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Thrive Leads Review 2024 – Is It Really Worth Your Money?

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Welcome to my personal review of Thrive Leads, where I’ll take you on a journey through one of the most powerful list-building plugins available for WordPress.

In today’s digital landscape, thriving online means more than just having a website; it’s about growing your audience, fostering meaningful connections, and turning visitors into loyal customers.

With Thrive Leads, you’ll discover how this remarkable tool can revolutionize your email marketing efforts, boost your conversions, and help your online presence truly flourish.

Join me as we dive deep into the features, benefits, and real-world impact of Thrive Leads, and find out how it can transform the way you engage with your audience.

Bottom Line Upfront-

thrive leads review

Thrive Leads is your lead generation powerhouse. Generate more leads for less with easy to use, conversion-optimized forms that are embedded into any page of your site.

You’ll also get access to pro-level marketing copywriting designed strictly for conversions, think headlines and product descriptions all in one place—they even equip you with an SEO checklist so you can make sure you don’t miss a thing.

With Thrive Leads there’s no hassling with complex forms or worrying about technical know-how or backend coding skills—most users will be able to set it up within 10 minutes!

Packed full of killer features like live form builder, filling out lead boxes on your site becomes an automated process that just takes seconds.

Thrive Leads Review 2024-Is It Really Worth Your Money?

About Thrive Leads

Is It Really Worth Your Money

Basically, Thrive Leads is an all-in-one lead generation plugin for WordPress. It’s a powerful plugin that allows you to create stunning forms right on your WordPress website. Thrive Leads is created by a team of professionals who have a vision of conversion optimization.

Using  Thrive Leads is just like having your own list-building and conversion experts. And it’s not something old as here  Thrive Leads is a most cutting edge conversion tactics that is used by savvy marketers and growth hackers out there.

With  Thrive Leads you can easily experience explosive list growth and the excellent business benefits that comes out with this plugin.

Here you can easily get a massive conversion boost simply by showing highly targeted offers right to your visitors based right on post categories, tags and more in a row. Now you can easily build hyper-targeted and profitable lists.

12 Key Features Of Thrive Leads-

Thrive Leads Review 2024 - Is It Really Worth Your Money?/ Key Features Of Thrive Leads

1. Design & Deploy

Here Thrive Leads generally combines every type of opt-in form that you need for one single plugin and here it will give a simple drag-and-drop editor in order to create the perfect simply.

2. Advanced Targeting:

Just get a massive conversion boost simply by showing the relevant and highly targeted offer right to your visitors based on the post, categories, tags and more. Just build hyper-targeted and profitable lists.

3.  A/B Testing Engine:

Thrive Leads generally comes with highly advanced and easy to use A/B testing features. Just increase your conversions and use the plugin to increase your conversion rates automatically.

4. Reporting & Insights:

Here this plugin will give you a detailed overview right over the most critical metrics. Now you can see how your opt-ins are actually performing over time and have detailed insights of your traffic and where it is coming from.

5. ThriveBoc (PopUp Lightbox)

You will get an unblockable overlay aka popup that will be displayed right above your content and is very attention-grabbing. Using this feature you can easily generate more leads.

6. Sticky Ribbon:

Just add a ribbon type form that will appear right at the top of the screen and will remain “sticky” as the visitor’s scrolls down the page. And trust me this one is a quite handy feature to collect more leads.

7. In-Line Forms:

Now you can automatically insert the opt-in form right at the bottom of your posts or you can insert them anywhere just by using a simple shortcode.

8. 2-Step Opt-in Form:

Just create 2-step signup process simply by adding buttons or links that will easily open a lightbox on click.

9. Opt-In Widget:

Now you can easily add an opt-in form right to your sidebar or on another widget area right on your website with just a few clicks.

10. Screen Filler Overlay:

This one is actually is “unignorable” opt-in form and the perfect way to simply make sure you get your visitor’s full attention right on your offer.  

11. Content Lock:

Here using this feature to lock your content and it is one of great ways to add an opt-in incentive right inside your content simply. And then after collecting the leads, you can just reveal it once the visitors sign-up.

