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Cloudways Stress Test 2024– How to Stress Test A WordPress Website?

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When you own a website all you aim for is heavy traffic. Coming out with relevant strategies, networking, massive sharing, and whatnot. But what if your website host isn’t prepared to handle your success?

What if it goes haywire when your traffic surges? To assess that a stress test is conducted. If you have a website then probably Cloudways is not a new name for you. This article will focus on Cloudways Stress Test

By the end of it, you will get to know pretty much everything about it, its features, pricing, and would obviously stand in a comfortable position to choose if that is suitable for you or not. So let’s get straight into the topic. 

Have a look at these questions I am going to explain in this blog:

  • What is Cloudways?
  • What is Stress Test?
  • What is Cloudways Stress Test?
  • How is Cloudways Stress Test done?
  • How to setup hosting server?
  • Why stress test is done?
  • Is Cloudways easy to use?
  • What are features of Cloudways?
  • What is pricing of Cloudways?
  • What are pros and cons of Cloudways

What is Cloudways?

Are these hosting and loading pages eating up your whole time? Well, you need to look upon something otherwise; it becomes a challenge to get visitors.

Cloudways is the cloud-based hosting software that aids people in launching their presence in the digital world. At times, people may not be able to concentrate on their business because of hosting and all other things. Since Cloudways came into existence people can concentrate on business too.

You can also read more about Cloudways with our detailed Cloudways Review.

I was fed up with my website because of loading problems and hosting. Then I found Cloudways software that delivers hosting to different cloud servers to scale up your business. I go for a 3 days trial with features provided in the free plan.

It is a great platform to manage WordPress hosting. Since selecting web hosting can be tough as there are many web-hosting companies with different offers.

Yet, Cloudways is best as it offers the best affordable pricing plans with great functionality. Besides, its servers are highly good for performance, security, and reliability. Cloudways provides you with the best consumer assistance with managed security.

What is the Cloudways Stress Test? 

Stress tests are quite essential in determining whether our software is robust enough to sustain beyond the ordinary level of operation. 

These tests help us to decide whether our software can actually cope up in real-time scenarios.

Cloudways Stress Test- Test Your Website

Or you examine whether your projects would meetup the specified parameters or not as well. 

We don’t want our websites crashing down due to the inflow of huge traffic.  That’s where Cloudways Stress test comes into the picture.

Bots are generated to mimic traffic and are made to spend time as visitors would do and then test how well your website can handle it.

This serves as a crucial tool that helps web developers to derive conclusions and shape their projects.

How is the Stress test done? 

Basically, three different tests are conducted. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • The Baseline: This test happens with 200 current users and advanced at the rate of 2 users per second. It takes about 10 minutes to be completed. The motif of the test is to evaluate the configuration of the test and to ensure that Cloudways isn’t bankrupt before they start. 
  • The Sustained Traffic Test: This test involves 2000 present users and advances at the rate of 2 users per sec.  Easy to say. It takes 2 hours to be completed. Through this test, a practical load is represented for a site that witnesses heavy traffic 
  • The traffic spike test: This involves 20000 current users and advanced at the rate of 10users per second. The span is 1 hour. This represents tremendously high traffic. 

How to the setup hosting server?

Cloudways Stress Test- Setting Up The Server

It is not a difficult thing to baffle upon; you just need to follow a few steps. Starting with the signup page you need to login through your LinkedIn account or Github account or by simply entering email-id and password. An activation link is sent to your mail, open inbox, and press the green button to make your account active. Now the actual process starts:

  1. After activation of your account, you need to select an application like WordPress, Woocommerce, etc. 
  2. Now, add your custom names for the server, app, and try to get it simple and easy. As it will only be for your later use.
  3. Then, you will see the server size, location, and application. Application and server options include Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon, and Google Cloud. For the server, size choose the plan wisely that will meet your needs completely.

Well, all these platforms are almost the same in providing their assistance. They mainly differ in pricing and reliability. 

Why Stress test is done? 

Do you know the future is uncertain no one knows what happens in the future?

Maybe your website might get traffic spikes or get viral. So what if your website is not ready to pick up the load and get clashed or burnt. To prevent such clashes load testing is necessary. 

Load testing will let you know how much traffic your website can handle. This helps in deploying assertive measures that you can take to during the downtime.

Besides, this will help in making contingency plans for the future. If you don’t want to lose your valuable traffic or visitors you need to test the load stress of your website. For further information, you can contact the Cloudways team to get assistance.

