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Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite 2024: Which Is Best Product Research Tool

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Jungle Scout

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Best for

Jungle Scout was launched in 2015, they have a stirringly packaged toolkit that is completely cloud-based specifically designed for selling on Amazon.

The recently launched platform ensures to exhibit and unravel the keywords as well as products that would ensure and guarantee that online businesses could make profits over Amazon.

  • Unrestricted, on-demand videos
  • A leader in data accuracy
  • Keyword discovery
  • Blog posts and resources
  • Opportunity score
  • Listing optimization score
  • The platform ensures a large and unique database.
  • Reliable and user-friendly
  • Fetching accurate results depending on searches
  • AmaSuite is a platform that could be used on any device whe
  • They come with a variety of proxies you could use.
  • In terms of pricing, they come with a 30-day money-back gua
  • Website navigation and design might be complex for beginner
  • The price is comparatively higher than in Jungle scout.
Ease of Use

This is a platform that is preferred by beginners to use due to the training material available for clarity and scope for growth.

This platform might be slightly comprehensive for beginners as it mainly aims at analytics and advanced data. This would be best suited for sophisticated sellers.

Value For Money

Jungle Scout offers three plans and there is no free trial or free version for any of these plans.

Amasuite Offers only a single-price option which is known as a full-pay option.

Customer Support

Their customer support is structured and a useful setup aiming at reverts that may require instant action.

AmaSuite provides life support via social media and website, complex for beginners, might need upgrades.

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If you’re thinking about selling stuff on Amazon, you’ve probably heard of Jungle Scout and AmaSuite. Both are tools that help you sell better, but choosing between them can be tricky.

I’ve looked into both to figure out which one might help you more.

Whether you’re new to selling or have been at it for a while, picking the right tool is important. I want to share what I learned to help make your decision easier.

Let’s find out what Jungle Scout and AmaSuite offer and see which one could be the best choice for your Amazon-selling adventure.

Bottom Line Upfront:  

After using both Jungle Scout and AmaSuite, I’ve got to say, if you’re diving into Amazon selling, Jungle Scout is my top recommendation.

It’s user-friendly, packed with helpful features for finding products, and great for tracking sales.


AmaSuite is good too, especially for digging deep into product research, but Jungle Scout just makes everything feel easier and more straightforward.

JungleScout is not only a market research tool it also has features as they provide chrome extension and many more things.

JungleScout is the best tool for those who have their businesses on Amazon. JungleScout has all the things which are need to Amazon FBA seller


These details are the reason that Jungle Scout is better than AmaSuite. 

For anyone starting out or looking to boost their Amazon business, I highly recommend trying Jungle Scout now. It’s a game-changer in making smarter decisions and growing your sales on Amazon.

Get started with JungleScout today to get their benefits.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite 2024: Overview

Here, I would like to compare both products based on three segments: value for money, ease of use, and how user-friendly it is in terms of effectiveness.

This would give us a broad idea or overview of both platforms, allowing us to proceed with other areas.

Jungle Scout Overview

Overview- Jungle Scout vs Amasuite

  • Jungle Scout was launched in 2015. It offers a stirringly packaged toolkit that is completely cloud-based and designed explicitly for selling on Amazon.
  • This platform boasts and promises to effectively organize and sort sales data for businesses, helping them in three different areas. It includes suites of three tools: the product database, the niche hunter, and a product tracker, each of which does its tasks efficiently and effectively promptly.
  • Moreover, as their marketing says and speaks extravagantly, sellers who work through their platform could benefit by always staying one step ahead by having a premium Amazon database through their toolkit.
  • New users have also reviewed the ease of navigating through the website without support, which is a bonus that states the dashboard is user-friendly.
  • In comparison, their pricing is cost-effective and ranges between $29 and $84 for the features and benefits that they want to offer to their customers.
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AmaSuite Overview

Amasuite Overview- Jungle Scout vs Amasuite

  • The recently launched platform ensures that keywords and products are exhibited and unraveled to guarantee that online businesses can make profits on Amazon.
  • They have created five tools that would give you an all-around advantage of searching, researching, and analyzing the products listed on the platform.
  • They have designed their platform so that you would have the database and information of the products that have been liked or disliked, which would invariably ensure the performance the online seller strives for. 
  • One advantage that an online platform might like is the AmaKeyword generator, which shows results that are most searched for. This generator will ideate your keywords for the products and hence list your product as a priority.
  • The platform is priced at $130, which can also be paid in four installments of $67.

