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Pressable Review 2024: Is It Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service?

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Pressable Review


Pressable is a WordPress-focused web hosting solution that specialises at keeping your site up and operating safely and smoothly. 

Out of 10


  • Transfers of data are unlimited on a monthly basis across the board.
  • Every plan comes with a free SSL certificate and a CDN. 
  • Automatic daily backups are also included.
  • Malware detection
  • Jetpack's security tool is fantastic.
  • Onboarding that is tailored to your needs


  • This firm does not sell domains.


Price: $ 25

Starting a blog or website can feel like a big step, especially if you’re not a tech expert. That’s where Pressable comes in, a service I’ve been trying out to make things easier.

Pressable is all about hosting WordPress sites, and I wanted to see if it really takes the hassle out of managing a site.

As someone who’s been through the ups and downs of setting up websites before, I was curious if Pressable could make the process smoother for me.

In this Pressable review, I’ll share my personal experience with their service, focusing on what made it stand out and any bumps I encountered along the way.

If you’re thinking about starting a website or looking for a new hosting option, you’ll want to hear this.

Bottom Line Upfront:

I highly recommend Pressable for anyone looking to host a WordPress site. After using it myself, I found it incredibly user-friendly and reliable.

Pressable is a great option for high-performance managed wordpress hosting services with a reasonable starting price of $25 a month.

Pressable made setting up and managing my website a breeze, which was a huge relief since I’m not very tech-savvy.


Their customer service was top-notch, always ready to help with any questions I had. Plus, my site has been running smoothly, without any downtime. 

The backup system could be better, and the absence of a fully featured staging tool and live chat support on the entry-level plan may be a drawback for some.

From my personal experience, if you’re searching for a hassle-free and dependable hosting service, Pressable is definitely the way to go.

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What is Pressable? 

What Is Pressable?

Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting service based in the United States. The company started in 2010 and focuses on hosting WordPress websites. They boast a fast and secure hosting service for managing WordPress websites.

Pressable specializes in WordPress hosting. Their focus on helping entrepreneurs differentiates them from web hosts offering more general services.


Today, the company has thousands of managed hosting clients, a world-class global data infrastructure, feature parity with some of the industry’s largest brands, and hundreds of 5-star ratings on TrustPilot and G2.

What Makes Pressable Different?

Pressable claims on its website that while all managed WordPress hosts offer similar services, it aims to stand out by providing exceptional service.

To see if this claim holds, let’s explore their features, such as free migrations and personalized customer care, that can help you get your website up and running smoothly.

Before I delve into their performance test results and examine their best features and drawbacks, here’s a brief overview of their hosting plans.

Pressable Hosting Plans:

Pressable has continually increased its options over the years and now includes a handy slider for choosing from among its ten WordPress plans.

You may search by several WordPress installations, the number of websites you want to host, or by monthly visitors.

A “visit” is defined by Pressable as traffic that originates from a single, legitimate (non-bot) IP address for 24 hours. Because Pressable provides limitless monthly data transfers, the firm measures traffic using this monthly visitor statistic.

Pressable’s entry-level plan begins at $45a month and includes 24/7 expert support, 5,000 monthly visitors, and 5 GB of storage for a single WP-powered site.

This is an excellent place to start if you’re beginning a tiny blog or personal website.

The Personal plan is more robust; it costs $25 per month and increases your site’s monthly traffic to 30,000 and storage space to 20 GB.


Additionally, this package includes Jetpack Security Daily. This premium WordPress plugin contains handy starter themes, a CRM for managing customer data, and SEO tools for increasing your site’s exposure.

Besides the Personal package, Pressable’s options are scalable to accommodate increased monthly traffic, sites, and data storage.

For $ 155 per month, Pressable’s Premium plan offers 400,000 monthly visitors, 50 GB of storage, and support for up to 20 WordPress installs.

If you run a large company with even larger web hosting requirements, Pressable’s Business 150 plan provides 150 WordPress installations, 3,000,000 monthly visitors, and 250GB of monthly storage for $ 1,000 per month.

In total, there are ten plans, including the custom plan.

Here are the nine pricing plans of Pressable:


Key Pressable Hosting Features: 

Here’s a short rundown of those features and their functionality.

1. WordPress Website & Account Support:

One of the ways Pressable seeks to separate itself from the competition is through its dedication to user assistance and exceptional customer service.

