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How to Claim The Jungle Scout Free Trial?🤑 (Step-by-Step Ultimate Guide)

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“Are you ready to supercharge your Amazon business and unlock the potential for success? If so, you’re in the right place.

As someone deeply committed to finding the best tools to boost my Amazon business, I understand the importance of making informed decisions.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you how to claim the Jungle Scout Free Trial, a fantastic opportunity to explore the full range of features this powerful tool offers without any initial financial commitment.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the simple steps to start your Jungle Scout Free Trial, ensuring you maximize this valuable opportunity. Let’s dive in and take your Amazon business to new heights!”

Jungle Scout Free Trial

Important Points to Remember:

  1. With the 7-day money-back guarantee, you have full access to all features of the paid subscription plan.
  2. If you want to try Jungle Scout without any financial obligation, request a refund within the initial 7 days of subscribing.
  3. Should you require additional features for your Amazon business, you can upgrade after completing the Jungle Scout free trial period.


Jungle Scout is a powerful yet simple to use product research tool for online sellers. It has helped many entrepreneurs find their next profitable venture and grow their business exponentially.

With Jungle Scout you can create your own custom search, filter through the best products on Amazon in minutes, compare prices of products with competitors and more!

Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout Pricing

The features you can enjoy with the 14-day Jungle Scout Free Trial can be understood as:

Basic Suite Professional
  • You have the money-back guarantee and anytime cancellation authority.
  • This is the most popular subscription plan of the Jungle Scout.
  • You can add up to 6 users without paying the extra cost and add more users with paying $49 for every other user. 
  • You can add up to one user without any extra charges.
  • You get all the basic features along with more interesting features.
  • The competition for 1000 products can be compared over time.  
  • You can track and compare up to three products.
  • You can add in more users with paying a nominal fee.
  • Connect with your customers through mail with over 100,000 mails/month. 
  • The seller gets up to 20 searches for the keyword search, competition research, and other product research data.
  • Here, you can compare up to 150 products at a time. 
  • Product performance data for the 6 months period can be accessed too.
  • Except for bulk review requests, no other feature is available in the advanced seller feature.
  • You can track keyword rank history for about 3500 keywords.
  • Also, you can connect with customers through customized business mails. The offer provides you with 15000 mails/month.


The features aren’t limited to the only mentioned ones. Many other features can be accessed and very much detailed on their official website.

How to Claim the Jungle Scout 14-Days Trial (Step By Step)🤔

Jungle scout free demo- junglescout free trial

While the website of Jungle Scout does have some free resources to help people sell their products effectively on Amazon, a far better way to experience the product research tools to aid your market research would be to try out the free 14-day version of it.

If you find yourself wanting to scrap the Subscription during your 14-day trial, you can do by following the below-given steps.

It really easy to access the free version of Jungle Scout. You can cancel the subscription and get a refund, no questions asked.

You can find all the details on the Jungle Scout website. There are three current Subscriptions for you to choose from- Basic, Suite, and Professional.

All of them provide a different range of tools and features for you to choose from.

You can read through the features below and find the Subscription that best meets your needs and will fulfill all your market research and product research-related requirements.

If you want to get an authentic feeler of the tools at your disposal and peruse the features to get familiar with the workings of Jungle Scout before you opt for a subscription or even try the Pro version, the 14-day money-back guarantee, without having to justify it or answer someone about the cancellation might be the perfect way for you to get your feet wet! 

Jungle Scout Free Trial 2024: Overview💡

Jungle Scout is a remarkable Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) tool that provides an all-encompassing platform for sellers on Amazon so that they can start and grow their businesses and manage it more effectively, while also creating a much more beneficial presence on the platform.

JungleScout Overview- Jungle Scount free trial

It is a quick and easy way to look for products in high demand, have productive potential on the current Market, conduct all your product-related research, and identify whether the sales follow any particular trend.

As a seller on Amazon, you probably have first-hand experience of how weary it is to identify the right products to put up and sell profitably by going through all the listings.

You realized how inefficient and slow the entire process is.

 If you search for a single product, you’ll find yourself with hundreds of results for the identical outcome by different sellers, which begs the question- 

If so many people are already selling the same thing on the same platform, would it be wise to add another listing for it? 

