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Sellerboard Review 2024: Best Profit Analytics Tools For Amazon Sellers?

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Sellerboard Review


Sellerboard helps Amazon sellers. It's a great profit analytics tool with added features like follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for missing & damaged products, a PPC optimizer, and listing change alerts. Knowing customers' emotional conditions may boost profits. Use sellerboard's data to generate better, cheaper advertising.

Out of 10


  • Multiple great features
  • Great customer support
  • Wide market reach
  • Easy to use
  • One month free trial
  • Tracks hidden costs using AI


  • More pricing options needed for small sellers
  • Manage users access rights by account is not available in standard plan


Price: $ 15

If you are an Amazon seller and not using decent software to help you with product research and managing your online business, then you are missing out on a big opportunity.

Sellerboard is one such software that can help you grow your online business. Let us take a deeper look into Sellerboard Review.

Sellerboard Review 2024: What is Sellerboard & How Does It Work?

Sellerboard is an Amazon seller profit statistics application. It helps enhance conversion rates, search engine rankings, and customer ratings.

Jack Bosch, the creator of Sellerboard, founded the firm because he struggled to increase his Amazon sales.

He attempted several tactics to improve his product’s rating, but nothing worked until he developed Sellerboard!

Now, thousands of Amazon merchants throughout the globe utilize Sellerboard, and they are generating outstanding results.

Sellerboard Review

Sellerboard’s profit analytics tools provide Amazon sellers with actionable suggestions based on data, seller insights, and a range of in-house computations.

It begins by collecting numerous indicators that assist in discovering areas for growing sales and profit, including conversion rates, rank position on search engine results pages (SERPs), seller feedback, product rating, and more.

The system then analyzes the seller’s data to suggest how to enhance sales and profits.

For instance, if seller feedback is poor and the seller’s product rankings are declining over time, Sellerboard will propose that the seller request feedback more often or enhance their listings.

Sellerboard Best Features


The Cashflow tool enables you to manage your cash flow by clicking “add” to enter the amount of extra investment in the firm, the amount paid for the products, dividends, and VAT.

Sellerboard Cashflow Features

Payments and Expenses are automatically populated. The prediction will assist you in planning the available funds and making sound management choices.

LTV Dashboard:

Customer lifetime value (LTV) is the revenue generated by a typical customer throughout their lifetime as a customer. The LTV dashboard enables you to assess the client’s lifetime value.

Understanding the LTV enables you to create efficient marketing campaigns, estimate your customer acquisition cost (CAC), and determine how much you should spend on maintaining existing customers vs. gaining new ones.

Sellerboard Live Dashboard Features

With Sellerboard’s LTV dashboard, you can measure the lifetime value of your clients based on several KPIs. You may also study these KPIs by product and see their evolution over time.

PPC Optimization:

The PPC dashboard monitors the performance of your PPC campaigns, ad groups, and keywords and assists you in optimizing your bids to achieve the desired profitability.

Sellerboard PPC Optimizer Feature

They have created a unique technique for estimating PPC campaign profits. Based on this expected profit, Sellerboard computes the Break-even-ACOS and the Break-even-bid for each term and provides advice on optimizing your bids.

Inventory Management:

The inventory notifications provided by Sellerboard will ensure you never run out of goods again! Based on your historical sales, programmable seasonality criteria, and predicted growth, they compute the adjusted sales velocity for each product.

Sellerboard Inventory Management Features

Sellerboard tells you when it is time to make a new order with your supplier and recommends the amount. You will also get a message when it is ready to ship items from your prep center to the FBA warehouse.

Sellerboard Pricing & How To Buy Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Sellerboard from here, and click on ‘PRICING.’

Go to the official website of Sellerboard

Step – 2: Check out Sellerboard pricing plans and click on ‘TRY FOR FREE.’

Sellerboard Pricing Plan

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Get started.

Fill Up The Details & Get Started

That is it. Enjoy using Sellerboard’s free trial for an entire month.

Sellerboard Review: Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of Sellerboard:

Sellerboard Pros

Pros Cons
  • One month free trial
  • First-time Amazon sellers may face certain challenges.
  • Easy to use
  • More pricing options are needed for small sellers
  • Inexpensive pricing plans
  • Wide market reach
  • Multiple great features
  • Tracks hidden costs using AI
  • Great customer support

FAQs about Sellerboard Review

Is my data secure with Sellerboard?

Seller protection is taken extremely seriously. Since all data is secured, your seller metrics will not be shared with anybody outside the company without your consent.

Can I try Sellerboard for free?

Yes, it offers a thirty-one-day free trial with access to all services. Test the Sellerboard dashboard’s profit indicators and product review alerts before deciding whether or not it’s worth the investment.

Is it worth using Sellerboard?

Yes, Sellerboard is definitely worth the price. If you compare the pricing plans of Sellerboard with its competitors you will see that it is quite affordable. Also, the features offered by all these sellers are almost the same.

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Conclusion: Sellerboard Review 2024

Sellerboard offers an impressive quantity of statistics and data at your fingertips.

There are also a few entertaining tools that I did not discuss in this article, such as Cashflow forecasting and other interesting reports.

As with any feature-rich platform, utilizing your Amazon account is the best way to explore Sellerboard.

When you add information such as Cost of Goods and certain monthly expenditures and see how that affects overall profitability, it may open your eyes to opportunities to reduce expenses and increase earnings.

Sellerboard provides a 30-day trial period (no credit card required).

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