12. Pre-Designed Templates:

Just choose right from dozens of templates in order to simply create the eye-catching and effective list building forms and then display it anywhere right on your website.

Thrive Leads Integrations-

integrations/ Thrive Leads Review 2024 - Is It Really Worth Your Money?

The best of all, here Thrive Leads generally integrates with all major Autoresponders or Email Marketing Service of your choice.  Let’s check out the list of software that it integrates with.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • arpReach
  • iContact
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Infusionsoft
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • Google.org
  • MailerLite
  • MailPoet
  • MailRelay
  • Mautic
  • OntraPort
  • WordPress
  • SendReach
  • SendGrid
  • Sendinblue
  • Sendy
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Twitter
  • SparkPost
  • Postmark

Here the part that you may like most about this lead generation tool is that it has direct API Integration right for the most popular email services. Apart from that you can just use it with any system and create an HTML signup form, opening Thrive Leads right up to hundreds of possible integrations.

You can even use different lists and different services for the different forms that you create and that’s quite impressive.

Thrive Leads- PROS & CONS

Thrive Leads- PROS & CONS

Pros Cons
  • A wide range of opt-in form types are available.
  • The plugin is limited to one WordPress installation only.
  • Thrive Architect allows for simple drag-and-drop form creation.
  • It can be difficult to differentiate between “Lead Groups,” “ThriveBoxes,” and “Lead Shortcodes.”
  • There are several pre-made templates available.
  • A massive collection of email marketing service integrations.
  • Asset delivery is built in for easy lead magnets.
  • Opt-in forms with content restrictions.
  • Templates for content upgrades that have been specially created.

Thrive Leads Pricing Plans

Thrive Leads Pricing

Thrive Leads has two of different plans to suit the needs of any website or business. The QUARTERLY plan starts at just $149, with access to all features and plugins.

This plan is great for someone just getting started in lead generation, or those who want a professional-looking opt-in form without breaking the bank. The YEARLY plan is available for $299 per year for those looking to get more advanced.

Thrive Suite is the all-inclusive package you need to create and maintain successful websites. With their 9 custom plugins – like Architect, Quiz Builder, and Leads – as well as 24/7 support and access to Thrive University for expert advice on optimizing your site, this suite has it all!

Plus a 30-day Money Back Guarantee so you can try before buying – what more could you ask for? Install up to 5 sites with complete peace of mind today using Thrive’s comprehensive services.

How To Create Your First Optin Form With Thrive Leads?

How To Create Your First

Now in this section, I’ll tell you the process of building an opt-in form from start finish easily. To create your first opt-in form, navigate to  Thrive Dashboard > Thrive Leads.

Right in this section, you’ll able to see four areas Lead Groups, Lead Shortcodes, ThriveBoxs and Signup Segue. Here we just need the first one, just click the Add New right in the Lead Groups.

If you don’t have any idea about Lead Groups, then let me tell you something about it. A Lead Group is a collection of opt-in forms that generally share a set of standard rules.

It can be just one form or it can be several and here you can just mix and match right between different types of forms.

When you create your Lead Group you’ll be to see the list of opt-in types that are available to you. Right now I’ll be creating just a standard pop-up option, here we just need the Lightbox option.

In the next step, you need to click on CLick Form and just your form name. And on the right of the screen just press the blue Edit Design icon.

Here it will just open the form editor. So, the process begins! Now, you’ll be seeing a different variety of templates.

These are actually built and split into different tabs and here we just need the options template in Multi-step Templates and depending on your needs.

Quick Links:

FAQs- Thrive Leads Review 2024 – Is It Really Worth Your Money?

👋 Does thrive architect work with any theme?

Yes, Thrive Architect with any theme.

👉What is thrive theme builder?

Thrive Theme Builder allows you to visually create and customize your header, footer, blog post templates, sidebar, page layout, category pages, search pages, 404s, and MORE.

🙆‍♂️ What is thrive architect?

Thrive Architect is the visual page builder that is built from the ground up for business and conversion-focused websites.

🙋‍♀️How much is thrive architect?

