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How to Launch an Affiliate Program for your Membership Site 2024?

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Your membership website can have an affiliate program up and running quickly and easily without incurring additional costs from third parties. Affiliate Royale has the potential to boost traffic and attention, as well as sales, by up to 30 percent.

The developers of MemberPress are responsible for developing the comprehensive affiliate marketing program plugin known as Affiliate Royale for the WordPress content management system.

You are able to monitor the performance of your affiliates to determine how much money they should be paid, how many clicks they are responsible for generating, and how many sales they are producing.

Each and every edition of MemberPress is compatible with this plugin’s seamless integration.

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How to Launch an Affiliate Program for your Membership Site

How to Launch an Affiliate Program for your Membership Site

You should launch an affiliate program for your membership site if you haven’t already.

Compared to many other marketing strategies, affiliate programs can greatly increase the visibility and sales of your products.

If done properly, they can help you establish connections with bloggers, website owners, and other people to assist promote your membership site and boost your earnings by as much as 30%.

Unlike the majority of other WordPress membership plugins, MemberPress features its own fantastic affiliate program plugin, Affiliate Royale, that functions right out of the box.

What makes this important?

Because you can start an affiliate program whenever you want with Easy Affiliate in your back pocket, even if you don’t intend to launch an affiliate program with your membership site right away.

In addition, your affiliate program will give you more flexibility than any other membership plugin would.

It’s true that Affiliate Royale supports a variety of payment methods and membership platforms (including some of our competitors).

However, we have a deeper and more extensive interaction between Easy Affiliate and MemberPress, which enables us to perform tasks that other systems are unable to.


Any affiliate network worth its salt must, of course, manage affiliates (including the signup process), provide affiliates with links and banners, and, most importantly, keep track of sales and commissions.

These functionalities and more start to function once Easy Affiliate and MemberPress are installed together, all without requiring any challenging integration procedures. It’s absurdly simple.

Your Affiliate Program, Fully Automated

Your affiliate commissions will therefore remain in sync with whatever happens to these transactions in MemberPress when you use Easy Affiliate with MemberPress in addition to these fundamental capabilities. That covers cancellations and reimbursements.

Commission Groups

The MemberPress interface provided by Easy Affiliate is the only way to use the Commission Groups feature. It enables owners of membership sites to reward affiliates based on membership level.

By using commission groups, you may give your members the option of receiving increased commissions based on the membership goods they use.

MemberPress Affiliate Program with Affiliate Royale

MemberPress Affiliate Program with Affiliate Royale

Seriously, I’m speechless when it comes to describing this feature. Any thesaurus in this world becomes insufficient to cater to my needs at this point. 

  • MemberPress exceptionally integrates with Affiliate Royale, offering you a dynamic, well-built, and easy-to-understand dashboard directly in your MemberPress dashboard.
  • Believe me, Affiliate Program and MemberPress are like soul sisters and you won’t be able to see such admirable integration anywhere. You’ll get the following features on Affiliate Royale:
  • Affiliate data- full information about your affiliates, joining dates, commissions, and clicks
  • Real-time, precise tracking of clicks
  • Exquisite analysis of transactions made by your affiliates
  • Payment and commission details
  • Create affiliate links
  • Email notifications

And so forth. However, if you’re using the Basic or Plus plan, then you’ve to purchase Affiliate Royale and if you’re using the Pro plan, then Affiliate Royale comes for free. 

In my opinion, Affiliate Royale is one of the most glamorous and unparalleled affiliate management add-ons and you might not want to miss it!

Final Word

If you have a WordPress store or blog, you may host an affiliate platform with the help of Affiliate Royale, a comprehensive WordPress Affiliate Plugin that helps you distribute your items effectively, and increase traffic, attention, and ultimately sales.

After setting up Affiliate Royale, you may monitor your affiliates’ activity, clicks, and sales. Costs and monthly payments can be determined with the help of management systems.

Keeping your affiliates organized is also crucial to maintaining their interest and participation. All of your affiliates can access their affiliate dashboard right from your WordPress site thanks to the Affiliate Royale plugin.

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