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Cobalt Apps Review 2024: Should You Try This Premium Tool?

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We all know that WordPress is a very flexible and loved platform out there.

Nowadays most websites are powered by WordPress and it’s because of the easy-to-use interface and the plugins its offers for every kind of work.

And if you’re a WordPress developer who enjoys solving technical issues, you really need some kind of tool to make your job easier. Managing all the tasks while working for other clients is challenging because we must manage several things at once.

If you work as a freelance WordPress developer, we have a premium option for you that will make your job much simpler.

Let me introduce to you a website that gives WordPress developers access to a variety of incredible tools, Cobalt Apps.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Cobalt Apps offers premium tools for Freelancers WordPress Developers. It offers a suite of premium tools that can really make WordPress Developers journey a lot easier.

You’ll discover high-quality and premium DEV tools for the freelancer here at Cobalt Apps.

You’ll discover a variety of WordPress DEV tools here that have been specifically designed to satisfy the needs and expectations of people who have developed websites for themselves and their clients.

Get access to all premium tools in just $149/year.

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Cobalt Apps Review 2024: Do You Really Need It? 

Cobalt Apps offers powerful and premium tools for freelance WordPress developers. 

With Cobalt Apps, you get an array of WordPress DEV tools that are perfectly tailored in order to meet the requirements of those who build websites for themselves and for clients.


Actually, it’s a platform where creativity generally meets the years of pro-WordPress Themes and plugins experience. Cobalt Apps is the one-stop solution for all serious WordPress Developers.

You get tools like the Dynamik Website Builder, Genesis DevKit Plugin, Freelance DevKit Plugin, and more. Let’s talk about all the tools and how they can be useful in your use case. 

You can get started with the free framework theme, feature-rich Genesis child themes with extended plugins, and more.

9 Tool Offered By Cobalt Apps

Let’s check out the tools offered by Cobalt apps and if these tools are of any use to your website.

1. Dynamik Website Builder:

It is, in essence, the complete set of Genesis Framework web design tools. Additionally, even though it is a Genesis Child Theme, it is much more than that.

This tool is packed with no-coding design options that will effectively transform your WordPress Dashboard into a Genesis Web Designing Platform.


Additionally, it offers options for custom coding and templates that will give aspiring developers the ideal set of tools. This tool is a one-stop shop for everyone from the amateur WordPress freelancer to the professional DIY developer.


  • Live Preview Mode:

By using the Live Preview Mode you can now see your design as it develops over time. In this case, Dynamik provides a “Site Preview” mode that typically enables you to view your website as you’re building it.

The preview window primarily updates each time you save a new design modification.


  • Customized Dynamik Skins:

Here, the Dynamik Skin function primarily offers a number of advantages. You can quickly choose more refined starting points using the pre-customized Dynamik Skins included.


  • Front-End Custom CSS Builder:

After exhausting the numerous point-and-click design controls, it’s time to appear directly on the front end of your website and refine your design. With its front end CSS builder, you can complete the final development phase without breaking a sweat.

2. Genesis Extender

The Genesis Extender Plugin is essentially the best Genesis Framework Add-On available. It is the first Extender plugin in the line of tools for enhancing frameworks, and it offers a number of useful features.

It typically offers the same custom coding and DEV tools based on action-hooks that are present in the other Extender Plugins.

However, this plugin also includes the “EZ Static Homepage” feature and one of the Bunch’s most powerful PHP builders, in addition to other noteworthy features.

Without any hesitation, I’d like to state that it will undoubtedly improve the Genesis Framework.


  • Powerful Framework Extending Features:

It has the Genesis Extender plugins, a set of tools for custom coding and building code, as well as widgets, custom templates, and creation options.


  • Intuitive Frontend CSS Builder:

As with many Extended users, this front-end CSS builder tool enables web designers of all skill levels to easily improve their styles. In order to deliver real-time results, it primarily writes the CSS code for you.


  • Visual Hooks Location:

Here, the Beaver Extender typically provides an easy-to-use Front-End Visual Hooks Map feature that will allow the developer to quickly look at some of the different hooks on the Beaver Builder Theme.

3. Extender Pro


One of the best Theme Framework Add-Ons in this case is the Extender Pro Plugins.

It’s all about site-specific customization because this feature enables you to easily create theme-specific styles, functions, scripts, templates, widget areas, and other types of content, code, and control.

Additionally, it enhances the current WordPress Framework by merely offering a full development environment. With the Extender Pro plugin, you can easily accomplish much more, and it’s one of the most popular WP DEV Tools.


  • Powerful Framework Extending Features:

It comes with a wide range of tools for custom coding and code building, as well as widgets, custom templates, and creation options. It frequently works in tandem with hook mapping tools and front-end tools.


  • Custom Templates, Content & Code:

You can find the steps for pasting a custom script, typing some function code, or even editing a custom page template right here in the website preview mode.


