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Cloudways Promo Code – 30% OFF For 3 Months In 2024

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Are you searching for the best Cloudways Promo Code for 2024 to get a great deal on top-notch managed cloud hosting? Well, you’ve come to the right spot!

I’ve got the latest Cloudways Coupon Codes that can save you $30.

First of all, kudos to you for opting for cloud WordPress hosting – it’s the perfect way to elevate your website. If you want to know more, read our detailed hands-on Cloudways review.

If you’re eager to grab that Cloudways discount code, we’ve got all the details you need right here!

40% Off

Get Upto 40% Off On Cloudways

Get Upto 40% Off On Cloudways

Get $20

Get $20 Hosting Credit

Get $20 Hosting Credit Free On Hosting Plans

$30 Free

$30 Free Hosting Credits

Save money on Cloudways hosting by grabbing the hosting credits


5% Discount OFF Cloudways Coupon

5% Discount On All Cloudways hosting services


$25 Discount on Cloudways Hosting

$25 Discount For The First Month


30% Off For The First 3 Months

30% Off For The First 3 Months

FAQs | Cloudways Promo Code

🙆 Do Cloud ways provide Promo code frequently?

The answer will be a moderate yes because Cloud Ways is a very reputed website, and everybody wants to make the best use of it. So from time to time, they put up various promo codes and I have already discussed above all about their promo codes so please do not skip that and have a look into it.

💁‍♂️ Can Cloudways domain names and email address be access?

A big No to this question because it does not provide this service and every time it is one of the biggest drawbacks of this site.

👉 Is Cloud ways risk-free?

Well nothing is risk-free or everything is perfect but Cloud ways have whole goodness and it is flexible, stable in its own way the speed is very high. If you are still thinking of opening a website and have no idea about it Thank you so much for reading my Blog. I hope I clear some of your doubts and was helpful to you. Do check out my upcoming blogs. For further queries do write down on the comments box below. Good day ahead.

✅ How do I get the best Cloudways Coupon?

We update our article every day with the latest Cloudways coupons that are available. You can use any of the mentioned deals and offers and save a huge amount on your order.

🤔 How to Apply a Cloudways Coupon Code?

Step 1 - After picking the deal you want to buy, click on the Get Deal button and head to the checkout process. Step 2 - On the checkout page, you will get an option to ‘apply coupon’. Step 3- Once you apply the code, you will see the discounted amount on your payment page

🙌 How many discount codes or deals are available for Cloudways ?

At the moment, we have listed more than 25+ live deals and offers on Cloudways. You can click on the Get Deal button and claim your discount. Hurry Up!

😎 Which is the best offer On Cloudways ?

The best offers that you can get on Cloudways today are: 30% Off Cloud ways Promo code for the month of Sept for the first 3 months 50% Off Cloud ways Promo Code for Verified Coupon Codes 20% Off Cloud ways Promo code for 3 months.

Best Cloudways Promo Code Available

To begin, we examine the current Cloudways promo codes and offers that can help you save money on their range of best-managed cloud hosting plans.

30% OFF Cloudways Coupon

Cloudways is giving a special 30% discount to DevOpsCube readers on all of its plans.

$100 Free Cloudways Digital Ocean Credits

When you choose the Digital Ocean cloud server with Cloudways, you can receive $100 in free credits. Get the benefits of Cloudways coupon codes.

CloudWays Free Account

If you’re new to Cloudways and want to try out their cloud hosting plans and features for free, you can take advantage of their 3-day free trial without needing to provide a credit card.

While finding the Cloudways trial account, you might encounter a popup offering a 30% discount for the first six months of usage. This discount can be applied when creating a new Cloudways account.

Free Astra Pro Bundle With Cloudways Hosting 

The Astra Pro bundle includes a well-liked set of customizable WordPress themes designed for fast performance. When you purchase Cloudways hosting, you’ll receive the Astra Pro Bundle at no additional cost.

Even better, you can test both Cloudways and Astra Pro for free during the 3-day trial period.

40% Off Cloudways Holiday Discount

During our special holiday discount sale, you can enjoy a 40% discount for the first 4 months, plus the bonus of up to 30 free website migrations.

This limited-time offer comes with a range of benefits, including a fully integrated CDN, the fastest stack with built-in cache, round-the-clock support, a 3-day trial without the need for a credit card, and free SSL. Don’t miss out!

How To Redeem Cloudways Promo Code?

Digiexe and the partner site received an exclusive Cloudways promo code, using which you can get up to 30% off the hosting plans. The step-by-step guide to redeem the Cloudways coupons:

Step 1: Click on the special link provided to visit the Cloudways website. The promo code will be applied automatically.

