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Cloudways Review 2024 – Details, Pricing, & Features

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Cloudways Review


I would personally conclude that Cloudways is one of the highly recommended hosting sites anybody can choose for. Go for it and experience yourself. One of the benefits is that it is user friendly and so every individual will love to use it.

Out of 10


  • Choose From 5 Cloud Hosting Services
  • Insanely Fast Servers
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • One Click Staging For WordPress
  • Free WordPress Caching Plugin


  • Doesn’t Include Email Hosting
  • Can’t Register a Domain Name


Price: $ 10

If you require a managed WordPress host that will provide exceptional performance and dependability. This Cloudways review will help you understand why Cloudways is your best option.

Cloudways is completely budget-friendly and will fit right into your financial budget despite its great features and high operation powers.

  • How can I make my website more secure?
  • How do I keep track of the traffic on my website?
  • How do I keep track of the server’s caching services?
  • How do I check my server’s database connections?
  • How do I duplicate my server?

All of these questions have been addressed.

Bottom Line Upfront:  

After trying out Cloudways for my own website, I’ve got to say, I’m thoroughly impressed. The flexibility and control it offers over web hosting are unmatched.

I was able to customize my hosting environment exactly the way I wanted, which was a game-changer for me.

cloudways customer review

The performance boost my site received was noticeable from day one, making everything load faster and run smoother.

What really sets Cloudways apart, though, is their support team. They’re always ready to help, no matter the issue, making the technical side of things much less daunting.


For anyone looking for a hosting platform that gives you more freedom and excellent performance, I highly recommend Cloudways.

It’s not just about hosting your site; it’s about optimizing it for peak performance. Believe me, your site will feel the difference.

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About Cloudways

As a growing company, you require a hosting company that can meet your requirements.
Cloudways is the first cloud hosting platform designed entirely by developers for developers.

They provide lightning-fast performance and feature-rich tools to assist you in building, scaling, and running any application on top of their infrastructure.

Solution: When you choose Cloudways as your managed WordPress host, you get the best of both worlds: high performance at a low cost without sacrificing features or security.


You also have access to highly skilled engineers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via chat, phone call, or email from anywhere in the world.

Google has trained its customer support team, and they adhere to strict guidelines established by the G Suite Support Team to ensure that every client receives personalized attention when needed.

Cloudways is a platform that will provide you with the speed that your website requires and high-quality security systems that will keep all of your data safe and secure, including essential files and folders on the website.

Cloudways awards and recognitions- cloudways reviews

If you are wondering what exactly managed cloud hosting platforms are, let me give you a rundown.

A third party or a company handles your business and all of the tricky parts for you in managed hosting. They will assist you with various issues, such as problem-solving and website maintenance.

They will take care of all the details involved in your business, ensure regular backups, and even take care of your business in case of a disaster. If a disaster occurs, they will ensure that they successfully back things up and retrieve all the data so that your business does not come to a halt due to the disaster.

Cloudways Testimonials and review

Finding a well-managed cloud hosting platform can be difficult. Still, as we all know, Cloudways is integrated with the excellent and marvellous WordPress, which everyone knows can be trusted easily.

Cloudways will make your life easier, and your business run as smoothly as butter.

Managed WordPress Hosting 

As previously stated, Cloudways provides managed cloud hosting services for WordPress websites. On this platform, several copies of your desired data are duplicated throughout the database or center you will select for your business.

So, in lay terms, if your central server crashes, Cloudways will ensure that you have your site up and running on another server as soon as possible. Essentially, the duplicated data will become a new site on another server.

Cloudways Review

This is an excellent feature of Cloudways because it demonstrates that this platform will always succeed in your business and demonstrates Cloudways’ dependability. This managed cloud hosting service will provide exceptional performance and pave the way for you to build a highly profitable business.

Main Features of Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting 



24 by-7 Human Support

The Cloudways team is always available for your needs and will help you whenever you want; if you are a late-night worker and have a problem at 2 a.m., their team will help you. Their customers are a priority for them, and they want to ensure that you are always tension-free, with no problems and no stress.

