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How to Start A WordPress Blog From Scratch: A Guide for Bloggers

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In today’s World, Internet is everything. There are many websites and blogs are there in the Internet. By seeing those blogs, we also thought that we also should have such blogs. There are many non technical people who want to start a blog. But they are not able to start because of the initial setup of blog. You need some technical knowledge in the starting of your blog.

Once you have setup your blog, then you just need to write your heart. But the initial configuration is hard for non technical people. So in this post, I will go through the initial setup of the blog so that anyone can start his blog very easily.

Step by Step Guide to Start A Blog

How to Start A WordPress Blog From Scratch A Guide for Bloggers

There are various platforms available to start a blog. Some of them are free whereas some of them are paid. WordPress offer two different versions. First is WordPress.com which is free version and the second is WordPress.org which is paid version. In case of WordPress.com, you don’t need domain and host. So there is no need to invest anything in that.

But with this version, you don’t have full control over the blog. With WordPress.org you have full control over your blog. Here you need to purchase host and domain. So it is better for long run. So first thing you need to start a blog is Domain name.

Selection and Registration Of Domain Name

The first step to start a blog is to choose a good domain name. Remember one thing, Domain name is your brand name. So always choose it wisely. Before choosing the domain name you need to do a research. The domain name should match the niche. So first decide your niche on which you want to start a blog and then start thinking about the domain name related to that. Once you are done with this part, you need to register your domain name with domain registrar.

So no one can steal it. There are two ways to register the domain name.

You can register your domain name with hosting. This is very easy for non technical people. Another way will be you can register your domain name separately. This process involves some knowledge. So it is up to you how you would like to register your domain name.

If you like to go with first way then I recommend you to register it with BlueHost. BlueHost provides free domain name with their hosting packages.

Decide Best Web Hosting


This is the turning point for your blog. Many people are facing difficulties while choosing the web hosting company. There are many companies out there for web hosting. Some are good, some are not. So to choose the best company is bit difficult. Again the performance of the blog is totally depends on the host. So if you fail to choose the best host then everything goes in vain. If your host are facing problems then definitely your blog will also face the problems. Some of the factors while choosing the best web host are uptime, cost, support etc.

By our experience, we recommend you to use BlueHost. It is a very big company for web hosting but they are really good in their services. We have used BlueHost many times as our hosting provider. So by our experience we are suggesting this.


Setting up the hosting at BlueHost

In this article, we are going to demonstrate the process step by step with the help of BlueHost hosting. The process may seem lengthy but if you follow the guide then this is very easy for you.

1)  The first step to start with BlueHost is go to BlueHost.com and then click on Get started now.

 how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (16)

2) Now when you click on Get Started now, you will be redirect to the following page. In this page you need to choose your plan. For that you first need to think about how many domain you want to host simultaneously. In this post, I am keeping them 1 for simplicity. So I clicked on standard plan.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (3)

3) On the next page, you need to enter your desired domain name. If it is available then it’s great. Buy that domain name. If it is not available than try some other domain name and buy it. Once you select the domain name, click on Check out button from right side.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (1)


4) Here you will see multiple options are added with the domain name. From that options just select the hosting option. If you select hosting for 3 years then you will get much more benefit on price. So if you are thinking about long term then select 3 years hosting. Ignore the other option. You don’t need those options as of now. You can always add them later. Then click on proceed to payment.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (5)

5) Now you need to sign up for BlueHost because you are first time user. So create your account on BlueHost and fill the details properly. Once you fill the details, click on create account.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (2)

6) In this step, you need to choose appropriate payment option. Choose the one which you like the most and then click the pay now button. Here I am selecting Debit Card option. Once you select the option, you need to give the proper details.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (4)

7) So, now you are having BlueHost account with you.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (6)

8) At this point of time, you need to choose a password. Choose a strong password and remember it.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (7)

9) Now it is time to login into account. So login with your username and password into hosting account.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (8)

10) When you open first time your account, you will see the welcome message. Close that message and continue the process.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (9)

11) Now the screen which you are seeing right now, it is your dashboard. All the necessary changes can be done with dashboard.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (1)


12) So, Now we need to install WordPress on BlueHost.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (10)

13) For that go to bottom of the screen and select install WordPress option. On the WordPress Installation screen select the Install option. Then select show advanced option.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (2)


14) On this screen, you need to add your site name and set username and password for your WordPress. Make sure you select the option for automatic creation of database. Then select the check box which indicates that you have read all the terms and conditions.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (11)

15) Once the WordPress is installed successfully, you will get one email from mojo marketplace. This email is very important. So don’t forget to save it. In that mail, you will get website URL, WordPress login URL and WordPress username. This is important things while Login into WordPress.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (12)

16) Now click on the WordPress URL, you will be redirected to WordPress Login Screen. Here, you need to enter username and password for WordPress.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (13)

17) By successful login, the next screen will be WordPress dashboard. This is the admin panel for WordPress from which you can do all the necessary settings related to your website. For the first time user the screen will looks hard but once you get habituated with this screen, it is very easy to use. So try to apply different settings and learn things. Once you try all the settings, you get full familiarities with the dashboard.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (14)

18) The WordPress dashboard is the place where all the important things related to your blog will done. From dashboard you can do anything related to your blog. You can change the themes, plugins, add post, make pages etc.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (15)

Choosing the best theme for your WordPress Blog

The theme will determine the front end of your blog. You need the good theme for your blog. Theme is the thing which will attract the readers. If your theme is not good then the readers will not like your blog. Theme will include the background, color combinations and font style and much more.

how to start a blog from scratch beginners guide (17)

There are many websites available to purchase the theme. The best website to purchase theme is Thrive theme.

Thrive theme is having a huge list of elements that will help you to create a stunning blog with just drag and drop. The thrive theme is known as conversion focused WordPress theme. If you are looking for the themes by which you can make hell lot of money then Thrive theme is very useful for you.

All the themes of Thrive Themes are very fast. So your blog will load fast which will attract more and more visitors. The best thing about thrive theme is they comes with build in email opt in form. So by that you can build your email list from the day one.

The thing which you need to keep in mind while buying the theme is SEO friendliness of that theme. All the thrive theme are SEO friendly. So all the search engine like your blog. This will drive more traffic from search engine as well.

The landing pages of thrive theme are made in such a way that by using their landing page, you can sell any products and earn a good amount.


So as of now, you are having a sound knowledge about how to start a WordPress blog. The BlueHost hosting is best for you. Along with BlueHost, you should use Thrive themes to create your blog. This is one time investment, but if you do it right then you will get a good return on this. The above mention steps are very easy. So do the process step by step and then you can see the best blog of yours.

If you like these tips then do share it with your friends and help them to create their blogs. I would like to hear your view related to how to make a blog via comments. So feel free to comment.

Now, You are all set to launch a blog. If you still have any doubt regarding how to start a blog you can write back to us or contact us via comments. Just drop a comment in the comment section below and we will surely revert back to you.


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