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What Does PS Mean In Texting In 2023– Find Detailed Meaning

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What Does PS Mean In Texting & It’s Correct Usage:

From informal chats to business emails, you may have encountered the abbreviation “PS” in numerous kinds of text communication. However, what does it mean? It is an extremely popular acronym that we use in everyday conversation.

It is a contraction of the Latin phrase post scriptum, which means “postscript.” It translates to “written after” in English, as “post” means “after” and “scriptum” means “writing.”

PS is an abbreviation that is traditionally used following the main body or context of any written article. This is due to the fact that it is an afterthought that typically functions as an addition.

Origin of Post Scriptum

We suppose you have heard the iconic song PS I Love You from the 1963 album by the Beatles, but where did it originate? When people wrote letters, backspacing was not an option, unlike today.

There was no option to go back and add material if they missed any crucial data or information. To include any forgotten thoughts, you may either rewrite the entire letter or add a P.S. section at the end.

The inclusion of a postscript was crucial at the time. It prevented time-consuming redos and allowed for afterthoughts and overlooked nuances. And while its origins date back to antiquity, it is useful today.

Punctuating PS

You could have queries about the punctuation rules in PS. Should it be capitalized? Or is it used with or without periods? Some even wonder whether it is necessary to include any punctuation following PS.

The appropriate approach is to capitalize both letters. Regarding the use of periods, however, grammarians are currently debating the matter.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the British English format should be spelled PS. It also specifies that in American English, P.S. is written with two periods: P.S. Even so, The Chicago Manual of Style recommends using PS without periods.

The trailing punctuation is another aspect of punctuation that grammarians frequently argue. Some prefer that it be devoid of trailing punctuation. Others believe it should be followed by a colon to distinguish it from the statement.

The conclusion regarding the acceptable punctuation style for PS? There are no strict regulations. The only correct way to use PS is with both letters capitalized (and add periods separating them, if you wish).

The safest course of action would be to omit any trailing punctuation. However, if you need to add multiple afterthoughts, you can also utilize PPS, PPPS, PPPPS, etc.

An example of the different ways you can punctuate PS:

  • PS. Don’t forget to read the book I sent you and tell me what you think.
  • P.S. I sent you a book, so please read it and let me know what you think.
  • PS: Please let me know what you think of the book I sent you.
  • P.S.: Be sure to read the book I sent you and let me know what you think.

The way you punctuate PS in a letter or email does not need to adhere to a style guide.

Using PS

Despite the fact that it is now simple to modify a digitally written piece, the abbreviation “PS” is still commonly used in writing. This could be because it attracts the reader’s attention and provides them with further information.

It can also serve to emphasize something you may have already mentioned in the body of your content.

It is also a fantastic method to add a personal touch to anything you have written. Grammarly defines it as the wink you give as you depart.

Today, it is frequently used as a reminder or a humorous afterthought. Some also utilized it to give a call to action or to summarize the message’s substance.

After signing off, lovers frequently include a PS section to remind their loved ones of their affection.

Charles Dickens used it in a letter to his young fan to apologize for his sloppy signature. Here’s how the celebrity sender concluded his PS:

P.S. I don’t write my name clearly, but you already know it, so never worry.

Regardless of the type of correspondence you’re writing, you can utilize PS to add any information that you neglected to include in the main context.

Whether you are sending a letter, text message, or email, you may utilize PS to include any closing remarks.

While it may seem that a PS section below the signature line would be ludicrous, it actually looks much better. It is OK to capitalize the letters p and s beneath your signature.

Then, write your additional content on the same line as shown in the samples above. Although people use acronyms such as IKR when communicating on sites such as Whatsapp and Instagram, they continue to utilize PS in discussions. In this situation, the message is added as a new one.

Using PS correctly in email

Computers and word processors enable us to effortlessly revise and reprint documents. This indicates that electronic communication could completely eliminate the need for PS.

Nevertheless, this is not the case. Instead, it continues to be used in emails and texts to draw the reader’s attention to a particular subject. The function of the tool has shifted from filling in missing information to underlining or adding an afterthought.

It is particularly important in emails because we have evolved into a generation that tends to skim through lengthy texts and only notice the beginning and end. Here is where PS is at its most effective.

Even if you do not choose to read the full email, you will notice the PS section at the conclusion. This can assist the sender in effectively conveying their message. According to studies, 79 percent of recipients read the PS immediately after opening an email.

Example of using PS in an email:

Best Wishes,


PS: I’m looking forward to seeing you next week.

The Best Ways to Use PS in Today’s World

In spite of its original purpose of including missed points, PS is now used for a variety of purposes.

1. For Emphasizing a Point

The usage of post scriptum allows you to emphasize an important topic that may have already been mentioned in the context. This assists the reader in identifying the most crucial aspect of your message.

PS separates the additional statement from the remainder of the text, allowing you to highlight a specific topic.

2. Adding Something Extra

So frequently, you will have a brilliant notion or idea that does not match the overall tone or theme of the situation. In such a circumstance, employ PS to ensure that your thought is heard.

3. Adding a Bit of a Charm

If you are a person who likes to have fun and you want to give your recipient something to enjoy, begin adding after scriptum. It allows you to add a touch of personalization to any context. You may also include humor or something pleasant.

4. Sharing a Parting Thought

Another method to utilize a PS is to conclude your email with a crucial takeaway or final thought.

5. Expressing a Sentiment

It should not come as a surprise that post scriptum has played a significant part in love letters since their inception.

Even in the twenty-first century, love letters that lack a heartfelt PS feel incomplete. Don’t forget to include post scriptum to convey your deepest feelings.

6. Having the Last Word in an Argument

A post scriptum can be used to add a few final words to reinforce your point. It is an effective approach for professionals to appear assertive and guarantee that their point has been made clear.

7. Reiterating a Call to Action

A post scriptum can also include a call to action, as it is frequently employed as a marketing approach.

Your recipient may not have recognized your expectations from the email’s body. However, including a PS can capture their attention faster.

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Summing up- What Does PS Mean In Texting

Post scriptum is a Latin term that means to add additional information after signing off. Even if the original rationale for its use no longer exists, PS is still employed in correspondence today.

PS functions can be found in chat inboxes, emails, and even certain novels. Now, it is used to emphasize a crucial point, attract the reader’s attention, or summarize the main body’s content.

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