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Masterclass has been a tabloid-loved name for a few years now and for good reasons. Masterclass is an online educational platform that provides a wide range of streaming options in courses including culinary arts, creative writing, photography and design, filmmaking, and many more.

The reason Masterclass has made a name for itself is the consortium of teachers they have managed to gather over the years, the list includes world-renowned masters of their craft including culinary expert Gordon Ramsay; shining stars in sports Serena Williams, Steph Curry, and Tony Hawk; award-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese and many more.

The platform offers an average of 20 lessons per class in a course and they are about 10-25 minutes long. Apart from that, the platform also offers workbooks and study material to help students to further understand the course. 

I am here to inform you about the latest and best offers, discounts, and gifts that you can avail on the Masterclass website to enhance your experience. 

Let’s start with the most important question of all, “DOES MASTERCLASS OFFER A DISCOUNT?” The answer to that is sadly no, at least not directly. There are no currently active discounts on the Masterclass website, so beware if you see a link that says otherwise. 


  • “FREE MASTERCLASS” is not a myth, but it is not exactly what someone would hope for. The “Try Masterclass For Free” is a trial version for three days. The trial gives you the same benefits as an “all-access plan” of the site. It starts with your billing information so remember to cancel your subscription before the three days end or you WILL be charged. It is a “One per email-id” offer.
  • Around the time Masterclass started, they offered many offers, discounts, sales, etc. There used to be a $90 subscription pack that would have allowed you to enroll in a single class of your choice, with lifetime access. This plan was taken-off the site around May 2019.
  • A promotional offer named “BUY ONE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP, SHARE ONE FREE” was also in action on the site from March through May 2020. This promotion would have offered you two all-access passes at the price of one. The offer stated that if you buy a $180 “all-access pass” for yourself, you can gift a complimentary membership to your family member, friend, colleague, or neighbor. The scheme did come with an eligibility criterion of its own. The scheme was one per person, so if you have used it in the past, you are no longer eligible for another. Another criterion was that you should not have a current “all-access pass” subscription in place. You would have had to re-purchase a new membership.
  • The “all-access pass” is the best-recommended subscription on Masterclass, and is currently active. The pass provides an unmatched inventory of almost 90 classes, taught by the greatest minds of the world. Not just that, the plan also provides access to many features, including an audio mode for your commute, download options, practice workbooks, reading material, and a chance to indulge with a like-minded community of people on the online “hub”. This plan gives you the freedom to customize the app/website according to your taste and needs. You can stream your video lessons anywhere anytime and revisit the lessons if you need them. The plan also gives you the choice to select the medium you want to watch your classes on, as Masterclass is available for laptops, computers, phones, smart TVs, etc.
  • “MASTERCLASS LIVE” is a version of Masterclass that is streamed live and free of cost for the masses on the company’s YouTube Page. Lives sessions are also like the lessons on the website, in the sense that they are pre-recorded, but they allow the students to join in from anywhere without extra cost and freely discuss their issues and queries in the comment section with people from across the world. The live classes are on an average an hour long.
  • An article from PCMag stated that nonprofit organizations can also enroll in Masterclass by applying for a grant that provides these organizations with study material for free. 
  • There is a group discount also available on the site, according to PCMag, which provides 20% to 50% off for organizations that subscribe 20 or more of their employees.  


Masterclass has a “30-day refund policy”, which means that in a case if the enrollees, YOU, are not satisfied with the course or the services, you can easily get out with your money. You just have to email them for cancellation and a full refund, for that visit the site and click on the “settings” option and follow the cues to cancel.


Masterclass, unlike most of its counterparts, does not just focus on the book-bound knowledge of a field, but it also caters to the creativity and art that goes with it. It is not just an educational platform; it is an inspirational one too. The platforms do not strictly provide the technical “how’s?” of a study, but they put you in touch with the great minds that have conquered their respective fields who share their failures, successes, shortcuts, tricks, work-ethic, secrets and stories that leave you with wonder. The production quality of each and every video stands out because of their quality to feel movie-like. 

The platform has a rich catalog of courses that are divided into nine main categories:

  1. Sports and Games
  2. Music and entertainment
  3. Writing
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Film and TV
  6. Design, Photography, and Fashion
  7. Science and Tech
  8. Culinary Arts
  9. Politics, Business, and Society 

All these categories are further divided into various courses and actively being updated with new courses. Also, the subscription fee of the Masterclass “All-access plan” fits the range of that of its competition. 

In the words of the co-founder David Rogier, “nothing like Masterclass has been offered before” and he takes pride in the thought that the “classes are being taught by people who you would still want to learn from in the coming 100 years”.

So, to answer that question, yes. Masterclass is worth every penny, with or without discounts.

Ankit Shanker

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