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Braxy.io vs AdRoll 2024: Which is Better for a Small Business?

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If you’re a small business looking to amp up your advertising strategy, you’ve certainly come to the right place — because this article’s all about the exciting battle of Braxy.io vs AdRoll.

We know you don’t have an unlimited budget, so finding effective but lightweight software that won’t blow a hole in your wallet can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put these two solutions head-to-head and given you all the enticing details.

In this article, we’ll explore the positives and negatives of both options, as well as some great suggestions for seriously upping your digital advertising game. So buckle up, and let’s get started on our quest to find you the best tool for your unique needs!

Braxy.io vs AdRoll 2024

What is Braxy?

If you’re a small business owner, Braxy is the thing that’ll help you boost your Google Ads campaigns and shoot them straight to success. Launched in 2022, it’s one of the newest tools out there, but it hasn’t wasted any time showing off just how useful AI can be when it comes to managing ad campaigns.

Braxy.io review

There’s no doubt that Braxy is changing the game when it comes to small business advertising. It arrives just in time, as a growing number of companies have been struggling to stay on top of their increasingly complex ad campaigns in Google Ads. Rather than squandering valuable time and resources, businesses are turning to AI solutions like Braxy to maximize the performance of their campaigns.

It certainly isn’t short on impressive features! Not only can it reduce the amount of grunt work associated with running an ad campaign, but it can also uncover clever keywords and phrases that would normally lie dormant. On top of that, it even has a knack for detecting problems and providing potential solutions before they become an issue. Impressive, right? As if you needed any more convincing, Braxy most definitely helps get results — and fast!

What is Adroll?

Adroll’s digital marketing platform is great for businesses of any size. Whether you have an established brand or are just starting out, you can use Adroll to refine your digital strategy and make sure your ads are seen in all the right places.

Adroll - Overview

Adroll provides powerful tools for mapping out campaigns across channels (Google Display Ads Network, Meta/Facebook Ads Network, other social media ads, native ads, etc.), optimizing ad spend, and budgeting with performance data, and it continues to create new integrations and products to help brands stay ahead of the curve.

You can use Adroll to reach more highly-targeted audiences, better understand which channels work best for your business, engage customers throughout the buyer’s journey, and ultimately drive greater ROI.

This Demand-Side Platform (DSP) helps businesses reach audiences through sources they are connected with, which is a combination of Supply Side Platforms (SSP) for display ads, native ads, and social media ads.

Braxy and Adroll Features Compared

Both platforms are well-equipped with marketing tools that can help reach target audiences while also providing valuable context, such as a detailed analysis of important metrics. However, what sets apart these two services from one another? Let’s outline them.

Industry Focus

It can be hard to figure out which advertising platform works best for a given business, so it’s helpful to know the differences between the two most popular ones.

Braxy is really great for smaller local businesses that want to increase the visibility of their business in the area, especially local producers, local services, and tradespeople.

Adroll focuses more on e-commerce, so if you have an online store that you want to boost, it could be a good fit. Whether or not you serve your local area only or you reach international waters, you can use Adroll.

Since the goal of this article is to compare advertising tools for small businesses, Brax wins this part.

Winner: Brax

Traffic Source

When it comes to traffic sources, Braxy and AdRoll couldn’t be more different. Braxy does not have its own traffic source — instead, it uses the power of Google Ads to get small businesses the exposure they need.

Adroll takes a different approach, acting as a DSP (Demand Side Platform) to help advertisers purchase placements for their ads in a cost-effective manner. Thanks to its programmatic bidding system, Adroll is able to increase impressions and conversions from ad bids on behalf of its clients — something that other agencies simply can’t do.

While they offer completely different services, both Braxy and AdRoll are focused on delivering great results for business owners. So if you don’t want to lift a finger with your Google Ads campaigns (and nothing else), Braxy is probably the way to go. But if you want more control over where your ads are placed across the internet — Adroll is worth considering!

