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Nexcess Review 2023 – Is It The Best Managed WordPress Hosting ?

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Nexcess offers high-quality hosting and domain registration services. They provide cutting-edge technology, dependability, and customer service at an affordable price! Check out the most recent Nexcess review to learn more about them!

  • What exactly is Nexcess?
  • What is Managed WordPress Hosting Software
  • Features of Managed WordPress Hosting Software
  • What is the speed of Nexcess hosting
  • Is site Migration Easy?
  • Do they have Free CDN Services?
  • What is its pricing
  • Necxcess Comparison with Competitors
  • Pros and Cons of using Nexcess

What is Nexcess? 

Nexcess is a high-performance cloud-based management platform designed to optimize various applications such as WooCommerce, WordPress sites, Magneto, and others.

For over 20 years, it has served SMBs, designers, developers, and agencies.

Nexcess has data centers worldwide that can deliver performance, auto-scaling, and management control via their best-in-class open-stack cloud platform.

Nexcess is very proud that Magneto was created using their services.

It is a company with over 45,000 customers in 150 countries. It is also a member of the liquid web family.

Nexcess Review overview

The companies have assembled a world-class team of industry experts who provide unrivaled services via a dedicated group of solution engineers available around the clock while managing ten global data centers.

Nexcess is well-known for its ability to adapt to modern technology.

The platform believes in continuous growth, which it can accomplish through constant innovation, disruptive scalable platforms, and access to world-class eCommerce and technical expertise.

Nexcess has a solution for any project, whether a small business in a remote location or a multinational corporation.

Nexcess has been named one of INC. Magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing companies for the past 12 years due to its consistent contributions.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

The easiest method to create a blog or a website is by utilizing WordPress software. It is the most popular platform that acts as an open-source content management system.

The icing on the cake, WordPress, is available for free, and all users can use or modify WordPress without any cost. 

WordPress is a content management system that allows users to manage crucial aspects of their websites like content layout and arrangement, color scheme, overall appearance, etc.

However, with it, you can do all these without any prior knowledge of programming. The websites developed using this software are accessible to everyone.

Nexcess Review - Managed WordPress Hosting

A managed WordPress hosting is a dedicated web hosting product that allows WordPress-initiated websites to work seamlessly.

Such hosting products are pre-configured to the website’s nuances and, as a result, are automatically compatible with any WordPress-generated websites. 

The primary reason why the product varies across hosts is that no one definition fits “WordPress Hosting.” WordPress hosting moves around 3-S, which are simplification, security, and speed.

A managed web hosting software complies with all three aspects, and lets business owners handle the work more effectively.

There is no defined structure for a WordPress hosting program. As a result, it differs from company to company. It is a simple software that supports PHP/ MySQL. 

An intelligent WordPress hosting company will carefully deliberate the things that will make the product secure. Apart from this, it is imperative to ensure that your website loads instantly and entails a user-friendly interface.

The idea to develop an intuitive website is to enable any person with a limited amount of knowledge about the internet to navigate through the website and find results quickly.

Features of a Managed WordPress Hosting Software

The price of a WordPress hosting plan is determined by the user’s estimated number of visits or installs rather than the resources dedicated to making a website work.

Aside from that, signing up for managed WordPress hosting implies that you agree to your hosting provider “managing” various aspects of your site and server for you.

Among these features are the following:

  • While integrating plugins and themes, you should update your website to the platform’s core.
  • Providing a safe backup for your website
  • Optimizing performance so that page loading times are as short as possible and your customers can easily access your website
  • If the client is on a VPN or another dedicated plan, it can help with server configuration.
  • Around-the-clock assistance if you come across any incomprehensible features 

You can get some cutting-edge features by using managed WordPress hosting.

WordPress Hosting Features


However, because you now understand what managed web hosting software has to offer, it will only make sense after reading the Nexcess review.

Features and Interface Accessibility 

Nexcess provides several features to its clients to improve interface accessibility. Here is a list of all the features you should know before deciding whether the platform is worthwhile.

Nexcess features


1. Navigable Control Panel 

Except for the managed WordPress plan, every Nexcess plan includes a control panel option. Users have the option of using cPanel or Plesk.