This is excellent because whenever I have a problem, their team will provide me with the best answers and solve any issue that arises. They are entirely free to download.

Pay as you go.

If you don’t believe me, consider the items you must pay for.

ONLY WHAT YOU USE, if you read that correctly, you do not have to pay for facilities or services you do not use, but only for what you use.

Other similar platforms will typically charge you for specific packs or plans that provide specific features, and you may end up paying for features that you will never use. As a result, this payment option ensures that you only pay for what you use and not any extra features.

This will ensure that you are spending money on features that are necessary for you.



Migration Service

Cloudways Migration service- Cloudways review

This feature is helpful if you want to change the platform of your managed hosting solution; the experts at Cloudways and their teams allow you to do so.

As I previously stated, Cloudways creates duplicate websites on various servers, so we know that the migration process offered by Cloudways will be very efficient and quick. Typically, Cloudways hires people to build a temporary domain for you and then assists you in going live.

Then, your website will be safe and secure for all your customers, bringing you great success.

Unlimited Applications

Cloudways provides a fantastic feature that allows you to host multiple applications on a single server. You no longer have to worry about building or creating multiple applications on different servers, but you can do so on a single server without any problems.

Cloudways bot 

The Cloudways bot allows you to view your website’s insights, including information about your servers, applications, and accounts.

These insights help you understand your profit levels, other aspects of your business, and information about managed cloud hosting.

Free SSL Certificates 

Cloudways SSL Cerificates- cloudways review

If you are unfamiliar with SSL certificates, let me explain. SSL certificates establish an encrypted channel between the server and you, their customer.

These certificates ensure that your competitors are not spying on your website or data. They protect your website from security threats and provide a malware-free network.

Because of the SSL certificate, all necessary details, such as credit or debit card information, various payment options, passwords, and login IDs, are kept secure.

The SSL certificate is provided free of charge by Cloudways. This high level of security at no extra cost is exceptional.

Team Collaboration at Cloudways

Cloudways allows you to quickly create collaborations with your team members and then work with the team; you can invite whoever you want and then work on various projects with them.

This reduces the amount of work that needs to be done on a specific project and makes everything run more smoothly and efficiently. As the saying goes, teams consistently outperform individuals working alone.

Automatic backups

Cloudways will keep a regular backup of all your important files and keep them very safe, so you never have to worry about losing data and being unable to recover it.

In the event of data loss or data erasure, Cloudways will ensure that you have the opportunity to recover all of your data and information without any hassles or issues.

All of your data will be obtained instantly. Another fantastic feature is that these backups are available to you offline, so if you have internet problems and need to access your data, Cloudway’s backup system has made it possible for you. Because all of the data is available offline, accessing them will never be a problem.

Immediate disaster management

Cloudways has you covered in every area, including disaster management, with its extensive features and excellent backup plans. You read that correctly; they will assist you in an emergency. Their plans include numerous ifs and buts.

They will clear all of your obstacles, no matter what kind of problem arises in front of your business.

The best part is that your business will always continue because they duplicate your website on different servers, and if one goes down, the other is perfectly ready to use.

And if you lose data or your files are erased, they will provide instant backups. They will never let your profits stop; they will continue to come, and it does not matter if you are in the midst of a crisis or the middle of a significant emergency. Cloudways will ensure that your income does not stop and your business continues to thrive.

Automatic healing

This feature will never allow your site to crash and will ensure that it is retrieved immediately for the use of your customers in the event of a mishap. It will always allow your business to avoid glitches and run smoothly, accumulating profits and increasing your values.


Cloudways’ use of the CDN increased speed significantly. And, in this day and age, having fast online stores is critical, especially in this generation of impatient people.

Cloudways performance and speed- Cloudways review

Nobody likes a slow shopping experience; everyone wants everything to happen at a breakneck speed, similar to the rate at which the Earth revolves. People nowadays are always in a hurry and easily frustrated, so having a quick website is critical.

Two-factor authentication

Cloudways understand the importance of security and privacy, thus they have also put in two-factor authentication.

It works as an additional layer created for security, and it prevents security breaches and invaders from trying to log in to your website.

