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BionicWP Review 2024: Why Move to a Managed WordPress Hosting?

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Check out BionicWP Review if you are Hosting your first business website. You get a host, launch your website, perform some customizations and start marketing it. That’s it.

But, what if your hosting solution can’t cater to the traffic your website receives on a daily basis? And, it charges double the price for moving your site to a better hosting server? What then?

That’s a conundrum most established businesses face online and I was one of them.

Hosting my first few websites on a VPS server was a piece of cake.

I started paying for the hosting service and it worked out well. After two years, when I was getting more traffic to my sites and most of them were earning handsome profits, the hosting service decided to deactivate my sites. 

My Previous Hosting Service Blackmailed Me!

I received an email from my hosting server saying that I was going over the limit. And, if I had to continue using their service I would need to upgrade. 

The worst of it all! They were not willing to provide any backups for my websites unless I pay them first. This was RANSOM in the simplest terms.

That’s when I decided I need a hosting solution that scales automatically and doesn’t blackmail its customers.

Searching for a Decent Hosting Solution

While searching for a decent host I stumbled upon BionicWP. The hosting solution offers only WordPress-specific hosting. It doesn’t have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your own cloud server. However, what it offers is a hosting solution that can be scaled with ease. 

My second worry was, will the hosting solution offer a backup, unlike my previous host? That’s where BionicWP shined. It offered a 30-day backup out of the box. It means even if I am not actively backing up my site, BionicWP will do that for me.

There are a lot more features that impressed me about BionicWP and I finally decided to switch to this platform. I will be discussing all of them in detail below, but first, let me explain how it scales the websites.

BionicWP Review - old way vs BionicWP way

So, I have a single website on BionicWP and its pricing chart says that I can get a maximum of 20,000 visitors per month. 

However, if I want to scale my website to like 22,000 visitors per month, what then? I would have to pay just $1 in overage to cater to the additional 2000 visitors on the site.

Now, when I exceed the limit of 20,000 I will be able to scale my website without any issues.

See? Simple isn’t it? you can auto-scale with BionicWP without having to worry about any downtime.

Moreover, BionicWP will alert you when you are exceeding the traffic or the bandwidth limit to ensure that you are always at the top of your game.

Other BionicWP features that I loved:

  • Hack-promise
  • Daily Backups and Retention until 30 days
  • Daily Malware scans and removals
  • Weekly Version and Performance Monitoring
  • Site Performance Guarantee 
  • Staging Environment
  • Try Before You Buy
  • Staging environment for testing
  • And… White Label Hosting Solution

Overview of BionicWP Review

BionicWP Review Hosting Solution Overview

BionicWP has a simple but attractive GUI. You click the ‘Sign up’ button to create an account on the platform. 

Once you create an account, you can launch your first site for free to experience the platform. 

In the free trial, you will see the image available above. It is the dashboard for the BionicWP platform.

As you can see everything is labeled and properly displayed on the dashboard. Users can easily see the performance of their website, check the number of websites in live, staging, and backed upstate.

Moreover, they can also see what themes, plugins, and core WordPress installations require updates.   

BionicWP – An Overview Of The Dashboard 

When you launch the dashboard, you’ll see that all the features are present for easy access. 

You’ll get access to SSH and sFTP so that you can easily make the necessary changes if you want to make them yourself.

BionicWP gives you an option to make immediate updates in the WordPress core, your website’s plugins, and themes. With one click, you can update everything or choose a separate ‘Update’ option to update one thing at a time. 

BionicWP offers daily backup, which means you don’t have to worry about any data loss because all of your data will be stored on cloud storage. You’ll get 30-day backup storage with every website that you host on BionicWP.

Now let’s start a hosting server on BionicWP.

Launching your own hosting server on BionicWP is easy, You just have to add the hosting details and the server will launch within seconds.

Once the server has launched, you will get the indicator on the main site page. Here it says that you have 1 live website available.

Once the website is live, you can see it by clicking on the link ‘Live’ or clicking on ‘W’ WordPress icon.

As you can see, our website is now live.

You can also check the application-level details to see how your site is performing. 

The site details include IP address, path, location, and plugin API Key. When you add a domain, you will also see the Google page speed insights of your site in detail.

Similarly, you also get the SSH and site management details on the same page.

In our case, we have the server details such as updates, resources, and backups available. 

To create a staging area for testing your site features, simply click on the ‘Site Staging’ section.

Now ‘create a staging area’ to test new features in a safe environment.