Clouways hosting homepage

Step 2: You’ll be taken to the Signup page.

Step 3: Fill in your Name, Email address, and other details like your profession and how much you spend monthly. These details will help Cloudways offer you a personalized experience.

Step 4: Make sure to correctly enter all the required details to ensure the coupon is applied.

Step 5: If you click our exclusive link and enter the required details, you’ll see the promo code “DIGI25” applied automatically.

Step 7: If the coupon doesn’t get applied automatically, click on the box next to “Got a Promo Code?” and enter the code “DIGI25”.

Cloudways promo code

Step 8: If you see a Green tick next to the coupon, it means the coupon was successfully applied.

Step 9: Now, agree to Cloudways’ terms of service and click “START FREE.

Step 10: You’ll be asked to verify your email address and phone number. Once done, your new Cloudways account will be activated.

Why choose Cloudways Hosting?

Before starting with this cloud hosting provider and applying the Cloudways coupon code, read my quick Cloud review and find out if it is for you. If you need more details, read my detailed Cloudways review.

Easy-To-Use Control Panel

I must say, Cloudways has nailed it with their control panel! It’s impressively advanced yet so user-friendly that even newcomers like me can easily get the hang of it in no time.

Cloudways ease of use- serverpilot vs cloudways

What I love most is the convenience of managing everything from one neat and organized custom control panel. From server monitoring to 1-Click CDN, server cloning, staging URL, and team collaboration – they’ve got it all covered!

Excellent Security

When it comes to security, Cloudways means business! Their array of advanced features, including dedicated firewalls, IP Whitelisting, and Two-Factor Authentication, really gives me peace of mind.

Knowing they’ve partnered with top-notch services like Malcare for site-level security protection on all sites by default, I feel confident that my website is in safe hands.

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN


Cloudways’ integration with Cloudflare Enterprise CDN is a game-changer for me. Having this premium service, which would normally cost $200/month for just $4.99 per website per month, is an incredible deal!

I’m thrilled with the value they provide, and the fact that the promo code also applies to this add-on CDN plan makes it even sweeter!

High-Speed Performance 

One big reason to choose Cloudways is because they have really fast servers. These servers use SSD technology, which makes your website load super quickly.

Cloudways also sets up their servers to work well with PHP, a website programming language. This means your site will load faster. You can even change the PHP version easily if you need to.

Their servers also use something called HTTP/2, which makes it faster for your website to talk to people’s web browsers.

But that’s not all! Cloudways also helps speed up your website in these ways:

  • They have built-in features like Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis to make your website faster.
  • They offer a free plugin called Breeze that helps speed up WordPress websites.
  • They have something called CloudwaysCDN, a super-fast network for delivering your website’s content.

Dedicated Support Team

The Cloudways customer support team is very smart and can help you with any issues you run into. You can reach them easily through live chat or by sending a support ticket. You won’t have to wait in a long line to get your problems fixed because they’re quick to respond.

Staging Site Management

Are you a developer looking to experiment with and check the performance of new features before implementing them on your live website? Cloudways helps you spot and fix any potential problems or glitches, ensuring a smoother experience for your site’s visitors.

Great Performance 

As mentioned, I am completely satisfied with Cloudways’ performance and have not encountered any negative experiences thus far.

My blogs load quickly, and I have noticed improved search engine rankings. The support and affiliate teams have assisted me exceptionally friendly and responsive.

Affordable Pricing Plans 

Cloudways offers affordable cloud plans with unlimited app installations, simple DNS management, one-click server cloning, a helpful smart assistant, and auto-healing cloud servers, among other impressive features.

They also provide a free trial without requiring your credit card details. It’s important to note that Cloudways recently adjusted their pricing, which has seen a slight increase.

Cloudways Pricing Plans

Cloudways is the most affordable web hosting site with fantastic service and is best when it comes to its price system.

Cloudways- Pricing


I like their uniqueness in pricing, low gradation, and high gradation, and they are shown as very open to all the managed servers. Very transparent.

They provide the plan in two forms:

  1. Low rate starter-$10/month
  2. High rate starter-$80/month

As mentioned above, the free trial pack really helps you to test their service and check what suits you, and it is free, of course. If you do not get the right click, then you can discontinue. Not an issue at all.

Cloudways do not only concentrate on their service provider. Cloudways is unique to almost all hosting providers as it serves most of the servers and has done a great job.

You do not have to visit so many sites and gather a piece of whole new information again, as Cloudways is going to provide your dedicated search.

The pricing is very good. You can pay less, but it still helps build up your performance in a greater way.

If you are a starter at Cloudways, you will not get any email accounts with most of their provided plans, and they do not have domain registration.