In two-factor authentication, Cloudways sends an encrypted code that can be used only once to log in. This code is also known as a one-time password, and access will be given after the code has been successfully entered. After one use, the code becomes just a series of numbers and can’t be reused to log in. 

One-click installation for apps

You don’t have to follow any long process but click on one single button and voila you are done with the process of installing the apps.

Benefits of Cloudways Hosting- 

We already know that Cloudways is a fantastic platform that will make our lives easier, but let me explain why this fantastic platform is different and superior to other platforms that perform similar functions and offer managed hosting solutions.

Cloudways - Setting Up The Server

Let’s have a look at the specialty of Cloudways:

  • Regular Backups: Cloudways automatically backs up your website on various servers, ensuring your website is protected against technical errors or server downtime.
  • Easy Website Migration: With duplicates of your website on different servers, Cloudways easily migrates to a new platform.
  • Improved Uptime: Cloudways’ cloud hosting system improves uptime by using one of the duplicate websites on any server in case of a disaster.
  • Faster Processing and Speed: Cloudways is faster than other alternatives as it tracks the customer’s location and uses the nearest server to access your website quickly.
  • Better Security: Cloudways provides better security than other managed hosting methods, utilizing various techniques to protect your WordPress website.
  • Scaling for High Traffic: In the case of a sudden increase in traffic, Cloudways can scale promptly to ensure a balanced server speed.
  • Better Pricing Control: Cloudways offers better control over pricing and provides all the resources for your business needs


Ease of Use

Cloudways is for people with extensive technical knowledge and those with non-technical backgrounds.

Because Cloudways is one of the most popular domain hosting providers, it ensures everyone can use it properly and effectively. If you own a WordPress site, I believe you should use it regardless of your background.

Furthermore, Cloudways ensures that it has returned for everyone. It is not restricted from being used by others because it is simple for everyone. Learning more about Cloudways simplifies its use.

Let’s remember that it has a fantastic mode of use for anyone who owns a WordPress site. When you first open it, you can easily log in to the site, where you can always choose a free trial and only pay if you believe it is ideal for you.

You only need to remember to be specific about the login plans you choose, and you can quickly run it with a few clicks. Not only that, but Cloudways supports one-click application installation for various sites, including WordPress.

It also supports CMS and PHP functions. It is easy to install these applications, but it will ultimately save you time in your work. It is simple to use and monitors performance and speed to ensure that our work is completed on time.

Delayed work is the biggest disappointment, so it ensures that people are kept from working on time. It has the shortest uptime in terms of speed and performance.

It has a minimum loading speed at which most people become irritated and give up.

Cloudways makes sure that this is different.

According to my experience with Cloudways, it is one of the best sources that is responsible for our performance and working speed, in addition to its features.

If you need to work from your phone in an emergency, it does not limit or compromise your ability to do so. It justifies both modes of gadgets in terms of speed, performance, and features.

One of its advantages is that it serves the entire world, allowing people from all walks of life to benefit.

Cloudways Review- Testamonials

Regarding payment, Cloudways has the best prices and is well worth the money. The price reviews are 9.2/10, indicating that most people are willing to spend because it is considered the best-managed hosting domain supporter.

Because Cloudways is known for its support and after-sales services, people who use it must thoroughly review it so that new people can look for it elsewhere.

We all know how helpful Cloudways is when it comes to helping people.

It has one of the highest user ratings. People rated customer service and support 9.4/10, which is essential for any website.

Pricing | How Much Does Cloudways Cost?

As we all know, knowing the prices is essential before making any plans because various types of questions arise, such as whether this much money is worth paying.

Does it provide services that are worth the price we pay?

All the questions in our heads are answered when we use its services. Let’s look at the Cloudways pricing so we can all get our questions answered.

cloudways pricing plans

To clear our minds about how and what kinds of features Cloudways offers.

It offers a free trial and allows us to try out all of its features so that we can decide whether or not to use it. It has the best features with which we can efficiently work and reap the most benefits. After the free trial period, the usage charges are $12 per month, and you get the best essential features where you can work freely and without interruption.

These are the introductory rates where you get the benefits of a live support system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can have the best features for the best usage.

