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BlogVault vs UpdraftPlus 2023: Which is Better WP Backup Tool? (Pros & Cons)

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In today’s online world, a business website is a prized possession for any corporation or business enterprise.

You spend both your time and energy building a beautiful website on a CMS platform like WordPress that can grow your business. However, your site is vulnerable to many risks. 

These risks can break your site or cause it to malfunction.

When things go wrong, the first thing we think of is, “How do I restore my website to a normal state in a quick time?” This is why website backups are so crucial!

That’s why in the article we have compared the two most popular backup plugins for WordPress- BlogVault vs UpdraftPlus.

Let’s find out which one is better for your website.


Check out


Check out
Pricing $89/year $70/year
Best for

Blogvault is best for anyone who is looking for quick and automatic solution to backup and restore their websites..

UpdraftPlus is best for someone looking for 1-click automatic backups and restore with database backups in the cloud.

  • Databse backups
  • Easy restoration features
  • Backup history
  • Filesystem backups
  • Site migration features
  • Off-site backup storage
  • Complete Backup History
  • Incremental sync
  • Incremental sync
  • Complete backup and restore functionality
  • Support for more cloud storage platforms
  • Compatible with multisite WordPress installations
  • MalCare security tool only available with the Plus and the A
  • Lack of security feature for website protection from malware
Ease of Use

Blogvault is a simple-to-use and install plugin that can be added to any website.

You might need to go through the documentation and guides to understand how Updraft works.

Value For Money

Blogvault provides incredible pricing plans and amazing coupons that offer great savings.

Updraft plus gives a real value for money with its alluring features and great support.

Customer Support

Stellar support with live chat and amazing documentation.

Updraft has a long arsenal of support and documentation.

Check out Check out

Bottom Line: Quick Winner (Blogvault):

If you are looking for an All-In-One Backup plugin for WordPress that includes migration, staging, and incremental backups or  WooCommerce backups, Blogvault stands out in its price. Updraftplus is a pretty cool plugin as well with a low price.

Our Winner is the Blogvault WordPress plugin.

How Do I Take A Website Backup?

If you are using the WordPress platform, taking regular backups of your website’s data is as easy as following a few simple steps! There are numerous WordPress backup plugins on the market that guarantee the safety and security of your website’s data.

Backup tools are simple to set up and configure for your website and offer a number of features and advantages, including:

  • Complete Backup of both website and database files so that you do not miss out on any website data.
  • Reliable Restoration of the backup data so that you can get your website running in a quick time.
  • Data Encryption to protect your backup data from hackers and cybercriminals.
  • Automated Scheduled Backups using which you can configure automated backups at regular intervals.
  • Incremental Backups implement data backups in smaller and more manageable chunks so that they don’t overload your server resources.
  • Offsite Backup Storage that stores your backup data in independent offsite locations, which are safer and easier to restore when required.

Let’s compare two of the best backup solutions for WordPress-powered websites now that we are familiar with some of their features.

BlogVault or UpdraftPlus: Which Is Better?  

Here is a comparison of the features of the backup tools from BlogVault and UpdraftPlus, along with a brief overview and pricing information.

Let’s start with BlogVault.

BlogVault Overview

Used by over 400,000 WordPress active websites around the globe, BlogVault is a comprehensive backup and restore tool for WordPress websites.

Blovault overview- blogvault vs updraftplus

Any beginner WordPress user can install and set up this WordPress plugin without any technical expertise, and it can be used on any website.

Check out our Blogvault Review for more information on this fantastic plugin.

Best Features of Blogvault:

  • Incremental Backups are executed on BlogVault’s own dedicated servers.
  • Zero-Load Backup Process where the entire backup process is performed on BlogVault’s dedicated servers instead of the client web server.
  • Can Be Used for Both Scheduled and On-Demand Backups (if you want to execute a backup immediately), along with real-time backups that are recommended for WooCommerce websites.
  • Safe Offsite Storage features using which the tool stores the backup data in offsite storage locations like the BlogVault repository or cloud storage platforms like Amazon S3. 
  • Automatic Restores for faster restores of your data backups as compared to other tools.
  • Easy to implement with its 1-click restore feature, BlogVault can restore websites with large volumes of data (as high as 330GB).
  • Finally, BlogVault also offers the “Test Restore” feature that allows you to test your backups on a safe testing environment before restoring the backup to your live website.
  • Website Staging and Merging enables you to first test any website changes or updates (without impacting your live website) and then merge the changes with the live website data.
  • Website Migration that allows a complete migration of your entire website (including your WordPress & non-WordPress files and database records) to a different web domain or URL. Other migration features include support for multisite migration and automatic URL rewrites so that you don’t end up with any broken links. 
  • Website management to update all installed plugins and themes, run a malware scan on your website, and manage your single (or multiple) WordPress websites from a single independent dashboard (using the MalCare security tool).

