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BlogVault vs BackupBuddy 2024– Which Backup Tool Should You Pick?

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Today we’ll be comparing BlogVault vs BackupBuddy, to ultimately help you decide which is the best solution for you


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Pricing $20/month $52/year
Best for

Everyone looking for quick and automatic solutions for the backup and restore in Wordpress.

Those who have just started out.

  • Databse backups
  • Backup history
  • Easy restoration features
  • Off-site backup storage
  • Site migration features
  • Security scans/monitoring
  • Complete Backup History
  • Incremental sync
  • 1-Click restore
  • Affordable Yearly Pricing
  • Multiple cloud-based storage options
  • Multiple scheduling options
  • MalCare security tool only available with the Plus and the
  • No free version.
Ease of Use

Blogvault is easy to set up and start with the plugin and be easily installed on any website.

You might need to go through the documentation and guides to understand the working.

Value For Money

Blogvault provides incredible pricing plans and amazing coupons that offer great savings.

The yearly pricing plan is just incredible and gives worth every penny.

Customer Support

Stellar support with live chat and amazing documentation.

Customer support is average but lacks live chat and email support is not responsive.

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When talking about website backups, most users ask why one needs them in the first place. It is like asking why one needs a spare tire in their car – you only realize its value when any of your car tires go flat – by when it is too late!

The same is true for website backups. If your website is compromised, it could take your days to identify and resolve the issue.

You don’t need us to tell us what this could mean for your business – disgruntled customers, lost revenues, loss of user data, and a damaged brand reputation. With a backup on your side, you can retrieve your data and restore your site in just a couple of minutes.

But, there’s a catch. Not just any backups would do, you need a backup that is guaranteed to work.

This is why it gets harder to pick the right backup tool for you – considering the array of options you have.

In this article, we look at two of the leading WordPress backup plugins, BackupBuddy and BlogVault, and help you pick the right one for your website and we have compared BlogVault vs BackupBuddy in this post.

Before we dive in, it’s important to know the features that you should look out for while selecting your backup plugin.

Bottom Line Upfront:

BlogVault is a unique WordPress Backup and Security plugin and it is better than BackupBuddy in various aspects like it automatically backs up your website. It manages everything of your WordPress site including Migration, Staging and Merging across multiple secure and robust servers.

BackupBuddy offers various features for beginners but lacks ease of use.

If you are professional or want more functionalities, go with Blogvault.

For us, BlogVault is a better option and hence you should try it once.

Checkout BlogVault and BackupBuddy now!

BlogVault vs BackupBuddy 2024 | Which Backup Tool Should You Pick?

Choosing The Right Backup Tool, While there is no dearth of backup plugins in the market, here are six features to look out for in a backup tool:

1. Complete backups:

Your backup tool must offer backups of both website files and database tables. With even small elements of missing, it would be impossible to restore your WordPress site.

Additionally, incremental backups are an efficient way of performing backups, as the entire website data is broken up into smaller fragments and only those that have modified files or tables are backed up – each time. If you manage multiple WP sites, taking bulk backups of all these websites can be challenging. Hence, your backup tool must also offer an independent dashboard, from where you can configure all your websites.

2. Independent storage:

Make sure your backup tool offers offsite and independent locations for storing your backups so that they are safe from whatever it is that affected your website server.

3. Multiple and encrypted backups:

Ensure that you have multiple backups or versions. This ensures that you have access to the best version to restore to your website. Additionally, backups must be securely encrypted so that hackers cannot use them even if they manage to access them.

4. Easy restore functionality: 

Many backup tools are good at performing backups but are challenging to use when you actually need them most – while restoring your site. Ensure that your backup tool provides easy access to your backup files, and they can be quickly restored to your website.

5. Real-time backups:

If you are running an eCommerce store or an online business heavily dependent on capturing every transaction, your backup tool must offer real-time backups. These backups are executed on a real-time basis whenever any WP file or table changes.

6. Add-on features:  

Finally, check if your backup tool offers additional features such as WordPress Staging and migration. Staging ensures you can test your backup versions before restoring them. Migration ensures that you can quickly move your site to another WordPress host or location.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us compare the two most popular backup plugins in the market today – BlogVault and BackupBuddy.