This price is well worth it because you get the most out of it. Even training pieces are available in the form of documentation and one-on-one training. Aside from that, various tutorials are available in case anyone requires technical assistance.

As previously discussed, it has all the best features and customer service, so we should trust it blindly and pay with complete confidence.

Pros and Cons of Cloudways

We all know that the pros and cons are supposed to be there. We can get clarity in using it for our purpose. 

Let’s get into the pros and cons of the Cloudways:

Cloudways Pros

Cloudways Cons:

  • It consists of a one-click installment for WordPress hosting and its sites by which WordPress is fully set for better usage.
  • One of the cons of Cloudways is that it has no email hosting or attached emailing services. It is deprived of that service. You cannot attach an email to it or link it.
  • You can easily migrate the sites any number of times. You can do that unlimited times and at no cost.
  • Cloud hosting lacks a cPanel or Plesk control panel, which is one of its best uses.
  • You have to pay as you go for pricing. There are no fixed contracts, and fixed amounts that must be paid are compulsory. I think it justifies every payment term and its benefits.
  • Though it is user-friendly, sometimes it requires the user to gain some knowledge first so one can use it properly.
  • As discussed earlier, it has the best support team, and it responds immediately with no time delay. It has the best support for people when they have a problem.
  • It has all the services with promising and user-friendly features. There may be many features, but each represents the best.
  • It makes sure that the one using the WordPress domain hosting doesn’t face any issues while working as they have developed that one will not get any issues from Cloudways. It may be internet speed as well as the performance rate.
  • It has a genuine crowd developed for its users so that it is used properly and is not misused.
  • It is highly affordable as it justifies the amount paid and the service they provide to us.
  • It is highly user-friendly, and anyone from a different background can use it.


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Cloudways Reddit Comments:

byu/GorgeousUnknown from discussion

byu/GorgeousUnknown from discussion


🙋Is Cloudways good for WordPress?

Cloudways is a popular managed WordPress hosting provider that offers a range of features specifically designed to appeal to WordPress users. These include one-click installation, automatic updates, and a WordPress-optimized stack. In addition, Cloudways provides a range of security features, including two-factor authentication and malware scanning. However, Cloudways' real selling point is its pricing structure. Unlike some managed WordPress hosts, which can be quite expensive, Cloudways offers a flexible pay-as-you-go model that allows users to pay only for the resources they use. As a result, it can be an excellent option for WordPress users on a budget.

🙋‍♂️How long is Cloudways free trial?

Cloudways offers a free trial for 14 days on all new accounts. This gives users ample time to test out the various features and tools offered by the platform. After the free trial period expires, users can continue to use Cloudways by signing up for a paid plan. The free trial includes access to all of Cloudways' features and tools, including its 24/7 support team. Users can also take advantage of Cloudways' money-back guarantee, which allows them to cancel their account within 30 days and receive a full refund.

🤷‍♂️How does Cloudways billing work?

Cloudways provides a unique approach to billing that allows customers to pay only for the resources they use. There are no long-term contracts or upfront costs, so customers can easily adjust their spending as their needs change. Cloudways also offers a server usage-based pricing model, which means that customers only pay for the resources they consume. This makes it easy to estimate costs and avoid overspending. In addition, Cloudways provides a number of discounts and promotions that can help customers save money on their cloud hosting costs. As a result, Cloudways provides a flexible and affordable billing solution that is perfect for businesses of all sizes.


Before deciding whether to use it or avoid it, consider the following.

First and foremost, I advise you to consider whether Cloudways is a feature you should use for your WordPress domain. Is it worthwhile to use or not?

What was your reaction after reading the entire article? If your answers to some of the questions are positive, go for it and use it as much as possible. Unlike anything else, it is incredibly beneficial and manages your WordPress domain.

I believe that Cloudways is one of the best hosting providers anyone can use. Go for it and have an adventure.

One of the advantages is that it is user-friendly, so everyone will enjoy using it. Experience speaks louder than words; why don’t we all give it a shot? There is no harm in trying and investing.

However, if you have any questions, let’s dive into some frequently asked question sections so you can get a better understanding.

Cloudways Popular Video

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