Winner: Braxy for Google Ads, AdRoll for everything else

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a core component for producing successful results in PPC campaigns. Managing both the research and optimization of your keywords can seem overwhelming and quite daunting — which is why Braxy’s feature for researching keywords is your best bet!

Keyword Reasearch

All of that complex process of finding the ideal words to generate conversions without hours and hours of tedious work is managed by its sophisticated algorithm. Hence, all you need to do is provide some initial guidelines, like your industry and respective keywords, to get the process rolling. Even better, Braxy won’t just stop at finding those good keywords. They will also suggest any negative words needed to optimize your search ads even further.

AdRoll, on the other hand, does not offer keyword research and management. After all, its campaigns hardly require keywords, seeing as most of AdRoll’s ads don’t involve keywords.

Winner: Brax

Ad Types

Companies these days are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which ad types to focus on. Two companies that have opted for very different strategies in this respect are Braxy and Adroll. Braxy has concentrated largely on Google Search Ads and local ads, whereas Adroll is putting its eggs into the display (rich-media and video), native, social media, and dynamic web ads baskets.

Ad Types

If you want your business to show up when a potential customer searches for a service or business that they can immediately contact, then Braxy is the one. If you want to use banner ads and native ads, or you want your ads to appear on social media platforms, then it’s AdRoll for you.

Winner: AdRoll


If you’re looking for a complete ad optimization solution, then Brax and Adroll may both work. Brax offers its powerful AI to assess your ad performance on an ongoing basis, enabling them to craft optimal ads while making sure they only run at times when they are likely to succeed.


Similarly, Adroll’s BidIQ technology powers its automatic optimization strategies with artificial intelligence, ensuring maximum conversions at the lowest cost. It looks for high-intent users and bids high on these to ensure conversion.

In this regard, both platforms work great.

Winner: TIE

Attracting New Audiences

It’s essential for any business to stay top of mind and continue bringing in new customers. Braxy makes this easier than ever with its features specifically designed to make sure you’re reaching a diverse set of potential customers. AdRoll is not trailing behind, either.

By keeping track of search trends and keywords, Braxy can help you find openings that you may have otherwise missed out on — so your reach expands in ways you never thought possible. It makes sure everything is tracked in one place, so you don’t have to go fishing for data, plus offers smart recommendations on how best to expand your customer base. 

Alternatively, Adroll’s “Attract New Visitors” recipe also is incredibly helpful, made up of lookalike ads to be distributed across various publishing sites and social media, as well as contextual ads to gain brand awareness and bring the right people to your site.

Attracting New Audiences

Winner: TIE

Reports and Analytics

If you’re comparing automatic reporting solutions, Brax has a few features that make it stand out. It provides simple and intuitive tracking of ad spend, conversions, phone calls, and results over time. This makes it incredibly easy to find out where your campaigns could be (or have been) improved so you can quickly get the most bang for your buck.

On top of that, the impression share feature allows you to get an understanding of just how much people are noticing your business — giving you a better overall grasp of the success of your ads.

AdRoll’s Reports feature lets you unlock better insights into your campaigns’ performance by allowing you to have the most granular information at your fingertips. For example, get a clear breakdown of where conversions occur based on product, campaign, ad group, or even by conversion audience.

brand awareness campaigns

Have you ever wondered what product your campaigns are really driving conversions for? Want to compare retargeting versus brand awareness campaigns? with AdRoll’s Reports feature, you do just that. 

Winner: TIE

User Advertising Knowledge Requirement

Everyone wants an all-in-one solution when it comes to digital marketing, and both platforms offer just that. 

With Braxy, even those with zero knowledge of advertising are in luck! The platform will set you up with a Google Ads account, research the relevant keywords for you, craft the perfect ads, figure out your bid, narrow down which keywords to focus on by filtering out irrelevant ones, and even optimize your campaigns over time as it discovers new lookalike audiences.

