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SugarSync vs JustCloud vs CrashPlan vs Zoolz vs BackBlaze 2023– Battle Between Best Backup Tool

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Technology is now an important part of our daily lives. Technology can help people in some ways, but it can also hurt them in other ways.

It is very important to keep a backup of all your business transactions in case your server crashes or something else goes wrong.

When a business needs it, an online backup service can be a huge help.

There are a lot of great backup services and solutions on the market today. But it’s hard for a customer to figure out which option is best for their business needs and other needs.

SugarSync Vs JustCloud Vs CrashPlan Vs Zoolz Vs BackBlaze

In this post, we will look at the 5 best cloud storage services of 2023 in detail: When comparing SugarSync, JustCloud, CrashPlan, Zoolz, and BackBlaze,

Let’s make this a little easier for you by talking about the top five online backup services that caught our eye due to their ease of use and great features.

But before we move on, let’s look at how important it is to back up data.

What is the Need of an Online Backup Service?

Most important business information is stored on your servers in this digital age. Many people in the organisation can use these servers to get to accounting records, important information, and other data.

Is it possible to get to important information on the server in an emergency or when the server goes down? Right now, who can you rely on?

What if you are on a business trip outside of the country and can’t connect to your server to get the important information your business needs?

And the answer is a backup that is kept online. If you use an online solution to back up your business data, you can get to this information at any time and from anywhere.

This online backup service stores your data and keeps it safe and sound in case of a disaster.

Not only are these online backup solutions important for big businesses, but they are also important for small businesses and professionals like lawyers, photographers, and artists.

No matter how good our hardware is, we don’t know what the future holds. For example, you put some data on a hard drive and it crashes. All of your information is gone, and you can’t get it back quickly.

It is a very hard thing to do. This is the kind of bad dream we all worry about. But since you can back up the data every day, you have access to all of it.

Even though technological progress is a good thing, it also makes you dependent on it. On the other hand, it also has some bad things about it.

If a business doesn’t know how to use technology right, it can ruin the business. But if your data gets deleted or changed because of a technical error, how will you be able to get the right data back?

In fact, disasters or crises like fires, earthquakes, floods, etc., can destroy your business infrastructures completely.

Damage can sometimes not be fixed. And you can’t get the lost data back unless you have an online backup of your business or corporate data.

We’ll give you a few examples so you can see how complicated business frauds and losses can be and how much damage they can do to your business.

  • Burglars can break into your office or place of business and steal all your expensive equipment, like laptops, PCs, hard drives, and other hardware.
  • During a business trip, an employee of the company can lose the company’s laptop.
  • A worker who doesn’t like their job may delete or change important information and files.
  • You may not be able to access the digital information you need if your hardware has been attacked by a virus or malware.

Here are a few examples of some common things that go wrong in business. Even if you take all the right steps to deal with a crisis, there are times when there is nothing you can do.

Because of this, online backup services and solutions are made to store your data even if you don’t have the right hardware.

So, even if you lose or break your device, you don’t have to worry about losing important information. Online backup services will automatically sync all your data for you when you press the automatic sync button.

And if you only want to store files in the cloud, keep reading for a list of the best cloud storage services.

With online backup services and solutions, you can make sure your data is safe in case of a disaster. Your data will always be safe in a second location.

When a business uses an online backup service, their digital files are kept safe on a server that is located off-shore.

Even if there is a problem with the system or if hardware is lost or stolen, this digitally stored information is easy to get to.

SugarSync vs JustCloud vs CrashPlan vs Zoolz vs BackBlaze: Tried and Tested Premium Online Backup Solutions Comparison

We’re going to tell you about the online backup services we think are best for any website. Along with the main features, we’ll also tell you how much each solution costs and what its pros and cons are.

Here are the online backup services that we think are the best. Along with a list of the pros and cons of each service, we also show their different plans and how much they cost.

1. SugarSync Backup Solution

SugarSync Overview


Our first choice of the day is the online backup service SugarSync. Because it can sync across all remote devices, it is one of the best online backup services. It gives you automatic full-time live backup.

This service makes sure that all devices, like laptops, PCs, cell phones, and tablets, are in sync with each other. Along with this feature, it also backs up in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any breaks.

In fact, once you’ve set everything up, there’s no need to schedule anything else.

This backup programme is easy to use, but it also keeps five versions of every file that has changed in the last few days, just in case you save the wrong one by accident.

The only bad thing about SugarSync is that there is no phone number to call them for help. We have only heard a few complaints about their services, though.

So, it’s possible that you’ll never need customer service. Most people sign up right away and start backing up without any trouble.

Pros & Cons of SugarSync


  • Backups are taken of all files and folders in the specified location.
  • A real-time upload is performed whenever a file or folder is modified.
  • Mobile or remote devices are compatible with it.
  • The SugarSync service does not require Linux support.


