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Surfer SEO vs NeuronWriter 2024: Which Content Tool is Better?

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Many people say blogging isn’t important anymore, but that’s not true. According to the Hosting Tribunal, there are over 600 million blogs out there.

As a blogger, it’s clear that blogging is still a big deal and worth being a part of! The main reason for having a website is to get new and current customers interested.

When you have more visitors, you get more chances to find good leads and turn them into customers who pay for your products or services. If you keep up with blogging regularly, you can attract up to 55% more visitors compared to not doing it at all.

Nowadays, almost all business websites feature a blog, and 97% of them experience a boost in inbound visitors. To rank higher in Google searches (which seems like a daunting task these days), let’s look at Neuron Writer and Surfer SEO.

As a blogger who’s tried both, I’ll share how these tools help with SEO, beat competitors, and get better rankings on Google. I have been using both and thus will compare these two purely on the basis of my experiences with both.


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Surfer SEO

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Pricing $23/mo $89/mo
Best for

Empowers creative minds with intuitive interface, versatile features, seamless integration, and robust support for writing endeavors.

Surfer SEO excels in optimizing on-page factors such as keyword usage, content relevance, and competitor analysis for improved search rankings.

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Versatile Features
  • Robust Support
  • AI-Powered Assistance
  • On-page SEO analysis
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Content optimization suggestions
  • SERP analysis
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced editing tools enhancing productivity and creativity
  • Efficient cloud syncing for accessibility and backup
  • Comprehensive set of features catering to diverse writing ne
  • Content score provides easy comparison to competitors
  • Content planning and audit enhance optimization
  • Insert notes and streamlines communication with writers.
  • AI-driven Grow Flow
  • Steeper Learning Curve
  • Limited Compatibility with Certain Devices
  • Subscription-Based Model for Full Access
  • Dependency on Data
  • Learning Curve
Ease of Use

Neuron Writer's intuitive interface and streamlined features make writing effortless, catering to both novice and experienced writers alike.

Surfer SEO offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, streamlining on-page optimization tasks for efficient and effective usage.

Value For Money

Neuron Writer offers exceptional value for money with its comprehensive features, intuitive interface, robust support, and seamless integration, empowering writers to achieve their goals efficiently.

Surfer SEO offers substantial value for money with its robust on-page optimization features, comprehensive analysis, and actionable insights, aiding in improved search rankings and traffic.

Customer Support

Neuron Writer offers responsive customer support, providing timely assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance to ensure a seamless and satisfying user experience.

Surfer SEO offers responsive customer support through various channels, including live chat and email, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution of queries.

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Surfer SEO vs NeuronWriter

1. Surfer SEO Overview

Surfer SEO is a powerful tool for improving organic traffic and optimizing website content. It comes with features like AI content generation, real-time SEO editing guidance, keyword research, and SERP analysis.


People love it for being user-friendly, providing in-depth data analysis, and effectively boosting search engine rankings. It makes the SEO process easier by offering actionable insights based on data.

2. NeuronWriter Overview

NeuronWriter offers advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, including GPT-3 and 3.5 models for planning, researching, and optimizing content.

Neuron Writer Homepage

It helps with AI content writing using different templates, analyzes competitor SERPs, creates advanced content outlines, and optimizes content using NLP.

NeuronWriter helps generate high-quality SEO-optimized content, making your website more visible and competitive in search engine results.

Key Features: Surfer SEO vs NeuronWriter

1. Surfer SEO Features

  • Content Editor:

This tool guides your writing, suggesting better words and structure in real-time to boost your content score.

  • SERP Analyzer:

It checks successful pages in searches, so you can see what works well in your field.

  • Keyword Research Tool:

This tool allows you to find the words that people search for to make your content more effective, based on the keywords people use.

  • SEO Audit:

I use it to review my content as it gives practical suggestions on how to make it better. This has proven to be very helpful in overall improving my content.

Surfer seo site audit

  • Content Planner:

It helps me to plan my content strategy according to what I think people are searching for as well as what the competition is doing.

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing):

Makes sure your content aligns with what people want to read and what search engines want to find.

2. NeuronWriter Features

  • AI Content Writing with Templates:

I use NeuronWriter to create top-notch content quickly. This tool employs advanced language models and provides helpful templates that guide me through the writing process, ensuring my content is relevant and high-quality.

  • Competitor SERP Analysis:

With NeuronWriter, I gain insights into what my competitors are doing with their content. This tool helps me understand successful patterns, allowing me to improve my content strategy and outrank them.