BackupBuddy Overview:

Developed by iThemes, BackupBuddy is a popular backup plugin that has been used in over half a million sites since 2010. It offers website backups, restores, and migration.

BackupBuddy Overview- Backupbuddy vs BlogVault

Widely used as a free backup tool, it can create a complete backup of your entire WordPress installation, including webpages, posts, user comments, plugin and theme files, core WP files, and the database.

BackupBuddy – Features

First, let us look at some of the standard backup features that BackupBuddy has to offer:

BackupBuddyFeatures- blogvault vs backupbuddy

  • Complete backups: Including all WP installation files and databases. On completion of the backup process, you can download the backup file of your website easily in ZIP format, or upload the same to a third-party cloud storage platform. BackupBuddy also sends a notification email immediately on backup completion.
  •  Scheduled backups: Where you can configure backups to be executed automatically without any human intervention. Depending on your website needs, you can choose to schedule your automatic backups every hour, twice a day, daily, weekly, monthly, and more.
  • Offsite storage: Your backup files are stored in a safe and remote location. BackupBuddy supports a range of remote storage locations, including Amazon S3, BackupBuddy Stash, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • Easy restoration: BackupBuddy features the user-friendly ImportBuddy tool that can be used to restore your site using the latest backup file.

In addition to these in-built features, BackupBuddy offers several add-on features, including:

  • BackupBuddy Stash Live: Real-time, cloud backups that periodically take a snapshot of your files to track live changes.
  • Website staging: Where website developers can test changes or updates on a temporary staging environment before pushing the changes to the live website. It also has the website cloning feature to create a replica of your live site.
  • Website migration: To facilitate the migration of your website to another web host.

BackupBuddy – Pricing

Here are the three main packages – depending on the number of websites.

BackupBuddy Pricing- backupbuddy vs blogvault comparison

Blogger: $80/year for 1 website

  • 1-year plugin updates and ticketed support
  • 1GB storage space
  • 1-year access to Stash Live

Freelancer: $127/year for 10 websites

  • 1-year plugin updates and ticketed support
  • 1GB storage space
  • 1-year access to Stash Live

Gold: $199/year for an unlimited number of websites

  • 1-year plugin updates and ticketed support
  • 5GB storage space
  • 1-year access to Stash Live

BackupBuddy: PROS & CONS


  • Simple setup process — The first setup wizard gets your backups up and running right away in a highly user-friendly manner.
  • Live Stash – Live Stash is a cloud storage alternative that addresses one of the early drawbacks of previous versions. You must pay for it, but having a secure duplicate kept distant from your own website’s server may be worthwhile.
  • Simple restoration feature — As you can see above, restoring a site is easier than with many other backup plugins, albeit it isn’t as simple as it might be.
  • Automatic backups – Few of us have the memory to back up all of our websites on a regular basis. BackupBuddy’s scheduler handles all of stuff for you.


  • Price — There are numerous excellent free or low-cost WordPress plugins available, and BackupBuddy does not always compete effectively with them.
  • BackupBuddy does not provide a free trial and does not provide refunds. This is not a good approach to operate a business.
  • Not all web hosts are compatible with BackupBuddy — Because of the processing overheads required by BackupBuddy, not all web hosts will enable you to utilise it. Because of the disadvantage listed above, double-check before making a purchase.
  • Help has received mixed ratings — While we haven’t used it ourselves, reading BackupBuddy reviews reveals a wide range of support experiences.

BlogVault Overview

Trusted by over 400,000 WordPress websites, BlogVault is a popular backup tool that is easy to install and use.

Along with offering a complete backup solution for both websites and databases, BlogVault is packed with all the features of a reliable plugin – backups & restores, website management, migration, staging, and a centralized dashboard.

Blovault overview- blogvault vs updraftplus

Also check our Blogvault Review which shares detailed insight into this amazing plugin.

BlogVault – Features

1. Complete backups:

Automatic scheduled backups, unlimited on-demand backups, and real-time backups. Over 90 days of backup archives.

BlogVault Review backup

2. Zero-overload backups:

Backups use BlogVault’s dedicated servers with minimal impact on your server. It also used incremental backups to further minimize this load. This ensures that your website speed is never impacted. Independent centralized dashboard: Enables you to manage backups of multiple sites along with plugin/theme updates.