The answer to this seemingly simple question can be quite tricky, though. 

If there is such a massive demand for the product that multiple people can sell the same product and sell it quickly while making profits, then perhaps there exists a market for that product. But it depends on the trends for the product’s sales as well. 

If you were to go about the same process for all your product and market-related queries, it would be quite daunting to find all this information about each product and, in addition to it, also research about different niches and products sitting with untapped potential. 

Market Research tools and Product Finders were intended to keep this very aim in mind so that such an exhausting process could be eliminated altogether successfully.

Jungle Scout is one of many such market research tools that had been designed to help you identify products that have the maximum profit potential on Amazon using some ingenious smart business tools such as product catalogs which contain data of the products being sold on Amazon so that sellers like you can identify the trends in sale and benefit from them without much fuss. 

It eliminates the need for you to manually have to keep track of the sale trends and the Market. It is an exceedingly useful FBA tool for growing your e-commerce business and helps you develop a brand for yourself.

In addition to being extremely useful for your e-commerce business, Jungle Scout is also very user-friendly and easy to learn and navigate to sign up and start growing your brand in no time.

Grow your Brand

Jungle Scout provides a beneficial aid to you in building a successful presence as a brand on Amazon and helps you grow and curate a name after your brand by uncovering products to sell and is a vast e-commerce index of products available on Amazon, which enables you to recognize how a product is doing and identify the trend of sale for it so that you can estimate the number of deals and have a realistic idea of what to expect.

If you’re a seller looking to grow your reach as a business on Amazon, I would highly recommend trying out the Jungle Scout Free trial to work with some fantastic product research tools and features for Amazon that they provide.

Jungle Scout- Web Application✅

Jungle Scout is a Web Application that can be accessed via your Internet Browser and will serve as the beginning of your research. 

Jungle Scout Extension

On the other hand, Jungle Scout Extension is added to your Chrome browser, and when you run an Amazon search for a product or any different keyword, you get the details about the search results.


Jungle Scout Free Trial

💰  Price

$19/month - Basic

😍  Pros

It is cheaper and provides more extensive features

😩  Cons

Product Searches within particular niches or categories can be quite extensive.


Jungle Scout has its ups and downs but when it comes to the best research tools to have for amazon sellers, Jungle Scout is the Go-To tool.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

How To Get Jungle Scout Free Trial?

You’ll find free resources on the Jungle Scout website to help you with your selling expedition on Amazon. 

The Jungle Scout Free Trial is an offer provided by the famous market research tool for the sellers to get the hang of the tool. It is a 14-day offered trial and can be suspended at any time during this period. You’d get a full refund with no questions asked. 

The subscription details are quite clearly mentioned on the website. You can get your hands on any of the three available plans – Suite, Basic, or Professional for the 14-day trial period. The subscriptions can be availed in two ways – monthly and yearly. 

Create an account on the Jungle Scout website and sign up for the plan you feel best suits for your idea.


Who Should Choose Jungle Scout?


Jungle Scout is a popular tool designed for Amazon sellers and e-commerce entrepreneurs to assist them in conducting product research, market analysis, and finding profitable opportunities within the Amazon marketplace.

It offers various features and functionalities that can benefit different types of users. Here are some types of individuals who might consider using Jungle Scout:

