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MetroFax vs Fax.plus 2024– Start Faxing Now!

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This article will compare MetroFax vs Fax.plus. Which Should You Choose? & why

The absence of the screaming sound associated with dialling a fax number is possibly the best aspect of online faxing. This is not the only factor that has helped faxing into the twenty-first century.

MetroFax vs Fax.plus 2024

Online fax services now incorporate, among other advantages, increased security, faster transmission speeds, and attractive mobile applications.

FAX.PLUS and MetroFax are two such services, each of which is loaded with useful features to match contemporary needs.

However, they do not share the same characteristics, and which one you choose will depend on how you want to use your online fax service.

What Is Fax.plus?

MetroFax vs Fax.plus-Fax.plus Overview

Many things are well-known about Switzerland, including cuckoo clocks, chocolate, cheese, and Fax.plus – cheese, cuckoo clocks,, and chocolate are all famous things from Switzerland.

Fax.plus, created in 2015, promises to be the leading online fax provider in the globe. Despite the fact that this is a high assumption, there are additional things to value.

Unquestionably, the service has one of the best designs and an abundance of features. Users have the ability to import contacts from spreadsheets, blacklist unwanted phone numbers, and digitally sign faxes.

Fax.plus is also compatible with Microsoft Office, allowing you to send faxes directly from Word.

Enterprise users may utilise the service’s API to construct their own application if they require more connectors. In addition, an admin panel is included, which is great for businesses that wish to organise their users hierarchically.

Fax.plus is a flexible solution that offers five various pricing choices. In addition, one of these tiers is completely free, allowing you to send 10 free faxes every month without paying any installation fees.

Pros & Cons of Fax.plus

Pros Cons
  • Easy setup
  • Limited international reach
  • Reliable service
  • Secure transmission
  • Affordable

What Is MetroFax?

MetroFax Overview

While FAX.PLUS is a relative newcomer to the faxing sector, MetroFax has been in business since 1997. Now a part of j2 Global, the same company that controls eFax, the service has benefited from its knowledge.

With customisable folders and tags, MetroFax helps you to properly arrange your messages by making it easier to discover your faxes.

All of the information is stored safely in an encrypted mailbox with limitless storage. MetroFax lacks electronic signatures, but it does enable you to submit faxes to up to 50 recipients concurrently.

The MetroFax mobile app is particularly useful if you need to fax while on the go, as it allows you to input contacts from your phone and send files directly from your device.

In contrast to FAX, MetroFax does not offer a free version. You may sign up for a 14-day free trial of PLUS, but be sure to cancel your account before the trial period expires.

However, the costs are reasonable, especially if you choose to pay annually and save even more money.

Pros & Cons of MetroFax

Pros Cons
  • Easy Setup
  • No Fax Broadcast Feature
  • Cost Efficient
  • Not All Businesses Will Benefit
  • Secure Communications
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Professional Appearance

Features Comparison: MetroFax Vs Fax.plus 

Fax.plus Features

Fax.plus streamlines the process of sending faxes online or with your existing email client (email to fax).

In addition to the internet and mobile apps, Fax.plus is accessible for multiple platforms, including Chrome, Word, and Google Drive add-ons.

The service also allows you to manage groups and contacts, optimize images for higher-quality faxes, and sign documents online (PDF, DOC, TIF, and JPEG).

Enterprise memberships include unlimited fax lines and centralised team management.

MetroFax lets you to send and receive faxes from any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

You see the messages on your screen or via email instead of printing them, saving you money on paper, toner, and ink cartridges while transforming your fax machine into a mobile resource available in over 170 countries.

There are no setup or hidden fees associated with your account. Monthly membership fees are proportional to the number of pages sent and received.

As your business or fax needs grow, you can easily expand your package. A page is always considered a single page, regardless of how long it takes to transmit or receive it, because charges are never based on processing delays.

Performance: MetroFax Vs Fax.plus 

MetroFax Features

While Fax.plus offers a vast array of services and capacities, the service’s user interface distinguishes it from the competition.

Fax.plus offers the kind of user experience you’d expect from a 2020 productivity tool, as opposed to the interfaces of many online fax services.

It is simple to send and receive faxes, manage teams, and contact support from a desktop or mobile device.

The recipient of a fax sent with Fax.plus should receive it within a few minutes.

Each fax transmitted by Fax.plus is accompanied with a confirmation page and a unique QR code that may be used to validate the transmission.

MetroFax never requires customers to disclose their phone numbers. You will receive a single dedicated number, from which you can choose local or toll-free service.