Features of Cloudways

Easy to use

Cloudways is a powerful platform that is incredibly easy, simple, and intuitive to use. From services to support people find it quite easy to handle it.

Besides, its users are web agencies, bloggers, startups, developers, entrepreneurs, government, communities, and so on. Overall, it’s a huge platform, which is handy to deal with. However, Cloudways is trustworthy software that fosters the speed of businesses.

As it is a versatile software, anyone can get his or her website active on a digital platform. Even if you are new to this platform, you can use it easily.

Besides, all its services are easy to use at affordable prices. When I used this, I didn’t know how to do it but its proper guide and tutorial videos are very useful. Moreover, before its consumer, support is not up to the mark, but as of now, I find it quite effective.

You can get your website hosting within a few minutes without getting misguided. It also offers free WordPress caching plugins.  

Go live in minutes

This feature is best in removing hurdles on the website and provides you the ease of assistance to go live within a few minutes. Some web hosting companies might not be able to make your website live as fast as Cloudways.

You don’t need to wait for hours and days to get your website visible to your visitors. Focus on creating a beautiful website for your business after that we’ll do our work.

I’m truly satisfied with going to live in a minute feature. Besides, I have difficulty in the beginning, as I don’t know how to create a website and how Cloudways can help me in getting my site visible. But, somehow it helped in many ways to get my site a professional look and powerful in just a few minutes. 

Integrations and add-ons

Cloudways allows you multiple integrations and add-ons with a single account. Using Restful API you can manage, build, integrate, and develop your servers and apps.

You can anytime send notifications of valuable events and campaigns through your preferred medium. As SMTP, add-on service will help you to get your email’s land to your customers from your server.

Moreover, it is a trustworthy and trouble-free method as STMP is a safe gateway to emailing.

Besides, users can also do Rackspace email add-on; this is another email service provider that offers high protection and support. Also, it is a cloud-based service.

Cloudways also provides DNS add-ons so that users will never have to face DNS errors. Other than this it provides Cloudways support add-ons, application up-gradation add-ons, application migration add-ons, etc., and integrations too.

You have the whole platform to try. Try whatever you feel will best suit your business.    

Consumer Support at Cloudways

The clock is ticking as always and no one knows what will happen in the future. Luckily, Cloudways is always ready to solve the problems of their customers.

It offers you a 24*7 real-time clock server monitor to give you comfort. Its AI servers aid in knowing the insights and performance to optimize integrations, apps, and servers.

Besides, you are free to chat with their experts online and read FAQs that primarily show common problems people faced.

Cloudways provides tutorial videos and proper guides via which anyone even from scratch can use like a professional. As I faced some problems related to plugin troubleshooting, its consumer support is too fast.

I was connected to them within 5 minutes. Besides, with a high level of pricing plans the consumer support services will get to you fast.

For the premium plan, you will get a quicker response with advanced features of consumer support, or for the advanced plan will have less speed of replies than the premium one, so as with standard support. It has three levels of services that somehow vary with the level of pricing plans.  

WordPress Load Test Prerequisites

Sending “fake visitors” to your site as part of WordPress stress or load testing might conflict with your hosting provider in certain situations. To protect yourself against such hassles, you must comply with several conditions.

Numerous hosting companies provide packages that allow a restricted number of visits to your website; exceeding this restriction incurs additional fees. Occasionally, your website may be stopped if it sees such an abnormal traffic volume.

Before doing a stress test, review the terms and conditions of your hosting plan since many of them count your site’s traffic and have regulations to execute under particular situations.

Due to the management of many resources, load testing might cause your website to crash or become inoperable. Therefore, a load test before launching a website is an excellent practice.

How to Run a Stress Test on a WordPress Website? 

Let’s continue with the procedures required to conduct a stress test on a WordPress website.

As previously said, you need a method to provide fake visitors to your website. Thus we will use Loader.io, a reputable load testing tool. Follow these simple steps to conduct a load test on your WordPress site – 

Step – 1: Go to the official website of loader.io from here, and click on ‘Sign up Now.’

Load Testing

Step – 2: Choose a plan and click ‘Sign Up Now.’

Pricing Plans of Load Testing

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for, check the box, and click on ‘Sign up.’


Step – 4: Click on ‘New Host.’


Step – 5: Fill up the domain name and click on ‘Next: Verify’.

New Host

Step – 6: When done, you can choose from any of these options. For now, click on ‘download.’ You will see a file getting downloaded.

