is the tool that you should be using at any cost.

Tools for analyzing Links

Building links is very essential for the SEO of almost any website. These are the tools that will tell you if the outward links are inward links genuine. This tool will also show you how to source good links from the sources of your competitors.

Tools for checking Search Engine rankings

The best tool of the lot as it helps you keep a track of your daily rankings on the different search engine websites. The tool also lets you see your websites rank based on more than one keyword. There is no doubt that this tool will help you save a lot of time from going through each keyword by manual input.

Now that we are acquainted with the different categories of the Analytics tool we must now look at the different tools by their names.

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The Top 10 SEO Analysis tools

Google analytics: This is a free yet very powerful tool that provides with all the data that you will need to promote your website. This will allow you to include Google Adworks which will help you track the rate of conversions for each keyword.

Advanced statistics: This is good for analyzing basic data and this is available readily on most servers.

Minty and Clicky: These are both very inexpensive tools that have similar properties like Google analytics.

Click: This is comparatively expensive and you can download it; this offers top class analytics and is very user friendly for non technical people.

Google AdWords Tool: This tool will give you a suggestion on the keywords that can be very useful for your website.

Word tracker tool: This tool will show you the questions that contain the keywords that your website uses.

Compete Analytics: This tool will show all the keywords that send most of the traffic to competitors websites.

Keyword Spy tool: This shows the particular keywords that the competitors are purchasing.

IndexRank: This tool helps to compare the rank of your website with that of the competitors on the various search engines.

Google Optimizer tool: This helps you to enhance your profits by increasing your CPA and subsequently you’re ROI.

Some other tools

  • SEMRush
  • Google traffic calculator
  • CPC ROI Calculator
  • Bid optimizer
  • Back tool
  • Link Harvester
  • Google Webmaster
  • Xenu link
  • Advanced tools for web ranking
  • Rank tracker

So you have to understand that that all the tools have their set of advantages and disadvantages but you have to choose as per your requirement. Before you select any tool you must consult an expert as he or she can give you the best possible solution or advice on how you should proceed with things.

You can consult many tutorials on how you can use the various to keep analyzing the performance of your website so that you can attract more and more traffic to your website on a regular basis and earn bigger profits.

According to Matt Cutts, it is no surprise if a website who has not followed search engine gets penalized suddenly.  If you aspire to reach the top searched and stay there in this strict Google algos scenario, make sure you site offers the best user experience in your niche.

I often love sharing that if SEO strategies have come a long way in authenticity and genuine aspect of a site is highly significant, the advent of some free tools has made it easy to leverage your time and effort at the same time.

Let me shed some light on some of the top free tools for On-Page Optimization that can give your website a boost as per SEO standards:

On-Page SEO Tools


List of keywords acts like a staple of SEO. Your site’s performance revolves much around the search words used by users on search engines. However, single keyword research tool is not that enough:

Keyword Eye Basics:  This is one such tool that is perfect for brain-storming sessions. I often love taking helps of this visual tool.

Wordstream: This tool brings you thousands of ideas for keywords from wide database of over trillion of unique searches. Believe me, this is one such tool that I can rely on even more than the paid ones.

Ubersuggest: This is one amazing tool to detect long-tail phrases. The most popular these days after anchor text algos rolled in.


Ever since Panda rolled in, each one of us is well understand the significance of quality content. Gone are the days when spun, cheap or duplicate content made to top charts of SERP. These are some tools which will give a helping hand to maintain the quality of content on your site:

Word Docs to Clean HTML Conversion Tool : This is a simple software to convert your Microsoft Word or other writing formatted files to HTML files.

CopyscapeCreating content for my blog was a challenge at one time when I started my blog. Over the time I evolved as a blogger and much credit goes to this most reliable plagiarism checker tool. Ever since then, I have kept this tool as a lifeline for my writing. As a writer, it is even worth paying for its premium services.

Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool: This tool checks for anchor text density. The phrases or keywords which are over optimized are highlighted for you to review manually.

Shared Count:  This is one tool that helps you tracks the most popular social metrics for a particular URL. The list of this social metrics includes facebook likes, shares and comments, Twitter tweets, Google+1s, Pinterest pins, StumbleUpon stumbles, LinkedIn shares, Digg diggs and Delicious bookmarks.


Image SEO Tool: This tool helps in detecting how well your image on a web page is SEO-friendly. The tool checks the alt attribute, image name and dimensions.

Schema Creator: This is the easiest tool to  create HTML  with schema.org microdata.

Pingdom Website Speed Tool: This tool checks the loading time and speed of the site. It also checks for bottlenecks and analyses your site.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth: This is a spidering software that checks broken links on a website. Performing the validation of text links, images, local site maps, frames and backgrounds, it proves to be useful tol to make your site error free.

Title and Description Optimzation Tool : This is surely great and useful tool which I love to use to get an insight into what the top ranking competitors are suing for their titles and description.

XML Sitemap Inspector: This tool helps in validating your sitemap and repairs errors. At the same time, it pings all search engines.

Google Snippet Preview : The snippet appearing in Google search is generally taken from meta tags. This tool helps in visualizing and optimizing what will be shown and displayed to the users searching on Google.

Robots.txt Checker: This tool will analyze the syntax in order to verify the format of robots.txt file.

Let me conclude with the fact that these On-Page SEO tools are essential for you to work on your On-page SEO. These act as lifeline if you look forward to a successful Blog or Website.

Want to share more best on-page SEO tools 2023, do share in the comments below. Would be happy to know that.

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