Thrive Suite costs $19 per month (billed annually).06-Feb-2021

👏 What is thrive lightbox?

At its simplest, the Thrive Lightbox is an opt-in form that pops up in your visitor's window when triggered. As with all Thrive Themes products, it's designed for conversion and comes with a ton of professionally designed templates ready for use!

🙌 Do Thrive Leads provide cashback?

Thrive Leads is also offering 30 days money-back guarantee, if somehow if you’re satisfied with its services then you can just get your money back.

Conclusion- Thrive Leads Review 2024 – Is It Really Worth Your Money?

conclusion- thrive review

Without having any second thoughts I would like to say, Thrive Leads is one of the finest and most powerful Lead Generation plugins for WordPress.

And trust me its features and functionalities are impressive and efficient enough to boost your sales up to 200%.

The best part is that the plugin user interface is user-friendly and simple so anyone can get started immediately. Don’t worry here you don’t have any coding skills to configure the plugin settings and options.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop the name of your best lead generation plugin right in the comment section below.

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Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is the founder of SchemaNinja WordPress Plugin, prior to SchemaNinja he is the founder of big internet marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com. He is successful online marketer & award winning digital marketing consultant. He has been featured on HuffingtonPost, BusinessWorld, YourStory, Payoneer, Lifehacker & other leading publication as a successful blogger & digital marketer. Jitendra Vaswani is also a frequent speaker & having 8+ yrs experience of in Digital Marketing field. Check out his portfolio( jitendra.co). Find him on Twitter, & Facebook.

50 thoughts on “Thrive Leads Review 2024 – Is It Really Worth Your Money?”

  1. I downloaded “Thrive Leads” because it sounded like something I would love to use, but didn’t read the reviews.
    The plugin is a WordPress add-on that does what you want it to do but suffers from being too complicated and lengthy for people who aren’t familiar with WordPress. Be prepared for a tough learning curve when trying set up any modules.

  2. Thrive Leads is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, however it has a few drawbacks. The product needs to be installed on every website you own which might become frustrating over time if your business expands. Sometimes its hard to keep up with all of the features because some are hidden within drop-down menus deep in the dashboard. Also, after installing ThriveBoxes for leads generation, Lead Groups for tracking leads by location or type/genre of industry, and Shortcodes that generate short signature phrases that automatically appear at the bottom of specific posts, many people find they need unreasonable administration access in order to function properly.

  3. I signed up for this product because I was looking to create an easy to use opt-in, lead generation plugin that would help boost my conversion rates. When I saw the drag and drop editor interface for Thrive Leads, it made the process much easier! With powerful A/B testing features built in to make sure you’re always optimizing your conversions based on real data, this is one purchase you won’t regret.

  4. This plugin should be marketed as a traffic supplement, not the only solution to your lead problems.
    It has been over four months now that have been struggling with this plugin and its constant difficulty updates. The product is indecisive about which features it wants you to use, so you keep forgetting shortcuts and commands necessary for administrating your website without any help from Customer Support because they’re always available but won’t respond when there’s a problem. The interface is cluttered with unnecessary information too so even if Customer Support was great I’m still going to go back using my old CRM system where I knew how everything worked.

  5. Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin for an expensive monthly subscription fee. That’s right, all the features are localised to your individual WordPress installation. Uninstalling them quickly becomes confusing since you don’t really learn what each feature actually does until after it has already been installed and given itself its own space in your dashboard. Thrive Boxes might be free but lack flexibility while Lead Shortcodes could include spammy messages that leads into other websites also hosted by this plugin developer who can then sell you their product or service without anything reaching out to them themselves.

  6. If you’re just starting out in the marketing game, do not even bother with this plugin. It’s hella hard to figure it all out when all these ThriveBoxes keep popping up and there are like 5 million things you can’t find in the dashboard (even though they were right next to each other). The Lead Groups took me like 3 hours before I could get one together without having to google search every step. Eventually it becomes easier, but unless you’re willing to use this for at least 6 weeks or more until your brain develops a map for when certain functions pop up then don’t waste your money on this product.