  • Advanced Content Brief: 

NeuronWriter is my go-to for effective content planning. I can quickly create content briefs, including headlines and questions inspired by successful competitors. I use this feature to improve the structure of my content.

  • NLP Content Optimization:

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), NeuronWriter suggests terms to comprehensively cover topics and includes related terms. This helps boost my content with NLP terms, ensuring it is well-optimized and covers any knowledge gaps on the topic.

Detailed comparison: Surfer SEO vs NeuronWriter 

1. Content Optimization:

If you’re a blogger who wants to make your articles stand out on the internet. You decide to use NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO to help improve your content. Both these tools would not disappoint you, let me clearly tell you what you can expect from both of them.

With NeuronWriter, you start by typing your article, and it suggests words and phrases related to your topic. This makes your content more interesting and complete.

NeuronWriter also guides you on how often to use certain words without making it sound strange. It’s like having a smart assistant suggesting ways to make your writing better.

Now, you switch to Surfer SEO. The Content Editor tool gives you instant feedback on your article. It tells you if your content structure is good and if you’re using keywords the right way for SEO. It’s like having a writing coach giving you tips in real-time.

Then, you use the SERP Analyzer from Surfer SEO. It helps you understand what kind of content is doing well in search results. This gives you an advantage because you can create content that’s more likely to be seen by people searching for similar topics.

Lastly, you use the SEO Audit tool from Surfer SEO to improve your existing articles. You’re basically giving your old content a makeover to make it more search engine friendly.

Winner: Thus, as a blogger using both NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO, you have smart tools helping you come up with great ideas, write better, and make sure your content gets noticed by more people online.

My edge is for Surfer Seo as it helps me make sure my articles are well-organized and use keywords in the best way possible, following the best practices for SEO.

2. Keyword Research and Analysis:

I’m using both NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO for keyword research and analysis.

With NeuronWriter, I rely on its AI-driven approach, which suggests not only primary keywords but also related terms, making my content more comprehensive. I also benefit from competitor analysis, gaining insights into the strategies of other bloggers in my niche.

On the other hand, Surfer SEO’s Keyword Research Tool gives me a detailed list of relevant keywords along with insights like search volume and keyword difficulty.

The SERP Analyzer tool helps me understand how top-ranking pages use keywords, giving me a competitive advantage in optimizing my content for search engines.

Winner: Both, as a result of these tools, I am able to conduct keyword research and analysis more effectively, allowing my blog to remain at the top of the search engines.

I believe once the keyword research is done optimally, half of the battle of ranking on search engines is won.

3. User Interface and Experience:

Surfer SEO gets a perfect 10/10 for its user-friendly and visually appealing interface. It’s easy to navigate, and the clean layout ensures users can find what they need without any confusion. It’s like a well-organized toolbox for SEO.

On the other hand, NeuronWriter is more focused on functionality and efficiency. While it may not have the same level of polish as Surfer SEO, it still gets the job done effectively. If you prefer a straightforward approach over fancy designs, NeuronWriter is a reliable choice.

Winner: SurferSeo is the clear winner with its extremely easy user interface.

4. AI and Natural Language Processing Features:

NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO both use AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to boost content quality, but they do it differently.

NeuronWriter’s AI suggests related terms to make content more relevant and comprehensive. Its NLP helps identify terms for in-depth coverage, aligning with what users search for and what search algorithms prefer.

Neuron Writer AI

Surfer SEO, on the other hand, uses AI for real-time feedback on content in its Content Editor. It suggests the right keyword density and content structure to align with the latest search engine algorithms, ensuring better search visibility.

Surfer AI

Winner: Surfer Seo as NeuronWriter helps you cover a topic in depth, while Surfer Seo gives you tips on how to structure your content and use the right keywords.

5. Performance and Accuracy:

When it comes to how well NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO perform, they’ve proven effective in boosting SEO and optimizing content.

NeuronWriter uses AI and NLP to suggest content improvements, with a focus on semantic relevance. Users appreciate its accuracy in identifying relevant terms and optimizing content to match what users are searching for and what search algorithms prefer.

However, the precision of its suggestions may vary based on the topic complexity and specific SEO goals.

Surfer SEO, known for real-time SEO suggestions, is praised for its accuracy in recommending keyword density and content structure.

Its performance in enhancing search engine rankings is noteworthy, especially with its detailed analysis and guidance aligning with current SEO best practices.

Winner: Both, NeuronWriter is great for analyzing content meaning and relevance, while Surfer SEO provides structured, data-driven SEO strategies.

I generally find both tools valuable for creating content that’s user-friendly and optimized for search engines.

