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OGAds Review 2024: Unveiling the All-in-One Content Locking Powerhouse

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OGAds Review


OGAds is a mobile and desktop content-locking CPA network that rewards its members for sending visitors to the content locker and forcing people to accomplish activities such as submitting emails and installing applications.

Out of 10


  • On-time weekly payouts with various withdrawal options
  • One of the best platforms that offers high-paying sites
  • User-friendly interface
  • Amazing content locker network
  • Extends flexible and prompt customer support to its clients


  • The minimum amount that can be withdrawn has to be $50


Price: $

While there is an immense amount of activity that goes on the internet daily, only 13% of the content available online is free, and the rest has a content locker.

Content lockers can genuinely help you elevate your income in 2x ways. Now, as someone who has been into the digital world to make an earning, I was looking for a simple and easy solution that helped me boost my revenue generation as well as bring more traffic.

In this article, I’ll be diving deep into what sets OGAds as an amazing content-locking tool apart from its competitors online.

Right from SEO solutions, desktop customizations, and easy transfers to ad campaigns, this versatile platform caters to all your content-locking needs.

Read this article below to discover how OGAds can be your potential earning solution.

OGAds Review 2024: About OGAds

Founded in 2014 with headquarters in Chicago, OGAds is an affiliate network that assists webmasters, developers, and affiliates to monetize their traffic by promoting content and iOS and Android apps.

This platform helps you generate revenues through its content-locking techniques. What stands out about this platform is its minimum withdrawal amount and its various payout options.

OGAds Review

Apart from its content-locking solution, OGAds also offers SEO tools and ad campaigns to help its clients gain high conversion rates and maximum traffic to their content.

OGAds has more than 40,000 publishers on its platform, with an average of 4 million conversions per month for its advertisers.

With its easy-to-use interface and flexible customer support, this platform has also received numerous positive ratings on multiple platforms and, so far, has seen more than 10,000 downloads on its mobile app.

Additionally, with its learning platform, you gain exclusive insights on how to boost your revenues with marketing strategies. 

While reading everything on the internet can be insightful, check out my review to gain some legitimate details on OGAds to see if this is your ultimate solution.

What sets OGAds apart from its competitors?

Features Of OGAds

1. Live updates

With the live updates feature of OGAds, publishers can keep real-time track of all the upcoming and ongoing updates on the campaigns running on the platform and their hourly earnings.

Not only this, but they also get early access to future updates. The live updates feature is available on the OGAds Earning mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Make wise use of this platform to optimize your income streams.

2. Flexible payout options

One of the best advantages of this platform is its payout structure and flexibility when compared to the entire content-locking network platforms. OGAds offers a weekly payout to more than 25,000 publishers.

These payouts can be withdrawn in various ways through PayPal, direct deposit, Wire, crypto, and E-cheques.

3. Mobile and Desktop customizations 

Design is an important aspect of the content lockers, as it captivates the viewer to click on the download link. This feature lets publishers customize the content locker designs and themes to make them alluring for a good user experience on the website.

By customizing the desktop content locker, you can ensure high revenue for yourself by maximizing the conversion rates and pay-per-click policy.

4. Easy Transfers

In case you’ve been using another platform and wish to make a quick switch, OGAds is here for you. You can seek their customer support assistance by consulting them through Google, Meet, email, Telegram, or even Skype.

Their team, after having a call with you, will do a quick check of your website and see how the content locker can be integrated. The team also helps you with codes so you can make a switch to OGAds.

5. Ad campaigns and SEO solutions 

The SEO tools offered by OGAds are great solutions for publishers to gain organic traffic and high rankings in any vertical. Its ad campaigns are specifically designed with top-notch automation tools that help streamline campaigns and gain more traffic on your website.

With these tools, there are high chances for publishers to enhance their revenue generation in any niche.

6. OGAds Learning Platform

OGAds also motivate their customers to earn money in various ways. With its OGAds learning platform, whether you are a naive or a professional marketer, you can find amazing content to boost your revenue.

From acquiring knowledge on website construction to increasing TikTok traffic, mastering effective Google Analytics usage, crafting personalized content lockers, or deepening your understanding of the OGAds dashboard, they offer a comprehensive range of resources.

7. Easy tasks to earn

With OGAds, you can earn easy money. Here’s how

  • The simplest way to earn money on OGAds is by promoting products available on the website. All you have to do is direct your traffic to make a purchase of the product being promoted from the OGAds linked website.
  • Another simple way to earn money is by locking a crucial part of your content, which can only be unlocked by clicking on an icon that redirects your visitors to any icon to download the product. While this way of earning money is the most popular way available online, OGAds is one of the highest payers for this job.

Who is this platform ideal for? 

  • Developers
  • Webmasters 
  • Affiliate marketers 
  • Publishers
  • Social Media Publishers

Pros & Cons Of OGAds


  • One of the best platforms that offers high-paying sites 
  • On-time weekly payouts with various withdrawal options 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Amazing content locker network
  • Mobile and desktop content lockers can be customized 
  • Extends flexible and prompt customer support to its clients 
  • Offers a flexible consultation service to customers


  • The minimum amount that can be withdrawn has to be $50

How do I sign up?

Step 1: Head on to the official website of OGAds and click on the signup icon available on the homepage.

Step 2: You’ll now be directed to another page where you need to fill in your username, email ID, and password.

Fill your username, email ID & Password

Step 3: After filling in the details mentioned above, you now need to fill in your address details.

Fill Up The Address

Step 4: Now, you need to answer a set of questions related to traffic source, contact, and other general information.

Fill Up The Questions

Traffic Source Information

Fill Contact Information

Step 5: After all of this, you can go through the T&C of the firm and complete the CAPTCHA to finish signing up on OGAds.

Finish Signing Up On OGAds


In what ways can I withdraw my weekly payouts?

You can withdraw your weekly payout through crypto, Wire, PayPal, direct deposit, and E-cheques.

How do I promote offers with OGAds?

Offers can be promoted through multiple channels on social media or through email marketing campaigns.

How often can I withdraw my payout?

The payout frequency duration is Net-30; however, you can get this decreased to weekly payments once you start generating revenue of not less than $500 every week.

How much money can I make at OGAds?

Honestly, the revenue generation completely depends on the traffic on your website; however, on average, a publisher here earns up to $100 in a day. (Souce: https://ogadsmethod101.wordpress.com/2016/09/26/ogads-method/)

Where can I find the resources that help me earn more income on OGAds?

Head on to their official website and click on the blog section or scroll down to the footer and go to Knowledge Base or click on this link https://ogads.com/blog

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Conclusion: OGAds Review 2024

To sum up, my experience with OGAds has been nothing less than gaining a compelling content-locking powerhouse.

While there may not be a hundred features for you to discover on this platform, OGAds plays its existence well for its customers in multiple ways. What sets this platform apart is, of course, its desktop and mobile customization features.

That gives a user extreme flexibility to design them in ways that complement their websites. Don’t miss out on their blog section to enhance your ways of earning with OGAds exclusive content.

Intrigued? Head over to their official website and embark on your own OGAds journey, where financial possibilities await.

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