Blogvault Pricing Plans

In terms of cost, BlogVault provides its users with both free and paid plans.

Starting with the free plan, which has fewer features, and then upgrades to one of the paid plans, which has the features mentioned above and is based on the number of websites you want to back up.

BlogVault-Pricing BlogVault small business plans developer-plans-BlogVault

Number of Websites Basic plan (cost per month) Plus plan (cost per month) Advanced plan (cost per month)
1 $7.4 $12.4  $20.75
Up to 5 $16.58 $29.9 $45.75
Up to 20 $49 $79 $149

To back up more than 20 sites, you would need to contact them directly.

Blogvault Pros and Cons

Now that we know all about BlogVault, let’s quickly summarise the tool basis on its pros and cons:


  • Ease of use
  • Incremental sync
  • Support for real-time backups
  • Website staging and merging functions


  • MalCare security tool is only available with the Plus and the Advanced plans.

Blogvault Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

Blovault customer testimonials Blogvault reviews 2021

Blovault reviews- blogvault vs updraftplus 

UpdraftPlus Overview

BlogVault or UpdraftPlus Compression Review- UpdraftPlus

With over 2 million active installations, UpdraftPlus is clearly among the most popular backup tools for WordPress websites. The tool offers both easy and quick backups and restores both website and database files.

Best Features of UpdraftPlus:

Updraft plus features- updraft plus vs blogvault

  • Incremental Backups that can be scheduled according to your backup needs 
  • Complete Backup feature that allows both automated and scheduled backups every 4, 8, or 12 hours (or can be customized according to your backup needs). Additional features include data encryption for backups and 1GB of free backup storage.
  • Offsite storage facility that stores your data backups on UpdraftPlus Vault – a secure cloud storage location
  • Compatible with multisite (or multi-network) WordPress installation.
  • Support for more storage destinations, including Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud Storage, and Backblaze S2.
  • UpdraftPlus Central for multiple website backups from the central location along with easy access to data backups on UpdraftPlus Vault. Other features include managing user permissions and 1-click updates for installed plugins/themes.
  • UpdraftClone feature that creates a temporary clone of your live website for testing purposes. This process is executed on the UpdraftPlus cloud host server so as not to utilize your web server resources.
  • UpdraftPlus Migrator feature for migrating your website to a different domain or URL address

UpdraftPlus Pricing

With regards to its pricing, UpdraftPlus offers both free and paid plans that are priced according to the number of required licenses.

Updraft pricing- blogvault vs updraftplus

Personal Business Agency Enterprise
Number of licenses 2 10 35 Unlimited
Features All features + 1 UpdraftClone token All features + 2 UpdraftClone tokens All features + 5 UpdraftClone token All features + 10 UpdraftClone token
Pricing $70 $95 $145 $195

UpdraftPlus Pros and Cons:

Finally, here are some pros and cons of the UpdraftPlus tool:


  • Complete backup and restore functionality
  • Can be used to restore backups created by other backup tools like BackupWordPress and BackWPUp.
  • Support for more cloud storage platforms
  • Compatible with multisite WordPress installations


  • UpdraftPlus Migrator, Central, and Clone features are only available with paid plans
  • Lack of security features for website protection from malware.

Updraft Plus Customer Reviews:

Updraftplus testimonials- blogvault vs updraftplus

Updraftplus reviews and testimonials- Blogvault vs Updraftplus

FAQs On Blogvault vs Updraft Plus:

👉 Is UpdraftPlus Safe?

There were some issued with older version of UpdraftPlus but the latest version is amazing.

⚡ Is UpdraftPlus free?

Updraft has a free version as well as the premium version. The free version has amazing features and that becomes even more functional with the addition of premium features.

💼 What are other alternatives of Blogvault and UpdraftPlus?

Some best alternatives to Blogvault and UpdraftPlus are VaultPress, BackupBuddy, CodeGuard.

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BlogVault vs UpdraftPlus: Blogvaul is the Ultimate Winner

With a wide range of user-friendly features available in both BlogVault and UpdraftPlus backup plugins, it’s not easy to select the right tool for your WordPress websites.

Due to its advanced backup technology and competitive pricing, we would recommend BlogVault as an all-in-one backup solution for your website. 

Ultimately, you are the final authority on deciding which tool works best for your business website. However, we hope this comparison article has provided you with all the necessary information for making the right decision. All the best! 

Let us know which backup tool came to your website rescue in the comments below!

BlogVault vs UpdraftPlus


If you are looking for ann All-In-One Backup plugin for Wordpress that includes migration, staging and incremental backups or WooCommerce bacckups, Blogvault stands out to its price. Updraftplus is a pretty cool plugin as well with low price. However, it lacks in terms of ease of use. Our Winner is Blogvault Wordpress plugin.

Out of 10




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