6. Integration and Compatibility:

With Surfer SEO, you can make improvements to your content on Google Docs, WordPress, and Jasper easily.

NeuronWriter, on the other hand, can be a bit confusing because its Chrome extension is called “Contadu.” This might take some time for users to figure out. But, now you know as I give all the information to all my readers!

With NeuronWriter’s Chrome extension, you can work with WordPress, Google Docs, and Shopify. It lets users edit content directly on these platforms, making it handy. It also has WordPress API integration for smooth importing and exporting of posts.

Winner: Surfer SEO is good at fitting in with different platforms like Google Docs, WordPress, and Jasper.

Its content editor can be used right within these platforms, making it flexible for various content systems. This helps users optimize content easily in the places where they like to write.

7. Customer Support and Resources:

When it comes to getting help, NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO offer different levels of support. NeuronWriter has 24/7 live chat, a help center with guides and FAQs, and email support.

On the other hand, Surfer SEO has email support, a knowledge base with videos and articles, and a
Facebook group with more than 10,000 members.

Winner: In my experience, NeuronWriter’s customer support is more helpful and responsive, while Surfer SEO’s support is slower and more limited. Because I am the kind of person who likes instantaneous support that I get from Live Chat.

Pricing: Surfer SEO vs NeuronWriter

1. Surfer SEO Pricing:

Surfer SEO Yearly Plans

  • Essential – $69/month (billed yearly at $828)
  1. Ideal for small businesses and freelancers.
  2. Write and optimize articles with Content Editor.
  3. Up to 360 articles.
  4. Keyword Research.
  5. Invite 2 team members.
  6. Monthly billing, cancel anytime.
  7. Yearly billing saves up to $480.
  • Scale – $99/month (billed yearly at $1,188)
  1. Most popular plan for mid-sized agencies and marketing teams.
  2. Write and optimize articles with Content Editor.
  3. Up to 1200 articles.
  4. Audit.
  5. Keyword Research.
  6. Invite 5 team members.
  7. Monthly billing, cancel anytime.
  8. Yearly billing saves up to $480.
  • Scale AI – $179/month (billed yearly at $2,148)
  1. For agencies and teams scaling up with AI.
  2. Write and optimize articles with Content Editor.
  3. Up to 1200 articles.
  4. Generate ready-to-rank AI articles (up to 120).
  5. Audit.
  6. Keyword Research.
  7. Invite 5 team members.
  8. Personalized onboarding.
  9. Monthly billing, cancel anytime.
  10. Yearly billing saves up to $480.
  • Enterprise – Starting from $399/month (contact sales for yearly pricing)
  1. Perfect for large agencies and marketing teams.
  2. Customizable features including articles, ready-to-rank AI articles, team size, and more.
  3. Personalized onboarding.
  4. Priority support.
  5. SERP Analyzer.
  6. White Label.
  7. API.
  8. Monthly billing, cancel anytime.
  9. Contact sales for yearly pricing.

2. Neuron Pricing Plans:

Neuron offers different plans to make your content better. With each plan, you’ll get features like Generative AI templates, Schema Explorer, Advanced Draft mode, Internal linking, Chrome extension, Semantic Search Analysis and more.

Neuron Writer Pricing

  •  Bronze Plan – $23/month (or $19/month annually)
  1. Good for business owners who want better rankings.
  2. Includes 2 projects, 25 content writer checks each month, and 15,000 AI credits* monthly.
  3. Standard AI templates, Content plan, and Content sharing (Read only).
  • Silver Plan – $45/month (or $37/month annually)
  1. Great for writers who want awesome results.
  2. Gives you 5 projects, 50 content writer checks monthly, and 30,000 AI credits* monthly.
  3. Standard AI templates, Content plan + New ideas, and Content sharing (Read only).
  • Gold Plan – $69/month (or $57/month annually)
  1. Made for a team of writers or a small agency.
  2. Comes with 10 projects, 75 content writer checks monthly, and 45,000 AI credits* monthly.
  3. Advanced + Custom AI templates, Content Designer (one-click articles), Content plan + New ideas, and Content sharing with unlimited team members (Create, Edit, Read).
  4. Extra stuff like 75 Plagiarism checks, Integrations (GSC, WP, Shopify), Content management, Own OpenAI key, Neuron API.
  • Platinum Plan – $93/month (or $77/month annually)
  1. Perfect for bigger businesses with lots of work.
  2. Gives you 25 projects, 100 content writer checks monthly, and 60,000 AI credits* monthly.
  3. Advanced + Custom AI templates, Content Designer (one-click articles), Content plan + New ideas, and Content sharing with unlimited team members (Create, Edit, Read).
  4. Extra stuff like 100 Plagiarism checks, Integrations (GSC, WP, Shopify), Content management, Own OpenAI key, Neuron API.
  •  Diamond Plan – $117/month (or $97/month annually)
  1. Awesome for SEO/Content agencies with many projects.
  2. Includes 50 projects, 150 content writer checks monthly, and 75,000 AI credits* monthly.
  3. Advanced + Custom AI templates, Content Designer (one-click articles), Content plan + New ideas, and Content sharing with unlimited team members (Create, Edit, Read).
  4. Extra stuff like 150 Plagiarism checks, Integrations (GSC, WP, Shopify), Content management, Own OpenAI key, Neuron API.

