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Rachel Cruze Net Worth – Age, Height, Weight, Husband, Kids

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Rachel Cruze is a well-known self-help author who was born in the United States on April 25, 1989. She is well-known for her extensive speaking and writing career on the significance of financial literacy. Her book, Smart Money, Smart Kids, which she co-wrote with her father Dave Ramsey, reached the top of the New York Times best-seller list in 2014.

Rachel Cruze’s zodiac sign is Taurus, according to astrologers. She has resided in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband Winston.

Maybe you’ve heard of Lauren, but do you know Rachel Cruze, how much money he has in 2023? If you are unaware, we have written an article regarding the details of Rachel Cruze’s brief biography, early life & education, career, current net worth, age, and other details all available. So, if you’re ready, let’s get this blog started.


rachel cruze

Rachel was born in the state of Tennessee in the United States. Sharon Ramsey is her mother, and Dave Ramsey is her father. He has a brother, Daniel Ramsey, and a sister, Denise Ramsey. Winston Cruze is Rachel Cruze’s husband’s name. According to Astrologers, Rachel Cruze’s zodiac sign is Taurus.

Early Life & Education

Rachel Ramsey was born on April 4, 1988. Sharon Ramsey is her mother, while her father, Dave Ramsey, is a businessman and author. Daniel Ramsey and Denise Ramsey, two of her siblings, reared her together.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from Tennessee University. Their parents instilled in them a strong understanding of how to spend and save money when they were young. She took a position as a full-time employee at her father’s firm after graduation.

Career of Rachel Cruze

rachel cruze net worth

Rachel went straight to work for her father’s company following college. She began her own video blog in 2014. She co-hosted the show ‘The Legacy Journey’ with her father.

The presentation emphasized the need for financial discipline. She has been featured on a number of shows where she discusses her books as well as her financial skills. Good Morning America, The Today Show, Katie Fox, and Friends, to name a few, are among these programs.

She has established herself as an author, with bestsellers such as ‘Smart Money, Smart Kids,’ ‘Safeguarding Your Legacy,’ and ‘The Graduate’s Survival Guide’ among her works.

She also helped to publish ‘Woman’s Day.’ Rachel now educates individuals about personal finances in churches, business forums, and conferences. She mostly teaches young people about money and constantly advises them to avoid using credit cards in favor of debit cards.

The author has accomplished a lot in her profession. Her commitment to teaching people about money is a significant accomplishment. ‘The Wall Street Journal,’ ‘Publishers Weekly,’ and the ‘New York Times’ all named her book “Smart Money Smart Kids” as a top seller.

Rachel Ramsey Cruze Books:

  • The Graduate’s Survival Guide: Setting You Up for Success in College (2011)
  • Smart Money Smart Kids (2014)
  • Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want (2016)
  • The Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in College (2017)
  • The Contentment Journal (2019)

In 2014, Rachel and Dave’s famous book– ”Smart Money, Smart Kids.” The book talks on the following:

  • living responsibly; 
  • paying cash for college; 
  • saving money; 
  • avoiding debt; 
  • the importance of hard work; 
  • where the money comes from;

Awards & Achievements

Her book, Smart Money, Smart Kids, debuted at number one on the New York Times Best Sellers list. It was also praised by Publishers Weekly and The Wall Street Journal.

Net Worth & Earnings

Rachel Cruze’s net worth is projected to be $3 million as of February 2022. The sales of her novels are her primary source of revenue. She is also a money consultant, the owner of a video blog, and has been on television shows. That explains Rachel’s financial success.

Rachel Cruze is a well-known financial advisor and author. Winston Cruze is her husband, and Dave Ramsey is her father. In New York, Cruze is one of the most popular cars. Her phrase “spending within your means” inspires and helps many people. She is, ironically, a spendthrift.

Life Lessons

  • Begin investing as soon as possible

Investing early makes saving money much easier, especially when it comes to the onerous work of building a retirement nest egg.

“If Person A saves $5,000 a year from age 25 to 40 for a total of $75,000 and never invests another penny, and Person B invests $5,000 every year from 40 to 65 for a total of $125,000 invested, assuming 5% growth, Person A will end up with more than $400,000 by retirement, while Person B will only have $256,000, simply because Person A started saving earlier, even if she put away less,” I wrote in my story on investing secrets.

Simply by starting sooner, you might have an extra $150,000 by the time you retire!

This is the equivalent of someone offering you a free $150,000 right now with the caveat that you must wait until retirement to get the funds.

If they did, would you accept the offer? Then, as soon as possible, begin saving and investing and make it a lifelong habit.

  • A penny saved is better than a penny earned

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned throughout my life is also a famous cliche. A penny saved is a penny earned. Interestingly enough, I’ve found that this cliche doesn’t go far enough in how powerful saving is.

It should say a penny saved is WORTH MORE THAN a penny earned. When you earn one dollar the government always takes its cut.

After taxes, you may only be left with $0.75 ($1 * (1-.25)) to use on your expenditures. But, if you save $1 that you would have otherwise spent on something else, it’s like earning $1.33 ($1 / (1-.25).

This illustrates that cutting $1 of expenses has more power than earning $1 of income.

While both increasing your earnings and decreasing your expenses are things you should focus on, because of this principle, I’ve learned reducing your spending is often the most effective route to take.

  • Save For Retirement

While one can achieve almost every life goal with the help of a loan, retirement is something that you need to work on.

Planning for retirement is not a mystery; it is a simple act of saving and saving more for a phase in your life when active income dries up.

The collective impact of increasing longevity, better health care, and rising costs could pose a disastrous outcome. Make sure you start saving for retirement from the time you start earning and never stop saving towards these goals.

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Conclusion- Rachel Cruze Net Worth 2023

Rachel Cruze is a well-known American author who specializes in financial writing. She and her father co-authored a book called Smart Money, Smart Kids, which debuted at the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Rachel Cruze’s net worth is projected to be $3 million as of 2023.

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