If you choose the managed WordPress plan, your only option is to use the proprietary control panel.

Similarly, it has a flexible interface and can manage multiple WordPress sites from a single location.

The dashboard provides all the tools you’ll need to manage your website. Here are some of the options available from the control panel.

  • You can use the Nginx Accelerator to accelerate content delivery while purging the cache, which slows down your website’s performance.
  • You could also use the free CDN services included in your hosting plan’s complimentary package.
  • Users can monitor and control their bandwidth usage.
  • You are given the option of managing your email account.
  • Your website’s manual backup is created automatically. However, you can control the feature via the control panel.
  • You can configure your website’s staging and create a development environment through the panel.
  • You can also run tests through an FTP account using the control panel.

You can contact support via chat, email, or phone in the dashboard.

2. Superior Performance and Speed 

The company owns and operates three primary data centers worldwide. As a result, the web hosting platform will outperform its competitors regardless of location.

Here is a list of some regions and their average page loading time with Nexcess for more detailed results.

  • In the US-central regions, Nexcess loaded a webpage in 402 milliseconds.
  • The west coast of the United States recorded a speed of 453 milliseconds.
  • While the EU-central region was responsible for 765 milliseconds,

These statistics are unrealistic for those unfamiliar with the niche’s general statistics. As a result, with Nexcess, you will never have to worry about your customers waiting for your website to load.

3. 100% Uptime Guarantee 

  • Nexcess is one of the few web hosting companies that offer a 100% uptime guarantee to its customers.
  • It would, however, be unrealistic to believe that it could happen. The company provides some exceptions to this rule, which include:
  • Malicious attacks bring a server to a halt.
  • scheduled network, hardware, or software maintenance or upkeep
  • Disruptions brought on by cPanel issues.

Despite the exceptions, Nexcess strives to keep its promise.

4. Site Migration 

Whether you want to switch from a different web hosting software or upgrade your current Nexcess hosting plan, the platform strives to make your site migration as smooth as possible.

The expert team will assist you in completing the migration while keeping the website operational and avoiding the white screen of death.

If you ask us, it is a win-win situation because several other web hosting platforms can only perform site migration by shutting down the website for at least 24 hours.

Nexcess, on the other hand, makes it possible thanks to its exceptional staff and teamwork. Using Nexcess, your clients will never have to deal with temporary site outages or lags.

5. Free CDN Services 

Free CDN Services 

The primary goal of creating a website is to provide content to customers. This is the purpose of any sane website, regardless of the size of the business or organization.

Delivering high-quality content to customers worldwide should be a top priority for your online business.

As a result, Nexcess will assist you in accomplishing this without hiccups or last-minute drama. Fortunately, all Nexcess packages include free CDN services, which users can access directly from the control panel.

The services can be activated almost instantly, and the Content Delivery Network services will begin functioning automatically.

A CDN primarily improves the load time of your website and protects it from DDoS or foreign malware attacks. If you use the platform, activate the services to get the most out of your Nexcess package.

Pricing and Follow-Up Assistance 

Nexcess offers excellent follow-up assistance and a variety of pricing plans to meet the diverse needs of organizational owners.

What are the different plans that Nexcess offers?

The pricing plans are created with the understanding that the common goal of all organizations is to grow. Their pricing scheme begins at $19. However, there are no hidden fees involved.

When you choose Nexcess, you will notice the difference when you experience high-quality features at an affordable price. Nexcess also provides the following professional plans:

  • Spark: The plan includes one site administration and up to 15 GB of cloud storage. Backups are scheduled every 30 days and have a capacity of 2 TB. Users do, however, get unlimited email accounts and an iThemes security pro package with a syncing feature. It is the most basic plan, with a monthly cost of $19.
  • Maker: This plan allows you to manage up to 5 sites and includes 40 GB of storage. The rest of the features follow the basic plan, with a bandwidth of 3 TB. This plan will cost you $35.55 for 3 months and is best suited for larger businesses.
  • Designer: The majority of the features are similar to the basic plan. However, the number of manageable sites has increased to ten, with up to 60 GB of cloud storage. With 4 TB of bandwidth, you can manage your websites with ease, and it cost 49.05 for 3 months.
  • Builder: This plan includes up to 25 sites, 100 GB of cloud storage, and up to 5 TB of bandwidth. The monthly fee begins at $149.
  • Producer: There are 50 sites with up to 300 GB of cloud storage. With 5 TB of bandwidth, an entire team could use the software and still function flawlessly. This plan is available for $2990 for a year.
  • Executive: This plan is available for $5490 for a year. However, we recommend it for businesses that require site management of up to 100 websites and 500 GB of storage data. A bandwidth of 10 TB will allow your organization to run smoothly.
  • Enterprise: For $9990 a year, you can manage up to 250 sites with 800 GB of cloud storage and 10 TB of bandwidth.

Nexcess Review Pricing

Which plan can be suitable for you? 

Nexcess offers almost similar plans. However, the one you would opt for depends on your organization’s volume and budget.

Your decision could also be based on the bandwidth available but ensure that you are not punching above your weight scale and opting for a plan that your firm doesn’t need. 

That said, you can also avail yourself of the 14 day trial period that Nexcess offers.

This way, you will be able to gauge the platform’s performance capability and at the same time decide which plan you want to go for or if you wish to go for the platform at all.

Users do not even have to enter their credit card details to start the trial. A simple sign-up would be enough to log you in to initiate the trial process. 

Why should you choose Nexcess?

Nexcess is a great choice for web hosting for a number of reasons. First, they offer rock-solid security features to keep your site safe from attack.

Their team is always on the lookout for new threats and vulnerabilities, and they have a comprehensive plan in place to protect your site. In addition, Nexcess offers fast, reliable hosting that can scale to meet the needs of your growing business.

They have a team of experts standing by 24/7 to help you with any issues that may arise, and their customer service is top-notch. If you’re looking for a web host that can provide you with peace of mind and a well-rounded set of features, Nexcess is a great option.

How good is the follow-up assistance that the platform provides?

The most cooperative humans back Nexcess in their venture to serve customers in the history of the web hosting world. The platform strives to provide stellar support to its customers worldwide.

The expert team deals with customers’ queries around the clock, and they always remain on standby 365 days and 24 hours a day. With Nexcess, you will never have to wait to get your query resolved.

The following are the redressal options you can choose with Nexcess. 

  • The Help-Desk System: Clients can expect a response within 30 minutes of their query submission. If a user fails to receive a response within 59 minutes, you will receive a hosting credit in your account as recompensation. 
  • Phone: You can expect to have your calls answered within 59 seconds. Nexcess is not a company that will keep you waiting on calls, only to hang up without having resolved the query at the end. Again, if they do not answer your phone at the customer care center within 59 seconds, you will get a hosting credit as a sorry gesture. 
  • Live Chat: It is the most convenient way to get your queries addressed. You can expect a response from an expert within 59 seconds of submitting the request. However, it must be submitted within the department that deals with the particular query. You can also answer pre-chat survey questions since some issues are so common that the company provides an answer beforehand to minimize the hassle. If nobody reptiles to your query over live chat, you will be entitled to receiving a hosting credit. 

Comparison with Nexcess Competitors

If you are a prudent buyer who compares before undertaking a purchase, reading this section of the review only makes sense.

Since we are through with the features and the pricing of the software, a detailed comparison with its peers will bring into light what might be the red flags and the things you could steer clear of. 

Does Nexcess beat its competitors in the market? 

In terms of quality, yes, Nexcess manages to beat its competitors in the market. However, in terms of pricing, shrewd spenders can think the software to be expensive.

Correspondingly, what most reviews fail to highlight is that Nexcess does not get into the rat race of providing you with features that would cost you the least.

Instead, the platform believes in making available a package that is ideal for your requirements and charges reasonably. 

1. Nexcess Speed Tests 

Seed Test Nexcess Review 

One of the best things about Nexcess is that it does not involve itself in the rat race of offering the cheapest plan possible.

The web hosting platform functions impeccably, providing users with the highest quality plans for an amount that is worth it. 

As a result, the approach makes it ideal for users who are willing to pay.

