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Pressable Vs WP Engine Comparison 2024: Which Is Better For WordPress?

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In this comparison between WP Engine and Pressable, I will show you how Pressable, a WordPress hosting provider on the rise, stacks up against WP Engine, a well-established leader in managed WordPress hosting.

I have also researched better to find out which one is better for individual websites and which is more suitable for WordPress developers and agencies.

By examining all the important aspects of managed WordPress hosting, I will give you a clear picture of how these two web hosts compare directly.


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WP Engine

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Pricing $19 $25/mo
Best for

Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting, that also includes WooCommerce, hosting for freelancers, agencies, and large-scale companies with voluminous traffic on their websites.

WP Engine is a WordPress-specific web hosting provider that offers fully optimized WordPress hosting solutions.

  • Automated Migration
  • Managed WordPress
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Personalized Onboarding
  • 10 premium themes
  • Daily backups
  • 60-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free SSL, SEO tools & CDN
  • Free preparation sites
  • 100+ Themes
  • 5 Star rated customer support
  • Scanning Hacks Attempt
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • SSL certificates
  • Free CDN
  • Automatic backups
  • No add-on caching is required
  • Multi Site Configuration
  • Relatively High Pricing
  • Customer Support not good
Ease of Use

Select the website you want to edit/configure, and you have some options to stream live and edit the URLs. So here the user experience that is being offered by Pressable is very easy and straightforward.

WP Engine has a fairly intuitive interface. You can see dashboards for traffic, bandwidth, storage and more.

Value For Money

Completely Free Migrations Consultive Onboarding

It is a good value for money with Genesis Framework , StudioPress Themes , Unlimited Premium Themes and Standard 24/7 Chat Support

Customer Support

24/7 access to our international support team of true WordPress experts. Support team maintains a satisfaction rating over 95%

Standard 24/7 Chat Support

Check out Check out

 Both Pressable and WP Engine are known for their WordPress-specific hosting solutions, offering features like fast loading times, strong security, and helpful support.

I looked into what each service offers, focusing on their reliability, customer service, and how easy they make it to manage a WordPress site.

My goal was to find a hosting service that felt like it was made just for my site’s needs, making it easier for me to focus on creating content rather than worrying about technical stuff.

Bottom Line Upfront:

After spending some time with both Pressable and WP Engine for my WordPress site, I’ve got to say, Pressable has truly won me over.

I highly recommend Pressable for its incredible value and reliability. What stood out to me was how Pressable effortlessly handled traffic spikes while keeping my site running smoothly.

Their customer support is another highlight – always ready to assist with a friendly and understanding approach, making technical issues much less of a headache.


The ease of use and overall performance have made managing my WordPress site a breeze.

For anyone stuck choosing between the two, based on my personal experience, Pressable not only meets but exceeds expectations, making it my top pick.

About Pressable

Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting service that offers a robust and user-friendly platform for individuals and businesses looking to create and maintain WordPress websites.

Known for its reliability and performance, Pressable takes the hassle out of website management by handling essential tasks such as security updates, backups, and server optimization.


With a focus on speed and scalability, Pressable ensures that WordPress sites load quickly and can handle increased traffic without a hitch.

Their customer support is also highly regarded, assisting with technical issues and WordPress-related inquiries.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned WordPress user, Pressable Hosting can help streamline your website management and keep your online presence running smoothly.

About WP Engine

WP Engine is a leading web hosting and managed WordPress platform known for its exceptional performance, reliability, and user-friendly features.

Catering specifically to WordPress websites, WP Engine offers a range of services designed to optimize speed, security, and scalability.

Their managed hosting solutions include automated backups, security monitoring, and regular updates, ensuring that websites remain secure and up-to-date.

WP Engine’s robust infrastructure and content delivery network (CDN) contribute to faster loading times and a seamless user experience.

Moreover, their customer support is highly regarded for its expertise in WordPress, offering assistance to users at all levels of technical proficiency.

Overall, WP Engine is a trusted choice for businesses and individuals seeking top-tier WordPress hosting and management services.

Pressable Vs. WP Engine: User Experience

This category is for those who want to become “somewhat” acquainted with the hosting server. You can use the functions of your WordPress host as often as you want if you work on the platform as much as you want.


Pressable dashboard hosting

Here, the Pressable experience is simple. There are no frills. Choose the website you want to edit/configure, and you’ll be given the option to stream live and change the URLs. As a result, the user experience provided by Pressable is simple.

It is not as intuitive initially as I would like, but documentation and help are available to assist you. In general, there is nothing to complain about. You will have a good user experience, but it may sometimes lag.

WP Engine:

WP Engine has a pretty simple user interface. Dashboards for traffic, bandwidth, storage, and other metrics are available.

WpEngine hosting dashboard

From redirect configuration to site configuration, all documentation is easily accessible. There is much more that those who want to be more technical can do.

The dashboard on WP Engine appears to be “more complete.” They spent a significant amount of time developing an easy-to-use experience. So, in this category, WP Engine is the clear winner because the user experience WP Engine provides is exceptional.

Pressable vs WP Engine: SSL Certificates

These two hosting companies all provide free SSL certificates. However, if you want to have a subdomain, it can become sticky. So here is the fundamental comparison between Pressable and WP Engine. So let’s get this party started.

Pressable: All SSL certificates are free, regardless of the domain, subdomain, or site. And I have had a positive experience with Pressable because it never disappoints.

WP Engine: SSL is included in the price of each site. However, you must purchase an SSL certificate if you want to use subdomains with your root domain. Unless you have a root domain, subdomains (trees.example.com) are configured for free SSL, depending on your SSL page (example.com).

