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Jungle Scout Sales Estimator 2024 – Get Product Research Data for Amazon Sellers

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If you’re an Amazon seller, then you know that product research is key. The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is a tool that can help with that process.

It provides data on different products in different categories so that sellers can make informed decisions about what to sell.

This tool is essential for anyone looking to start selling on Amazon or who wants to improve their current sales strategy.

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator 2024 – 

What is Jungle Scout Sales Estimator?

The jungle scout sales estimator is an estimation tool for Amazon product research. It was created by the Jungle Scout team, a group of e-commerce experts who help sellers get through the process of selling on Amazon.

It allows users to see what products are popular and profitable in different categories, with the information provided about revenue, a number of reviews, estimated monthly sales, and more.

The tool is another piece of software that promises users access to historic sales data.

However, it only works for Amazon.com; further research shows that this software works primarily for e-Book authors looking to see how many copies they’ve sold time.

Jungle Scout clearly states this on their site as well, but many people coming to the page for the first time aren’t aware and this can be off-putting.

Once you know what you’re looking for though, it’s easy to use and gives some interesting results very quickly – especially if you’re just trying to get a general idea of how your book might do in certain categories.

The tool also allows users to enter the number of pages or words of their book so that they can see all sorts of other information such as how much money is made per page or word.

This is very interesting if it applies to your situation (if I was self-publishing anything right now, I’d definitely want to know these statistics).

There are various disclaimers about how the tool can be inaccurate and shouldn’t be taken as totally accurate, but the data is certainly interesting to look at.

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Features of Jungle Scout Sales Estimator :

There are a number of different features offered by the jungle scout sales estimator, all of which would be useful for sellers on Amazon.

The first is the most obvious – it provides information about how many reviews products have, their ratings and average star count, how many monthly sales they have, estimated revenue based on both.

An average price and also a high-price estimate, projected profit margins, number of variants of the product available, total weight, whether or not there are any patents associated with the item in question.

The information provided is split into three different reports. All are accessible from the toolbar at the top of the page, one being called “Jungle Scout Product Database“, another being called “Best Seller Rank Tracker”.

These are fairly self-explanatory, with the first giving information on all products in the database, and the second allowing users to see if their product is climbing or falling up Amazon’s bestseller lists.

The third report is called “Amazon Sales Estimates” and this gives sales statistics for items in specific categories. Rankings are given hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

So that users can view how they’re doing over any period of time they want to look at – which means they can see if their product will break into one of the top 100 best-selling products on Amazon by any chance.

Predicted monthly sales figures are calculated based on three different scenarios: an average price with estimated revenue per day; a high-price estimate with projected profit per day; and an average price with estimated monthly revenue overall.

All of these features are very useful for sellers on Amazon, especially for those who like to keep an eye on their competition and what’s selling best in different categories.

features of jungle scout

The accuracy of the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator :

As we mentioned before, the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is far from perfect when it comes to giving accurate information about your products.

This can be frustrating for many people trying to make money online by selling items through Amazon  – but there’s no real need for alarm if you know how to work around it (and even benefit from its inaccuracies).

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry – we’re going to simplify things a little bit below.

One of the main reasons why the Sales Estimator is not very accurate, according to Jungle Scout themselves, is because of the number of reviews.

While knowing how many reviews your product has would be useful (I certainly like finding out this sort of information), it’s unfortunately not always available.

This means that most estimations are made based on other products in the same category, with only a few specific calculations being able to go into more detail about things like ranking, which gives an idea of where your product might end up overall.

More accurate estimates are given for books than they are for physical products or services.

It isn’t possible to give estimates on digital items unless you have several details already – this includes things like what type of file it is, what type of DRM is associated with it, how many pages there are, whether or not the file has been downloaded.

This isn’t always known by sellers, which can make sales estimates very different from what one might actually be able to expect.

Something else that affects the accuracy of the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is unique content – so unique products have more chance of being estimated accurately than those without much uniqueness about them.

This means that if you’re selling something fairly generic, even this excellent tool probably won’t be accurate at all – but it’s still interesting just for other reasons!

As I said before, there are ways to get around these inaccuracies in estimations provided by Jungle Scout. The first thing you can do is research your product before you put it up on Amazon so that you already know how many reviews it has.

If you have data on this, the estimations provided by Jungle Scout Sales Estimator will be far more accurate – which is why I recommend this for anyone selling books or digital goods.

Another point to consider is that most people using this tool are very likely to be selling something pretty generic, which means any estimate given will probably not be great unless they go through the research mentioned above.

Unique products are more likely to get good estimates because there isn’t as much competition.

Pricing of the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator :

pricing jungle scout

The tool is completely free at the time of writing this review. There are no hidden fees, and as mentioned their website is very clear about what you can expect from it.

You simply need to enter your book’s ASIN or title into the box provided and click ‘submit’ to see some basic information about how it might perform with a particular category.

How Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Works :

Like most tools that promise access to historic data, ours uses a report that Amazon publishes with all of its daily bestsellers going back several years.

The report includes not only the books that have sold well recently but those that did well in previous months or years as well – highlighting just how long these lists go back for (Amazon doesn’t publish an exact number).

This means that the tools can estimate how well your book might perform in certain categories, but only if it’s listed with the proper keywords.

Omitting key information about your books, such as its ASIN or title, will likely result in bad data – which is why it’s important to remember to fill these things out no matter what kind of research you’re doing.

jungle scout

Do I Recommend Jungle Scout Sales Estimator?

In short, if you’re wondering whether or not you can trust the jungle scout sales estimator, then the answer is an easy one: yes.

It looks like a new player has entered the market of data collection tools for Amazon, and one which seems to have done its research for collecting accurate information.

While there are some minor things I’d change about the tool’s interface, it still works very well – so if you’re looking for an estimation of how your book might sell on Amazon, this is definitely a great place to start.

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Conclusion | Jungle Scout Sales Estimator 2024

Jungle Scout’s sales estimator is an awesome free tool that gives users a general idea of how many books they should be expecting to sell in certain categories on Amazon.

It should not, however, be used as any sort of final authority on the matter – especially when there are disclaimers all over the place saying so… But it’s definitely better than sticking your fingers in the air and trying to guess!

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