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Top Fashion Bloggers To Follow 2024– Follow The Trend

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Top Fashion Bloggers To Follow- When it comes to fashion, aesthetics are crucial. It is therefore not surprising that many fashion enthusiasts flock to Instagram and fashion blogs for their fashion fix.

Instagram is wonderful for OOTDs (outfit of the day) and quick style ideas, but blogs are where serious fashionistas go to discuss the newest fashion trends, advice, and innovations.

Feeling a little uninspired today? You can dress well even when you’re slothful in the morning with fashion blogs. Have you observed the latest trends this season?

These blogs are useful for determining which clothes items and colors flatter your body type. In addition, they can offer advice on how to mix and match pieces to create a dozen stunning outfits without breaking the bank.

The rise of stylish Instagram influencers and stylists made it possible for the bloggers on our list to establish a substantial online presence.

Many of these bloggers got their start on social media, and their following quickly recognized their strong fashion sense.

While they have a website, most of them remain active on Instagram and YouTube.

Top Fashion Bloggers To Follow In 2024– Follow The Trend 

1. Atlantic-Pacific 

Top Fashion Bloggers To Follow In- Atlantic Pacific Main

Blair Eadie, the designer of Atlantic-Pacific, has been in the fashion industry for numerous years. 

Her former employment at Tory Burch and Gap gives her first-hand insight into the industry’s growth. She established Atlantic-Pacific in 2010 to display her “east-coast-meets-west-coast” fashion design.

She has amassed an extensive social media following, including more than 1.7 million Instagram followers.

She has served as an influencer for numerous brands, including Nordstrom, Amazon, CoverGirl, Sephora, and Gucci, among others.

Among others, she has collaborated on global campaigns with luxury companies such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

A simple check of her website reveals captivating photographs of the newest fashion trends she adores, as well as her advice on what to wear and where to purchase it.

Top Fashion Bloggers To Follow- What’s particularly fantastic about Atlantic-Pacific are Eadie’s frequent updates of Frequently Asked Inquiries, in which she answers questions from fans and followers.

Typical recent articles include:

  • Under $100 Favorites
  • Back to Basics: Seven Staples
  • H&M Innovation Collection

2. The Daileigh

The Daileigh Main

Ashleigh Hutchinson of The Daileigh encourages her readers to create their ideal closet. She hopes to assist women of all ages in discovering or creating a style they adore.

Ashleigh desires specifically for older women to feel secure in their personal style. She wishes to disprove the notion that certain fashions are exclusively suitable for a specific age group. 

Whether it’s “Dressing Better With the Clothes You Have” or “Starting a Capsule Wardrobe,” Ashleigh’s blog is full of tips for the average woman to make better fashion decisions.

In addition to her blog entries, she has also authored e-books and conducted online webinars to assist individuals in enhancing their fashion sense.

Frequently, Ashleigh publishes “How To” articles tailored to a certain subset of her readership. She has authored blog pieces for ladies of varied ages:

  • How to Wear Shorts in Your 40s
  • How to Wear Shorts in Your 50s
  • How to Wear Shorts in Your 60s

3. Egg Canvas-

EggCanvas Main / Top Fashion Bloggers To Follow

Erica Choi, a design director and photographer in New York, is the creator of Egg Canvas, a product with a quirky name.

Why is it called Egg Canvas? Erica was inspired by her childhood nickname, which means “egg” in Korean, as well as the medium of painting. Therefore, “Egg Canvas” is her life, since she creates lovely things daily on a blank canvas.

Top Fashion Bloggers To Follow- Erica, a licensed esthetician and graduate of graphic design, has a keen visual sense. The entries on Egg Canvas feature gorgeous images complemented by brief descriptions.

The site contains a segment on the most recent New York Fashion Week as well as a guide to New York City.

4. The Fashion Guitar-

The Fashion Guitar Main

The Fashion Guitar is the internet blog of Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren, who is of Dutch descent. Currently residing in New York, she is a mother of two and a full-time blogger.

Charlotte had already worked with fashion blogs in one of her previous positions before deciding to launch her own. The Fashion Guitar is a personal style blog that highlights Charlotte’s fashion sense.

As a result of her becoming a mother, her maternity and parenting style became a prominent aspect of her blog. Charlotte has collaborated with her favorite brands and designers and enjoys doing so.

Its posts are divided into nine categories:

  • Brand Collaborations
  • Fashion Week
  • Beauty
  • Editorial Shoots
  • Mamma Fashion
  • Travel
  • Inspiration
  • Outfit
  • 5 Days 5 Ways

5. Girl With Curves-

Girl With Curves Home

The body type of models is a long cry from reality. In reality, there are slim people, but there are also plus-size women who can seem equally attractive.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that only one body type is perfect for fashion, despite the fact that people come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

This is the mentality that Girl With Curves seeks to dispel. Tanesha Awasthi founded Girl With Curves in 2011 to represent normal-sized people who are neither size 0 or 2.