  1. Amazon Sellers: Jungle Scout is primarily designed for Amazon sellers, both beginners and experienced ones. It helps them find products with high demand and low competition, making it easier to identify profitable niches and products to sell on Amazon.
  2. E-commerce Entrepreneurs: If you’re running an e-commerce business on Amazon or planning to start one, Jungle Scout can help you make informed decisions about product selection, pricing, and marketing strategies.
  3. Product Researchers: Whether you’re just starting your Amazon business or looking to expand your product line, Jungle Scout’s product research tools can provide insights into which products have the potential to generate sales and profit.
  4. Private Label Sellers: Private label sellers who want to create their own branded products can benefit from Jungle Scout’s ability to find potential products, estimate sales, and analyse competitors within specific niches.
  5. Amazon Consultants and Agencies: Professionals who provide consulting services to Amazon sellers or manage multiple Amazon accounts can use Jungle Scout to streamline their research process and provide more accurate client recommendations.
  6. Retail Arbitrage and Wholesale Sellers: Those engaged in retail arbitrage or wholesale selling on Amazon can use Jungle Scout to evaluate the sales potential of products before making purchasing decisions.
  7. Entrepreneurs Considering New Ventures: If you’re an entrepreneur exploring the idea of entering the e-commerce space or specifically Amazon, Jungle Scout’s market insights can help you assess the viability of your venture.
  8. Data-Driven Sellers: Individuals who value data-driven decision-making can benefit from Jungle Scout’s data analysis and product tracking features, which provide accurate and up-to-date information on product performance, sales trends, and more.
  9. International Sellers: Jungle Scout offers data for multiple Amazon marketplaces, which is beneficial for sellers operating in different countries.
  10. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Sellers: Jungle Scout’s tools can assist FBA sellers in finding products that align with the FBA model, ensuring smooth logistics and delivery processes.

It’s important to note that while Jungle Scout can be a valuable tool for many Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs, it’s not the only option available. Before choosing any tool, it’s a good idea to evaluate your specific needs, budget, and the features offered by Jungle Scout to determine if it fits you.

Pros & Cons Of Jungle Scout Free Trial

It helps you gauge competition by providing you with an overview of how many sales the top sellers are making, checking their ratings and reviews, etc., enabling you to guess if the Market is suitable for that product. 

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Pros Cons
  • Helps to identify trends for the sale of a particular product
  • It is not available as a Mobile Application.
  • Jungle Scout is available as a Chrome Extension and a Web Application.
  • Product Searches within particular niches or categories can be quite extensive.
  • It is an accurate e-commerce database and a convenient FBA tool to have at your disposal.
  • It saves a lot of time and effort to manually put together a log of all sales and product trends.
  • It makes list optimization easier, less time-consuming, and strenuous.


Things To Remember for a Jungle Scout Free Trial?

If you go to the Jungle Scout Pricing Page from here, you will see they do not offer a free trial but they do offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. 

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

‘No Questions Asked’. That is what I love about Jungle Scout. They will give you your money back. You don’t have to give any reasons. The best part is, you will get to use all their features for 7 days. You won’t be restricted from using anything. Let me guide you through the process – 

Step – 1: Go to the  Jungle Scout Pricing Page from here. 

Step – 2: Make sure you choose the ‘Standard Plans’ as the money-back guarantee is only on these.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Step – 3: Choose between ‘Pay yearly’ or ‘Pay monthly’.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Step – 4: Select the plan that you think would be ideal for you.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Step – 5: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Next’.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Step – 6: Then you will be asked for your credit card details. Fill them up and click on Create Your Account.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

On successfully doing this, you can take advantage of the Jungle Scout for 7-days. When you are done, mail them to cancel your plan. Make sure you do that within the 7-day range if you wish to discontinue their services.

My Experience on Jungle Scout Free Trial

While exploring the Jungle Scout Free Trial, I was truly impressed by the depth of insights it provided for my e-commerce aspirations. The ease with which I navigated through its intuitive interface and accessed its powerful tools was remarkable.

From uncovering hidden product gems through their Opportunity Score to dissecting competitor strategies using the Competitive Analysis feature, Jungle Scout streamlined my product research journey.

Additionally, delving into keyword strategies and estimated search volumes through Keyword Scout enhanced my understanding of optimizing product listings effectively.

While the trial period was short, the impact was substantial, equipping me with data-driven knowledge that’s now an integral part of my e-commerce decision-making process.

What Tools Does Jungle Scout Provide?

Jungle Scout provides a suite of tools designed to help users with various aspects of running an Amazon business. Some of these key tools include:

  1. Product Tracker – Monitor competitor products and assess market trends.
  2. Opportunity Finder – Discover profitable product niches with high demand and low competition.
  3. Product Database – Access an extensive database of over 70 million products listed on Amazon.
  4. Keyword Scout – Optimize your product listings and PPC campaigns with powerful keyword insights.
  5. Rank Tracker – Track your product rankings over time and assess your marketing efforts.
  6. Listing Builder – Improve your product listings with a user-friendly interface.
  7. Review Automation – Automate review requests to boost your product rating.
  8. Sales Analytics – Gain valuable insights into your sales performance for informed business decisions.
  9. Advertising Analytics – Measure the success of your advertising campaigns.
  10. Alerts – Get instant alerts on critical changes to your listings or competitors’ products.
  11. Inventory Manager – Effectively manage your inventory and avoid stock-outs or overstock.