Main Differences of Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite:


  • AmaSuite may have limitations in providing a wide range of product manufacturers and relies more on Amazon and AliExpress data. Jungle Scout offers a more extensive base of manufacturers and product data, extending beyond AliExpress.
  • AmaSuite follows a one-time purchase model with a single flat fee for access. Jungle Scout offers a more nuanced pricing structure with monthly and annual subscription options, allowing users to choose a plan that suits their budget and needs.
  • AmaSuite is primarily geared towards the US and UK Amazon markets. Jungle Scout supports research and analysis for a broader range of Amazon marketplaces, making it suitable for international sellers.
  • Jungle Scout includes tracking inbound FBA shipments, which can be valuable for managing inventory and logistics. AmaSuite lacks this specific feature.
  • Jungle Scout offers features like tracking your inbound FBA shipments, which can help manage inventory and logistics. This feature is not available in AmaSuite.
  • AmaSuite primarily relies on data from Amazon, such as reviews, rankings, and product details. It also offers some tools for AliExpress research. Jungle Scout provides data from multiple sources, including Amazon, its web app, and a Chrome extension. This gives Jungle Scout users a more comprehensive range of data to analyze, including historical and estimated sales figures.

Here are some questions that I am going to answer for you in this blog:

  • What are the advantages of using Jungle Scout?
  • What does “Fulfillment by Amazon” mean?
  • What other features are included in AmaSuite?
  • What is the difference between Jungle Scout and AmaSuite?
  • How would I go about finding products that are popular on Amazon?
  • What are similarities of Jungle Scout and AmaSuite?
  • Which one is better Jungle Scout or AmaSuite?

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Feature Comparison

Below, I have discussed a few of the features of both the platforms Jungle Scout and AmaSuite, which would give you a version you could compare. 

Education and training Jungle Scout AmaSuite
Unrestricted, on-demand videos YES PARTIALLY
Free step-by-step videos    YES PARTIALLY
Blog posts and resources YES YES


Product Research and Validation Jungle Scout AmaSuite
A leader in data accuracy  YES NO
Product discovery tools    YES YES
Opportunity score  YES YES
Historical data analysis YES YES
Product tracker  YES PARTIALLY
Global supplier database YES NO
Listing review database  NO YES


Launching on Amazon Jungle Scout AmaSuite
Keyword discovery  YES YES
Keyword rank tracking  YES YES
Keyword index checker  NO YES
PPC automation tools NO YES
Listing optimization score      YES PARTIALLY
Product promotions and discounts    YES NO
250000 shopper marketplace  YES NO
Customizable alerts YES PARTIALLY


Business Management Jungle Scout AmaSuite
Sales analytics  YES NO
Profitability dashboard YES NO
Email performance reports    YES NO
Business management on the mobile app  NO YES
Inventory demand forecasting  YES NO
Refund reimbursements      NO YES
Market segment analysis  PARTIALLY YES

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Benefits

After considering the features of both the platforms- Jungle Scout and AmaSuite, I wanted to discuss the benefits each of them provides:

Benefits of Jungle Scout

  1. They are an all-in-one solution for the sellers, which involves giving all the benefits under one platform without reaching out to other platforms for the same tasks. This ensures efficiency for sellers selling online to save time and focus on areas they want to focus more on.
  2. As discussed in the features, they have several metrics where you could measure your performance occasionally. This ensures you have enough data and information to focus on your weak areas and push forward firmly, ensuring you are ahead of your competitors.
  3. With one click, you could easily retrieve your sales analytical dashboard from your perspective as a seller and get reviews from a customer’s perspective, ensuring a 360-degree outlook.
  4. They work on all devices, ensuring you do not miss out on work

Benefits of AmaSuite

  1. AmaSuite has the benefit of analyzing top-performing products and ensuring you analyze current market trends.
  2. Their Instant Category feature helps you find and search sub-categories, fetching results within seconds. This ensures you save time on data analysis and focus on the areas you want to.
  3. To make fetching your data accessible, they have ensured you have fast filters to ensure you get the correct data on time and the exact data whenever you want.
  4. This is functional on any device that you want to use, making multitasking easier.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Performance 

Jungle Scout

This platform is mainly designed for product research and launches. It ensures a smooth hit on the Amazon platform and upscales your sales with its key features, allowing you to save time and steadily increase your revenue.