With that in mind, it’s quite surprising to discover that the entry-level Personal plan, which costs $ 25 per month, does not include access to the 24/7 live chat channel.

Rather than that, users on the entry-level plan may contact assistance through the email ticketing system, which is manned 24 hours a day. Telephone help is available to subscribers on the $750-per-month VIP 1 plan and above.

By contrast, the entry-level managed-to-host plans from Flywheel, Kinsta, and WP Engine all feature 24/7 live chat support.

Therefore, if you want real-time communication with the helpdesk staff, you may want to select one of those hosts or one of the higher-tier plans, such as the $45-per-month Starter plan.

The good news is that if you do get access to the live chat channel, you should be able to communicate with the helpdesk employees quite fast – at least according to our study for this review. 

Along with the support choices, due to the Jetpack Premium access, you may contact the amazing support team through the priority email channel for assistance with your website.

2. Four data centers and a CDN:

Pressable’s new “PressableEdge” infrastructure is comprised of four data centers and a content delivery network. Each package includes access to their unique, in-house CDN!

As a result, your website’s information is distributed globally, resulting in speedier loading speeds for your worldwide audience.

3. Website File and Database Access:

As with many web providers, a simple link directs you to phpMyAdmin if you want access to your WordPress database.

Website file and database access- Pressable

Unfortunately, there is no online file management accessible through a browser. However, you may access your server space using SFTP and your preferred file transfer software client.

The useful Pressable online knowledge base contains information on how everything works. The overall design of the dashboard user interface is unremarkable, but its lack of clutter makes locating what you’re searching for simple.

The Flywheel dashboard is difficult to top if you’re looking for a web host with an attractive user experience.

4. Incredible Staging Environment:

Pressable makes it simple to build a clone of your site to establish a test or development environment where you may securely experiment with new plugins, themes, and other modifications to your website.

However, quite shockingly, there is no mechanism for reverting the cloned site to the live site from where it was produced or to any other location.

Look at this simple process, and you’ll know why Pressable is easy to use.

Pressable clone site creation

Although the features page says staging sites, this refers to building an initial development site that you may work on privately until it is ready to publish.

There is no capability for rapidly moving a site’s data across multiple environments, as some other hosting, such as Kinsta and SiteGround, provide.

One solution is to remove the live site and then rename or make a clone of the test site. However, this is not the most user-friendly procedure.

5. WordPress Dashboard:

Unlike some hosts, no changes to the default WordPress installation process are made, such as adding a site setup wizard or bundling additional third-party themes and plugins.

Pressable hosting WordPress dashboard

As you’ll likely be using Jetpack to access the Premium features available to Pressable customers, you may also manage your WordPress website through the WordPress.com dashboard.

Certain readers may choose to administer their website through the WordPress.com dashboard — particularly if they’re transitioning from the hosted WordPress.com service to Pressable hosting.

6. Website Settings:

The Pressable dashboard’s site settings allow activating the Jetpack Premium membership, clearing the cache, and enabling the free Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificates.

You may set up a link to Amazon S3 or Rackspace, enabling you to store your website backups in your cloud account.

7. Account and Website Management:

In keeping with their commitment to assisting their clients in achieving success, Pressable’s account section is very user-friendly.

Pressable website and account management

To begin, building a new WordPress website on your account is rather simple: Choose a name for your new website and it will be up and running in a matter of seconds.

Once ready, you may adjust various site settings through the Pressable hosting dashboard or the fast connection to the WordPress admin area.

They do not provide a domain registration service thus, you will need to get a domain name for your site on your own.

However, doing so is rather simple. Until you are ready to direct your domain to the new site, it will be hosted on a Pressable subdomain and will remain in secret development mode until you are ready to go public.

8. Automatic WP Website Backups:

Pressable will back up your site automatically every day as part of their managed WP hosting service, but it is advised that you additionally install the Jetpack backup tool, which is available to all clients.

After using the Jetpack Premium backup function, this service automatically backs your site up every day.

Unlike Pressable’s daily backup service, the Jetpack Premium backup function enables easy restoration of these backups through a web-based dashboard.

With Pressable backups, you must request a restoration from support, which may be inconvenient if you need it done fast (for example, if you’ve damaged something on your site).

Wordpress backup- Pressable

Another backup option from Pressable is to link your Pressable account to the premium Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files online storage solutions.