3. Offsite storage:

That can be accessed even when your website has crashed or is non-operational.

4. 1-click restore from the dashboard:

You can choose from multiple versions. BlogVault’s Test Restore functionality allows testing of available backups on a staging site before merging them on your live site.

5. Inbuilt automated staging:

Password-protected staging that enables you to test any updates, code/design changes, or new features without any impact on your live site.

BlogVault features- blogvault vs backupbuddy

6. Integrated website migration:

That allows you to move your website to over 10,000 other web hosts. Other related features include automatic URL rewrites, multisite migration, and single-click migration.

BlogVault – Pricing

Essentially, BlogVault offers the following three categories – basic, plus, and advanced based on the features you need.

BlogVault-Pricing- Blogvault vs backupbuddy

Basic: Basic features like 90 days backup archives, complete backups (including automatic backups, staging, multisite support, and migration), website management (updates, user management, website hardening), and site performance check.

Plus plan: Basic plan features plus WordPress security (malware scanning and removal)

Advanced plan: Plus plan features – plus real-time backups and uptime monitoring.

Apart from a limited-period free trial version, here are the four plans priced based on the number of websites:

Personal: 1 website

  • Basic: $89
  • Plus: $149
  • Advanced: $249

Small Business: Up to 5 websites

  • Basic: $199
  • Plus: $359
  • Advanced: $549

Developers: Up to 20 websites

  • Basic: $499
  • Plus: $799
  • Advanced: $1499

Agency: Over 20 websites

They also have custom plans for agencies that include additional features like white-labelling, performance and uptime monitoring, and client-reporting.

BlogVault: PROS & CONS


  • The processes are mostly similar and straightforward.
  • BlogVault is incredibly simple to install.
  • If you just want regular backups, you don’t need to do anything after installing the plugin and adding it to your BlogVault account.
  • However, if you want a bit more customization or fine-grained control, you have a lot of options and settings to choose from.
  • Moreover, its migration feature works flawlessly with any type of web server and takes very little from you.
  • All you have to do is give FTP credentials and choose where WordPress is installed, and everything will be handled for you – whether you’re conducting a restoration or a migration.


  • One of the potential drawbacks of BlogVault is that it requires FTP to be enabled on your web hosting account, as well as your FTP credentials. Normally, this is not an issue.
  • You’ll also need to input them each time you wish to execute an advanced procedure. Unfortunately, if your hosting does not support FTP or you do not have the necessary credentials, you will be unable to utilise BlogVault on your site.
  • However, even with shared accounts, most hosting companies allow FTP access. Keep in mind that in order to utilise BlogVault, you must select a server that allows FTP access.
  • Pricing is another potential disadvantage of BlogVault.

FAQs On BlogVault vs BackupBuddy Comparison:

👉 Is BackupBuddy Safe?

There were some issues with older version of BackupBuddy but the latest version is amazing.

💼 What are other alternatives of Blogvault and BackupBuddy?

Some best alternatives to Blogvault and UpdraftPlus are VaultPress, UpdraftPlus, CodeGuard.

💥 Is there a lifetime deal for BackupBuddy?

Currently, there is no lifetime deal for BackupBuddy but it is offering discounts up to 35% on yearly pricing plans.

⚡ Is BackupBuddy free?

BackupBuddy has a free version as well as the premium version. The free version has amazing features and that becomes even more functional with the addition of premium features.

Conclusion: BlogVault vs BackupBuddy 2024 Which is Better?

Both BlogVault and BackupBuddy have trusted premium plugins that offer comprehensive backup features. They’re easy to use, reliable, and trusted by the WordPress community.

BackupBuddy’s plans are easier on the pocket – especially if you run a blog on WordPress or manage only a few sites.  It is reliable, easy to use, and effective – even for non-technical users.

BlogVault’s dedicated backup servers and features like website management, inbuilt security, and firewall, through the MalCare integration, white-label, and uptime monitoring make it a good choice if you manage and maintain multiple websites.

Also, some of BackupBuddy’s premium add-on features like staging and migration are integrated into BlogVault’s basic plans.

We hope this article was helpful. Are any other features you look out for in a backup plugin that we may have missed?  Let us know in the comments below.

