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10 Ways to Gain Followers On Medium (Increase Your Following on Medium)

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Medium is a shining beacon of hope if you’re feeling like your great content is going unnoticed and unloved at a time when organic reach is declining (or dead) on many social networks.

One of the best things about Medium is that it focuses on the worth of your ideas. It’s not just another location where the biggest names and celebrities reign supreme.

Even if you aren’t a top influencer with millions of followers, or if your niche is small, your Medium story can garner a lot of attention and green hearts (the Recommend button). It is possible.

About Medium!

ways to gain followers on Medium


One of the more well-known free blogging platforms is Medium.10 ways to gain followers on Medium, lets read about it in depth. The site includes amateur writers as well as well-known writers for major media outlets.

Medium writers are compensated through the platform’s Partner Program, which allocates funds based on total article read time.

The site is popular among bloggers because it is free for writers, there is no need for web design or technical knowledge, and the posts are beautifully formatted.

History of Medium

The medium was created by Ev Williams in August 2012. Williams coined the term “blogger” and was instrumental in its popularization. Medium is, in many ways, a natural extension of Williams’ previous companies, Blogger and Twitter.

Medium makes it incredibly simple to create and publish content of any length.

How to gain followers on Medium?

The most effective way to gain followers on Medium is to create good content and try to publish with publications. When you publish with a publication, your content is featured on their homepage, which means that a lot of people will see it, and if you made good content, they will follow you.

Also, Medium curation is quite useful, but you won’t get curated as much in the beginning; you need to gain some prestige first, which you do by publishing with publications.

1. Write Consistently

If you want to expand your Medium audience, you must write and publish on a daily basis. This is emphasized in an article I wrote about the posting habits of top-earning Medium writers.

While some authors do succeed with less frequent posting, they almost always have large audiences outside of Medium, a large number of Medium followers, or are social media influencers.

Because Medium is a hybrid social media-blogging platform, users want to stay up to date on the topics being discussed. Even if you don’t like someone’s writing, most people follow a diverse group of writers. 

By consistently publishing, you add yourself to the list of “people I should follow” in the minds of your readers. You’re also utilizing Medium’s large built-in audience and algorithm. Medium’s algorithm is constantly displaying new writers to readers.

Posting more frequently exposes you to a much larger group of writers.

Medium Writing

2. Post Quality Articles

Quality articles fare fare fare fare fare fare fare fare fare fare fare fare far Improving your curation rate can be the difference between gaining your first 1,000 followers and not.

You can get your first large group of followers by writing in-depth articles on popular and “in demand” topics such as psychology, creativity, parenting, life, relationships, and so on, or by posting content centered on your own niche.

Because the most successful articles are distributed in multiple tags, you should use multiple tags in your post. It allows your content to spread across a wide range of knowledge. Consider devoting 3-5 hours to a single article in order to ensure its quality. Citations should be used wherever possible.

Use appropriate titles, subheadings, and images to structure your content. Also, make sure the content is properly formatted for readability.

Because of the high quality of these articles, I was invited to be published on other websites as well as syndications. All of this contributed to the increase in external traffic to my account.

3. Add High-Quality Images

Visuals increase engagement on any platform, whether it’s Medium or another. Unless you include an image in your Medium post, your teaser will be just a few words (usually the first sentence of your post), resulting in fewer clicks and readers. Always try to include a great, attention-grabbing visual. 

4. Submit Your Article To Medium Publications

Having your article published in a publication expands your reach beyond your current followers to include however many followers that publication has. Having your work featured in a large publication can give you a huge boost — some Medium publications have over 100,000 followers.

Someone new to Medium with a small following could ask me to feature a post in my channel, exposing them to a brand new and much larger audience.

5. Submit Your Article Outside Publications

When I started writing for other publications, I noticed a significant increase in my Medium presence. The key to growth is to capitalize on synergies between publications outside of Medium as well as publications on Medium.

Publications on Medium assisted me in refining my brand to target specific niches. They also assisted in introducing me to internal relevant audiences.

Publications other than Medium assisted me in broadening my brand and exposing me to audiences other than Medium. They also assisted in invalidating my expertise and experiences for use on Medium.

6. Medium Responses

Writing Medium responses is an excellent way to increase your following. And it makes perfect sense. If someone reads your article thoroughly (without skimming) and writes a response, they are devoting time from their day (time they could potentially be writing themselves) to help start a conversation about your article.

People who write insightful responses to stories are usually taken notice of by writers. While this method is time-consuming, it is one of the most certain ways to grow your Medium following.

7. Establish a Niche

Success as a medium writer does not happen overnight. It also does not happen to writers who jump from topic to topic erratically. To be successful on Medium, you must develop a distinct voice that readers will recognize. This allows you to cultivate an engaged audience on the platform.

Focusing on a few key topics gives you some leeway while also allowing you to establish yourself as a top writer in one or more Medium topics (which are eligible for top writer status).

8. Share your work on Social Media 

For a while, I only shared my work on a few social media platforms. Then, as I attempted to increase my income, I focused on expanding my social media presence. Except for YouTube and Instagram, I now share my work on almost every social media platform.

Every day, once a day, I shared my work on these platforms. I also participated in these platforms by following others and liking their work. I also selectively shared the work of other writers on my social media accounts.

9. Delete & Repost Old Articles

Not every Medium article you publish will be a smash hit. However, if you truly believe your article should have done well but didn’t receive enough reads and hearts for whatever reason, you are free to delete and republish it.

If your content has fewer than 1,000 views and 50 hearts, give it a third chance (the first being wherever it was originally published, and the second being its first incarnation on Medium). Please try again.

Success on Medium is a little haphazard. Some of it is due to publishing at the right time when people are active, resulting in a snowball effect of people recommending your post.

10. Follow People Who Engage With Your Content

This is a no-brainer. Follow people back whenever they engage with your content, whether it’s through a recommendation or a comment, and they’ll see a notification that you’ve done so.

They’ve expressed an interest in what you’re writing about. So keep them interested! Strike while their attention is still on your content. The people who have interacted with your posts are likely to follow you back. Approximately one-quarter of the people I’ve followed have followed me back.

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So, guys, this is how you optimize for Medium:

  • Make use of a great image.
  • Collaborate with Medium publications to gain more exposure.
  • Delete underperforming posts and reintroduce them.
  • Increase your Twitter and Facebook followers.
  • People who like your posts should be followed.
  • Create a niche and stick to it.
  • Regular posting is required.
  • Provide high-quality content.
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