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Jungle Scout vs AMZScout 🚀 2024: Which One Is The Best?

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Jungle Scout

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Jungle Scout observes all the buyer’s behavior in every situation and almost all categories and surveys many people to understand what they will want to buy and about the going on trends.

Amzscout will help you in growing your business on Amazon by bringing various product details.

  • Product History
  • Listing Quality Score
  • Profit dashboard
  • Search using keywords
  • Trends & Product Ideas
  • Dropshipping
  • This platform is very user-friendly
  • The jungle scout offers free 24/7 customer service
  • All the sales data and information that it pro
  • It provides its customers with a very simple guide
  • They have very accurate information about all the sales on A
  • Their ranking system is excellent to receive information abo
  • They have a vast database that has information about all the
  • Offers free trial
  • It might become difficult to use for some people but it can
  • The available paid plans are quite expensive
Ease of Use

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, this software makes it easy for anyone to research and find profitable products to sell on Amazon. Whether you want to find products with low competition, high demand, or high profit margins.

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, AMZScout makes it a breeze to analyze market trends, research keywords, and track competitors. Whether you're a seasoned seller or just starting out, AMZScout allows you to quickly and efficiently find products that fit your criteria.

Value For Money

The jungle scout offers three types of plans and they are available both monthly and annually.

The Amzscout offers two plans one is on monthly basis and one is for a lifetime.

Customer Support

Jungle Scout: Submit queries online, receive prompt personalized responses.

Amzscout offers consultation via WhatsApp and email; limited service compared.

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I’ve spent a lot of time diving into the world of online selling, especially on Amazon, and two tools have really stood out to me: Jungle Scout and AMZScout.

Choosing the right one can feel a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Both promise to help you uncover those hidden gems that turn into hot sellers, but they each have their own way of doing things.

I’ve tried both to see which one makes things easier for someone like me who wants to pick the right products without getting lost in too much information.

In this comparison, I’m going to share my personal experience, laying out the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Whether you’re new to selling on Amazon or looking to step up your game, this insight might help you decide which tool is your best bet.

Bottom Line Upfront: 

I’ve looked into both Jungle Scout and AMZScout for selling on Amazon,

and I want to share straight up: I highly recommend Jungle Scout.


After trying both, Jungle Scout stood out to me because it’s really user-friendly and gives super helpful insights for finding products that sell well.

It just made things simpler and more straightforward for me. That’s not to say AMZScout isn’t good. AMZScout is also a great tool, especially for getting lots of detailed info.


But for me, Jungle Scout hits the mark for being easier to use and for helping me make better decisions faster.

So, if you’re diving into Amazon selling and wondering which tool to go with, I’d say Jungle Scout is a solid bet.

Get started with JungleScout today to get their benefits.

Read here the comparison of Jungle Scout vs AMZScout to find out which is the better Amazon FBA tool.

Jungle Scout vs AmzScout: Overview 

What is Jungle Scout?

This is a platform that has all the things you need to be a seller on the amazing Amazon.

Jungle Scout observes the buyer’s behavior in every situation and almost all categories and surveys many people to understand what they want to buy and trends. Jungle Scout has been in the market for a long and has a history of perfect results.

Overview- Jungle Scout vs Amzscout

Jungle Scout will assist you in finding the product that is the winner in the market and give you all the possible details so you can prosper in your business on Amazon.

Jungle Scout has monitored over five hundred million products and will keep researching and getting more and more products and their details available for you.

What is AmzScout?

Amzscout is a platform that performs similar functions to the Jungle Scout mentioned in the paragraph above.

Amzscout will help you grow your business on Amazon by bringing various product details. Researching winning products is one of the best ways to earn money and succeed in the Amazon selling business.

AmzScout Overview

Amazon can be a tough market because of the crowd on the platform ready to sell, and to be on top of the crowd, you must research correctly, which is kind of not possible if you do it manually, so using product research tools and making them to the tough part will bring about the correct details and great outcomes.

Amzscout will help you research and analyze your ideas and check up with the products to give you information about your product or idea so that you will know the statistics and probability of sales with a specific product. 

Jungle Scout vs AMZScout Key Differences:

  • AMZ Scout is known for having a larger database of Amazon product listings than Jungle Scout. This can be beneficial when you’re looking for a wider range of products to analyze and evaluate.
  • AMZ Scout offers a weekly trend report, which can be useful for keeping track of product trends over time. Jungle Scout may also provide trend data, but the frequency and depth of reporting may differ.
  • AMZ Scout provides a listing quality score for each product, helping users assess the overall quality of product listings. This can be valuable in identifying opportunities for optimization or improvement.
  • Both tools strive for accuracy in their data, but the accuracy of data may vary based on their data sources and algorithms. Users may have different experiences with data accuracy depending on the tool they choose.
  • Both Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout can be used by dropshippers, wholesalers, and arbitrage sellers. Still, they may have different features or data sets that cater to these specific business models. It’s essential to review each tool’s offerings to see which aligns better with your business strategy.
  • Both tools provide detailed information about Amazon product listings, such as sales rank, reviews, pricing, and more. The depth of analysis and the presentation of this data may differ between the two tools.
  • Both Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout offer additional tools and features beyond basic product research, such as keyword research, niche analysis, and more. These extra tools may vary in functionality and usefulness.
  • AMZ Scout may provide access to data from Google Trends, which can help understand broader market trends and potential seasonality. Jungle Scout may or may not offer this feature, depending on its specific offerings.