Small businesses, digital agencies, eCommerce shops, and popular blogs can likewise utilize the software for web hosting and gain tremendously.

Nexcess is a leading web hosting platform worldwide and boasts a clientele of 30000 customers who benefit from the seamless speed the platform offers. 

Now that we have versed you with every feature that the platform offers, it is time to look at how quickly Nexcess can load a new website.

For testing the software’s speed, experts utilized popular online tools, including GTmetrix and Pingdom. The results are based on different server locations around the world. 

2. GTmetrix 


Upon the test, Nexcess obtained a PageSpeed score of 98%, which is better than what several alternative platforms offer. Some of the reviewers also ran a few tests using GTmetrix from various server locations worldwide.

The following were the results from the three regions: 

  • It took 1.1 seconds to load in Dallas, USA. 
  • London, UK documented 2 seconds. 
  • While it took 2.5 seconds to load in Sao Paulo, Brazil 

The results were stellar, and once you use the software, you will notice that the platform functions flawlessly irrespective of the location you operate it from. 

3. Pingdom 


Experts also ran speed tests through Pingdom and found that the loading time outperformed what was measured through GTmetrix. Even as we went further in the regions, the platform’s speed did not falter. 

  • Nexcess took 146 milliseconds to load in North America, the USA, San Francisco. 
  • Even in Washington DC, it took 586 milliseconds to load. 
  • London accounted for the highest time with 1.13 seconds. 
  • While in Asia, Japan, Tokyo took 825 milliseconds. 

It should be apparent from the results that Nexcess has a lot to offer regarding speed and performance. As a result, you are guaranteed the features promised by the platform while ensuring website traffic by providing your customers with a top-notch experience. 

Pros & Cons of Using Nexcess 


If you are the owner of an e-store and would like to know your web hosting options, we are sure that the internet will come up with plenty of options for you. However, what you must realize is which is the best among the lot. 

And for that, you can consider testing Nexcess and its extraordinary features, which are sure to persuade you that it is the king of web hosting sites and provides excellent speed and intuitive features that surpass its alternatives.

There are several advantages of using Nexcess. Some of them include: 

1. Excellent Speed 

As mentioned earlier, the platform offers excellent speed from any server location across the world. The average page load time after using Nexcess as the web hosting software is 1.95 seconds.

The GTmetrix graded platform A in its speed test performance and accounted for an impressive score of 97%. 

2. Scalable Hosting 

The website also provides auto-scaling as a feature to allow users to extend their online activities. The speed should prove to you how reliable and robust the software is in terms of performance and value charged by the company. 

3. Superior Security Features 

The platform builds an additional firewall protecting confidential customer data that you might request from potential clients who visit your website.

Apart from this, any information you may have hosted on the site is also protected by the software.

You will never have to worry about your connection getting hijacked as Nexcess offers excellent security features and keeps malware attacks and hijackers at bay. 

4. 100% Assistance 

Nexcess employs an expert team that helps with customer queries around-the-clock.

As a result, if you stumble upon a feature that is inaccessible for you at the moment, the team will happily oblige with your question and provide you with a solution at the earliest. 

5. Free Trial 

Nexcess - free trial

You can also get yourself a free trial for the hosting website. Individuals who are precarious with their choices can avail themselves of the option and schedule a free trial with the platform.

You can work the platform for 14 days and see whether the features comply with your requirements and which plan would suit your organizational needs. 

6. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee 

Every Nexcess user is guaranteed a 99.99% uptime guarantee. You will never be disappointed with the website or the performance capacity it entails.

It makes the entire process easy for you and leaves you with enough time to handle things like content creation, digital marketing, design themes, and SEO optimization. 

7. Cloud-Based Hosting 

This feature will guarantee that your eCommerce store never lags since cloud-based hosting enhances your site’s page loading speed. Apart from this, it is easier to store information on the cloud.

Nexcess offering cloud-based hosting guarantees advanced security to your website since it helps veil your domain from any unprecedented attacks or malware functions. 


However good software may be, there would be some red flags entailing the product. As we have known in our lifetimes, nothing in this world is perfect, but with Nexcess, you can get as close to perfect as there will be.

