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Preply vs italki 2023: Which Is Better Language Learning Platform?

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If you want to learn a new language, it’s a great idea to find good virtual one-on-one classes.

Apps and online courses can be great ways to learn a language. But you won’t learn as much as you would with private online language lessons.

Getting personalised help and a unique approach is very valuable. You’ll learn how to talk to people and understand them better in no time.

Preply vs italki 2023– Comparison

There are a lot of great places where language learners can find language tutors. And among the best are Preply and italki. So, you should choose between Preply and italki.

It’s hard to tell who will win when Preply plays italki. They are a lot alike.But after looking more closely at their features, structure, and best parts, we were able to pick a winner.

Figure out who it is!

Preply vs italki: Which Platform Wins?

Preply vs italki-Preply Overview

The efficiency of platforms such as Preply and italki is much greater than that of language schools in a variety of ways. It is the goal of both Preply and italki to put students and teachers in touch with each other.

Both platforms are widely used and easy to use.

After all, learning a language with an online tutor is the most like learning a language the old-fashioned way.

Preply and italki are cheaper, and they are definitely easier to use. You don’t even have to leave your house to take a lesson.

There are a lot more benefits, but we’ll talk about those in a minute. First, let’s look at how much each platform costs.

Scheduling Lessons and Pricing

Preply’s prices and hourly rates are very reasonable, but italki’s rates seem to be a little bit lower.

But each platform’s prices are set by the teachers, so you can find cheaper prices on both italki and Preply.

Preply, on the other hand, gives teachers a higher commission. For every new student, they take 100% of the first lesson payment as a commission fee.

Teachers should be paid fairly, but it looks like that doesn’t always happen with Preply. Even though it’s great to find a really cheap course, they don’t really make much money because of the high commission.

But again, it all depends on how much the teacher charges per hour.

Also, Preply requires that you buy 6 hours per tutor in advance, which could be seen as a disadvantage.

On the other hand, if you like your teacher’s approach, methods, and energy, why not stick to your lessons and follow the schedule? That will definitely help you learn better by giving you more structure.

So, it all depends on how you learn.

But Preply lets you try a lesson for free. It’s not a free lesson, but if the lesson didn’t happen or the tutor didn’t live up to your expectations, you can ask for a free replacement tutor or a refund, no matter what the price difference is.

On italki, teachers offer trial lessons at a lower price. And remember that not all teachers offer free trial lessons.

Still, every new user has to take three trial lessons with three different teachers. It costs anywhere from $5 to $30 per hour to take lessons on italki.

Also, each student and teacher have one chance to ask for a lesson to be cancelled. You can easily cancel your lesson, as long as it doesn’t start in less than 24 hours.

But it is usually easier to book lessons on italki than on Preply. You can schedule lessons with one teacher at a time until you find the right one.

You can choose from Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, WeChat, Zoom, or QQ as a way to talk. The italki classroom is another option. It’s a nice video chat tool that lets you share your screen.

You can choose how long each lesson is. But Preply’s scheduling is also pretty flexible, so that’s not a huge benefit.

But italki has some features that Preply doesn’t have, and vice versa.

Structure and Features

Preply Learn at your Comfort

Like Preply, italki is made to connect people who want to learn a language with tutors from all over the world.

You can easily find a teacher you like on the site, which is very easy to use.

You can use the italki website or download the italki app. We think the app is better because it is more useful and because it is easy to use and well-made.

It’s also helpful to use italki on your computer. First of all, you can see your teacher better and use tools and books with less trouble.

But let’s go back to the search for a teacher. You can use many filters in the search bar on italki. There are also two kinds of teachers you can look for.

Community Tutors can provide informal tutoring or practice in a new language to help you learn it.

Professional Teachers, on the other hand, are highly skilled and experienced teachers who can help you achieve your goals. Videos, Powerpoint slides, PDFs, and textbooks are usually available as learning materials. 

Italki also has a place for business. You can find a qualified teacher who will help you focus on vocabulary that will help you in job interviews, presentations, meetings, and other situations.

There are also teachers who can help you prepare for tests like the IELTS, DELF, JLPT, and Goethe Certificates.

It’s important to know that there are a lot of teachers on italki. And every teacher is good at different things.

On a teacher’s profile, you can see their hourly rate (and 30 minute trial rate), their calendar, and a short video introduction.

You can also look at the statistics and what students have said about the course. You can also find a teacher who is available right now by using the Instant Teacher feature.

And there are a lot of ways to say things. Compared to Preply, italki has a much wider range of choices. Italki has a lot more to offer than just virtual one-on-one language lessons.

For example, you can take the italki Language Challenge and a free language test.

You can join the italki community as well. Finding a language partner is one of the best things about the community. And that’s a great way to keep practising and get even better at talking to people.

How does Preply work, though?

It works and looks like italki in terms of structure and features. But not quite the same.

You can filter teachers by cost, availability, and language.

On their profiles, you can see their course description and their resume – you’ll see all about their work experience, education, and certifications.

You can also see what subjects they offer. As an example, some tutors offer beginner classes, work classes, intensive classes, and classes focused on a particular skill or dialect.

There are also lessons focused on TOEFL and IELTS exam preparation.