BlogVault vs BackupBuddy


BlogVault is a unique WordPress Backup and Security plugin and it is better than BackupBuddy in various aspects like it automatically backs up your website. It manages everything of your WordPress site including Migration, Staging and Merging across multiple secure and robust servers. BackupBuddy offers various features for beginners but lacks ease of use. If you are professional or want more functionalities, go with Blogvault. For us, BlogVault is a better option and hence the winner. 

Out of 10




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50 thoughts on “BlogVault vs BackupBuddy 2024– Which Backup Tool Should You Pick?”

  1. BackupBuddy is a popular but ineffective plugin from one company. It’s been around for a while and they seem to be doing great, until you get into their pricing APPROACH. You can get better service either low or free or even paid if you look long enough on WordPress plugins site.

  2. Don’t be fooled by the reviews on this product. The people giving it five stars may have all been members of a company that sells BackupBuddy subscriptions or something else to make money from unsuspecting individuals. I use a free service that does more than any backup program ever will for me and gives me 100% customer satisfaction. If you want a low quality, unreliable service then go ahead, but if you care about your phone number, job information or anything important enough to bother backing up keep looking!

  3. It’s a work of genius, I swear. When you have a project that just won’t die no matter how many times you try to bury it, going for BlogVault can save taxpayers from having to fund an endless amount of funerals.

  4. BlogVault is a must-have for anyone with a website or online project. With features like backups and restores, migration, staging and the centralized dashboard you can make your projects safe in seconds. Who needs another plugin when BlogVault has them all covered? It’s up to date with the latest technology too!

  5. I love having my blog’s data secure with BlogVault. There’s nothing worse than spending hours crafting a post and then losing the data when your time-limited free hosting expires. Fortunately, this product will back up anything I upload to give me complete peace of mind so all I have to do is focus on creating great content for my readership!

  6. BlogVault saves the day, time after time for bloggers! I’m a personal blogger and this software has saved my blog from destruction many times. With a simple click of a button, it will even back up one’s entire site into a zip file with all files included – you can’t ask for better customer service! It’ll be nice to have it as an insurance policy but thankfully I haven’t had to use it yet.

  7. BlogVault protects our blogs from disaster! This software is worth every penny as updates are free and 100% reliable. One always gets what they pay for with great resources like this one because the people behind it love their work and know what they’re doing—which is why we choose.

  8. BlogVault – look no more – is the best. Period. I’ve used a lot of backup plugins and they all left me wanting more features. And of course, here came ‘BlogVault’ like a Deus ex machine (just killin’ it with the pop culture references), dropping whatever-it-was-going-to be onto my screen to make my little heart do happy dances! I was eager and pumped and ready to start on this relationship with Blog Vault right away… or as soon as it had some time for me first.

    When I first opened up ‘Blog Vault’, on first glance everything looked gorgeous and pretty, but then–and this is what sealed the deal for me.

  9. BlogVault is the best backup solution I’ve ever seen! I could go on-and-on about all of BlogVault’s features, but suffice to say that it does everything you need and more. So basically get it now or regret not thinking ahead before your blog becomes famous.

  10. Blog Vault is like having a personal IT guy look after your website and database backups. The system is easy to use, comprehensive in its features, and most importantly very secure. With BlogVault, you’ll never have to worry about hacking due to poor security. It’s the peace of mind that every blogger deserves! Get bloging without the worry now at full blog-o-nominal price!

  11. BlogVault is an awesome plugin! It works super-fast, it’s easy to navigate, and I love that you’re able to export your files in a variety of formats. The import option is really helpful if you ever need to migrate sites (say because the site has been hacked).

  12. BlogVault is the best of both worlds. A complete backup solution with extra features that are sure to wow you!
    A fully-integrated plugin, BlogVault takes care of everything when it comes to backups & restores, migration, staging and even website management.

  13. BlogVault has been a lifesaver for me. I never thought about backups before, but it’s a pain to build a site from scratch. When my other hosting provider teased its upcoming shutdown, the first thing I did was google ‘blog backup plugin’ and clicked BlogVault with little hesitation. This is not just some plug-in that promises to do what you need done without bothering you too much; this is an easy installation process with so many features available strictly through your BlogVault account, meaning updates are seamless and there are no plugins required on top of everything else running in moderation on my site next to moderators and commenters alike.