Once your plugins, themes, or core requires updates, they will automatically show on the application dashboard screen.

Some plugins  Installed to test the BionicWP platform, are available below. You can see that all the plugins are shown on the dashboard. Those that get updated, disappear from the dashboard.

I can make the same basic configurations from the BionicWP WordPress screen.

It offers me the option to clear cache, reset site permissions, and put the site in Maintenance mode right from the admin panel in WordPress.

I can also add domain with the click of a button. The option to change all that is pretty self-explanatory.

However, the support team is always available to guide you if you need help.

You can add a domain name by clicking on ‘Domain Setting’ and then add the domain.

Similarly, you can also add SSL certificate to the domain name with the click of a button:

Live Sites on BionicWP

BionicWP Daily Backups

BionicWP automatically adds site backups that you can download or restore if needed. 

What if you get hacked? That’s also a feature bionicWP offers. It will restore your website to the previous working version free of cost so that you can keep working on your website without a break in operations.

The hack promise is available free of cost with the basic pricing package of your website.

BionicWP Addon Options

If you have added a website to BionicWP and are still unsure how this will work for you, then don’t worry. You can easily add more addons to your site with the following feature:

Enable Form Checks and Unlimited Edits to the site by clicking on the ‘Enable’ button within the website dashboard.

BionicWP Site Operations

Similarly, BionicWP offers a simple option to manage site operations. 

In this section, you can manage to Reset Permissions, Clear Cache, Push and Pull Environment, and Delete Site if needed.

The whole learning curve gets easier when the site has a GUI setup available.

Pricing of BionicWP Hosting 

BionicWP Review Pricing

BonicWP offers progressive pricing for its users. The price of the solution decreases as they add more sites to the solution. Each website can have a capacity of 20,000 visitors, 50GB bandwidth, and 5GB disk space.

The price of a single website hosting on this WordPress managed hosting solution is $27.5. You have the option to add five different add ons including:

  • Bionic Speed
  • Unlimited Site Edits
  • Weekly Form Check
  • Transactional Email
  • Advanced Security

BioniWP offers top speed by default but you can get an addon that ensures guaranteed performance hike. Similarly, you get unlimited site edits for as much as 30 minutes in one session.

These will include changing site banners, adding relevant information, uploading products and much more. Users can also opt for advanced site security where a dedicated support team ensures site security.

Moreover, clients can also get an add-on for weekly form checks if they have many forms available on the site.

BionicWP offers a unique pricing model. A client’s cost per site decreases as he/she hosts  more number of sites on the platform. For instance, if you host 2 websites on BionicWP the price of one website decreases to $22.5 (From $27.5).

So,people might prefer to buy at least two or more website-hosting packages.

So, that was a little introduction about pricing of BionicWP.

Is BionicWP Fast Enough? How Fast Are We Talking About?

BionicWP is super-fast! I will prove that by testing the site speed of one of my websites.

Here are the results of my test on GTMetrix.

As you can see, the website has an A grade on GTMetrix. It also has a 100 percent performance score and the site structure is 99 percent complete. LCP is less than 1 second. These show that the website is performing at peak capacity.

I loved BionicWP because of this specific feature. In layman terms, a website that has a 3 second load time means it will cater to 100 percent of the users.

However, if the website speed is below the 7-second mark, it will lose 70 percent of the traffic it gets due to slow performance. That’s how important speed is now for any website that is available on the internet.

Getting a Perfect 100%! 

I tested the website on Google page speed and on Pingdom. The results are the same on almost any platform. You can see that BionicWP performance promise works.

BionicWP uses a mix of Google Cloud, Linux Containers, Nginx Cache, and FCGI, and a hyper-optimized stack to improve the speed of any website. 

BionicWP WordPress Hosting Features: A Detailed Overview

While we have discussed a few hosting features offered by BionicWP, there are many more that we haven’t discussed yet but that are equally great for any WordPress user. Let’s learn about those BionicWP WordPress managed hosting features in detail. 

Is BionicWP a Truly Managed Solution?

BionicWP offers server, and application-level support for all its users. For those who 0are getting server-level support from their previous hosting provider but require application-level support as well, BionicWP is a great hosting solution for them. 

For me, the problem was a hosting solution that provided neither server-level support nor application-level support. Moreover, I didn’t receive any notifications from the service for hosting the website.

Therefore, BionicWP was a wise choice for me to move to. It offered both site-level, application-level, and server-level support and the support team is always available whenever needed.