  • Intuitive Front End DEV Tools:

The Front-end DEV tools typically enable the web designer to easily tweak their styles and content for the many Extended Pro users. Additionally, it offers a pair of incredibly useful “Sandbox” tools along with the real-time CSS changes.

4. Genesis DevKit Plugin:

Genesis DevKit Plugins basically consist of the entire Point-n-Click Genesis Child Theme kit, and the best part is that no coding is needed at all. They have developed brand-new plugins that will highlight all of the features.

This plugin offers hundreds of extremely intuitive no-coding design options in addition to the ability to build new Genesis Child Themes from scratch.


  • Point-N-CLick:

Genesis DevKit typically offers a selection of incredibly simple point-and-click design options that will undoubtedly give all skill levels the ability to turn their website ideas into expert realities.


  • Mobile-First Web Design Accessible:

Right, the Genesis Framework has really embraced the mobile-first philosophy when it comes to responsive designs. And it is frequently regarded as the best design practices across all devices.


  • Professional Custom Coding Control:

One of the first and best Child Theme DEV tools is the Genesis DevKit, and you can use it in general to add any type of custom code necessary for the success of your website. It also has scripts, functions, and styles.

5. Freelance Dev Kit Plugin:

The Freelance DevKit Plugin, in general, is the full point-and-click child theme. This plugin offers hundreds of extremely intuitive no-coding design options in addition to the ability to build new Genesis Child Themes from scratch.

You will undoubtedly have a fully featured custom coding experience thanks to it. As this tool offers a comprehensive array of powerful and incredibly intuitive point-and-click design options, users of all skill levels will undoubtedly be able to transform their websites into realities that look professional.


  • Mobile-First Web Design Accessible:

Right when it comes to mobile-first design, the Freelancer Framework tool is completely responsive. Although designing for mobile devices first is generally regarded as the best practice, it can be intimidating at first.

  • Professional Custom Coding Control:

The Professional Freelance DevKit should come as no surprise that since DevKit is one of the most important Child Themes DEV tools, you can usually use any type of custom code required.

  • Front-End CSS Sandbox Tool:

It has the ideal “browse inspector sidekick,” and the CSS sandbox tool will definitely offer the best way to arrange and personalize all of those front-end style adjustments.

6. Instant IDE:

The most effective and complete WordPress solution is the instant IDE. On the other hand, the built-in Instant IDE Manager plugin makes setup and management simple. As a result, you can benefit from both worlds.

Here, everything is installed, updated, and managed with the convenience of your WordPress Dashboard. And it’s unquestionably one of the most effective web design tools and combinations.


  • Quickly & Securely Edit Your Files:

You don’t need to exit your local code editor or your FTP program. You can quickly and easily create a secure, powerful, and fully functional integrated development environment by pulling out all of the Instant IDE manager plugins.

  • The Preview Mode:

Here with the Preview IDE Site Preview Mode, you can easily enjoy the benefits of both complete controls as well.

  • Has The Built-in Control:

If you actually want to search through your files and folders, you can connect to code reports like GitHub for version control, fresh project ideas, and more simultaneously.

7. Themer Pro:

The best and most comprehensive for in-dashboard WordPress theme is Themer Pro Plugin. Actually, it’s an Integrated Development Environment for WordPress Themes.

And with the aid of this plugin, you can quickly make your own Child Themes that are appropriate for your frameworks, get complete access to both the Parent and the Child Themes, and use the best built-in coding for a WordPress solution.


  • Create & Activate Custom Child Themes In Seconds:

We all know it’s very easy to create a unique Child Theme; all you have to do is fill out a few form fields, and the Themer Pro will take care of the rest.

  • Complete Child Themes:

Typically, this plugin offers the entire CHild Themes editing solution. Additionally, the Themer Pro Coding solution provided inside your WordPress Dashboard is more powerful thanks to the powerful Ace Editor built-in.

  • The Front End CSS Sandbox Tools:

The CSS Sandbox tool, which has the ideal “browse inspector sidekick,” offers the answer for conveniently organizing and personalizing all of those front-end style tweaks that you’ve been working on.

8. FE CSS Builder:

The Frontend CSS Building Toolkit is called FE CSS Builder and is easy to use. In fact, it is a noteworthy design element found in the Extender Plugins included with the standalone tool.


You only need to activate it and then begin experimenting with your website’s designs. Real-time results are also provided, and everything happens up front. Even with the CSS Building tool, you can locate the specific CSS code you need.


  • Intuitive Frontend CSS Builder:

You can quickly experiment with different style ideas and find the best website design with the Front-end CSS builder. This is a straightforward CSS tool that will undoubtedly assist you in finding the appropriate CSS code for the task.

  • CSS Teaching Tool:

The FE CSS builder plugin is one of the best ways to learn by doing if you’re just getting started with CSS coding or if you just feel like you need a little assistance.