  14. Now, BlogVault isn’t managed hosting. You will need to install (or contact your provider for installation) and setup WordPress on your own web host before adding the plugin. As it is described above, installing this plugin with this “service” is very straightforward. I highly recommend setting up your blog in a server instead of using BlogVagaurd because if you go that route they will provide technical support!

  15. The process of installing BlogVault is incredibly simple and straightforward, only taking about an hour from installation to configuration. I’ve been using BlogVault for a little over two years now and I continue to be pleased and impressed with every aspect of their service. Their migration feature worked flawlessly when we changed web hosts and took very little effort on our end – which made the whole process seamless – if that isn’t enough, they even offer phone or Live chat customer service so you never have to worry about feeling alone in your endeavors!
    If you want regular backups without having to do anything extra after installation, this plugin really makes the task so much easier. It has great features such as application-aware backups.

  16. BlogVault is a user-friendly plugin that simplifies the blog backup process. With high quality, easy to use design and lightweight installation, BlogVault makes it quick for you to set up your own backups with full control over what data gets backed up.
    I would recommend this plugin for users of any level who are looking to back up their blogs or work on migration projects.

  17. BlogVault is a user-friendly and easy to use backup plugin for WordPress blogs. All of the processes are mostly similar, and they’re straightforward. You can get started quickly by just installing the plugin and adding it to your BlogVault account. The simple installation, combined with all of its other features, such as customization options and plugins that work flawlessly with any type of web server really makes this product an excellent choice for any blogger.

  18. BlogVault is literally one of the best pieces of technology that has ever touched my life, I can’t imagine not having this in my life. The processes are mostly similar and straightforward to finish, you get literally any information about how it works with literally zero confusion left for afterwards. There are also literally millions upon millions of people who have used BlogVault before me so there is no room for error when it comes to understanding or using BlogVault because all your questions will be answered by someone else who has already faced the same issue themselves.
    Moreover, their support team is fully available 24/7 so if anything goes wrong they will come back to fix any problem that might arise while you use Blog Vault.

  19. “I had my doubts, but it worked for me.”

    The first time I used BlogVault with my WordPress blog was when the plugin installed itself. With very little initial effort on my part, I was transferred to a clean dashboard where all of the menus and tabs were easily accessible without any confusion. It felt like magic! Plus, it did everything that was needed to backup and store old posts and new ones too. But what really sold me is how easy the migration process is: one simple click and your blog can be moved from its current hosting service provider to BlogVault in just a few minutes!

  20. BlogVault is a website backup utility that unfortunately requires FTP to be enabled on your web hosting account. If you don’t have the necessary credentials or if your hosting doesn’t support FTP– but you want BlogVault for backing up blog content!- then I’m sorry to say this product is not for you. 🙁

  21. BlogVault, what should have been a great app has turned out to be yet another disappointment. What should have taken no more than five minutes to install has instead become an hour-long nightmare of frustration and wasted time. I guess you get what you pay for.

  22. BlogVault is a perfect fit for those who want their blog to be as secure and effective as possible. One of the potential drawbacks of BlogVault is that it requires FTP to be enabled on your web hosting account, as well as your FTP credentials. Normally, this is not an issue—unless you host your site with a provider who does not support such tasks, such as CostHosting.com. Unfortunately, if you do not plan out ahead or have any level of control over whether or not your hosting supports FTP functions, then you will find yourself unable to utilise BlogVault on your site—due to the need for logins and other admin features which must be allowed through remote connection via FCFTP.

  23. BlogVault is a pain, especially if you’re just starting out. This plaform requires FTP to be enabled on your account which can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. You also need to input your credentials every single time you want to execute an advanced procedure–unless of course your hosting supports it and you know why not they’d make the steps more seamless. Without this? Losing my patience for sure.

  24. Don’t buy these, they suck. I set them up and everything went to the next level– things were going smoothly for a few months (I bought an extended warranty). But then, BlogVault made my site disappear — says we’re incompatible. Tell me: who wants their website to be unreliable? If you do want your site to break every time that it rains, then go ahead and sign up with Blog Vault. You might as well just give them all of your money and call it a day— this service is inevitable failure.”

