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LearnWorlds Pricing Review 2024– Comparison Between Plans!

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Course creators always take the price of an online course platform like LearnWorlds into account when making a choice.

And knowing how it works and how it stacks up against other popular platforms can make a huge difference!

LearnWorlds is one of our top-rated online course platforms, but you may still have a lot of questions after looking at their pricing table.

Some of these questions can only be answered by users with a lot of experience, which you may not be if you’re just starting out.

This is why we decided to put it all in an article so you can understand it!

LearnWorlds Pricing Review 2024

LearnWorlds Pricing Review- LearnWorlds Overview

LearnWorlds Pricing Overview


To begin, let’s look at the different packages and pricing LearnWorlds offers:

  • Starter Plan – $29/month ($24/mo paid annually)
  • Pro Trainer – $99/month ($79/mo paid annually)
  • Learning Center – $299/month ($249/mo paid annually)

The good news is that you can try out any of these plans for free for 30 days.

With each plan upgrade, you get more features, but there are also some important differences between these plans that could make or break a deal.

You might not understand everything in this pricing table just by looking at it, so let’s break down what you get with each plan:

LearnWorlds Starter Plan

This is the teaser plan, which is the bare minimum of what you need to get started, just like most other popular online course platforms.

This might be enough if all you want to do is set up a few simple pages and get paid for your first program.

Here’s what you really need to know about this plan:

  • On top of the payment gateway charges (Stripe, Paypal, etc.) there is a $5 transaction fee.
  • Only 3 landing pages can be created and you do not have access to all of the platform’s features
  • No recurring subscriptions or payment plans are available

The program is primarily for beginners who are still testing and validating their courses, but will be scaling soon.

LearnWorlds Pro Plan

This is the most popular plan, and as we’ll see later, it costs about as much as most other platforms do.

In a nutshell, you are gaining access to Learnworlds’ most basic feature without the advanced stuff:

  • There is no limit to the number of pages, funnels, and pricing options
  • Affiliate program unlocking
  • Engage your students with more teaching and learning tools
  • Zapier integration with any external platform

Who is this for: LearnWorlds users who create courses will likely land here and use it frequently!

LearnWorlds Learning Center

The most expensive plan lets you customize it more and meet very specific needs.

The price is quite a bit higher than the Pro plan, mostly because you get access to some cool features:

  • B2B or agency white labeling options
  • In-video actions and editing from the platform make this interactive video very cool
  • Integration with external platforms via APIs and SSO

Who is this for: This is for agencies or big companies that want to add more features to their current system. Most people who make courses will be fine with the Pro plan.

How Does Learnworld Pricing Compare with Competitors?

When comparing prices for online course platforms, it’s important to compare the same thing to the same thing.

LearnWorlds isn’t an all-in-one platform; it’s just a funnel and course-only one. If you want to know more about its features, check out our full review.

Even if you compare it to other platforms in the same category, there are some things to keep in mind besides the price…

So, let’s quickly look at how the other most popular platforms stack up:

How does LearnWorlds Pricing compare to Teachable?

Teachable pricing plans

LearnWorlds is similar to Teachable, which is the most popular online course platform and a course-only tool.

LearnWorlds is much better for building a website than Teachable, which is the main difference between the two platforms.

You can try Teachable for 14 days for free, and there are three pricing plans to choose from:

  • Basic – $29/month billed annually (or $39 paid monthly)
  • Pro – $99/month billed annually(or $119 paid monthly)
  • Business – $249/month billed annually ( or $299 paid monthly)

LearnWorlds and Teachable have plans and prices that are very similar.

So it wouldn’t be a big reason to choose one platform over the other…

How does LearnWorlds Pricing compare to Kajabi?

Kajabi -Pricing

We said it’s important to compare things that are similar, but Kajabi is such a popular online course platform that we have to mention it here!

The main difference between the two platforms is that Kajabi is an all-in-one platform and has an email marketing and automation system, while LearnWorlds does not.

Kajabi has a 30-day trial (only for partners!) and three plans:

  • Basic Plan – $149 per month ($119 per month paid annually)
  • Growth Plan – $199/month ($159/month paid annually)
  • Pro Plan – $399/month ($319/month for annual payments)

Definitely on the higher end of the price range, but again, Kajabi has more features built in and meets different needs than LearnWorlds.

How does LearnWorlds Pricing compare to Thinkific?

Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific is another popular course-only platform like Teachable that can be compared to LearnWorlds.

Even more so, since Thinkific also has great tools for people who want to use the platform to build a full website.

Thinkific has a Free Plan and 3 paid plans, which are:

  • Free (no transaction fee)
  • Basic – $39/month billed annually (or $49 per month)

Pro – $75/month per year (or $99 per month)
Premier – $499 per month billed annually (or $399 per month)

FAQs LearnWorlds Pricing Review

What’s the best plan for me?

Taking everything we've learned so far into account, choosing the best plan for you will depend on your situation. Here's what we think: If you're just getting started and need to set up a quick funnel and product to see if there's a real demand, you might be able to get by with the Starter plan. But you should try to upgrade to the Pro plan pretty quickly because that's where the fun is and that's how you get access to LearnWorlds's most important features for course creators. If you are a large business or government agency and need the most access and integration options, you can choose the Learning center plan.

Is there a transaction fee?

Yes, but only if you have the 5% Starter plan. This is in addition to the fee you'll pay for the payment gateway... (roughly 1.5% Which is another reason to switch to the Pro plan quickly, especially if you make more than 11 sales a month, which would cover the difference by itself.

What else do I need to pay for?

LearnWorlds has a lot to offer, but as a course maker, you will also need a few other things. In particular, an email marketing system that costs between $30 and $50 a month, depending on the size of your list. MailerLite and ConvertKit are free up to 1,000 subscribers. Unless you need advanced funnel or cart features, this should be the only big cost on top of LearnWorlds' fee.

Is there a free plan or free trial to get started?

LearnWorlds doesn't have a free plan, but their free trial is one of the longest in the business. For the first 30 days, you can use the platform for free. Getting your hands dirty is the best way to figure out which plan is right for you and what you get from it.

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