9. Freelance Framework:

The serious independent WordPress developer should use the Freelance Framework.

It’s also one of the companies that develops WordPress software professionally. This tool is typically created with the idea that new professionals will emerge and that existing ones will continue to grow.


In order to be a successful freelancer, you must return to the fundamentals while staying on the cutting edge.


  • Mobile First Responsive:

Here, the freelancer merely takes on responsive designs to mobile devices first and will proceed directly to creating websites. You can now design it for mobile screens and do much more than that.

  • Fast & Efficient:

This tool was specifically created to assist web developers and is very quick and effective. Along with the inclusion of the essentials, the 80/20 rule was consistently emphasized.

  • Page Builder Compatible:

We are all aware that the simplicity and adaptability of freelancers is their greatest asset. For all of your favorite Page Builder Plugins, this tool is ideal.

Additionally, it contains the Page Builder Templates, which will unquestionably offer the ideal “Blank Canvas” for these plugins to operate flawlessly.

Cobalt Apps Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

The flexible and affordable pricing of Cobalt Apps is what I liked best because it makes it simple for anyone to get started. There are pricing plans for individual tools as well, but that is pointless because Cobalt Apps is the complete package for every WordPress developer out there.

Here I’m going to list the pricing plans offered by the Cobalt Apps:

  • All Access ($149)

When you choose this all-access package instead of purchasing each tool separately, you immediately save more than $200. For instance, the Cobalt All-Access Plans are the best value offers if you plan to regularly use two or more tools.

Additionally, the All Access Plan is excellent at streamlining the services they provide. Let’s investigate what their all-access plans have to offer:

  • All Access Plan ($149 / Yearly)

Now you can save over $200 compared to purchasing tools separately.


  • Single license to Activate All Products
  • Unlimited License Activation Included
  • Includes 1 year of Support and Updates

And if you want to get All Access Lifetime Pricing:

Cobalt All Access Lifetime ($599)

Just get every cobalt app product for a low one-time price.


  • A Single License to activate all products
  • Unlimited License Activation Included
  • Includes lifetime support and updates

Cobalt Powerpack ($99/Yearly)

Here the Cobalt Powerpack generally includes the premium set of tools for $99.



You’re going to get the tools :

  • Genesis DevKit Plugin
  • Freelance DevKit Plugin
  • Extender Pro Plugin

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FAQs About Cobalt Apps

What are the products offered by Cobalt Apps?

Products of Cobalt apps can be put under 4 broad categories: All-in-one Solution with Dynamik Website Builder; Powerful Point ‘N Click Theme Design with Genesis DevKit Plugin and Freelancer DevKit Plugin; Flexible Framework Customization - Genesis Extender Plugin and Extender Pro Plugin and Professional Development Environments - Themer Pro Plugin and Instant IDE Manager

Does Cobalt offer plugins and tools?

Cobalt Apps offers the following plugins and tools: Themer Pro Plugin, Instant IDE Plugin, Dynamik Website Builder, Extender Pro Plugin, Freelancer DevKit Plugin, and FE CSS Builder Plugin

What are the products offered by Cobalt Apps for the Genesis framework?

Cobalt Apps has designed the following plugins especially for the genesis framework: Genesis DevKit Plugin which a plugin specially built for the genesis framework, and the Genesis Extender Plugin, which is a tool consisting of a static home page with widgets, custom PHP and front-end CSS builders using which you can build an aesthetic and functional website.

Should I have a license to use Cobalt Apps products?

Yes, to use the products of Cobalt Apps, you are required to have a license. You can check your license status under ‘View Licenses’ of ‘My Account’.

What are the pricing plans of Cobalt Apps products?

Cobalt Apps products are priced as follows: Dynamic Website Builder - $99 Genesis DevKit Plugin - $99 Freelancer DevKit Plugin - $49 Genesis Extender Plugin - $49 Extender Pro Plugin - $49 Themer Pro Plugin - $49 Instant IDE Manager - $49 Freelancer Framework - Free, includes a license that is valid for a lifetime FE CSS Builder Plugin - Free

How do I know what Cobalt Apps product is right for me?

To know the right Cobalt App product for you, go through the description of each product, and narrow down your choices by going through the comparison chart that describes the features of each product and compares them to that of the others, and choose accordingly.

How should I apply Cobalt Apps coupon codes?

To apply the Cobalt Apps coupon code, select your plan, under ‘Have a discount code? ’, enter the coupon code, enter the billing details, you can also renew the existing license if any, and proceed with the payment.


You can find top-notch, expensive DEV tools for independent WordPress developers with Cobalt Apps. You can find a variety of WordPress DEV tools with Cobalt Apps that are perfectly suited to meet the needs and specifications of those who built a website for themselves or for their clients.

Actually, it’s a place where pro-WordPress Themes & Plugins experience meets years of creativity in general. I want to sum up by saying that Cobalt Apps is a one-stop shop for all serious WordPress developers.

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