  25. I’ve used BackupBuddy on my website for years, and it has always served me well. It is an absolute necessity if you want to sleep soundly knowing your data was backed up before anything happens. Plus, with the cheapest price of all this backup gear on the market–free! BackupBuddy provides a convenient dashboard where I can see all my backups in one place. Now that’s something worth getting excited about!

  26. I’ve been working with BackupBuddy for years and I can confidently say that it’s one of the best investments for any website owner. Creating a backup is easy, and once everything backs up it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Whether you want to create an incremental or full backup, this plugin is sure to get the job done – even if your site was hacked!
    Most importantly though: don’t put off backing up your site until something happens. Build peace of mind simply by downloading and installing this app today. You won’t regret it!!!

  27. I really like Backup Buddy because it’s free! This plugin is so much better than other plugins I’ve tried. It has saved me loads of time and frustration. I really recommend it to anyone looking for a great backup solution for their websites.
    The features are fantastic, too – Automatic backups every day or each week, with the ability to create different archive formats (tar or zip) as well as update old archives; Advanced Scheduled Backups which run once per hour, morning, evening, etc., on your schedule; Incremental Backups which can archive changed files since last backup; Dropbox Syncing allows you to manage backups locally while backing up remotely at the same time – lightning fast!

  28. I’ve been using the popular BackupBuddy plugin for over three years, and it’s saved me from many a close call. I love how quickly and easily it backs up my site with just one click of a button! With backups that don’t require any IT skills to set up, you’ll be able to save your data in minutes, whether you’re building a brand new website or migrating sites onto WordPress.
    The best part is that if disaster strikes and something bad happens to your site or server, you can restore all your content back as it was previously — no fussing with databases required! And even better than one-click backups? You can schedule them so they do themselves automatically!
    Don’t risk losing everything–get BackupBuddy

  29. Backup Buddy is the best backup plugin that I’ve found. It offers robust backups of your WordPress site to guarantee data that can be lost by other methods. It’s easy-to-use and free– What more could you want?

  30. I highly recommend this product if you’ve got a WordPress blog or website that needs protection from data loss disasters. It’s the most reliable way keep your site backed up.

  31. In the Internet world, things can change in an instant. But you don’t have to be a victim of that momentary lapse of attention. BackupBuddy makes sure all your data is safe and secure, just one click away from being recovered! With Live Stash backing up your websites online every day – for a small fee of course – you can rest easy knowing no server patch will threaten your business ever again.

  32. BackupBuddy is my new best friend! It’s easy to setup and use, even for the most technologically challenged among us. A typical BackupBuddy user experience may entail live-chatting with one of their supportive 24/7 customer service representatives; using the help desk to troubleshoot setup problems; or simply creating recovery passwords in case you forget them all on your own. I highly recommend Backup Buddy to anyone looking for an easy way to keep important files backed up.

  33. I’ve been using BackupBuddy for about a year now. I was hesitant to switch over from my old backup system because it seemed complicated, but the end result is that it took me barely any time to set up and once I did, you wouldn’t believe how much more secure my site has become. It has instantaneous backups of all databases but, if something bad happens there’s also live stash where you can store your stuffs in an off-website location.
    The interface looks really cool which also helps make things easy not just technically but psychologically too because being able to understand what’s going on with the app makes you feel confident that everything will be alright when an emergency comes up.

  34. I can’t tell you how glad I am that BackupBuddy exists! It’s been a lifesaver. And if you’ve ever lost everything from a virus or malware, understand feel me when I say it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made.
    The setup process was super easy, and it tells you step by step what to do to make sure your backup is kept safe offsite in live stash, which was much appreciated as well.

  35. BackupBuddy is great for your peace-of-mind.

    Tired of deleting important sites by mistake or losing valuable data due to hacker infiltration? Backup Buddy will have you covered with its simple restoration feature and automatic backups that are easy to set up! Check out this product today!

  36. I’ve been using BackupBuddy with 10+ websites for about 6 months now. I’m a NEET NEET developer, so not many people really know me irl, but in the webisphere my name is legendary! It’s an honor to be alongside other illustrious developers like John Smith or David Gonzalez. I can’t tell you if this one is good because I don’t know how it performs in the real world—wouldn’t want to jeopardize my reputation by trusting black boxes and such.