User Advertising Knowledge Requirement

On the flip side, when working with AdRoll, you will need to at least be able to understand the basics of setting up everything from Google Analytics and your e-commerce platform. However, they do provide technical assistance, so you don’t entirely have to go it alone if you navigate a bit outside your comfort zone.

Both are great choices for any advertiser, but if you’re starting from scratch, then Braxy should be your go-to option.

Winner: Braxy


When it comes to finding the right support for your ad campaigns, you’re spoilt for choice with AdRoll and Braxy.

AdRoll has made sure they’ve got you covered, offering a team of Customer Support and Platform Specialists, whether you’re contacting them through email (available 24/7) or LiveChat (24/5). Plus, they offer various other services throughout the platform, such as onboarding support and account management, to help you take full advantage of all the features available. You’ll also have access to an account manager.

Even better, though, is that depending on your monthly spending, you can get free creative services in the form of tailored creatives with a minimum ad spend of $3,000 a month. That being said, if you spend more each month, then the offers become even sweeter. You’ll have access to regular business reviews, scheduled optimization deep dives on your campaigns, and more ad creative work is thrown in for free.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling digital marketing and advancing your business goals, Braxy has got your back. Upon signing up to the platform, you’ll have an onboarding session with your dedicated account manager so that you can get set up. You’ll be assisted up to the point of creating your first ad campaign.

But what if you need more assistance in the future? Don’t worry; you can reach out and hire Braxy’s team. With their range of expert professionals, you can rest assured that every aspect of your marketing efforts is taken care of, from website building to creating engaging native ads and planning email campaigns — leaving you more time to focus on the core mission of running your business.

Both companies will lend a hand for an extra fee (in Braxy) or extra ad spending (in Adroll). So instead of pulling a few all-nighters trying to figure it out yourself, why not just leave it to the pros? After all, nobody said mistakes weren’t expensive…

Winner: TIE

Braxy and Adroll Price Comparison

Deciding on the perfect ad platform for your business can be tricky, and understanding the pricing structure associated with each is key. Between Braxy and Adroll, let’s check out what you’ll get for your buck!

With Braxy, your monthly fee grants access to all the features — no extra headaches or inflated costs. You only need to pay a flat fee of $250 every month in order to access all its great features, especially its AI.

Braxy.io vs AdRoll pricing

Adroll, however, has a more intricate setup. The price depends on how many visitors you receive on your website:

  • $40 per month up to 1k monthly unique visitors
  • $80 per month up to 5k monthly unique visitors
  • $150 per month up to 10k monthly unique visitors
  • $250 per month up to 25k monthly unique visitors
  • $350 per month from 25k monthly unique visitors and above

Confirm Your Plan

Remember that these are views on your website, not the number of customers you actually gain through your ads. So if your website is already receiving a lot of visitors even before you started working with AdRoll, you’ll have to pay for advertising with them.

If you have only a handful of visitors, you’ll benefit from AdRoll’s pricing system. But if you want to expand your reach and gain more visitors or customers, Braxy’s fixed pricing will be beneficial in the long run.

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Conclusion- Braxy.io vs Adroll 2024

With both platforms having their own pros and cons, it can be a tricky decision. But the scorecard is in, and it’s time for the final tally.

First – Braxy has the upper hand when it comes to Industry Focus, Keyword Research, and User Advertising Knowledge Requirements, so those who seek more focused help should go for Braxy.

However, if you need tailored ad types according to the traffic source – AdRoll would be your better choice.

In terms of Auto Optimization, Attracting New Audiences, Reports & Analytics, and Support – Braxy and AdRoll are equal contenders. On top of that – no matter which provider you choose – they’re both neck-and-neck when it comes to Pricing – so feel free to choose without breaking the bank!

After a comprehensive side-by-side comparison, the results for Braxy versus AdRoll are surprisingly even! Both platforms are great choices for companies looking to grow their business through digital advertising.

If you’re a small business looking to generate more customers in your area, go for Braxy. If you have an online store and you want to increase online purchases, go for AdRoll. They are both excellent platforms in their own right.

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