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Features of Jungle Scout vs AmzScout 2024: Which One Has Better Features?

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As an Amazon seller, you know the importance of choosing the right research tool to make your selling journey a success. I’ve been there myself!

After struggling for some time to find accurate product and market data, I decided it was time to do my own research into the various options available.

So, after using both Jungle Scout and AmzScout for particular tasks, I’m here to discuss their features as well as which one is more suitable for me – and could be for you too!

Keep reading if you want to understand their key features – including keyword tracking & tracking algorithms – so that you can decide on the best option available.

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Features of Jungle Scout vs AmzScout📌

1️⃣ Product History

The Jungle Scout has been in the market for a longer time than Amzscout it provides better product history than Amzscout and gives better details.

2️⃣ Sales Data 

Jungle Scout Sales Estimater- Jungle Scout vs Amzscout

The details of Sales Data available on the Jungle Scout and AmzScout are quite similar, the information provided doesn’t have much of a difference but the sales data available on the jungle scout is much more accurate and precise. 

AmzScout Sales Estimater

3️⃣ Listing Quality Score 

Listing Builder- Jungle Scout vs Amzscout

The Listing Quality Score feature in Amzscout provides users with a lot more information than the jungle scout does and the rating system is much more detailed.

This feature will allow customers to prosper and improve in specific areas and will not have to worry about the overall quality of the product as the rating system will provide details covering more information than the rating system of the jungle scout.

4️⃣ Software Updates

Both platforms are equally invested in the upgrading of their services.

They provide their users with the most exceptional features and keep updating their platform so that their users never miss any opportunities to succeed and prosper.

5️⃣ Chrome Extension👌

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The chrome extension of the Jungle Scout has an amazing interface just like the application on the web, the interface is exceptional.

As it was recently updated by the Jungle Scout team it proves to be much faster and more effective than it was before.

They have made the interface much easier to use than it was before and have provided a very simple look to navigate and learn the newly available features in the jungle scout chrome extension.

It has had a very high speed, since the update.


AmzScout Chrome Extension

The chrome extension of the Amzscout offers similar features to the chrome extension of the jungle scout. It has an amazing interface with very simple to understand and uses features that prove to be just great.

But the speed of the Amzscout chrome extension still needs to be updated and made faster for a better user experience and less wait or buffering time.

Verdict– The chrome extension operating speed of the jungle scout is comparatively faster than the chrome extension operating system of the Amzscout. As the features are very same the only thing we can compare is the available speed and that proves to be considerably faster in the chrome extension operating system of the jungle scout. 

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Conclusion💭: Which one is Best Jungle Scout or AMZScout 2024

After looking at both Jungle Scout and AmzScout, it’s clear that both have a lot to offer the savvy Amazon seller.

Jungle Scout stand outs with the ability to find accurate sales estimates and insights, while AmzScout has quality data on demand and quick feedback when running product research.

However, while they both have compelling features, the seller must consider their own needs when choosing between the two – is it a full package such as Jungle Scout or solely additional data from AmzScout?

Ultimately, this decision depends on how much time (and money) one wants to invest in their Amazon venture.

Regardless if you using Jungle Scout or AmzScout for your business, there are always opportunities for growth; it is merely up to taking advantage of them and making calculated decisions that may arise from the services these tools provide.

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