Therefore, some of the disadvantages of using Nexcess are:

1. Sub-Standard Documentation 

We still believe that the documentation offered by the platform could be better. There is always room for improvement, and with Nexcess, it is one aspect where the platform lacks. 

2. No Cheap Hosting Packages Available 

If you are looking for cheap hosting solutions with Nexcess, it might be that you will stay disappointed. There are no affordable packages available with the platform.

You will have to pay the price for features you want to gain access to. Therefore, if you are a small business owner looking for something reasonable, Nexcess might not be the ideal solution for you. 

Quick Links

FAQs | Nexcess Review

😊 Can I change my application if I change my mind?

If you decide that your original application of choice isn’t for you, get in touch with our support team and they can help you to make the changes you need.

👉What is the Enterprise Support Group (ESG)?

The ESG is a team of experienced hosting veterans dedicated to keeping your solution running smoothly. They will also handle enterprise migrations so your site has no downtime during its transition.

✌️ Can I run a windows stack?

Get in touch with our server architects to discuss implementing a custom stack.

😱 What PHP version can I run?

You can select the PHP version right for you. We currently support up to PHP 7.2.

🤷‍♂️ Do I need a load balancer

A load balancer helps your cluster to run and manage resources appropriately. It is an integral part of enterprise cluster solutions with multiple web application servers.

🙌 What size solution should I choose?

Our cluster architects will guide you through the selection process and size you according to your needs.

Conclusion | Nexcess Review 2023

Nexcess is a high-quality web host that offers a top-notch experience to business owners by helping them drive traffic to their eCommerce stores or blogging websites.

If you need a robust web host for your WordPress site, Nexcess is the answer to your never-ending quest.

If you compare Nexcess to any other presumably influential web hosting sites, you will notice that Nexcess outperforms on almost every ground other than its alternatives. 

Most web hosting sites punch way over their pay grade and, as a result, fall short on their promises.

However, you will never find Nexcess disappointing you since the platform delivers every mentioned feature and offers round-the-clock assistance to its customers. 

It is an excellent option for everyone looking for a reliable web host with intuitive features that will enhance your website’s interface. You can guarantee your website visitors the experience of a lifetime with Nexcess.

The web hosting platform is worth every penny and will provide you with outstanding features that are scarce in the market or are provided at an overpriced cost by the competitors. 

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    The backup feature is available in the dashboard and the process is performed daily. You can restore your website any time within a click if any disaster happens.

    The strong security feature fixes all the website errors, vulnerabilities and removes malware magically.

  3. One thing that nexcess promises are lifetime support and it surely does!
    Support is available 24/7 by phone, live chat, email, and ticketing system. Technical support on live chat is only available during business hours but available through tickets 24 hours.
    The managed hosting is very useful and it has benefited me in several ways. Once you create an account on their Managed WooCommerce hosting, they’ll make sure your store stays open so you can continuously accept orders and build your business!

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    Nexcess webhosting is your excellent solution for safeguarding or business, website, and domains from cyber attacks. They offer 24/7 round-the-clock protection with 99% uptime guarantee which ensures you stay up and running. Their team of expert security professionals vigilantly monitors traffic coming in over their networks to ensure malicious activity originating from the internet is prevented before it can do any harm to your business!

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    We’ve been really happy with their services – none of these other reviews can tell you about what it’s like to work them because they’re all fake reviews posted by competitors who don’t even understand SEO – those reviews are simply false statements without any substance or merit at all!

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  17. I always hear my friends complaining about their site going down and how it’s so frustrating when they can’t do anything. It was such a relief when I found Nexcess! They provide amazing customer service, lots of freebies (CDN, Site Migrations), and transparent pricing and discounts. Unlimited websites? YES PLEASE!!! And the cherry on top: they have 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you’re not happy with their hosting services after all that! Push for more sales right where the target audience is

  18. There is a reason why this hosting company has been going strong for over 10 years! What makes it different from the rest, though?
    “Nexcess offers excellent uptime and speed with superior, advanced security features. It includes lots of free goodies such as CDN, site migrations, and so on. They offer around-the-clock, instant and friendly support via both phone and remote access to your server. On top of that they have a 30-day money back guarantee.”
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