You can send messages to tutors before booking a trial lesson. If you liked your lesson, you can follow the ‘Buy hours’ link on My lessons and choose a package.

Your learning journey can now begin. In addition to 2-3 weekly lessons, Prepare recommends setting up a regular schedule

Lessons can always be changed or canceled. It is your responsibility to pay for the lesson if you cancel within 4 hours of its scheduled start time.

You can use any tool you like. Preply is easy to use and flexible, just like italki. But Preply’s video platform is a little different from italki’s.

Preply Classroom is a video platform that lets you make video calls, share files, and send messages. You can also look over the words your teacher uses and so on.

Preply also added a new feature: the ability to group classes. You can now join groups of four to six international students, which is also a fun and interesting thing to do.

Also, all classes and teachers are very flexible. No matter what time zone you’re in, it doesn’t matter.

You can also keep track of how well you are doing. And Preply’s Learning plans can help you learn new words and improve your speaking skills.

The best way to learn a new language might be to get a study plan and lesson that are made just for you based on your needs and goals. Most likely the fastest.

Overall, italki and Preply are both great websites for learning languages online.

If you find the right teacher, you will be able to learn while still being comfortable. And you’ll be able to concentrate on your own goals.

But Preply and italki are the best places to start building your teacher business, whether you want to teach your native language or another language you know well.

But if you want to teach English online, you should think about italki.

For trial lessons on Preply, teachers don’t get paid. And they make more money per sale. Okay, but what about the topics and ideas? How will italki and Preply help you learn?


Preply- Different Tutors

Well, it really depends on your teacher what you’ll learn in your lessons.

But it depends on what you want as well. You can pick a teacher who will make a lesson plan for you based on your goals and skills.

So, there isn’t a set plan.

But on italki, teachers offer courses and lessons that focus on a certain skill or topic. There are, for instance, business English classes, lessons for younger students, IELTS preparation classes, and so on.

You can also see how hard each course is and how much it costs.

Still, both Preply and italki are very flexible when it comes to the subjects they cover. But, like in any good online course for learning a language, you’ll learn words that you can use every day.

More importantly, you’ll be able to learn new words and phrases, hear how your teacher says them correctly, and get helpful, personalised feedback.

So, let’s talk about what’s good about each platform.


what italki offers

Italki is a good place to start. Why is Preply not as good as italki?

First, italki has more languages to choose from. Italki is the place to go if you want to learn a dialect or a language that isn’t taught very often.

Italki also has a lot of courses that teach specific skills, topics, or areas. There is a section for business, a section for studying for tests, classes for a certain age group, and so on.

Italki can help anyone learn a language.

So it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most popular websites for learning languages.

But italki also works to get more people to know about it. It has a strong online community and is very active on social media.

Another benefit is that it is cheap. Compared to Preply, italki’s prices are a little bit lower.

It also gives teachers a commission that is a little bit lower. That also means it has the same quality as the teacher pool as a whole.

Italki also has free tools and features that you can use. For example, there is a very helpful section for writing homework that is a notebook.

There is also free language practice. And what about Preply would make it a better choice than italki?

Well, Preply is also very flexible and has a good layout. The site looks great and is easy to get around on.

The process of signing up for Preply is also very easy and straightforward.

It also has great features and a video platform that works well. Preply Space is a great way to learn in a structured way. It’s just like being in a classroom.

One thing that makes Preply different from other platforms like it is that you can join live group classes. You can improve your grammar, learn new words, and meet new people.

Before you can look for group lessons, you need to know what level you are at now. Then you’ll be able to see all the suitable courses.

Many group classes let you try out the first lesson for free, which is really cool. There is also clear information about each course. You can see exactly what you’re going to learn.

So, Preply’s live group lessons are great for people who need to learn in a structured way and for people who learn better in a group.

But what do reviews from italki and Preply users say about them?

What Do Users Say?

italki- user review

There are a lot of reviews of italki on Trustpilot. And 83% of the people thought it was great. That is a really big number.

The users seem very happy with how everything works. A lot of them say that italki is a good deal for the money.

They also love that italki has a community, resources, and a way to find language partners.

There are also some negative reviews, but most of them are about specific situations, like when a teacher had to reschedule a few times, etc.

On Trustpilot, there are many great reviews of Preply. Users find it useful and easy to use, and some have even said it changed their lives.

On the other hand, some people say they had to use Zoom because the video platform that came with their computer didn’t work. Some people also don’t like how the schedule works.

But overall, both italki and Preply get good reviews from their users.

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Final Verdict Preply vs italki 2023

As you can see, it’s not clear who will win. Both Preply and italki are trustworthy, good, and cheap.

They have a great list of teachers, and they will give you structure and study tools to help you learn. Italki, on the other hand, has lower prices and more ways to learn.

Italki also has a wider range of tutors to choose from. Maybe that’s because teachers get more money from Preply. In general, at these prices, italki is a great way to spend your money.

And you can choose from a huge number of languages. So, when comparing Preply and italki, we have to give italki the edge.

It just has more benefits and more languages and teachers to choose from. So, if you want reliable, high-quality one-on-one lessons, italki is the way to go.

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