Target Verification

Step – 7: Double click on your application, fill in the details you asked for, and click on ‘ADD.’

Database Manager

Step – 8: Use FileZilla or your preferred SFTP client. Connect to your server using the credentials gained in the preceding stages, and upload the verification file to the public HTML directory.

Step – 9: Return to the Loader.io dashboard after uploading your file and click Verify. If Loader.io successfully retrieves the file, a green confirmation message will be shown. To generate your first test, click the text.

Step – 10: After verifying your website, establish a test by naming it, selecting the simulation type, and specifying the number of visitors to replicate throughout a specific time frame.

Step – 11: To begin stress testing your WordPress website, click the “Run Test” button. That is it. Watch the real-time simulation of your website. 

Pricing Plans of Cloudways

Cloudways provide simple and affordable pricing plans on its cloud platform. Go through every plan carefully and know which will be suitable for your business. Cloudways provides 5 different cloud-based platforms and each with different prices.


Cloudways- Pricing


  • $10/month
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1 core processor


  • $22/month
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 core processor


  • $42/month
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2 core processor


  • $80/month
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4 core processor

At Cloudways, this plan starts at $10/month with 1 core processor, 25GB storage, 1GB RAM, and 1TB.


Plan 1

  • $12/month
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1 core processor

Plan 2

  • $24/month
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 core processor

Plan 3

  • $50/month
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2 core processor

Plan 4

  • $90/month
  • 8GB RAM
  • 4 core processor

At Cloudways, this plan starts at $12/month with 1GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25GB storage, and 1TB.


Plan 1

  • $11/month
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1 core processor

Plan 2

  • $23/month
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 core processor

Plan 3

  • $44/month
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2 core processor

Plan 4

  • $84/month
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4 core processor

At Cloudways, this plan starts at $11/month with 1 core processor, 25GB storage, and 1TB.

Amazon web services


  • $86.77/month
  • 3.75GB RAM
  • 1vCPU (virtual central processing unit)


  • $36.51/month
  • 1.75GB RAM
  • 1vCPU


  • $16.21/month
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2Vcpu


  • $274.33/month
  • 16GB RAM 
  • 4vCPU

At Cloudways, this plan starts at $36.51/month with 1.75GB RAM, 20GB storage, and 2 GB Bandwidth. 

Google cloud


  • $73.62/month
  • 3.75GB RAM
  • 1vCPU


  • $33.30/month
  • 1.75GB RAM
  • 1vCP


  • $138.64/month
  • 7.5GB RAM
  • 2vCPU


  • $226.05/month
  • 15GB RAM
  • 4vCPU

At Cloudways, this plan starts at $33.30 with 1.70GB RAM, 1vCPU, 20GB storage, and 2TB Bandwidth and other plans I have already mentioned above. 

Overall, DigitalOcean is the cheapest and affordable whereas an Amazon web service is costly. Big and large businesses will go with high pricing plans. Other than that, I have also mentioned at what price it is available on the Cloudways platform.


Cloudways Stress Test- Security

Don’t worry Cloudways is a very big platform that provides the best security. Your data, files, and every activity is highly secured, protected, and safe.

Even it has an auto-healing cloud server that prevents the clashing of sites. All the servers are secured by OS-level dedicated firewalls that will keep you safe.

Cloudways also do a timely firmware upgrade on systems to avoid any vulnerability. Besides, it helps you to collaborate with different regions and networks with unhindered access.

Cloudways has a free pre-installed Encrypt SSL that aids in improving website security. Besides, it has two-factor layer authentication that will double-check the security.

It maintains every site with high security. IP Whitelisting, patches, are also there to make websites purely safe from viruses, threats, and other hurdles. Users’ websites and databases are under a high level of security.  

Strong Team Collaboration With Smooth Workflow

SSH and SFTP Access

 Users can generate their SFTP credentials for the team and update the details of files and folders, server accession their app via SFTP or SSH.


Cloudways helps to manage one team member with other teams’ belongs to him or her. If a person is working as a member of more than one team, Cloudways helps to coordinate so that every project can be handled easily.


If one person has to manage many websites, he may need to organize or group apps and classify them by creating different projects. All this is useful for the team and its members.


Cloudways one click is precious. It lets you clone the entire server or make duplicate copies of any individual sites with a single click, anything whether a URL, database, or a file.


Addition of new members irrespective of his location without any laborious work. A co-worker can be assigned limited or full access to the server or the app.