  37. Love the backup buddy!
    It makes my life easier, and it even has an automatic scheduling function. I love that BackupBuddy is there to back me up all the time. It’s worth every penny because for many of us WordPress enthusiasts, time is some precious commodity we don’t have enough of in any given day! The scheduler works great too ― just set it up once and forget about it until you need it again. Awesome plugin, guys!

  38. BackupBuddy is one of the best plugins I have found for backing up my site. It has really helped to eliminate lost data that others don’t seem to understand how devastating it can be. Sometimes I will leave things open on my computer and then need to walk away. Transferring these sites now take so much time thanks to BackupBuddy. The backups are automatic, but manual backups are still needed every once in awhile just in case something goes wrong with the automatic process which can happen without warning. But this plugin offers a great deal more than just backup service as well….

  39. I’ve been using BackupBuddy as a plugin for several years now and have never once regretted it. It’s so simple to set up! The last time I had an issue, their customer service team was brilliant in helping me out. As well as being a great product, the company has a real genuine care about its customers which is really refreshing to see these days.”

  40. BackupBuddy is a lifesaver. I have been using BackupBuddy for months and it has saved me more than once from the loss of an important content management system. It’s easy to set up, easy use, and just a simple solution that takes care of disaster-prevention without being too complicated.

  41. BackupBuddy is one of the most reliable backup plugins on the market. And for good reason too – it’s backed by a company with years of experience in this industry. I was overloaded with backups, schedules and retention policies before BackupBuddy came along. It made my life so much easier that I don’t think about it anymore! If you’re looking to get started using an automatic backup system, start with BackupBuddy today!

  42. I love the BackupBuddy Stash Live feature that is completely automated! With just a few clicks I can have all of my images, videos, and documents safely backed up to an off-site account. If something happens to my computer or hard drive I have peace of mind knowing that with just one click I’ll have access to everything again hassle-free. Plus it’s easy because you don’t need any technical experience to use it.

  43. I like to always be on the latest page. That’s why I signed up for BackupBuddy Stash Live — it automatically takes periodic snapshots of the files (except for my secret ones), then lets me go back and see what was changed between any two versions, which is super helpful when I want to know if that change made things better or worse. It also has this sidekick feature where you can duplicate your live site so you can do all sorts of edits before switching them over to your “real” site! Pretty sweet, right?

  44. “Saving my data is super easy with BackupBuddy. It’s a godsend considering I have to lug around an external hard drive to church every Sunday for backup.”
    “I can’t really say life without it now, especially with Dropbox being discontinued! Personally, the main reasons why I love this app are its cloud-powered backups, which sync all of your files from various devices and locations so you always know that a copy of them lives somewhere safe….So if you’re looking for that extra peace of mind when using the web or working on important projects then BackupBuddy is exactly what you need!”

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    Tired of deleting important sites by mistake or losing valuable data due to hacker infiltration? Backup Buddy will have you covered with its simple restoration feature and automatic backups that are easy to set up! Check out this product today!

  46. BackupBuddy has awful pricing, does not provide a free trial or refund. Not only are the prices high, but they also do not offer any hope for assistance with their product! The lack of support may leave you vulnerable to lost data.

  47. BackupBuddy is a WordPress plugin that’s notoriously difficult to use. The only useful features are the scheduled backups, but even those aren’t implemented effectively.
    I recommend looking into other plugins or services for your backup needs.

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    It’s a confusing collection of diverse opinions about BackupBuddy that sums up the service as a whole – from the negative reviews to the positive experiences posted by those using Backup Buddy themselves. Either way, there are better options out there.

  49. BackupBuddy is a website backup tool for WordPress websites. It does not allow you to back up your site more than once every 24 hours and the backups require at least one gigabyte of space which is an incredibly high amount considering that some free backup plugins offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. BackupBuddy only offers a 14 day refund window, so it can take weeks or longer before they will send you any money back if you decide to cancel during this time period.

  50. “For the website developer who wants to maintain a backup copy of their work while they experiment, BackupBuddy is an easy-to-use solution that lets you keep tabs on your live site. It has everything I need in one package, and is quick and simple for non-technical people like me.”


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