Comparison of Features- (Winner JungleScout)

Education and training Jungle Scout AMZ Scout
Unrestricted, on-demand videos

Free step-by-step videos

Blog posts and resources


Product Research and Validation Jungle Scout AMZ Scout
A leader in data accuracy

Product discovery tools

Opportunity score

Historical data analysis

Product tracker

Global supplier database

Listing review database


Launching on Amazon Jungle Scout AMZ Scout
Keyword discovery

Keyword rank tracking

Keyword index checker

PPC automation tools

Listing optimization score

Product promotions and discounts

250000 shopper marketplace

Customizable alerts



Business Management Jungle Scout AMZ Scout
Sales analytics

Profitability dashboard

Email performance reports

Business management on the mobile app

Inventory demand forecasting

Refund reimbursements

Market segment analysis PARTIALLY

Jungle Scout vs AmzScout: Features Comparison💡

Click on this link to learn more details about the Features of Jungle Scout vs AMZScout.

To read in detail about Jungle Scout Features, click here.


Jungle Scout


Product Research Offers comprehensive product research and analysis Provides product research and insights
Sales Estimation Provides accurate sales estimates and historical data Offers sales estimation and historical data
Keyword Research Includes keyword research tools and search volume Provides keyword research for Amazon products
Competition Analysis Offers competitor product analysis and pricing data Allows competitive analysis and market insights
Chrome Extension It provides a Chrome extension for quick research Features a Chrome extension for Amazon sellers
Pricing Offers different pricing plans with a monthly fee Varies based on subscription plans and product edition
Training Resources Provides extensive educational resources and support Offers user training resources and customer assistance
Customer Support Offers customer support and assistance Provides customer support and online resources

Customer Support: Jungle Scout vs AMZScout🤔

Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout offers a whole query option on its website. You can quickly type in your details and the question or issue you are facing, send it to their team, and they will respond to you.

You can also contact them separately if you have queries or problems related to media. If you want to inquire about something related to media, you can email Leslie Termuhlen using the email ID ([email protected]). 

Suppose you have issues, problems, queries, or questions about an affiliate or want to inquire about something related to an affiliate. In that case, you can mail Joe Cardillo using the mail ID ([email protected]). 

The Jungle Scout also has a great help center where you can resolve problems and easily get details about your inquiry. 

They give quick and accurate answers and are available to users 24 by 7.


The customer services of the Amzscout are not as vast as the customer services of the Jungle Scout. Still, they provide an option to consult their specialist using a WhatsApp number, which is available on their website, or you can also mail their team at ([email protected]). 

Verdict: The customer services of both platforms are great. Both provide whatever they are comfortable with, but they make sure all their customers are happy and satisfied with the response they receive. 

Pricing Plans: Jungle Scout vs Amzscout💰


Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

jungle scout pricing

The Jungle Scout offers three types of plans, and they are available both monthly and annually.

  • The Basic Plan costs $19 or 2,878.88 Indian Rupees per month.
  • The Suite Plan costs $49 or 5,093.23 Indian Rupees per month.
  • The Professional Plan costs $84 or 9,522.12 Indian Rupees per month.

The annual plans offer 55℅ discounts, and the Jungle Scout provides a feature that customers can get a refund if they aren’t satisfied within 14 days of payment.

Click Here For Detailed Pricing

AMZScout Pricing Plans

AMZScout Pricing

The Amzscout offers two plans: one is monthly, and one is for a lifetime.

  • The Toolset 3-month pack costs $149 per month or 3,319.70 Indian Rupees per month.
  • The Toolset 6-month plan costs $299/mo, a one-time fee of 22,062.43 Indian Rupees.
  • The Toolset Annual plan costs $679, and this is a one-time fee for 12 months.

Amzscout also offers a seven-day trial, during which you can evaluate the available features, decide if this platform is right for you, and learn about its efficiency and effectiveness.

Pros and Cons: Jungle Scout vs Amzscout

Pros of Jungle Scout

 Cons of Jungle Scout

  •  This platform is very user-friendly and helpful
  • Using it might be challenging for some, but there is always a guide to help.
  •  The Jungle Scout offers all its users free 24/7 customer service.
  •  All the sales data and information that the Jungle Scout provides are accurate.
  •  The Jungle Scout provides all its customers with a very simple guide.
  • With Jungle Scout, users can send screenshots to receive reviews.
  • They offer cashback if the user is dissatisfied with the features and database access.