GIT auto-deployment helps to get the updated code installed on the live servers instantly as they occur.


Cloudways offers its users a stage where they can test their application and make the changes as required. All this can be pushed to a live version without any further harassment.


One might be able to transfer the ownership to the client using the 1-click hosting feature.


Cloudways helps its users to migrate their WordPress site without any extra money from their old hosting provider. A single click does a lot to you.

Cloudways offers you a great platform to work efficiently. It saves a lot of time and pain one may suffer to do many irrelative tasks.

Now it’s time to enjoy your work with Cloudways.

Pros & Cons of Cloudways


  1. The best thing Cloudways offers is affordable pricing with a secure platform.
  2. It is very easy to set up as guides, tutorials, and FAQs are there on the side. Besides, people who are new to this platform and starting from scratch can also get hold soon.
  3. It is a powerful web hosting platform as it has other cloud platforms such as DigitalOcean, Amazon web service, and so on.
  4. Apart, from all these, it has numerous features that will help users to a high extent.
  5. Consumer support services are highly reliable. Every time, they satisfy their users with correct guidance and solve issues and problems. It has three levels of consumer support too. I’ve mentioned it above.
  6. It has SSD hosting, Apache, etc. servers for Redis support.
  7. It has automated backup at a minimal price. At times, people might get some technical problems because of which they cannot be able to fetch their data, Cloudways automatic backup will help them to save their data automatically at lower prices like $0.66. 
  8. All the pricing plans have a 3 days trial with no need for credit card details.
  9. It offers multiple integrations and add-ons. 
  10. It also has a pricing structure pay as you go, which means you only need to pay for those resources you have used. 


  1. Since it is a web hosting platform, it doesn’t provide email hosting.
  2. As it provides many features, people might get baffled.
  3. Users can’t register their domain names.

How to Improve WordPress Site Performance?

If you’re running a WordPress site, there are a few simple things you can do to improve performance.

First, make sure you’re using the latest version of WordPress.

Second, install a caching plugin to speed up page loading times.

Third, optimize your images for faster loading. Fourth, enable gzip compression to reduce the size of your pages.

Finally, use a content delivery network (CDN) to serve static assets from a location closer to your visitors.

By following these tips, you can significantly improve the performance of your WordPress site.

How to Manage a High Traffic WordPress Site?

WordPress is a popular content management system that helps website owners easily create and manage their websites. However, WordPress sites can often be overloaded with traffic, which can lead to slow loading times and increased server costs.

There are a few things that website owners can do to manage a high-traffic WordPress site, including:

1. Use a caching plugin: Caching plugins help to improve loading times by storing static copies of your website’s pages. This means that your server doesn’t have to generate a new page each time a visitor requests one, which can help to reduce server load.

2. Optimize your images: Large images can often slow down a WordPress site, so it’s important to optimize them for the web. This includes saving them in the correct file format and reducing their size before uploading them to your site.

3. Use a content delivery network: A content delivery network (CDN) helps to improve loading times for visitors by storing static files on servers around the world. When someone visits your WordPress site, they’ll be able to download the files from the closest server, which can help to improve loading times.

By following these tips, website owners can help to manage a High Traffic WordPress Site.

Quick Links:

FAQs | Cloudways Stress Test

✔ Is cloud hosting capturing the market because of its fast speed?

Yes, in the cloud, hosting a website is hosted on a cluster of servers and the website can use as many resources as needed. The upscaling and downscaling of the resources are quite easy. Therefore, the chances of a website getting down or slow are very less. Cloud hosting is more dynamic than anyone else is. Also, it is quite reliable and cheap.

✅ How is the Level of Support ?

Cloudways give 24/7/365 of support, live chat and support ticket system. You can also contact [email protected] for any issue.

🎉 Does Cloudways provide an upgraded version of it?

Cloudways are always competing in their ways. It always comes up with new and latest technologies to serve its users. Its regular clients can use its latest technology for its intuitive infrastructure and applications in the business world. Cloudways manage the AWS cloud hosting service. AWS is a world leader in the industry of cloud computing team as it provides the benefits of Amazon web services.

⚡ What is a Cloudways FREE Trial?

With Cloudways free trial, you can try various features of Cloudways without any credit card.

👉What all payment methods do Cloudways accept?

Cloudways accept all modes of payments except cash. It is quite understandable that it is an online platform that will accept online modes only. Like a Mastercard, visa, etc. and for PayPal, you have to make a request.