  7. Thrive leads is a WordPress plugin that contains many features, but – as with any product – there’s always going to be a downside. The worst downside about this product is figuring out what the different features are; I had no idea something like “Lead Group Boxes” even existed until halfway through my site was set up. And if you operate multiple sites, it can also get irritating when they all have varying responses for things like making posts safe groups only (with no way of changing it), uploading files (which gets tedious and confusing).

  8. Thrive Leads sounds like it could be a great tool for business owners, but in reality it’s not. There are three confusing tools that I’ve had to learn about. If you own more than one WP site, this expense is really inconvenient because they’re all different plugins and only work with the single site each plugin is installed on. The learning process can take up hours of your personal time just to figure things out while working on important tasks. I still don’t know what these tools do, so who knows how useful it actually will be when I finally understand?

  9. This product is a complete marketing package that makes it easy to create and send off email campaigns. With lots of templates available, there is something for every business. SmartLinks provides interesting offers for existing customers, with A/B testing that helps you pick the winner automatically.

  10. This plugin is less than perfect. When you first start out, it might be difficult to distinguish between “Lead Groups,” “ThriveBoxes,” and “Lead Shortcodes.” There are also some bugs with the analytics part of the plugin. All in all not my favorite WordPress Plugin that I’ve ever used.

  11. Thrive Leads is a user friendly tool for marketers of any skill level. Drag and drop function make it simple to create customizable opt-in forms with ease. There’s a wide range available, from lead magnets, to email campaigns– everything you’ll need in one place!

  12. I love all the features of Thrive Leads. It is really easy to use and has unlimited customization possibilities! I was able to do everything I needed, from simple lead magnets to detailed targeting options like page and taxonomy. They also provide a ton of email marketing service integrations which will make my company’s workflow even more efficient. Their A/B testing system is very useful as well; it automatically chooses the winner for me! Not only does this tool have all these great features but it is user-friendly and reliable as well – what else can you ask for?

  13. Thrive Leads is my favorite WordPress plugin. It is very easy to use and has all these cool features like A/B testing, smart links (where I can target specific discounts or freebies that will relevance to the website visitor), page targeting with various specific ids for posts for lead magnet offer ids, great templates with excellent customization options.
    I’ve made tweets and wall posts on facebook about how good this product is because it really does provide you more of a wide range of marketing opportunity for your site without falling short on performance.

  14. This is a great tool to make your online store a favorite for customers. With unlimited creative design and function, you’ll be able to create unique opt-in forms to drive targeted traffic with ease!

  15. Thrive Leads is a beautifully designed, user-friendly plugin that integrates seamlessly with many email marketing services. It’s the perfect solution for both beginners and more experienced marketers looking to increase their conversion rate through lead capture. I love how it allows you to set up A/B testing campaigns so that your campaign can be tailored specifically to what gets clicks. That way you don’t have to worry about wasting the time of people who will never scroll down past the first part of your website or landing page to find out more about your offer by sending them tons of messages in case they might become interested in something else later on when it would be too late.

  16. This plugin has some serious flaws. Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin, so it only works if your site runs on WordPress. If you have more than one website, this might get annoying because everything is located to the individual WordPress installation. This also means that if your plugins are upgraded, then the labels inside of Thrive Leads will change as well. Users can sometimes struggle to distinguish between “Lead Groups,” “ThriveBoxes,” and “Lead Shortcodes.” Other problems include: extremely graphics-intensive in certain browsers; confusing back end interface for managing lead groups and boxes; and incompatibility with MailChimp in Paid accounts (although free). I would suggest not installing this product unless it’s running locally–effectively.

  17. It’s a user’s favorite lead building tool! You don’t even have to do anything. It automatically records what you’re filling out on your page, and delivers the information right to their inbox.

  18. Thrive Leads is an awesome product that makes it easy to grow your email list with live form builder and killer features. It’s super-quick too! I was on the fence about it before but now I’m totally sold on this program, can’t say enough good things about it!

  19. With Thrive Leads you’ll never have to fill out lead boxes ever again. I set up my site and since then it’s been smooth sailing. Full of features like live form builder and automated processes, the setup time was so easy and has saved me so much time and hassle! 10/10 recommend with just one minor downfall: sometimes the box might not be completed right away but with each click of a button it gets done!

