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Tubebuddy Free Trial 2024– Claim Your Free Trial Now!

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If you have a YouTube channel, you need to use the free version of TubeBuddy before you switch to the paid plan. Today, I’ll tell you how to get a free TubeBuddy trial in this article. After that, you can use our coupon code to get 20% off any premium plan.

Tubebuddy Free Trial 2024

What is Tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy Free Trial- TubeBuddy-Overview

TubeBuddy is one of the best tools for YouTube, and it has a lot of features that YouTubers can use to grow their channels faster and more smartly. More than 3 million YouTube creators and brands use Tubebuddy.

What are the best TubeBuddy features?

TubeBuddy has more than 65 features that can help your videos rank higher in YouTube’s algorithm. Here are my four favorite TubeBuddy features – 

A Suite for uploading and exploring keywords

A lot of YouTube SEO magic happens in the upload suite. This includes the Keyword explorer, which is the most important TubeBuddy tool for growing your channel and getting more views.

It is worth it just for this tool alone to subscribe to TubeBuddy. People will pay attention to you.

Just type your video idea into the search box, and it will tell you what high-volume related keywords you can use in your title. It also tells you what’s popular, so you can bet big on anything that’s popular.

It gives you a huge list of keywords and ideas for videos. Even better if the overall score is “poor.” It means it’s very competitive (but could get a lot of views! ), and all you have to do to get into the YouTube algorithm is make a great video.

You need suggested views, not top search results, if you read my guide to growing your YouTube channel. TubeBuddy can help you do this!

Suggested tags

This goes well with the keyword explorer. The suggested tags tool is built into the page where you upload videos and gives you suggestions for tags based on your main keywords.

Advanced Videolytics

With the TubeBuddy add-on, you can see how other videos are ranked and what tags they have. You can look at other people’s videos and see what tags they use. You can then use those tags in your own video to get more views.

Here, you could try to get some of the suggested views that come up after people watch this video by using some of the tags in it. You can grow your channel from nothing by “drafting” millions of views from these tags that are already popular. It’s true!

Video A/B Testing

The Legend plan, which I have, is worth it to me just for this one feature. The A/B testing feature is the best way to get millions of people to see your videos.

It lets you compare different thumbnails and titles for the same video to see which one does better. TubeBuddy will change your thumbnails and titles every other day if you give it two different thumbnails and titles. Afterward, it will let you know which one received more views.

At the end, TubeBuddy makes a report that shows how many people clicked on each one. Then you can switch to the one that works better!

This can add up to millions of views over time for your whole channel, and the thumbnail and title are so important that they can make or break a video.

Bulk Processing

TubeBuddy Bulk Processing

It can save you time and help you earn money. Bulk processing can be used to:

  1. You can bulk change your description, title, or thumbnail at any time
  2. Change cards in bulk
  3. End screens can be updated in bulk

Comment Moderation

As your channel grows and you get more and more comments, this will become an important tool that will save you a lot of time. 

Comments can be sorted easily, pre-written answers can be provided quickly, and new subscribers can be highlighted. This is one of my favorite apps! Use this tool if you want to connect with people in your community.

Publish to Facebook

Before I had TubeBuddy, I would just post links to my YouTube videos on my Facebook page to try to get more people to watch them on YouTube.

With TubeBuddy, I can now upload directly to Facebook, which saves me a lot of time. This lets me use the autoplay feature on Facebook and also get quite a few views on Facebook.

Opportunity Finder

With this tool, you will get more views on Google instead of YouTube. The tool tells you what tags to add to your website so that more people can find it when searching online. Adding tags to your videos may help them rank higher in Google searches.

Auto Translator

This lets you translate the names of your videos and what they are about into different languages. You can reach a lot more people around the world!

Best Time to Publish

This one will save your life. In the past, I just guessed the best time to post on YouTube based on where I was and what time zone I was in. Now, I use TubeBuddy’s detailed analytics to determine when my audience will most likely watch my videos. This can give your videos a big boost and help them get into YouTube’s algorithm.

Competitor Scorecard

The monthly views, subscribers, uploads, and engagement of your channel can be compared to those of your competitors. CSV files can be saved and analyzed in detail.

Health Report

This gives you an idea of how your channel is doing as a whole. It tells you what’s working for your channel and what’s not. 

Social Monitor

You can see where your videos are being shared and talked about by using Social Monitor. It looks at Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest.

This has helped me a lot to see what people on Reddit are saying about my videos. You won’t have to look for your videos on each of these social networks one by one. Instead, you can do it quickly with TubeBuddy.

Upload Checklist

This is one of the best things TubeBuddy can do. You won’t forget any steps in the process of uploading! Every time you upload a video, there are 9 things you should do.

Brad Alerts

Another great thing about TubeBuddy! I use it to find out what people are saying about my brand. TubeBuddy looks for videos that have my brand name in the title, description, or tags.

It’s a great way to find out what people on YouTube think about your brand as a whole. You can also use it for any keyword you want, which can help you keep an eye on your competitors.

Thumbnail Generator

You can use a great tool on TubeBuddy to make thumbnails for your uploads. Photoshop is the best, but it’s hard to learn, so I suggest you start with the thumbnail maker.

Channel Valuation

With this tool, you can figure out how much to charge for brand deals. With Social Blue Book, you can calculate the price of a dedicated video or shoutout based on traffic per video, viewings per month, and subscribers!

You can also use it to determine whether the value of your channel is increasing or decreasing.

Demonetisation Audit

I need the audit of the demonetization! It looks at your title, keywords, and tags and tells you if any of them are “sensitive” enough to cause a demonetization.

Nothing is worse than putting a lot of work into a video only to find out after you’ve posted it that one of the words you used in the title or description was wrong.

Then, right after you upload, you’re out of money for the most important time! Even if YouTube checks the video and decides it’s okay, you lost the first money! Some words you never would have thought of!


Dive deep into competitor channels! With TubeBuddy channelytics, check out tags and monthly views! The Channelytics tab can be found on any other channel!

What is the use of Tubebuddy?

TubeBuddy- Optimizing Youtube Content

TubeBuddy helps you plan and research content for your YouTube channel and manage your YouTube channels. Real-time suggestions are based on your video title tags and ranking and are connected directly to your YouTube account.

How to get TubeBuddy Free Trial?

Here’s how to get a free trial of TubeBuddy:

  1. Sign up for coupons by clicking here: The first thing you need to do is click here to go to a page with a free trial coupon for Tubebuddy.
  2. Now Signup: The second step is to go to the Tube Buddy homepage, click “Sign Up,” and then sign up with your Google account.
  3. Install the Tubebuddy add-on: The third step is to install the tube buddy extension in your browser if you haven’t already.
  4. Start up the YouTube Creator Studio: The fourth step is to open YouTube Creator Studio and look at the tubebuddy plan after you have installed the extension.

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Conclusion Tubebuddy Free Trial 2024

TubeBuddy is an essential tool for any YouTube creator serious about growing their channel. The best part is that you can try it out for free with their 14-day trial.

Why not sign up today and see how TubeBuddy can help you take your channel to the next level? We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful. Do let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or feedback.

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