Connecting your two accounts is not easy, but it only has to be done once. After that, a daily backup of your website’s files and the database will be automatically uploaded to your online storage account.

The advantage of migrating your backups away from Pressable is that your information will be stored in a secure place and preserved indefinitely, as opposed to the 30-day retention period provided by Pressable and Jetpack Premium backup options (although you can download the Jetpack backups for safekeeping).

It’s worth noting that restoring a backup sent to Amazon S3 or Rackspace requires manual intervention via FTP and phpMyAdmin.

Using a third-party WordPress backup plugin is another alternative. However, Pressable will deactivate and delete it if it detects that your backup plugin is creating performance or resource difficulties.

By and large, the backup method works. Other providers, however, offer superior backup options, such as the WordPress.com Business package, which provides access to the superior VaultPress backup tool.

9. WP Website Management:

Apart from improved speed and quicker loading times, one of the primary benefits of managed WP hosting over cheaper options is that many of the responsibilities associated with website maintenance are handled for you.

Pressable WP site management

This implies that when a stable version of the WordPress software becomes available, Pressable automatically updates your website. Additionally, they will daily back up your WordPress website (more on how this works later).

Other responsibilities, such as proactive site maintenance and performance analysis, are handled by Pressable, but only if you subscribe to one of their Enterprise plans.

Although, at $750 per month for up to a hundred WordPress installations, these plans may be excessive for some readers’ needs.

Although plugin and theme updates are your responsibility on most plans, you may activate automatic updates for plugins you’ve installed from the WordPress.org Directory through the Jetpack Premium subscription accessible to all Pressable users.

10. Personalized Onboarding:

All plans feature free WordPress website migrations, so if you currently have one or more websites hosted elsewhere, you may have them transferred to Pressable once you join up.

Additionally, they offer their WordPress migration plugin that simplifies the tedious process of migrating a site to their servers.

When you join Pressable, you will have a support executive to assist you with setting up your account, starting a new site, or managing your migration.

Pressable Hosting Performance results 

Presidium hosting plans have amazing features to help you create and control a WordPress website. But when it comes to hosting, it’s not just about the features; we also need to know how well your website will work.

To check that, I did some tests using Pingdom and Load Impact.

Pingdom helped me figure out how fast the test websites loaded on average. Load Impact helped me see how one of my test sites handled many people visiting it all at once and how that affected how quickly the site responded.

I also used Pingdom to see if the websites were available and working well most of the time. This will show you how often your site will be up and running if you choose Pressidium as your host.

Loading Times

In my test website, I used a light weight theme and created a sample page.

Pressable hosting test results

After observing how fast that page loaded every 30 minutes for a whole week, I found that the typical loading time was about 630 milliseconds.

That means the page loaded pretty darn quickly!

Load Impact Performance 

In addition to checking how fast the test websites loaded with Pingdom, I was curious how well Pressidium could handle people visiting a site simultaneously.

To figure this out, I used Load Impact to pretend that a bunch of users were going to one of my test sites simultaneously.

In my test, the number of “fake” users going to the site’s homepage went from just one to a big 200 within five minutes. I watched to see if the site stayed steady and didn’t get down during this time. It helps me know if the site can handle many visitors without freezing.

The good news is, when we had many pretend users visiting the test site, the time it took to respond didn’t change, even when the site went from just one to a big 200 users in five minutes.

It looks like Pressidium can handle a lot of visitors without any problems. If you want to dive deeper into the details of this test, you can check out the results on the Load Impact website.

Uptime Results

Pressidium boasts a 99.99% uptime, meaning your website will be up and running constantly. Based on my checks with Pingdom for seven days, our websites didn’t go down at all.

However, if your site does happen to go down when it’s hosted by Pressidium, especially if it’s because the data center network is having issues, you might get some money back.

They also refund 5 percent of your hosting fees for every 30 minutes of network downtime, up to 100 percent of the hosting fee.

Pressable Hosting Security

Pressidium gives you free SSL certificates, which works like your site’s digital bodyguards. They keep your visitors safe and even improve visibility on search engines.

(i) Managed WordPress Updates: WordPress loves updated plugins, but updating them can be a pain. Pressidium takes care of that for you. They ensure your WordPress and all its parts are up to date, so your website stays safe and runs great without you having to worry about it.

(ii) Web Application Firewall (WAF):  Pressidium uses the Web Application Firewall (WAF) around your site. It spots and blocks viruses or malware, so hackers can’t mess with your site.