BionicWP a Truly Managed Solution

Unlimited Site Edits

Unlimited site edits are everything that you would need to make changes to your website. For starters, let’s assume that you have a WordPress website that requires changes. You don’t have time to make those changes yourself. That’s where a solution like BionicWP comes in handy. 

BionicWP WordPress hosting offers the add-on package for as low as $25 only. In short, the addon is like you get a virtual assistant to help you get things done.

Fully White Labeled Hosting Solution

BionicWP is a fully white-label hosting solution. In case you dont know, White Label hosting is when an agency offers hosting to its clients as a hosting provider whilst using a solution like BionicWP on the backend..

The benefit is that both BionicWP and its clients win. They offer hosting and other development services to their clients and BionicWP handles the support for those clients including the addon packages that the agencies have bought.

The best part about white label hosting packages is that clients can easily sell the hosting package at a premium cost. When BionicWP replies to support tickets it uses the agency’s email addresses so as to obscure the support IDs.

This ensures that the end-users don’t know who is supplying the support for their service.

Performance-Focused Features by BionicWP

BionicWP hosting service is one of its kind. There is no comparison in terms of support. The performance guarantee package offered by the company is not offered by any other hosting solution.

Moreover, BionicWP promises that if it is not able to increase the performance of a website, it will return the money back to the user. 

90+ GTMetrix & Google Pagespeed scores

BionicWP uses two ways to measure the performance of a website and these are the GTMetrix score and the Google page speed score. Both are great ways for anyone to gauge their site speed. 

Even during the trial, BionicWP ensures that the users get a 90+ score on both these tools. Users can also test the performance of their websites by going to GTMetrix.

Moreover, when a user decides to host on BionicWP, the support team migrates the website for free to a staging area so that the users can test the performance of the platform and experience various features on offer.

Double Site Conversion with BionicWP

As we discussed earlier, BionicWP takes your site to a 3-second load time so that you can get more visitors, decrease site bounce rate, and double your conversion rate and ROI.

Google C2 High Compute Instances with Premium Tier Bandwidth 

BionicWP hosts its servers on the fastest cloud servers available in the market. Cloud C2 High Compute Servers by Google are those where google hosts its own websites and applications so you can imagine how fast these are in reality.

Moreover, it offers premium tier bandwidth so that users can easily scale the servers and get more bandwidth for their website.

Nginx + FCGI + PHP 7.4 + MariaDB/MYSQL with LXD Containers

Next, the best thing that BionicWP has done for its users is that it offers Nginx cache with Linux containers. These are coupled with PHP’s latest version and FastCGI to improve the performance even further. In short, Google Cloud servers with a customized performance stack is like adding rocket jets to your Ferrari.

The best part, these are built-in within the website. So you get the most benefit from your site at a minimum price.

Security Features by BionicWP

Security is paramount for any hosting solution. Without ironclad security, a hosting solution is futile to even exist that’s why BionicWP has added some amazing security features for its users.

It offers CDN, SSL certificate, hack-promise, off-site backups, daily security and malware monitoring, IP whitelisting, and staging area for users so that they can easily try new features without breaking the website.

Malware Scanning & WAF Firewalls

Malware and trojan are a reality. They can easily get into your site and slow its performance. Most of the trojan viruses can use your website resources for illegit purposes such as mining cryptocurrency, sharing user data, or running DDoS attacks on other parties.

You will not be even aware that your website has a virus. The site speed will constantly deteriorate and you will witness constant downtimes.

BionicWP offers Website Application Firewall (WAF) protection so that your site remains secure at all times. It ensures that no hacking attacks are made on your sites such as DDoS attacks, SQL injection, Cross-Site scripting security, and various others.

BionicWP Review Security

Hack-Proof Security

Similarly, BionicWP offers hack-promise for its users. What hack-promise means is that if the website of the user is hacked, it will be recovered immediately by the support team of the WordPress managed host. 

BionicWP constantly monitors websites for performance and downtime. If they see that a website is hacked, they restore it to the most recent working version so that users can stay connected and online at all times.

There are no extra charges for hack-proofing and in fact, all hosting packages offered by BionicWP have this feature.

BionicWP understands that data is of utmost importance to any website admin and that’s why it offers this feature to its users. It also keeps a 30-day website backup so that users can easily restore their websites with ease.

Site Management Features of BionicWP

Let’s take a look at some site management and application management features offered by BionicWP to its users. Some major features that BionicWP offers are site updates and maintenance, site edits, and application-level support.

