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Keap Trial 2024– Features, Pricing Plans, Services & Customer Support!

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Business management has never been more complicated than it is today. Today, it is expected that you will conduct your entire business online.

However, merely creating a website is insufficient, as it will not generate leads or convert leads into sales. Keap is an innovative business solution, which is fortunate.

As people who evaluate a great deal of business software, we can tell you that there are not many effective business expansion tools on the market.

However, is it worthwhile to invest? Is maintaining the best option for your company? In our Keep review, we will explain everything you need to know about Keap, including what it is, its features, and its price.

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Keap Review 2024

What is Keap?

Keap Homepage

Keap is a business growth platform hosted in the cloud. It began as a tool for managing leads. Given that they’ve been in business for nearly a decade, it’s only natural that they’re one of the CRM industry’s top players.

In addition to CRM, Keap’s other notable features include email marketing, lead generation, and automation.

What is a CRM?

CRM Software View

To comprehend Keap, one must comprehend its most well-known characteristic. Therefore, we will take a moment to explain CRM.

Customer Relationship Management is abbreviated as CRM. It is a type of technology designed to help you maintain positive customer relationships and manage your company’s interactions with current and potential customers.

By maintaining a connection with customers and interacting with potential customers, CRM increases your company’s profits, which is why it is an essential component of our Keap evaluation.

Some CRM tools permit the management of marketing and advertising campaigns, customer service, and e-commerce. Although most people associate CRM with sales and marketing, it can also be highly beneficial to customer service.

Many customers will use one platform, such as Twitter, to voice their initial complaint before contacting you via email or phone to resolve the issue privately. Your CRM tool can help you track the issue across all platforms.

CRM is the fastest-growing software category, so business owners must become knowledgeable about it.

Now, when we discuss Keap’s CRM features 

How Easy is Keap to Use?

Keap Features

Some individuals reading this Keap review are less tech-savvy than others, and some have never used CRM or other marketing software. Therefore, highlighting Keap’s usability is essential to this Keap review.

The good news is that Keap is extremely user-friendly. Even on the first day of use, you should have little trouble navigating the application. Its user-friendly layout allows you to view all your information in a single location without needing to search.

I examined Keap’s user interface for this Keap review and discovered several in-app tutorials and chatbox tips that are helpful for new users. Still, it’s possible for even inexperienced users to figure it out on their own.

Several aspects of the user interface make it easy to navigate, including large font size, ample white space, and action buttons that are simple to locate.

During our research for this Keap review, we discovered that upon first use, Keap prompts you to add your contacts. You can either add them manually or upload them from spreadsheets or contact lists on Google, Quickbooks, or Mailchimp.

This is a straightforward procedure, and the only thing that will slow you down is an annoying pop-up question asking whether your contacts expect emails from your company. If you select “No,” you will not be able to email the contacts through Keap.

During my research for this Keap review, we discovered that only the more advanced automation features require some skill and knowledge. You’ll need domain expertise and skills to make the most of these features.

Keap Pricing

Keap Pricing Plans

Many individuals who read this Keap review will also want to know how much Keap costs.

Depending on the number of contacts you have, Keap offers various pricing plans and a sliding scale to determine their costs. The prices of Keap’s services depend on the following contact options:

  • Under 500 contacts
  • 500-5,500 contacts
  • 5,500- 10,500 contacts
  • 10,500- 250,000 contacts
  • Over 250,000 contacts

Additional users can be added to your plan for an additional $30 per user, which is another important aspect of Keap’s pricing that we wish to highlight in this review.

In addition, you receive a 50% discount for the first two months on all of their plans. We will list prices in our Keap review based on the least expensive option, which is “under 500 contacts.” If you have more than 500 contacts, your plan may cost more.

Lite: $40/month the first two months, $79 after

As the least expensive plan, it is naturally geared toward small businesses and sole proprietors.

SMS and email marketing tools, B2B capabilities, CRM, appointment scheduling tools, automation, internal forms, an invoice and quote generator, and reminders and reports are included with the Lite plan.