(iii) Hack Recovery Assistance: Pressidium also looks for any hackers or harmful software that might sneak onto your site. If they catch anything, they don’t just sit around. The hacker recovery assistant jumps into action, cleans things up, and ensures your site stays over the top, even when the traffic surges.

Pressable Customer Support

Pressidium guarantees the excellent customer support. You can even read the customer reviews and ratings on websites like TrustPilot and G2.

Let’s talk about how they provide support.

First, the Pressidium team keeps an eye on how well your website is doing. They keep a check on speed, uptime and loading times and how much memory it’s using.

If something’s not right, they come up with solutions.

They even offer to move your site to Pressidium for free, so you don’t have to do any struggles. And if you want to upgrade your plan, they can help with that too.

If you ever have questions or problems, you can chat with experts in real-time using live chat, but this option might not be available with the cheapest plan.

You can also get in touch by sending messages about sales or billing questions through their Contact page, and some users might even get to talk on the phone. But that’s not all.

Pressidium has a Resource Center with a ton of helpful questions. They have knowledgebase articles that explain everything about using their service, from getting started to fixing problems and answering common questions.

They also have a library of free eBooks, webinars that are like online classes, and blogs about WordPress trends and news, so you can stay up-to-date and learn more about websites. They’re all about giving you the support and knowledge you need.

Pressable Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of Pressable:



Personalized onboarding There is no domain registration service
Excellent security feature for Jetpack
Convenient staging site feature
Quick malware scanning
Daily backups are performed automatically.
Each package includes a free SSL certificate and CDN.
Monthly data transfers are unlimited across the board.

Why should you choose Pressable?

Pressable is a leading web host providing top-notch hosting in the managed WordPress hosting space, and it offers several advantages over our competitors.

First and foremost, they provide managed WordPress hosting, so their team of experts will take care of your website’s technical aspects for you.

This includes keeping your WordPress installation up to date, backing up your site regularly, and providing 24/7 security monitoring. In addition, they also offer high-performance hosting plans that are optimized for WordPress websites.

The hosting servers are specifically configured to provide the fast page load times essential for a successful online presence. Pressable also uses a content delivery network (CDN) that further speeds up your website and delivers quick and reliable traffic.

If you’re looking for a WordPress host that will take care of all the details for you, Pressable is the right choice.

Pressable Hosting Technical Details:

Here are some technical details about Pressidium and their hosting plans to help you decide if they’re the right pick for your website:

  1. Website Caching: Pressidium has its system for making your website faster by storing and managing things like pictures, pages, and other stuff your website needs.
  2. Content Delivery Network (CDN): With Pressidium, you get to use their network to deliver your website’s content all around the world. This makes your site load faster for people in different places.
  3. PHP: All Pressidium websites use PHP 7.2 to run smoothly.
  4. SSL: They offer free security certificates to ensure your site is safe. Or, you can use your certificates if you have them.
  5. SFTP: You can use SFTP to get into your server space and manage it with the software you like.
  6. Server File Manager: Unfortunately, there’s no online tool for managing your server space and files. You’ll have to do it using other software.
  7. Database Access: You can reach your website’s databases through phpMyAdmin.
  8. Plugin Rules: They don’t let you use some plugins, especially ones related to making your site faster or better.
  9. Security: Pressidium keeps an eye on your site for any suspicious activity and offers extra safety features with Jetpack Premium on all plans.
  10. Fixing Hacked Sites: If your site gets attacked by a virus, Pressidium can help clean it up and restore it.

Conclusion: Is Pressable Hosting Worth It?

Towards the end of my Pressable Review, I would advise you to go for it.

With costs beginning at a reasonable $25 per month (for managed WP hosting), fast loading speeds, and the capacity to accommodate numerous concurrent visitors, Pressable should be a strong competitor for high-performance hosting.

There are a few areas where they fall short of the competition, including a weaker backup system, the absence of a fully complete staging tool, and the lack of live chat help on the entry-level plan.

However, suppose email support and the perfectly competent Jetpack backup tool suffice, and you don’t want the capacity to transport material across multiple settings at the click of a button.

In that case, Pressable might be an excellent choice for managed WordPress hosting service.

For example, if you want 24/7 live chat help, you may unlock it by upgrading to the $ 45 per month, ten-website Starter plan.

If you’re on the hunt for other hosting options, check our posts on:

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