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MyTEFL Review: TEFL Certificate for Teaching English Abroad

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In this MyTEFL review article, you’ll learn from a MyTEFL licensed instructor what it’s like to take a training course and obtain an accreditation via this company.

Many people assume that due to the fact that MyTEFL is cost effective and prominent that it should be a fraud or that it’s not legit– which definitely isn’t the situation!

In this post, we’re talking with Kacie that is an English instructor living abroad in China, while working both in the classroom and as an on-line English teacher as well.

So as to get these 3 mentor settings, she required to obtain TEFL certification. Find out more concerning her experience with MyTEFL in this comprehensive, straightforward evaluation.


What made you determine to get your TEFL Certification?

Teaching English abroad is a great possibility to work as well as travel at the same time!

Nonetheless, the legislation in China (among the highest possible paying nations for ESL instructors) has actually lately transformed to call for that international educators to currently have some type of ESL certification.

Many various other countries are likewise following their lead to include this requirement.

Some schools will certainly aid you to get this when you have actually been employed, however, as it’s becoming the norm currently, having it on your return to currently will actually give you a leg up over other candidates!

There are a lot of different ESL qualification firms to choose from, but the good news exists something around that’s perfect for your demands, and also it doesn’t need to be expensive.

There are a couple of different kinds of ESL qualifications:

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), as well as CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults), are by far the most common ones.

Depending upon which country you want to operate in or what type of trainee you want to show, one might be a better fit than an additional one, but the large majority of teachers I’ve fulfilled have a TEFL.

It seems to be the most common selection, as well as it’s the one I selected when I decided to obtain a license last springtime. Less than 2 months after I gained my certificate with MyTEFL I was hired for a teaching placement in China!

What is TEFL?

TEFL represents Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Lots of people do not research English training specifically; the certificate is an excellent method to have some training background. It’s generally a simple program that you can take that illuminates the basics of the English language. From there, the idea is you can use what you find out for whatever task you such as.

There are a lot of various ways to obtain your TEFL. Some colleges supply it as an independent certification. You can either get it as part of your research there or as a unique course. There are special programs that you can enroll in and also that assurance to teach you. Lengthy story short, there are a lot of methods to obtain one.


What you require to be wary of concerning TEFLs is that you may not require one. Not only that, there is no regulating authority for TEFL programs.

This means that you can obtain a TEFL, yet, unlike the university level or something similar, not everybody will certainly acknowledge it. As a result, you need to choose a program that has some clout. Recognition comes from online reputation, so you need to pick a program/TEFL business that people depend on.

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Do I Need a TEFL Certificate to Teach English?

Lengthy story short, absolutely not. You can definitely locate English training tasks abroad without having a TEFL. Some tasks will certainly require you to have one; nevertheless, when faced with a real need for native-speaking instructors, firms are often willing to waive this “need”.

In some cases, it is beneficial to have one, however. A TEFL can often act as a substitute for a year or more of real mentor experience when looking for tasks, despite the fact that this is absolutely unjustified in my viewpoint.

If you are fresh out of university without any working experience, a TEFL is valuable however generally still not essential. It can reveal prospective employers as well as students that you contend the very least attempted to find out to show.

In some nations, having a qualification similar to this is important. (These have a tendency to be countries that value developed systems and online reputations, like China.) Also here, though, you do not need to have one just to get a task. You can get a good job by positioning yourself and your previous experiences correctly.

I obtained my initial full-time English teaching setting with a reasonably high income by concentrating on English tutoring and also online training that I had done before.

That was regardless of having extremely little previous teaching experience. Prior to online mentoring, I had just basic tutoring experience from college. I also didn’t have a TEFL– actually, my company paid about 80% of the price of obtaining one.

MyTEFL: A TEFL 120-Hour Course Review

After checking out lots of different choices, I chose MyTEFL This resulted from a suggestion by Richelle from Adventures Around Asia. (If you’re interested in mentor in China, she has a lot of details about that on her blog site!) With her coupon code, I got 35% off the 120-hour training course.

If you are believing seriously in a TEFL, the 120-hour program is your best choice. Though it’s extra costly as well as time-consuming, practically every business (online and face to face) will only identify the 120-hour course. As opposed to the shorter programs, you additionally get a lot more details.


The MyTEFL program is organized right into 8 different sections. Each of these covers a details facet of training abroad, consisting of comprehending the TEFL market, lesson strategies, and testing.

At the end of each section, you have a little quiz to take. As long as you get a complete average of 65%, you pass! Even if you just quickly eye the course product, this is incredibly very easy. The only thing you should focus on is the moment! You obtain 90 days to complete the course; or else, you need to spend for an extension.

Advantages of MyTEFL

To its advantage, the MyTEFL program was extremely comprehensive. I really found out quite a bit of information about details grammar points, which can certainly be challenging to educate. There is absolutely nothing that is also certain to one type of student, so you need to be able to use these points for any country as well as any level of the student.

MyTEFL primarily thinks that you know nothing concerning 1) The TEFL industry and also 2) Teaching in general. It goes detailed and also clarifies points rather well. All the program material remains in the text (no video or sound). This would be a neutral point in itself, but it does suggest that you can easily make your method through the course even if you’re in a congested place. I actually finished the whole thing at work!

There is likewise an entire library of mentor products! They consist of a mix of lesson strategies as well as materials like worksheets. In the right context, that would probably be very helpful! You could absolutely integrate them if you have to develop your own lessons.

Exactly how do individuals sign up for a program?

Registering for the online training courses at MyTEFL is as easy as it gets.

You will simply have to select the course you desire, register your name, e-mail, birthdate, and address, and also go into a credit or debit card to complete your enrollment.

If you have ever gone shopping online, this will certainly be a stroll in the park. Once the payment goes through, you’re prepared to start gaining that certification!

You will intend to make sure all of this information in the system matches your passport information precisely.

The certification might be denied during the employment process if it does not match 100%. After that, you will certainly need to demand and spend for an editioned certification with the improvement.

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Thanks for the MyTEFL Review!

I hope this meeting with Kacie aided you to obtain a far better understanding of what MyTEFL needs to offer. If you’re interested in discovering more, visit this site. And, don’t forget to use coupon code: goat35 to get 35% off your MyTEFL qualification.

For more information regarding Kacie, have a look at her awesome travel as well as lifestyle website: Go Beyond The Borders.

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