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Blinkist Vs Instaread 2023– Which One Is The Best Reading App? (Our Pick)

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In this review, we compare two reading apps: Instaread and Blinkist. One has ease of use and the other has a lower price. Which one you choose depends on what you want out of a reading app.

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Final Verdict-

Blinkist and Instaread offer great summaries of books. Blinkist simply does nonfiction while Instaread offers a mix of fiction and nonfiction books. Different services offer different things for different people, so you should pick the one that works best for you.

Blinkist is the best app if you want a summary of nonfiction books. But if you want more, Instaread might be better.

Ease of Use: Which One is Better?

Instaread and Blinkist are apps that turn books into short summaries. You can download them on your phone or computer. You can also get them on a Kindle.

The online and offline versions of both apps offer a discovery feature that lets you browse summaries of new titles and add them to your collection. From there, you can save them to your library and download them for offline reading.

You can find the main panels at the bottom of the screen for both apps. Instaread has an additional “Search” panel which Blinkist integrates into its discovery and library features.

The reading apps have different ways to get you through the pages. You can go back to a page or change how big the text is.

If you are on the go, listen to the audio summary for a hands-free experience. Blinkist also has filters that let you sort your library of texts based on your progress. Instaread offers an additional “visualized” option that lets you read an infographic by seeing it in pictures instead of words.

Ease of Use: Winner

Both apps Instaread and Blinkist are easy to use. One has a simple design with minimalistic buttons, and the other has an unobtrusive user interface. So when you are reading, you do not have any distractions.

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Book Selection: Who is Better?

In reading apps, it is important to have a lot of books. This section compares the range and number of titles in both apps.

What is Instaread?

Instaread Overview

Instaread offers more than 1,000 books. They have books on Business and Economics, Politics, Social Sciences, Self Help, History, Science Religion, and Health and Fitness.

Instaread is an app that has a lot of good books. They have original material from the Instaread team and they also have summaries from The New York Times and Harvard Business Review.

If you subscribe to these publications, then Instaread is a good one to consider because it will maximize your use of your subscription.

What is Blinkist?

Blinkist Overview

Blinkist has more than 3000 books with 40 new titles added every month. The selection includes 27 categories, including Parenting, Personal Development, Productivity, Psychology, and Technology.

Book Selection: Winner

In terms of how many titles it offers, Blinkist is better. But Instaread has a large selection too. It also offers more types of books, which is nice because some people want to read fiction.

Pricing Plans of Blinklist vs Instaread

Blinkist Pricing Plans

Blinkist Pricing

Blinkist is free to download, but it does not have every single book. You get one summary per day. To access the full range of titles on the app, you need to sign up for a premium subscription.

The premium subscription costs $12.99 on a monthly plan and $64.49 on an annual plan.

The Blinkist premium subscription also gives you other features, like the ability to sync your text highlights with the productivity tool Evernote and to send blinks directly to your Kindle.

It can also store blinks in both text and audio versions on your device so that you can access them when you are off the grid.

Instaread Pricing

Instaread Pricing

Instaread costs $7.49 per month, and $8.99/mo for an annual subscription.

Pricing Battle: Winner

You can try both apps for free. Instaread is cheaper. Blinkist has more features. Both are good apps, but you will need to decide which one you want to use.

Fiction Books: Who is Better?


Instaread offers a lot of books. Some fiction and some modern. These include thrillers, mysteries, and classics like The Great Gatsby. If you’re looking for other ones, they have contemporary ones that have been on the list for literary awards such as The Underground Railroad which won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize.


Blinkist has a lot of good non-fiction books. But they don’t have any fiction ones. They are for people who like non-fiction books.

Blinkist has a lot of good ones from authors like Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Grant. You should consider Blinkist if you want to read a bunch of non-fiction books and only those types of books.

Fiction Selection: Winner

Instaread is a good option for those who like to read true stories. Blinkist only has books about history and other non-fiction topics, so Instaread is the best choice for readers who like to read fiction.

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Final Thought: The Ultimate Winner

Both Instaread and Blinkist have a user-friendly interface. You can use them easily. They don’t use too many features that take away from the reading experience. They both have a simple design and navigation.

Instaread is a good app. It has many things to offer, including its price and the availability of fiction titles. Readers who enjoy variety will like this app.

Blinkist has more nonfiction books than Instaread. This means that you will have a better choice of what to read because there are more nonfiction books. You can choose if you want fiction or not. This is good for people who know what they want to read and don’t care about reading something else.

Hopefully, this Instaread vs Blinkist review has helped you decide which of these reading apps is the best. If you like different types of books and find it hard to read long books, then Instaread is a good choice for you.

 Blinkist as well as Instaread, both want to deliver the goods for you with countless bestselling publications on their subscription service. They provide you summaries in created as well audio style and also are offered on mobile, web, and tablet computer systems.

You can use all of the premium features, consume as much content as you want, and terminate before the 7-day duration finishes ALL FOR FREE! You will only be billed at the end of the 7-day test period.

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