Jungle Scout Reviews👉🙌

Jungle Scout Testomonials -Amazeowl vs JungleScout

Alternatives Which Provide a Free Trial:

1. Helium 10:

Helium 10 is considered Jungle Scout’s major competitor and offers similar features. Upon registering an account, you can access the Helium 10 free trial, and it has no expiration date.

Upgrading to a paid subscription is an option at any time, and the pricing plans are comparable to Jungle Scout.

2. ZonGuru:

ZonGuru is an attractive choice for Amazon sellers seeking a free trial with full access to all features available in their selected subscription plan.

There are two ZonGuru subscription plans to choose from:

  • Researcher: Ideal for newcomers in the Amazon selling space searching for their first product.
  • Sellers: Suitable for those who are already actively selling on Amazon.

3. SellerBoard:

You can access all the features associated with the selected subscription plan. No credit card information is required to start the trial. The free trial period lasts for a generous 2 months, providing ample time to test and explore every feature offered thoroughly.

These alternatives offer Amazon sellers different options for free trials, allowing you to select the one that best aligns with your specific needs and stage of Amazon selling. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing Amazon business, these platforms offer valuable tools and resources.

Quick Links: 

 FAQs About Jungle Scout Free Trial

👉What if I have any other questions not covered here?

Jungle Scout offers 24/7 Customer Support, and you can contact them for further questions or concerns you might have.

✅ Who can use Jungle Scout?

Anyone who is selling on an Amazon and wishes to grow their business, set up a brand, or even someone who is just starting!

🤔Is jungle scout the best?

I found that Jungle Scout was accurate 99% of the time, being just a few units off in most instances. If you are worried that the info you receive from the web app or Chrome Extension is inaccurate, do not worry. The information is good and true

🔥 How do I find most sold items on Amazon?

To start, you can go to the Amazon Best Sellers page where you'll be able to find the most popular items on the website quickly. The list is based on sales volume and is updated hourly with their most recent data. It's divided by category so you can see which products are most popular in every Amazon category

🙋‍♀️ Is there a free alternative to jungle scout?

There are only 2 free alternatives for JungleScout: Unicorn Smasher and Helium 10 Xray (free for the first 1000 product lookups).

🤔 Can you cancel jungle scout at any time?

Jungle Scout Terms of Use state that they don't offer pro-rated refunds after cancellations. You can cancel your Jungle Scout subscription and use your account until the end of the billing period. Even though the company doesn't give prorated refunds, they do have a money-back guarantee.

🔑Is Jungle Scout accurate?

Although, from a relative standpoint, Jungle Scout is still about 30% more accurate than Viral Launch, based on the median values.

🤔Is Jungle Scout owned by Amazon?

Amazon-selling platform Jungle Scout has clinched $110 million to expand. And it's already applied those funds toward an acquisition: the ad-tech startup Downstream Impact, which helps brands and entrepreneurs optimize their eCommerce businesses.

🤷‍♂️ Which is better jungle scout or helium 10?

The accuracy of the results varies, and it's highly dependent on the product niche and volume. Overall, however, our reports indicated that Jungle Scout was more accurate than Helium 10 in almost every head-to-head test.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Free Trial 2024

To wrap things up, it’s clear that claiming the Jungle Scout free trial is a great opportunity. It allows entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams of running a successful online business.

By knowing how to claim the free trial, entrepreneurs can access the powerful features that Jungle Scout provides to optimize sales. Plus, they get specialized support throughout their journey to ensure their success.

When your firm is ready to expand its operations with top-notch Amazon products its important to take advantage of this opportunity.

Claiming the Jungle Scout free trial is an important first step in setting up your business for growth and prosperity in the ever-changing marketing landscape.

So don’t wait, make sure you seize this amazing offer today and start realizing your digital dreams!

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