Moreover, it protects against viruses and performance issues. 

BionicWP Site Management

BionicWP Core, Theme, & Plugins Updates

Almost all managed hosting solutions offer server-level support but rarely anyone offers application-level support like WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates.

That’s why I opted for BionicWP in the first place. These diverse features not only save the time of the user but they also keep the website in great shape.

BionicWP shows updates related to WordPress core updates, themes, and plugins on the platform’s dashboard. All these updates are available within the managed hosting package and users will not have to buy any additional addon.

Weekly Performance Check

BionicWP also ensures that websites have a peak performance level at all times. They offer weekly site performance and server monitoring features for all their users. The BionicWP support team constantly monitors site performance.

If there are any issues, the support team fixes them and sends a report to the client informing about the fixes. This keeps the clients always updated about whatever is happening on their website. 

The purpose is of course to ensure that websites perform at optimum speed and can serve their clients in whatever way needed.

Unlimited Site Edits

When there are too many changes on a website, it is tiring to make them by yourself. Don’t you just wish for a virtual assistant at that time? That’s one problem BionicWP has tried to solve with its offering.  

Unlimited Site Edits is an add-on package available for just $25. Users can get this package and they will have access to unlimited site edits. They can get them as many times as they want. 

This would include adding content, changing banners, placing CTAs, and doing other basic work on the site that requires a lot of time to be done.

Of course, there are a few conditions when it comes to site edits, but they are minor and you have all the liberty to use the addon.

Staging Environment

Finally, BionicWP WordPress managed hosting offers a staging environment where users can test website features. A staging environment like the one offered by BionicWP ensures that you have space where you can test all new features without any complications.

Setting up a staging environment is very easy and the platform offers a one-click option to create a staging environment for BionicWP.

I have also shown BionicWP performance tests. It is time to see if BionicWP hosting is 100 percent secure. So here are some tests for that as well.

Security Testing on BionicWP Hosting

The best tool for testing site security of BionicWP is Quttera. The site offers to test page URLs, trojan, and malware (if any) on the website and ensures that it has a clean structure.

Moreover, Quttera also looks at the history of domains on Google, Yandex, Baidu, and other search engines for any illicit activities.

Here are the results of the test of the domain.

As the server results have shown, the site and the server are completely clean of malware and ready for use.

Earning With BionicWP’s Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

The interesting thing about BionicWP is that it has a very flexible payment tier for its affiliates.

  • Each affiliate can earn up to $75 per new account that they bring to host on BionicWP and they will get a 12.5% recurring commission per month.
  • The affiliate network is perfect for bloggers, affiliate marketers, YouTubers, CPA and PPC marketers, and any other solution experts that have their own website and want to become affiliated with trusted WordPress managed hosting solutions.
  • BionicWP has a 60-day cookie so that marketers can easily market with complete peace of mind
  • You will get complete website assets when you market BionicWP through your assets
  • BionicWP will pay as soon as you cross $0.01. There is no wait for reaching a minimum tier. That’s one of the best things I found, especially beneficial for small and beginner affiliates.

In summary, anyone interested in getting their hands on the best hosting affiliate program in the market should try BionicWP hosting because of all the exciting and proven features it has to offer.

Are BionicWP Customers Satisfied? What do they Say? 

Each hosting solution is known by its customers. If the customers of a hosting solution are not satisfied by its service, they won’t market it. Since customers are your first line of marketing, make them happy.

That’s the motto of BionicWP hosting solution.

Learn what its customers have said about choosing BionicWP and why they made a decision to go with it.

Here is a screengrab of the video.

Most of BionicWP customers came for the speed guarantee it offers. The amazing part is that BionicWP’s guarantee absolutely worked for them. Not only its customers are happy with the service BionicWP offered them but they also stayed because of the active customer support.

BionicWP knows that customers are kings. They treat them as such. That’s why a lot of their clients have given a positive review about BionicWP.

Source: WebsiteHostingRating

More Customer Reviews of BionicWP

We have summarized these reviews so that you can get the crux of each one here. However, to get detailed customer reviews simply click on each name. 

“Amazed at speed and support provided by BionicWP hosting solution” – Samuel

“Why is my website performing so fast?!” – Sean Dennin

“They didn’t charge me anything for the epic optimizations they did!” – Rose

Performance Results of BionicWP Platform

Here are some screen grabs of websites that have shown performance after moving to BionicWP hosting solution.