  20. I highly recommend this app. I had one of those moments where you feel like a part of your company is missing—I was looking at the “ever-so-familiar, signup form” and realized it needed to not be so ever-so familiar. This gem popped up on Product Hunt as an answer to my prayers.

  21. Let me just say that I am not a computer wiz AT ALL. I really have zero clue how to work any of this stuff, but Thrive Leads made it super easy for someone like me to set up lead boxes on my site so customers can fill them out with their contact info!

  22. I love Thrive Leads. They are the best opt-in plugin I have used for my list building content. When it comes to making opt-in offers I find that this is perfect because you can make customizations based on the people viewing your content, categories, tags, and more without having to use anything else than WordPress itself. It grabs page information automatically so that you don’t have to bother with adding it manually or tweaking the coding of your site every time something changes. Plus they offer A/B testing features which help me figure out what offers work best for my audience just by clicking a few options. Truly an all in one solution!”

  23. Before I found Thrive Leads, my website pages were a mess because of all the ways that visitors could contact me—phone number, email address, mailing address—it wasn’t manageable. Then one day it hit me to use the system for lead generation. It was easy to set up and now I don’t have to worry whether or not potential clients got in touch with me!

  24. Thrive Leads is a plugin that saves you developer hours and lets you create stunning forms right on your WordPress website. If desired, it’s also able to communicate with various email marketing services without any programming knowledge whatsoever.

  25. I tried going with lead generation services but they were ridiculously complicated and priced at an extortionate rate – not to mention lacking in creative marketing ideas for getting people to actually call up and talk about what we had on offer. One day someone told me about Thrive Leads! They make life so much easier.

  26. Thrive Leads is your lead generation powerhouse. Generate more leads for less with easy to use, conversion-optimized forms that are embedded into any page of your site. You’ll also get access to pro-level marketing copywriting designed strictly for conversions, think headlines and product descriptions all in one place—we even equip you with an SEO checklist so you can make sure you don’t miss a thing. With Thrive Leads there’s no hassling with complex forms or worrying about technical knowhow or backend coding skills—most users will be able to set it up within 10 minutes! Packed full of killer features like live form builder, filling out lead boxes on your site becomes an automated process that just takes seconds.

  27. If you are looking for a way to help your business grow, then this is the software program for you. Thrive Leads not only let’s you run form on your site but it also has built in marketing copywriting that helps your business grow with every lead generation campaign. Not only does this make managing our own website easier, but it ensures we have an advantage over other businesses because of all the extra attention they put into their potential clients day-to-day lives.

  28. You know what sucks about generating leads? Having to go through this essay of stuff on how to create a lead magnet, follow-up sequence for leads, AND tracking down prospects one by one with your cold call list. Sure it’s powerful but wow does it take some time out of your day. Oh wait no more! Lead generation is easy now with Thrive Leads! With its super intuitive user interface and auto-generated copywriting especially tailored for conversions, generating leads will be top priority at last.

  29. I just love A/B testing. Here I get to find out what the best offer is for my users, and increase conversion rates in general. Thrive Leads has come to be one of my favorite plugins, because it comes with such an easy-to-use drag and drop editor that you can use in order to create your perfect opt-in form without any stress.

  30. With Thrive Leads you have everything you need to generate custom popups with just a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard. This popup plugin is full of features including but not limited to: opt-in forms, A/B testing, and offers for visitors based on the post type or categories they are reading.
    “I love how easy it was to set up my offer popups with this plugin! Since I’ve been using it my conversion rates have increased dramatically.”

  31. Ever since I started using Thrive Leads my leads have skyrocketed! Granted it’s not all that difficult to set up once you read the instructions.

  32. With Thrive Leads, you’ll never have to worry about producing the perfect headline or description for anything ever again. With conversion-optimized forms that can be embedded into any page of your site and pro-level marketing copywriting competitively priced per word, they are set up so you are always creating your most persuasive content every time without having to think too much about it.