Conclusion | Cloudways Stress Test 2024

Okay, I think many of you know what the conclusion is. Right, Cloudways is the best platform that one can ever use for web hosting. I am still using this platform for my personal and professional purpose.

Truly, I can rate this platform to 4.8 without thinking. Cloudways has helped me a lot and is still helping.

I haven’t rated it 5 because it is a bit complex. However, within 2-3 days I get used to it. If one uses this platform, they will know why people like this cloud-server platform too much.

It has high-speed performance, managed security, 24*7 consumer support, team collaboration, website monitoring, the best WordPress hosting, and the cheapest platform. 

There is no doubt that Cloudways is the most flexible, reliable, and powerful infrastructure with 5 highly reputable cloud servers. Besides, it leaves a beautiful impression on your business as it increases the scalability of your business and will soon, it will grow fast. However, scaling always helps in increasing the server size that is a pricing plan.

 Moreover, it will enhance website performance. Overall, it is the best platform for web hosting. 

In the end, I would suggest you get a 3 day free trial of Cloudways without giving a single penny. My reviews are always the same for this platform.

Cloudways Popular Video 

Cloudways on Social Media


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  2. Cloudways has made the cloud hosting world exponentially easier for me. I have been able to do everything that I wanted on my site without being afraid of any consequences because Cloudways allows you to be in control of everything on your site, while also keeping it safe with powerful security features. A definite must if you are looking for convenience and reliability combined into one!

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    In contrast, most companies make you feel like waiting for them is going to be a really long journey even if their plans include taking care of all the annoying little things you would have had

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  12. Cloudways is one of the few hosting competitors which provides a secure, scalable backend. Whether you’re running an ecommerce company or an SaaS business, Cloudways has web hosting services that are easy to use and easily scalable. It’s web hosting plans have features like Spaces technology for virtualization on demand, which allows you to quickly expand when your website gets popular without having to worry about scalability limits with other providers. You can host WordPress sites with their installers or bring in your own. And that’s not all! They also have live chat support 24/7 in case any issues arise (#amiright?).

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    Cloudways is a premium managed platform powered by Google for your custom business needs that will allow you to focus on what’s really important. Our innovative cloud engineers have placed all configurable parameters in one place where admins can empower developers with no compromise when it comes to scaling.

  14. Cloudways has been a major game changer for my company. We operate several SAAS and Ecommerce businesses and Cloudways was a major decision for us. Not because we doubted Cloudways, but because I had used other services in the past and had many doubts surrounding hosting in general.

    Let me tell you! We are so thrilled we made the switch to this easy-to-use high frequency VPS service with no compromise! The Vludeays servers manage themselves automatically so there is nothing for us to deal with from a technical sophistication standpoint—a real relief when I have enough things on my plate already!

  15. I switched providers to Cloudways Hosting for one main reason, their awesome pricing! I was paying more every month with my old provider because I needed certain features that they didn’t offer. So it came as an awesome surprise when the price on Cloudways was half of what I paid for way less services with my old company. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

  16. Cloudways is the best hosting service I have ever used. As a SAAS business, Cloudways gave us all of the perks that we needed including managed services so we didn’t have to sweat any technical details—all while saving our company money. We are able to offer not only quality service but better customer support for our users because Community Expertise gets back to me within minutes

  17. Cloudways allows me to easily and quickly configure my applications without too many headaches. My server is never down, so I am able to work seamlessly and productively just like I would at the office. The support team has been great in helping set up SSL and other configurations that were confusing for me by providing clear documentation and just a few clicks of the mouse!

  18. Cloudways is a great model!! It’s like allowing you to fly an airplane, but your interface feels like a car (but you go a LOT faster). And, it’s a lot cheaper and easier than renting an airplane (where you would still have to supply the pilots and expertise). I am plenty technical (engineering degree, Sr. VP Motorola), but I still wouldn’t know or even want to learn to fly (or repair) a plane–I just want to do my job (website and courses) and get on with it.

  19. Cloudways is the perfect blend of high performance, reliability and affordability. Forget heavy maintenance fees with hefty long-term contracts; this service is available to users whenever they need it, 24/7 for five prices points – Personal (self-managed), Dedicated (staffed by admins), Shared (mostly self-managed) or Virtual (fully hosted in their secure data center).

  20. Cloudways is a fast, reliable web hosting service that gives you full control with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. You can create an account in just 30 seconds with two clicks of your mouse!


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