Comparison of Pricing Plans

NeuronWriter offers a range of plans catering to different needs with varied AI credits. Surfer SEO provides straightforward plans with a focus on content optimization and team collaboration.

Winner: Thus, the choice depends on your specific requirements. For advanced AI features and customization, you can go for NeuronWriter. For simplicity and effective content optimization, Surfer SEO is hands down the winner.

Specification NEURONwriter SurferSEO
Content Optimization Advanced content editor with semantic models (NLP) Support for writing articles with Surfer SEO and SEO ranking
SEO Optimization Use NLP keyword terms to optimize content and rank higher in Google Surfer AI generates traffic and improves content quality
Content Analysis Google SERP analysis and competition data With Surfer SEO, keyword search, and SEO ranking, you can get real-time feedback on content optimization
Content Creation AI Writing to save time by writing whole articles with AI writer Surfer AI for content creation, research, writing, and optimization
Language Support Ability to write and optimize content in any language
Integration GSC & WP integration, Google Docs, WordPress, Jasper Integration with Google Docs, WordPress, Jasper
User Community SEO Surfers community Facebook group
Learning Resources Surfer Academy for learning and interaction
Support Surfer Support for assistance with questions and problems
Unique Features Content plan, manager, and publishing tools Authenticity check for articles to avoid penalties
Popularity Over 100,000 users and 1,300,000 content analyses Surfer works with multiple languages/markets across South East Asia
Productivity Utilize the DRAFT generator built into the software to increase writer productivity Surfer helps scale-up content production, maintain SEO workflow, and writer
Content Quality Content Score to monitor key text parameters and overall text content quality Surfer AI generates traffic and improves content quality
Intent Discovery Content Ideas to discover users’ intent and get relevant ideas for content creation using keyword research and Surfer SEO Discover users’ intent and get ideas for content from competitors, YouTube, and keyword
Certifications/Training SEO Writing Masterclass 2.0 for certification
Additional Tools Chrome extension with plagiarism checker, internal links, and internal linking Ross Vercoe webinars with Surfer Academy

Choosing Between NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO

So, let me help you in deciding between NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO:

1. NeuronWriter:

NeuronWriter is great for creating content. It has a smart editor that helps make your website content better. It even has extra tools like checking for copied content, suggesting links inside your text, and a special feature where a computer helps write some parts.

2. Surfer SEO:

Surfer SEO is good for making sure your content is just right for search engines. It checks your content as you write to make sure it has the best words for search engines. It also has a smart computer helper for various tasks in creating content.

Consider what you need – if you want a tool to make your writing better and use some clever extras, NeuronWriter might be for you. If you’re more into making sure your content is super good for search engines, Surfer SEO is a good pick.

Final Take: Surfer SEO vs NeuronWriter

In conclusion, when comparing NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO, I prefer using Surfer SEO for my content creation and SEO needs.

I like how easy it is to understand their pricing plans, and the way they help optimize content is straightforward. Surfer SEO also supports team collaboration, which is important to me.

I find Surfer SEO user-friendly, especially with its real-time feedback on optimizing content. It also allows me to scale up my content creation while keeping things organized. The pricing plans, especially the “Scale” and “Scale AI” options, provide the right features for my agency.

Although NeuronWriter has advanced AI features, I find Surfer SEO more suitable for my current needs due to its effectiveness in optimizing content and overall user-friendly experience. Therefore, my choice leans towards Surfer SEO.

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is the founder of SchemaNinja WordPress Plugin, prior to SchemaNinja he is the founder of big internet marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com. He is successful online marketer & award winning digital marketing consultant. He has been featured on HuffingtonPost, BusinessWorld, YourStory, Payoneer, Lifehacker & other leading publication as a successful blogger & digital marketer. Jitendra Vaswani is also a frequent speaker & having 8+ yrs experience of in Digital Marketing field. Check out his portfolio( jitendra.co). Find him on Twitter, & Facebook.

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