In spite of the fact that Lite is a cheap option, it does not offer marketing automation tools or landing page builders, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

Pro: $80/month the first two months, $159 after

This is a good strategy for small and medium-sized businesses seeking rapid expansion. In addition to the Lite plan’s features, you gain access to sales pipelines, marketing automation tools, landing pages, recurring payments, and A/B testing.

Max: $100/month the first two months, $199 after

This strategy is best suited for medium to large businesses that are well-established but in need of expansion. You receive all the features of Lite and Pro, in addition to checkout forms, lead scoring, subscription management, and analytics.

Max Classic:

We cannot tell you how much the Max Classic plan costs because its price depends on your required services. It is a plan that allows you to purchase only the services you require.

This package gives you more sales management and e-commerce options. This plan is ideal for businesses with e-commerce expertise and a seasoned sales force.

How Long Does it Take to Get Set Up with Keap?

After registering with Keap and creating an account, you must complete a questionnaire to determine your CRM priorities. It contains very straightforward statements, such as “I want to quickly follow up with new leads,” making it simple to complete.

After completing the questionnaire, your email and calendar services are merged (like Microsoft or Google). Completing these integrations early is advantageous so you do not waste time with them later.

Once you’ve reached your dashboard, you’ll see data such as sales figures, email campaign statistics, and upcoming meetings. You can create new contacts, tasks, emails, and appointments with a simple two-click process from this page.

Tags should be organized upon their initial use. You can use the tags provided by Keap as well as create your own and organize them.

The tags can then be used to identify your customers, allowing your team to determine which stage of the buying process your customers are currently in.

Then you’ll set up your pipeline. You can use the pipeline template provided by Keap or customize your pipeline. The pipeline’s drag-and-drop functionality makes its setup and operation simple.

Keap Customer Support

Keap Customer Support

During our research for this Keap review, we discovered that they offer coaching. Regardless of the subscription plan you select, you can receive expert coaching for a one-time fee of $499.

This service includes daily training webinars, personalized support, and one-on-one coaching.

This is fantastic if you want to learn how to fully utilize Keap, or if you just want to ensure you have a thorough understanding of their services.

Additionally, Keap hosts numerous large-scale events to educate small business owners on new features and other aspects of their services.

Customer support is available in the following areas:

  • 27/7 support regardless of plan, Phone support is available in the US, UK, and Australia
  • They offer live online chat support on their website and app.
  • Tutorial videos on their YouTube channel.
  • A FAQ segment
  • A community forum that quickly delivers useful answers
  • And a blog that provides sales, marketing, business growth, management, and customer service advice.

How to Buy Keap’s Services

Obviously, if you’re watching this Keap review and you’re interested in acquiring their services, you’re curious about how to do so. Here is the method we recommend:

  1. Check out the website.Use the slider on the pricing page to select the number of contacts you have and obtain a price estimate. Read about the specifics of each plan, as they vary.
  2. Talk to a Keap representative. Create a list of specific questions, and then communicate with a Keap representative using that list. This will help you determine whether Keap meets your and your organization’s needs.
  3. Choose a plan. Regardless of the plan you select, you should sign up for a free trial. Fortunately, Keap does not require a credit or debit card to sign up, so you can sign up and begin using the platform immediately. During the trial, you do not have access to all of Keap’s services, but it is a good way to determine whether Keap is right for you before spending a lot of money. If you like Keap’s services after the trial, you can enter your payment information to continue using them.

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Keap Review Conclusion 2024

Keap is an all-in-one CRM marketing solution for the majority of businesses, and the multitude of features discussed in this Keap review set them apart from other CRM software on the market.

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is, in my opinion, a very potent email marketing solution, and I’ve observed many successful companies using it for a variety of marketing and sales campaigns.

You can also reach them through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Keap is a great business marketing solution, which is why we were so excited to cover it extensively in this Keap review.

Despite being expensive enough to deter many business owners and having so many features that it can feel a bit overwhelming at times, Keap is a great business marketing solution, which is why we were so excited to cover it in such depth.

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