The blog touts itself as a “award-winning blog made possible by people who believe all women, regardless of weight, shape, or size, deserve to look and feel beautiful.”

Since beginning her site, Tanesha has been an industry favorite plus-size fashion blogger. Through fashion, she aspires to help women, particularly plus-size women, achieve confidence and self-esteem.

The site covers fashion trends, beauty advice, parenting, and health and wellness. Their hashtag #StyleHasNoSize highlights their conviction that fashion and style are for all body types.

In 2021, they debuted the Girl With Curves at QVC line, which featured clothing that were inclusive of all sizes.

6. Harper & Harley-

Harper and Harley Home / Top Fashion Bloggers To Follow

Fans of minimalist design will adore the website of Australian blogger Sara Crampton, Harper & Harley. Her “less is more” concept is evident in her fashion and interior design postings.

Sara has established herself as the go-to brand for a classic, timeless, and simple wardrobe since she began her blog in 2008.

Sara featured on the Australian reality television program Fashion Bloggers. In addition, she has collaborated with international fashion houses such as Estée Lauder, Gucci, Uniqlo, and Nike.

Sara’s impact has also extended to non-fashion firms; Jaguar, YSL Beauté, L’Oreal, and Dyson have all sought her counsel.

If you’re a fan of whites, blacks, and grays, head over to Harper & Harley to check out Sara’s basic yet incredibly fashionable wardrobe. Her blog entries include:

  • That Blazer Life
  • A Summer Staple
  • White Shirts and Blue Jeans Never Go Out of Fashion
  • My Pregnancy Style

7. Hello Fashion-

Hello Fashion Home

Hello Fashion is a blog written by Colombian-American Christine Andrew that covers fashion, beauty, family, lifestyle, and travel.

In 2011, Christine established her own fashion label, ILY Couture. In the same year, she launched Hello Fashion, first as an online diary where she shared her favorite fashion findings and advised ILY Couture clients on how to wear and style their purchases.

Christine has appeared on Vanity Fair’s list of the best-dressed individuals. Ironically, she was denied from a fashion design school; ironically, it was this rejection that motivated her to succeed in the fashion industry.

Hello Fashion has published the following posts recently:

  • How to Make Your Athleisure Look Luxurious
  • Button-up Shirts: 4 Ways to Wear Them
  • Fashionable Valentine’s Day looks

8. My Fash Diary-

My Fash Diary Home

Tala Samman, the creator and editor of the blog, defines fashion as “what others say is in,” whereas style is more subjective: “what you proclaim is in.”

My Fash Diary is Tala’s own style diary, in which she frequently posts about the things she loves, what she wears, and the latest fashion trends in Dubai and the locations she visits, among others.

Dubai-based Tala, who was born in Chicago and has Syrian ancestry, provides us a taste of Middle Eastern dress and style. Tala also writes about beauty, food, and travel, despite the blog’s name implying a fashion-centric focus.

Nominations for My Fash Diary have been received from Marie Claire, UK Blog, Twitter, and Ahlan! Dubai Awards’ Magazine’s Best.

There have been numerous publications featuring her, including Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Grazia Middle East, and Grazia Middle East. A Dubai Hot 100 award was given to her in 2011.

9. One Dapper Street-

One Dapper Street Home

We frequently believe that fashion blogs are only for women, however fashion is for everyone. One Dapper Street is a blog that focuses on males and seeks to alter their perspective on fashion.

This site is owned by Marcel Floruss, “a German guy who loves fashion and everything that goes with it.” Marcel’s enthusiasm for fashion brought him from Germany to New York City.

Marcel, a former model, attended fashion school in New York. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree, he wanted to address the manner in which men dress and their perception of fashion as feminine.

The site has various highly visual articles on a variety of men’s fashion and lifestyle issues.

10. Grasie Mercedes-

Grasie Mercedes Home / Top Fashion Bloggers To Follow

Multifaceted originality Grasie Mercedes is a fashion blogger unlike any other. In addition to being an actress, writer, filmmaker, director, and podcast presenter, she has a fantastic sense of style.

Her website, titled Grasie Mercedes, showcases her entertainment business work. In the blog area, she writes on fashion, travel, beauty, and way of life.

In her blogs, you can see exquisite photos. You will observe Gracie wearing the most current fashion trends and her favorite attire.

One may consider Grasie’s website to be her online portfolio, where she displays her immense creative talent. Her fashion-related blog postings demonstrate her value as a stylist and writer.

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Conclusion- Top Fashion Bloggers To Follow In 2024– Follow The Trend

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your wardrobe. To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of our favorite fashion bloggers who always have great style advice.

Whether you’re looking for outfit ideas or tips on how to update your look, these bloggers are sure to inspire you.

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