As you can see, the majority of the websites are now having 90+ page speed scores whether tested on Google Pagespeed or GTMetrix.

The speed score is the same, you can test on any speed testing software out there. And, the reason for all that is…

… because BionicWP managed WordPress hosting ‘Puts customers first’!

Some proof of the websites with super-fast performance and excellent customer support.

See the complete case studies of these speed results on the BionicWP website.

Performance Results of BionicWP Platform

BionicWP vs Other WordPress Managed Hosting Solutions

BionicWP has surpassed all other WordPress managed hosting solutions available in the market in terms of support, quality, flexibility, site scalability, and pricing.

No other hosting solution is offering unlimited site edits or speed guarantees. That’s why the BionicWP hosting solution stands out among the rest.

Let’s compare BionicWP with Kinsta and WPEngine. Both of these are top managed hosting solutions in the industry.

BionicWP vs Kinsta

Here is a head-to-head comparison of BionicWP vs Kinsta. Since both are great hosting solutions, the comparison is obviously going to be tough.

But I made a table that clearly shows how BionicWP has covered more ground against Kinsta hosting solution in terms of support and features. Take a look yourself. 

Features Bionic WP Kinsta
Pricing 27.5 30
Free Migrations Yes No
Try Before You Buy Yes No
Google Page Speed Score Guarantee Yes No
Unlimited Performance Optimizations Yes No
Unlimited Site Edits Yes No
Managed WordPress Core Updates Yes No
CDN Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
24/7 Ticket Support Yes Yes

For starters, BionicWP offers multiple features such as free site migrations, managed WordPress core updates, and unlimited edits- these are not offered by Kinsta.

Moreover, BionicWP also offers hacking promises and white label hosting. 

BionicWP vs WPEngine

Similar to Kinsta, BionicWP is a much better hosting solution in comparison with WPEngine. 

For starters, WPEngine only offers server-level support. However, BionicWP offers both server-level and application-level support.  Moreover, WPEngine pricing starts from $30 for a basic site hosting.

On the other hand, BionicWP price starts from $27.5 only with the premium support already added in the package.

Not to forget that there are a whole host of features offered by BionicWP hosting including unlimited edits (as an addon), try before you buy, performance, and WordPress core updates. All these features are not offered by WPEngine. 

See the complete list of features that BionicWP offers and their comparison with WPEngine.

Features Bionic WP WPEngine
Pricing 27.5 30
Free Migrations Yes Yes
Try Before You Buy Yes No
Google Page Speed Score Guarantee Yes No
Unlimited Performance Optimizations Yes No
Unlimited Site Edits Yes No
Managed WordPress Core Updates Yes No
CDN Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
24/7 Ticket Support Yes Yes

Quick Links 

FAQs | BionicWP Review

👉How do I start?

Just sign up in your platform, enter your credit card (we won't charge your card until you push your site live), and either request a migration (its free) or migrate the site yourself.

🛒 I Deal in E-Commerce, is BionicWP the one for me?

Yes, of course! In fact, more than half of our clients run e-commerce websites on our platform. We’ve got all the trimmings – from secure online payments to product browsing – that will make your e-commerce website a hit!

⏱️ What are your hours?

Sales - M-F - 7am - 7pm MST Chat - 24/7 Email - 24/7 If you have an issue outside of 7am - 7pm MST email [email protected]

⁉️ Do I need to start again if I want to switch to BionicWP ?

Our customers often want to switch from their old web hosting service, and they’re worried about whether they’ll have to start building their website all over again from scratch. Not at all, you can simply shift your website to BionicWP and our team will help customize it according to our platform. So, no time wasted!

🤷‍♀️ How many sites are currently active on BionicWP

There are about 1000+ websites active on BionicWP

Conclusion | BionicWP Review 2024

I opted for BionicWP because of the flexibility, scalability, and support it offers. 

If you are someone like me who has multiple websites to look after, then definitely BionicWP is definitely the right hosting solution for you.

You won’t even have to migrate, the BionicWP team will do that for you. What I love about BionicWP is that the nature of services it offers to its clients are not available or provided by any other hosting solution.

It is like carving a completely different niche for the users. Therefore its comparison with other hosting solutions is out of the question. With that said, BionicWP is offering a lot more to its users in terms of features and services.

All this gives its users the choice that they never had with any other hosting solution.

Ready to get BionicWP WordPress hosting solution for your needs? Sign up Today!

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