Each registered number is compatible with up to five email addresses, allowing a small team to share a single account without difficulty.

In addition, you can interface your fax application with Microsoft Office, allowing you to save faxes alongside other business documents.

Receiving several fax pages simultaneously is a pleasure with MetroFax, as your number will never display a busy signal, stopping you from receiving fax messages.

Internet-based fax messaging eliminates the possibility of missing important messages due to competing demands on your time.

In addition, you may send and receive faxes simultaneously, making this a highly economical paid fax service for professional teams.

If you encounter any difficulties while using MetroFax, the American customer service team is here to assist you.

Technical support is accessible via phone or online chat, and the MetroFax website provides extensive video lessons and demos to help you fix any problems on your own.

Pricing Comparison: MetroFax Vs Fax.plus 


MetroFax Pricing


Once you begin using MetroFax as your mobile fax machine, traditional fax machines will appear to be archaic, space-consuming relics.

The service enables you to send and receive faxes using any internet-connected computer or mobile device with a dedicated fax number.

By forgoing the purchase of a fax machine, you will not only save hundreds of dollars, but also the cost of paper, ink, toner, and other fax supplies.

MetroFax offers three service tiers with monthly costs beginning at less than $10 for up to 500 fax pages. Each plan offers the opportunity to combine up to five email accounts and up to 2,501 fax pages.

Monthly membership rates keep the service affordable for businesses of all sizes, but certain customers may face international fees. Within the United States and Canada, long-distance calls are free.


Fax.plus Pricing

Fax.plus subscriptions are available at four distinct pricing categories. Additionally, a free trial for up to five pages is provided.

There, each additional page costs twenty cents. When billed annually as opposed to monthly, all memberships are discounted. The Basic plan is $5.99 per month and includes 100 pages, with the option to purchase additional pages for $0.10 each.

By subscribing to Premium ($ 11.99 per month) or Business ($ 19.99 per month), the page limit is increased to 300 or 800 pages, and the cost of additional pages is reduced to five cents per page.

In addition, Business includes capabilities such as multiple fax lines and Slack integration.

Finally, Enterprise costs $59.99 each month for up to 3,000 pages, with each additional page costing just three cents.

Enterprise clients get complete access to the Fax.plus toolkit, which provides capabilities such as priority support, data residency, and a Fax.plus application programming interface.

In addition, Fax.plus provides tailored high-volume pricing for businesses that require more than what standard subscriptions provide.

The biggest disadvantage of Fax.plus is its pricing structure. Certain platforms charge significantly more for the same number of pages, while others charge significantly less.

For instance, MetroFax’s monthly fee for 1,000 sent and received pages is only $12.95. In contrast, Fax.plus’s Business membership provides 800 pages each month for $19.95. This approximately doubles the cost each page.

Fax.plus has a number of advantages over MetroFax and other less priced alternatives. Fax.plus has a more refined appearance, however MetroFax lacks two-factor authentication and product integration.

MetroFax Vs Fax.plus: FAQs

Is Fax.plus legitimate?

Fax.plus is not only secure, but also trustworthy. The smartphone and online applications are user-friendly, and the pricing levels are among the most adaptable on the market. You can schedule the delivery of your documents to arrive at a specific time.

Is Fax.plus HIPAA compliant?

Yes. When users employ additional security features and sign a business partner agreement with FAX, Fax.plus satisfies HIPAA regulations.

What is the MetroFax software?

MetroFax Mobile is a complimentary application that works with your MetroFax Internet fax membership. The programme MetroFax Mobile allows you to send and receive faxes. You can even access the account balance page on your mobile device. You can send faxes with attachments using an Android smartphone, Google Docs or Dropbox.

Can you tell me how long it takes MetroFax to send a fax?

The fax is often dispatched within a few minutes, but if the recipient's fax is busy, it may take longer. If the initial attempt to send a fax fails, Metrofax will try twice more, for a total of three transmissions.

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Final Verdict MetroFax vs Fax.plus 2024

As seen, both FAX.PLUS and MetroFax have successfully brought faxing into the twenty-first century by incorporating a number of beneficial features.

FAX.PLUS appears to be a decent alternative for businesses, as it offers the ability to add more users and manage them via an admin panel, a feature not supplied by many of its competitors.

In light of its free version, it is an appealing option for those who only transmit a few faxes per month. However, MetroFax offers a number of exciting features that make it a much more appealing service.

The flexibility to include digital signatures is crucial, and the Microsoft Office integration is excellent.

Due to the fact that both of these services provide a free plan and a free trial, it may be prudent to fully evaluate both before determining which one is best.

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