With their extension, you will be assured of the ease of use and instant results that you, as a seller, may need.


In terms of Platform Performance and Speed, many of their users have reviewed that they enable fast and user-friendly functions, keeping the performance and speed in check.

Various tools are under one page, each designed to make tasks easy to perform. Each of the analytics has been designed uniquely to meet the user’s requirements and ensure understanding without effort.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Security- Which One Is Secure?

Jungle Scout AmaSuite
  • Jungle Scout provides a secure payment gateway for the payment of their software.
  • AmaSuite provides a secured payment gateway, ensuring ease of payment for their software. Hence, it is secure.
  • A specific and unique URL is sent to each of its users to ensure the privacy of the data.
  • Privacy and security are maintained for each of their users.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: The Pricing Battle🤑

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout offers three plans and no free trial or version for any of these plans.

Jungle Scout offers three main plans to fit your Amazon selling needs.

The Basic plan is great for newbies at $49 monthly, but if you go for the annual billing, it drops to $29 per month, billed as $349 a year.

The Suite plan, perfect for growing sellers, is $69 monthly, with an annual option making it $49 per month ($589 billed annually).

For the pros, the Professional plan is $129 monthly, or $84 per month ($999 billed annually) with annual billing.

These plans are designed to match your selling stage, from just starting to scaling big. Choosing the right one can really help boost your Amazon business.

Learn more about Jungle Scout pricing in this blog post.

AmaSuite 5 Pricing

amasuite pricing

Amasuite Offers only a single-price option, known as a full-pay option.

For a one-time payment of $197, you can access five powerful software apps designed to enhance your product research and sales strategy.

Plus, as a bonus, you’ll receive video training courses that cover everything from A to Z about selling on Amazon. If the one-time payment seems a bit much, there’s also an option to spread the cost over four months, with installments of $67 each.

This deal is perfect for anyone serious about making a mark on Amazon. It provides all the tools and knowledge you need in one neat package.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: The Pros and Cons

 Jungle Scout Pros

 Jungle Scout Cons

  •  The platform ensures an extensive and unique database.
  •  Website navigation and design might be complex for beginners.
  •  Fetching accurate results depending on searches 
  •  Reliable and user-friendly
  •  Offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.


 AmaSuite Pros 

 AmaSuite Cons 

  •  AmaSuite is a platform that can be used on any device, whether iOS or Android.
  •  The price is comparatively higher than in Jungle Scout.
  •  They come with a variety of proxies you could use.
  •  It lacks a few features that may be a setback for users.
  •  User-friendly user interface.
  •  In terms of pricing, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Jungle Scout Customer Reviews

jungle scout customer reviews jungle scout user reviews jungle scout customer stories

AmaSuite Customer Reviews

amasuite customer reviews customer reviews customer review

Jungle Scout Reddit

byu/trufflestravels from discussion

AmaSuite Reddit

byu/legopowa from discussion

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Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite FAQs:

🤩Would the AmaSuite platform provide free trial before purchase?

AmaSuite, unfortunately, does not have a free trial. However, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

😄Would the Jungle Scout platform provide free trial before purchase?

You can consider a free trial as they have a 14-day money-back guarantee if you do not like the service. You could cancel the subscription and would get an easy refund for the same.

🌟Why Should You Buy Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that enables you to discover profitable items, forecast sales, do keyword research, and spy on rivals all from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Essentially, it immediately identifies the most lucrative and easiest-to-grow items for your company. It is highly recommended to buy it. It will definitely help your business grow.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite 2024

Jungle Scout, which is widely popular and preferred by many sellers, is a platform that offers tools for extensive product research.

The training lessons cater to both beginners and existing business individuals, hence making your selling and affiliate marketing journey more resourceful and guiding you through areas that you lack with their tools and extensions.

AmaSuite offers a combination of software that would help you boost your sales and pave the way to becoming a better seller.

Using data accuracy and precise predictions, you would find it easy to filter out the data and searches according to your choices to get the results that you would possibly want.

All this would be available at a decent price for a platform providing five pieces of software with different functionalities.

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 Popular Videos of AmaSuite :

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