For that, you need to get an alternative.

They do not charge any tax on monthly voices. You can easily cancel your subscription midway, and they will charge you only for the period you use. A credit card is not required; a Debit card can do the payment process also.

They have so many web pages on which they write about their services, security, and plans. You can even book a demo and try it.

The rate they provide does the job justifiably, and Digital Ocean is one of the great servers and is my personal choice, too. You should have a look into it.

The prices for DigitalOcean Plans with 16GB, 32GB, 48GB, 64GB, 96GB, 128GB, and 198GB have experienced a slight increase.

However, this adjustment is not significant, and Cloudways continues to offer affordable options for dedicated business websites.

Remember to use our exclusive Cloudways Promo Code to enjoy a $30 discount when you sign up.

Cloudways Hosting Features Update

As a satisfied user of Cloudways managed cloud hosting, I want to highlight their latest features to reassure you of the value they offer for your Cloudways account:

  • eCommerce Starter Bundle: Cloudways now offers a special bundle for eCommerce users. It includes essential tools for building a functional WooCommerce store, such as a checkout field editor, Custom blocks, Blocksy theme, Email designer, Coupon shortcodes, GA integration, and more.
  • Enhanced Site Performance: Cloudways always prioritizes site performance. They have partnered with Object Pro and Cache plugins to reduce the load on your database and server, resulting in faster application speeds.
  • G2 Ranking: Cloudways has achieved the top spot in the managed hosting category on G2, a trusted review site. They boast an impressive overall rating of 4.8/5.
  • Codeable Partnership: Cloudways now collaborates with Codeable, allowing you to hire the world’s best WordPress experts to resolve any issues you encounter with your website.
  • Astra Pro Integration: Recently, Cloudways partnered with Astra Pro, the lightweight WordPress theme. New and existing users can enjoy a free one-year offer and access the premium version of Astra for unlimited sites at just $4/month.
  • SafeUpdates: Cloudways introduces SafeUpdates, a feature designed to enhance site performance and security. It automatically checks updates for your tools and improves your Core Web Vitals speed performance after every upgrade.
  • DigitalOcean Servers in Sydney: Cloudways has expanded its server options by integrating powerful DigitalOcean servers in the Sydney region.
  • Autoscale for WordPress: Cloudways introduces the “Autoscale” feature for WordPress users, which dynamically scales resources in real time to handle traffic spikes. Whether you run an online store, agency, or high-traffic website, you can request early access to this speed and performance feature, with pricing starting from $35/month.
  • SnapShooter Partnership: Cloudways has partnered with SnapShooter to remove backup limitations for offsite backups. Cloudways users can enjoy an exclusive discount for the first three months.
  • Cloudways CDN Speed Update: Cloudways has improved its CDN speed with the Cloudflare addon, introducing Edge Page Cache to enhance your site’s load time, Time to First Byte (TTFB), and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) scores.

These new features and partnerships demonstrate Cloudways’ commitment to providing an exceptional hosting experience.

Which Cloud Server Should You Choose In Cloudways?

Cloudways offers managed plans suitable for webpreneurs of all kinds. They have partnered with three leading cloud server providers: Digital Ocean, Amazon, and Google Cloud Platform.

The Digital Ocean server is an amazing option if you’re looking for a popular choice among digital enthusiasts. When deciding, consider the distinctions between Cloudways Premium and Standard Plans.

I’ve found that combining Cloudways and a Digital Ocean across five different accounts gives us a competitive edge.

Cloudways Server Name

Basic Plan

Most Popular Plan

  Digital Ocean












  Google Cloud



Cloudways Pros and Cons:



Fully managed service offers an outstanding experience. No domain registration.
It has advanced caching and PHP 7 servers. No email service.
65 worldwide data centers in locations across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia
Managed security with dedicated firewalls and free SSL
You have full control to manage your website like a pro.
Free and easy site migration.
Affordable CDN

Cloudways Hosting Testimonials 

Here are some quick reviews about the Cloudways hosting:


Also read:

Conclusion: Cloudways Promo Code 

I’ve shared all the Cloudways Coupon Codes for 2024 from our side. We hope you’ll like them.

Cloudways makes websites super fast, very secure, easy to grow and gives you help all day, every day.

But Cloudways doesn’t stop at outperforming Kinsta; it also offers exceptional features compared to other hosting providers like SiteGround, WPEngine, WPXHosting, BlueHost, ServerPilot, and NameHero.

It’s a reliable option for those seeking top-notch hosting services. Get Cloudways Promo Code and grab the 30% discount to save money on your favorite cloud hosting provider.

And guess what? The Cloudways coupons make it even better!

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