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46 Motivational Katrina Kaif Quotes 2023 : Life And Work

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Katrina Kaif is a Bollywood actress who has starred in some of the biggest hits in Indian cinema. She is known for her beauty and poise, and her quotes are often wise and insightful.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of Katrina’s best quotes about life, love, and happiness. We hope you enjoy them!

Katrina Kaif Quotes 2023

Katrina Kaif Quotes

1. “We should believe in ourselves and never forget to try and help others.” — Katrina Kaif

2. “I would like to achieve recognition and respect. For me, that means true success.” — Katrina Kaif

3. “I live my life with no regrets. Each decision of mine has defined my life in a certain way.” — Katrina Kaif

4. “We are more sensitive because we are constantly judged!” — Katrina Kaif

5. “Everyone has a destiny and I got what was written in mine.” — Katrina Kaif

6. “I do not feel a person’s clothes should be noticed first. Your presence should speak, then you should be noticed.” — Katrina Kaif

7. “I’m answerable to the media for my professional life, not my personal life.” — Katrina Kaif

8. “This is the film industry, this is a place of work and sometimes we mix the personal and the professional too closely.”— Katrina Kaif

9. “I think I no longer make friends in a way that I am too attached or dependent on people.” — Katrina Kaif

10. “All Cancerians are guarded to a certain extent. That’s just the way it is. It’s also just about being a girl.” — Katrina Kaif

11. “I believe that everyone should try and live their dreams, follow them and they might just come true someday.” — Katrina Kaif

12. “I think that every guy and girl in a relationship should make it a point that they try and make every day special.” — Katrina Kaif

13. “A person just needs to make you feel they care to make you feel loved and I think that gives you confidence.” — Katrina Kaif

14. “I believe that beauty lies in what makes you feel happy.” — Katrina Kaif

15. “Actors, who invest a lot of time and energy, will never put down each other. Every one of us has their own space in the industry. These stories are either publicity mechanisms or someone just writes them to create a controversy.” — Katrina Kaif

16. “I had a wonderful holiday, a wonderful New Year and it was very special. That’s all you’re getting out of me.” — Katrina Kaif

17. “Sidharth and me were supposed to work much before Bang Bang, we were in talks for a few films which didnt work out…” — Katrina Kaif

18. “I would not be able to define my star power as I do not know what that is.” — Katrina Kaif

19. “It’s been great. I’ve been very lucky to work with more experienced actors early on in my career because I get a chance to learn from them. There is so much you can learn from them. You can just follow them and you’ll be pretty safe.” — Katrina Kaif

20. “Health-wise there is nothing to worry about. Though I had gone through a surgery sometime ago, it was nothing serious.” — Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Quotes

21. “I live my life with no regrets. Each decision of mine has defined my life in a certain way.” — Katrina Kaif

22. “I am single until I get married.” — Katrina Kaif

23. “I have a very positive attitude in life. My insecurity, fear and need to know about tomorrow has fortunately eased. What is going to happen will happen anyway. So why break my head over it?” — Katrina Kaif

24. “It’s my job to look presentable, but that doesn’t mean I have to make a fashion statement every time I walk out of the house.” — Katrina Kaif

25. “Going by my past journey, I am not certain where life will take me, what turns and twists will happen; nobody knows where they will end up. As life changes direction, I’ll flow with it.” — Katrina Kaif

26. “I have learnt not to make plans in life because a lot of time you make a plan that is not going to work for you. Right now I am working on my career and trying to be genuine in my work. If you respect what you have got, God will give you what you need.” — Katrina Kaif

27. “I can read and speak Hindi quite well now and that’s quite an achievement considering I didn’t know the language at all when I came down here.” — Katrina Kaif

28. “I have no complaints. I think I’m especially lucky. As you said, I’ve come from outside and I’m not even anywhere closely connected. But I have absolutely no problem here. People have been more than welcoming, even before I was ready.” — Katrina Kaif

29. “I would rather be thought of as pretty rather than sexy. It feels good to be voted by fans and that too in such huge numbers, but I don’t think if you wear a bikini or show skin, you look sexy.” — Katrina Kaif

30. “Don’t waste time. If you love someone, tell them because sooner or later someone else is going to.” — Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Quotes

31. “I find a face beautiful, good-looking, attractive, and all the terms you want to use, once I know them.” — Katrina Kaif

32. “But if you stagnate, the growth is over. I have done many comedy films. The success of films like a partner, Singh is Kinng gets you to a very wide audience reach. But for greater gains, you need to take greater gambles. If it works, you get respect and recognition.” — Katrina Kaif

33. “Love starts when people don’t need it and ends when they need it the most.” — Katrina Kaif

34. “The most painful things and the happiest things in life usually come from love. As a result of love or the lack of it.” — Katrina Kaif

35. “Actually, even at the beginning of my career, I never felt rejected. I was still working hard and believed in myself. I wasn’t in a hurry and was picking and choosing projects carefully even then when I was just a newcomer. My attitude towards films hasn’t changed even after these years.” — Katrina Kaif

36. “I sign a film according to my instincts and everything in each department must be appealing, be it a story, character etc.” — Katrina Kaif

37. “There was a time when I feel that I need to take time to know more about the industry, the workings of it. I was doing my modelling.” — Katrina Kaif

38. “Except for Preity Zinta, I haven’t met a single secure actress in Bollywood.” — Katrina Kaif

39. “My relationship with Salman Khan is too personal to talk about. I take my work like any other regular job and what I do in my personal life is no one’s business. I’d rather let my work do all the talking.” — Katrina Kaif

40. “Today, I am here, tomorrow someone else will be here. Fame and glamour are for a few days, so no one should be over-proud of it.” — Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Quotes

41. “Although I haven’t met Madhuri Dixit in person, I find her very beautiful on screen. I also find Manisha Koirala beautiful.” — Katrina Kaif

42. “Everyone has her own love life. Everyone has a dream to get a perfect life partner. But this is not so easy in real life. In fact, one doesn’t love; it happens.” — Katrina Kaif

43. “I don’t enjoy sitting with make-up all the time and that is why I have decided to go for the natural look. Not only me, I think given a choice, everybody would prefer such a look on screen.” — Katrina Kaif

44. “Every day in this industry is an experience in itself and I try to work hard not to let anyone down. It is a great feeling, but it does come with responsibility towards your colleagues and the audiences.” — Katrina Kaif

45. “I am not working to earn a living, but I am living movies. I am finding myself enjoying the process.” — Katrina Kaif

46. “I don’t like people talking bad about me, I get hurt so precisely I don’t end up saying that for others.” — Katrina Kaif

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Conclusion: Katrina Kaif Quotes 2023

As you can see, Katrina Kaif is a woman of many talents. She is an accomplished actress and has also proven herself as a successful businesswoman.

Her quotes are full of wisdom and motivation, which is why they have resonated with so many people. We hope that you have enjoyed reading these as much as we did.

What is your favorite Katrina Kaif quote?

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