 Pros of AmzScout

 Cons of AmzScout

  •  They have very accurate information about all the sales on Amazon
  • The available paid plans are quite expensive.
  • For newcomers, Amzscout provides guides, video demos, and tutorials.
  • The platform’s tutorials and videos do not provide value for current users.
  • Their ranking system is great for obtaining information on trending products and sales data.
  • Amazon has a huge database of all available products.
  •  Amzscout offers free trials.

User Experience shared by Editor :👩🏻‍💻

I have personally used both Jungle Scout and AMZScout and can attest to their differences in user experience. Jungle Scout offers a more user-friendly layout with clearly labeled menus that are easy to navigate.

The data presented is also easy to interpret and features like product tracking provide helpful insight into product performance over time. In contrast, AMZScout’s layout is less streamlined and finding what I needed was more difficult.

Additionally, the data presented required a deeper understanding of Amazon analytics to interpret, making it harder to evaluate the success of my product listings.

Overall, Jungle Scout was the clear winner for me in terms of user experience. Its intuitive interface and helpful features made it a pleasure to use. While AMZScout had some unique features that Jungle Scout didn’t offer, it was more difficult to learn.

Ultimately, choosing the right tool will depend on your individual needs and preferences. I recommend trying out both to determine which is the best fit for you, as both offer valuable insights into Amazon analytics.

Jungle Scout vs AMZScout: The Main Differences

When choosing a product research tool for Amazon, you want one that will give you the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Two of the most popular options are Jungle Scout and AMZScout. Both tools have their pros and cons, so it’s important to understand the main differences before making a decision.

One of the biggest differences is the price. Jungle Scout starts at $87/month, while AMZScout starts at $69/month. However, AMZScout does offer a free trial, while Jungle Scout does not.

Another key difference is the user interface. Jungle Scouts is much more user-friendly and intuitive than AMZScout. This is especially important if you’re new to using product research tools.

Jungle Scout also offers more features than AMZScout. For example, it has a built-in supplier database and an “Opportunities” feature that helps you find potential products to sell.

Finally, Jungle Scout constantly updates and adds new features, while AMZScout seems stagnant in this area. So, if you’re looking for a continually innovating tool, Jungle Scout is the way to go.

Overall, both Jungle Scout and AMZScout are excellent product research tools. The best option for you will ultimately depend on your budget and needs.

Is AMZScout An Alternative To Jungle Scout?🤨

Many Amazon Scouts are on the market, offering different features and advantages. Jungle Scout is one of the most popular options, but AMZScout is another worth considering.

Both tools offer comprehensive data and insights about Amazon products, sellers, and keywords, but they have some key differences.

For example, AMZScout provides historical sales data to help make long-term predictions, while Jungle Scout offers more detailed product information.

In terms of pricing, AMZScout is typically more expensive than Jungle Scout. However, it offers a free trial period to test the features before committing to a purchase. Ultimately, the best Amazon Scout for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Jungle Scout Customer Reviews

jungle scout customer reviews

jungle scout user reviews

jungle scout customer stories

AMZScout Success Stories

amzscout customer reviews amzscout success stories

Trust Factor about Jungle Scout vs. AMZScout:

🔎As an Amazon seller, choosing the right tool to help you grow your business can make all the difference.

With so many options, knowing which one will deliver on the trust can be hard.

Regarding Jungle Scout vs. AMZScout, one thing is certain—both tools have loyal followings among Amazon sellers. But what sets them apart?

Is it the interface, the pricing, or something else entirely? Ultimately, the decision comes down to your unique needs and preferences, but one thing is certain – you need a tool you can trust to help you succeed in the competitive jungle of Amazon selling.

Jungle Scout Reddit

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AMZScout Reddit

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FAQs: Jungle Scout vs AMZScout

💁Is Jungle Scout worth the money / Is Jungle Scout Worth it?

Jungle Scout is the most comprehensive Amazon research tool available. Yes, it's a little expensive, and yes, the lack of a free trial is a bummer. Still, if you're serious about building your FBA business, it's 100% worth the money.

🙎How accurate is Jungle Scout / Is Jungle Scout Accurate?

Jungle Scout is a rather accurate program. It's not precise, and you'll need a firm grasp of how Amazon's marketplace works. However, it's still very dependable.

🤩 Is Amzscout or Jungle Scout better?

While AMZScout and Jungle Scout are excellent Amazon product research tools, Jungle Scout edges out AmzScout overall for ease of use and price point. That said, the fact is that Jungle Scout has more features.


In summary, both Jungle Scout and AMZScout have their pros and cons. It’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before settling on one.

Jungle Scout might be ideal for an easy-to-use tool with many features. At the same time, AMZScout may suit users who need daily reports of product offers in their niche but don’t require additional reports or analytics.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preferences, so if you’re stuck between these two products – try them out and see which best meets your needs.

Neither is necessarily better than the other regarding eCommerce product research; it all depends on what you seek from each one.

Overall, Jungle Scout is better than Amzscout in terms of price, accessibility, and usability for product research.

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