WP Engine also incurs these additional costs (depending on the SSL obtained). This should not frighten you but rather assist you in identifying expectations.

So you can get a clear picture of how reliable and simple a Pressable SSL Certificate is. As a result, Pressable is the clear winner. In this case, WP Engine cannot provide much value regarding SSL Certificates.

Pressable Vs WP Engine  (Freebies Offered)

Both WordPress-managed hosting companies provide value to their customers by partnering with various companies to provide you with more value than competitors in the form of discounts or freebies.

The differences in freebies offered are varied, so let’s look at what freebies and discounts are available from these web hosting providers.

 Pressable Freebies Offered

  1. Completely Free Migrations
  2. Consultive Onboarding
  3. Premium Jetpack Plugin ($99/year value)

 WP Engine Freebies Offered

  1. Genesis Framework ($60)
  2. StudioPress Themes ($70+)
  3. Unlimited Premium Themes
  4. Standard 24/7 Chat Support

WP Engine provides more value than Pressable in the market because it includes access to the Genesis Framework and StudioPress, which allows you to access thousands of themes. And with these freebies, anyone can easily create a stunning and fully responsive website.

Pressable vs. WP Engine: (What Other Benefits Offered By Pressable & WP Engine)?

Both are excellent managed WordPress hosting providers. Most of you are interested in the most critical comparisons, but I don’t want to overlook the other benefits both managed WordPress hosts will enjoy.

So here is the list of other benefits that are being offered by Pressable & WP Engine. So here is the detailed comparison table of Pressable vs WP Engine.

Pressable vs WP Engine Comparison

Free preparation sites: great for making changes before you start. It does not count as a “website” on either platform. Pressable and WP Engine make setting up a free staging website simple.

Automatic backups: WP Engine has an excellent one-click restore function. You must first log in and restore a backup. You are well protected with the Jetpack add-on and pressable automatic backups. So, with Pressable and WP Engine, you get automatic backups.

There is no need for additional caching: both hosts have computers optimized for maximum speed, allowing you to have an optimized WordPress site at your doorstep. As both offers caching, no additional caching is required in this case.

Scanning Hacks Attempt: WP Engine has its scanning software, whereas Pressable protects your site with the Premium Jetpack plug-in. So you’re safe in both directions.

Free CDN: Both sites provide free CDN from the start.

Both offer multiple site configurations, with Pressable included for free. Again, you are not required to purchase CDN here.

SSL certificates: Both sites perform admirably. You don’t have to start with third-party SSL Certificates right away.

Pressable Pricing Plan

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Plan Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
Entry Plan $19 $15
Personal Plan $25 $20
Starter Plan $45 $37
Pro Plan $90 $75
Premium Plan $155 $129
Business Plan $350 $291.67

Managed WooCommerce Hosting Plans

Plan Cost
Woo Entry Plan $37.50
Woo Starter Plan $58.33
Woo Pro Plan $87.50

WP Engine Pricing Plan

Wp Engine Annual Discount Offer

Pressable VS WP Engine: Site Website

As a Pressable user, I was impressed by the site’s speed. My previous hosting company’s average loading time was (not specified) seconds per page. So, in this case, Pressable provides a fast site loading speed.

That reduced my speed on the same pages to less than 2 seconds after I switched to Pressable. Even on small pages, it can take less than a second. So, you can see the distinction here.

Page Load Time & Bounce Rates

Screenshot Credit: organic SEO traffic.

Site speed not only improves the user experience of your website but also increases your organic SEO traffic. Fast websites are an important ranking factor for being on top of Google.

As of now, Google prefers fast websites, and if yours is slow, the user experience will be poor, resulting in low traffic and other issues.

On the other hand, WP Engine takes pride in having dedicated WordPress teams that constantly optimize the WordPress experience at the fastest possible speeds.

This demonstrates that former WP Engine customers are taken aback by the dramatic increase in speed and improvement in the website experience. According to my experience, this host’s site loading speed is impressive, even better than Pressable.

Pressable Reddit:

byu/ramseslarin from discussion

WPEngine Reddit:

byu/jfrenaye from discussion

byu/jfrenaye from discussion

FAQs: Pressable vs WPEngine

Is WP Engine reliable?

Yes, WP Engine is considered a highly reliable managed WordPress hosting provider. They have a strong reputation in the industry and offer a range of features to ensure the reliability and security of their hosting services, such as automatic backups, daily malware scans, and robust caching technology. Additionally, WP Engine provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which further demonstrates their commitment to reliability.

Does Pressable use SSD?

Pressable incorporates NVMe SSD storage which surpasses the speed of standard SSDs. It is included as a default feature on all plans, without any additional charges.

Does WP Engine offer a free domain?

No, WP Engine does not offer free domains with their hosting plans. Customers will need to purchase a domain separately through a domain registrar or transfer their existing domain to WP Engine.

Is WP Engine fast?

If you're looking for the most efficient way to speed up your WordPress site, WP Engine is the ideal choice. Its infrastructure and reliability contribute to a faster site speed, which ultimately benefits your customers.

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The Final Verdict: Is Pressable a Better Alternative To WP Engine? 

Without a doubt, WP Engine provides one of the most excellent hosting solutions. WP Engine is undoubtedly the most comprehensive WordPress hosting solution, but I recommend Pressable if you start with a limited budget.

In this regard, Pressable outperforms WP Engine, and you can purchase a jetpack premium for Pressable for the price of a basic WP Engine. Try Pressable and WP Engine to find your ideal hosting partner!!

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