  • Customer support contact information is not available

SugarSync Pricing

SugarSync pricing

You can try SugarSync for free for 30 days. It also offers the following payment plans:

  • For $7.49 per month or $74.99 per year, you get 100 GB of data
  • $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year for 250 GB of data
  • $24.99 per month or $249.99 per year for 500 GB of data

Corporate Plan Pricing

  • Monthly or annual fee of $55.99 for 1000 GB of data

Furthermore, SugarSync offers its esteemed customers customized plans based on their business needs.

2. JustCloud

justcloud.com overview

Justcloud is an easy-to-use backup service that is simple to figure out. It lets you store things in the cloud and back them up regularly. You just have to choose which files you want to back up.

Every change made to a new record or document while it is being edited is saved by JustCloud. There is a limited amount of space for files to be synced, but there is no limit on how much you can store.

JustCloud also gives its clients access to a mobile app.

Justcloud is easy to set up. Once it’s set up, you can start backing up online right away. The desktop client that can connect to the web, the control panel, and the mobile app all work together.

It also lets you sync files by dragging and dropping, so you can get to every file on all of your devices.

The interface and storage application are both easy to use, and you can get to any digital information you’ve backed up without any trouble.

It also keeps track of all the information, like the storage device, the time the data was saved, and how much data was saved. JustCloud has a natural application design that makes it easy to back up and look for things.

Justcloud is a cloud storage service that has a lot to offer in terms of features. One important thing that JustCloud offers is the ability to back up files.

You can set up these backups to run every day, every week, or every month, depending on your needs and business obligations.

There is also an option for automatic backup, which makes it easy if you change a file or folder that has been backed up.

This backup service has two layers of security to keep your digital information safe, even when it’s not being backed up automatically.

Even though backing up a system uses a lot of bandwidth, this web-based storage service lets you set the maximum amount of bandwidth that will be used for backing up your system.

This lets you limit your bandwidth so that you don’t use too much of your service provider’s services. For example, you can limit the amount of data you can upload for storage to 1 GB per day or 20 GB per month.

Even though this online backup service says that its customers can store as many files as they want, the terms of service say that if your data limit goes over 500 GB, the company can stop or limit the services.

So, if you need to back up more than 500 GB of data, you should think about this service.

Pros & Cons of JustCloud


  • Easily understandable and easy to use
  • Files and folders can be synced by dragging and dropping
  • Multiple storage hardware devices can be synchronized automatically
  • Data storage is more secure with powerful encryption
  • Sharing of files and folders simplified


  • There is no customer support

JustCloud Pricing

justcloud.com pricing

JustCloud.com has three great plans and extra services to meet the needs of all of our customers. This page will tell you about the plans and how much they cost.

  • Promotions and special deals

When you sign up for JustCloud, you can often get a discount on your first plan term. After that, your plan will automatically renew at the regular, non-discounted rate.

  • Cost to renew JustCloud

JustCloud Auto-Renewal is the best way to make sure that your computer and important files are always backed up and that your backup is always up to date.

With auto-renewal, 15 days before the end of your current service plan, your JustCloud account will be automatically renewed.

This means that renewals go smoothly and that your scheduled, automated backups keep running without stopping.

At the end of the first two years, all plans that were made for every two years will be renewed every year and become annual plans.

  • Speeds for uploading and downloading.

JustCloud works hard to give customers a fast service, but please keep in mind that your internet connection affects your upload and download speeds.

If your upload and download speeds have been slow for a long time, you should talk to your internet provider.

3. BackBlaze

Backblaze Overview

It is relatively new to the online backup service market, but it is quickly making a name for itself. BackBlaze 2.0, which has better and more unique features, was also just released by the company.

BackBlaze lets you store almost any kind of file, such as a DVD backup (large ISO), a full virtual OS backup for Parallels, VMware, and other virtual machines, and a backup of a large number of files.

It also has a “silent mode” in which you can only store your data by clicking “on click,” freeing BackBlaze from the system’s resources. It means that when BackBlaze is in silent mode, it doesn’t use any of the system’s resources.

This makes it a great online backup solution for things that depend on speed, like games and videos. Once you’re done with your task, you can turn off the silent mode and start the service again.

Pros & Cons of BackBlaze


  • Backup facility for large ISO files
  • Backup based entirely on virtualization
  • For not using system resources, use silent mode


  • Linux platform is not supported
  • File sharing between peers is not included
  • Synchronization is not available

BackBlaze Pricing

Backblaze plans

A simple pricing structure. Data without limits.

Using the world’s easiest backup solution, you’ll never lose a file again.

If you wish to use it for a month the cost is $7 and for yearly it will cost you $70 saving you $14 and for 2 years, you can save $38 by paying $130. 

Also, they offer 15 days of free trial. 

4. Zoolz

Zoolz Overview

It gives its users the option of unlimited storage for life and backs up all the data they have on their PCs, network drives, external drives, etc. Zoolz’s special feature is the ability to store information for life.

It doesn’t delete or get rid of your information after a certain amount of time. Zools stands out from its competitors on the market because of this one thing that no one else does.

Zoolz is one of the least expensive cloud backup services out there. It uses Amazon’s Glacier system, which is a cold storage system.

This Amazon Glacier is a cheaper place to store files. Even though the setup is complicated, Zoolz makes it easier for their customers to use before they sell it.

Pros & Cons of Zoolz


  • The service is very secure and reliable.
  • Even large businesses can afford its pricing and benefit from its flexible plans.
  • Management of all users
  • The entire user management process is handled by it.
  • Data can be stored for a lifetime.
  • Unlimited backups are available
  • A user-friendly file sharing system is provided.


  • Retrieving files takes a few hours.
  • Compatibility is limited to Windows only.

Zoolz Pricing

zoolz pricing plans

Money-back guarantees are available to all their customers for 30 days. Are you not satisfied with Zoolz service during the first 30 days? If you don’t like it, they’ll refund your money.

Its different payment plans are as given below:

  • For 1TB plan, it costs $99.00 for one year 
  • For 2TB backup, the service will cost you $199.99 yearly 
  • For 5 TB Backup , it will cos you $499.99 per year. 

This is the best time to buy as they are currently running 50% off due or Cyber Monday. 

5. CrashPlan

CrashPlan Overview

It is a web-based service that automatically backs up all of your digital files. It encrypts all of your information to make sure it is safer. CrashPlan does not limit the size of the files that can be stored.

In 2007, Code42 began the Crashplan online storage service. The Crashplan is a top backup service that has a great name in the business world. Code42 offers this service in a number of different packages. These things:

  • CrashPlan
  • CrashPlan PRO, and
  • CrashPlan Enterprise

Even though the company was founded in 2001 as a software development company, it moved over to the backup and storage business and became well-known there.

The company has been in the backup services business for a long time and offers its services to both individuals and businesses.

Crashplan has three different types of packages, and each one has a different set of features. But the biggest difference is how they protect their data.

The home package comes with 448-bit encryption, but the business packages come with AES-256 encryption to keep sensitive business information safer.

Crashplan’s main clients are people who use its online backup services, but it also offers other services, such as storing data from external hardware and other devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc., for people who already use its online backup services.

This is an extra feature that the company offers to protect the data against problems with the network that can lead to serious data loss.

Crashplan says that for all plans except the basic one, the space for backups is unlimited. It also lets you set up backups on a schedule, just like any other backup program.

It does, however, allow users to set the priority of the data to be backed up, which is helpful for businesses that want to make sure that important data is backed up before anything else.

The files are easy to restore and don’t take long to do so, mostly because you can store as many versions of files and folders as you want. But one thing we know for sure is that they will keep your information safe.

One more important thing about Crashplan is that users can keep track of all the files they have stored by linking an account to their Crashplan account. You can protect the tracks, though, if you turn off the history.

The Crashplan has a minimum payment plan of $6 per month, so it can be used by any type of business or home. This online backup service also backs up locally and is easy for anyone to use and set up.

Pros & Cons of CrashPlan


  • It has both 448-bit AES encryption and 256-bit AES encryption.
  • The service lets you keep an unlimited number of recent versions of files.
  • It works with Windows phones, iPhones, and iPads, as well as Android phones.
  • The company gives each computer that is connected to the system as much space as it needs.
  • Crashplan also works with Windows, Mac, OS X, and Linux.
  • The Crashplan files can be accessed from any device that is supported.
  • It has a user interface that is clear and easy to use.
  • If you pay once a year, the company gives you back the money for the months you didn’t use.


  • Sometimes it’s hard to find facts that are true.
  • It only offers backup services for virtual files.
  • Crashplan doesn’t have any way to sync or share files.
  • It doesn’t have a lot to offer mobile users.
  • It’s hard to find things on its website.

CrashPlan Pricing

CrashPlan Plans

Sign up today for a free one-month trial of CrashPlan for Small Business. After you try us out for free for 30 days, we think you’ll love it so much that you’ll stay with us and keep your files safe.

But there’s no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

There is only one price level in CrashPlan for Small Business (CrashPlan): $9.99 per computer per month. This includes your users’ desktops, laptops, and any physical file servers.

 We’ve tested several business-grade cloud backup solutions, but this is among the cheapest. Also, the cost can add up depending on how many devices you’re setting up.

This is very much a platform for small businesses, and even the prices show that.

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Conclusion SugarSync vs JustCloud vs CrashPlan vs Zoolz vs BackBlaze 2023

We’ve talked about the best online backup services on the market, including the features they offer, their pros and cons, and how much they cost.

Which of SugarSync vs JustCloud vs CrashPlan vs Zoolz vs BackBlaze is your favourite cloud storage and backup service?

Some of the backup companies offer flexible plans, while others offer cheap prices for unlimited storage for life.

Some of them have great customer service, while others may not even have a phone number for customers to call.

You can compare all of these online backup services and make your choice based on the size of your business.

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