  33. Thrive Leads is the perfect solution if you’re looking to stay ahead of competitors with more leads than they can handle. You’ll be generating qualified leads without breaking a sweat or investing your valuable time into low-value activities like emailing prospects who will never buy from you anyway

  34. “Thrive Leads sells itself. I’ve never seen such high conversions on my landing page before. It didn’t take long for me to build sleek, conversion-optimized forms that are embedded into any given page of my site–the seriously fast setup time makes it pop your eyes out. If you want an even more robust lead generation powerhouse, they also equip you with pro-level marketing copywriting designed strictly for conversion—think headlines, product descriptions and even SEO checklist! Seriously excellent stuff.”

  35. I just installed Thrive Leads and have been on a 7-day trial. I’m going to keep on going with this for now, but so far it’s been really good! Creating opt-in forms is always a time suck so it’s awesome knowing that I can do them all at once here. Plus the function of being able to A/B test different piggy was genius because those old style pop ups were killing my conversion rate! Can’t wait to see how much this helps in the long run!!

  36. Create easy-to signup forms anywhere you want on your site – it can even be right in an instructional article if that’s what works best for you! They’ll equip you with promotional copywriting so valuable, they pat their back with these handy pointers: include SEO basics or your great content will go unnoticed. Guaranteed leads at any budget–start small but dream big, all while using the one toolkit.

  37. You don’t want to spend hours of valuable time trying to create your next marketing campaign. With Thrive Leads, you’re met with a suite of tools for lead generation that are designed to be conversion-friendly and take the challenge out of goal setting. Genius Marketing Copy & Creative Writing Tools Completely Customized For You.

  38. So what are you waiting for? Thrive Leads will give your business everything it needs from an easy to use system that can generate more leads from minimal effort on your end, all the way down to one-on-one coaching with experts should you need help setting up these automated systems. What’s not to love about this deal?

  39. Thrive Leads is a comprehensive, user-friendly product that keeps your site’s conversion rates high. It creates a success story for you—no more slogging at the grind this lead generation business has come to be known for.

  40. It’s time to make your business grow – check out newest product – Thrive Leads.This lead generating machine comes with completely integrated forms that are fully optimized for conversions. Plus you’re getting bonus marketing copywriting from us designed specifically for increased conversion rates – no more deciding what goes into the headline or body text by yourself!

  41. The Thrive Leads plugin plugins literally had everything for effective lead generation all in one place, which gives you a more efficient and creative way of running your pages. It is literally just drag and drop to fill out the template with different information such as destination URL, opt-in offer headline and content, email marketing provider and event name. You can also easily incorporate retargeting capability on this site too if you want some branding within sight of your leads while they are visiting other sites on the web.

  42. Thrive leads is a very neat plugin that allows you to collate all your opt-ins into one central module. I found it easy enough to set up and it comes with plenty of options for different types of forms from pre-made templates.
    It has been really good for my site as these forms have allowed me to build a list of highly targeted people which would be interested in what I’m promoting. My conversions have also increased due to the different A/B testing features Thrive Leads come with, so my website has improved overall
    I’ve generally enjoyed using this plugin and think its excellent value for money.

  43. I have been looking for a way to increase my lead flow and Thrive Leads made life so much easier. I don’t know how it works, but anytime I use their contact form, I get tons of responses!

  44. Lead generation can be tough. From lead scoring to future marketing strategy, there are just too many steps to be successful. And if you’re still running around trying to market your product or service? You’ll soon find that time is valuable—and leads are key. Luckily for us, Thrive Leads gives you all the help you need in one easy package! It saves both time and money because it takes care of lead research AND higher converting forms AND strategic copywriting so we don’t have to micromanage any more than necessary! Plus they hooked me up with SEO tips so I know everything’s covered – this is a HUGE win.

  45. Overall you are getting a plugin that is incredibly easy to use. It also promotes conversion rates by creating thoughtful, intuitive websites that automatically convert visitors into leads. The only thing I found annoying about this product was its price point, but fortunately you can download the lite version for free!
    With Thrive Leads you’ll be able to chat with your audience and provide them with an attentive service through email address captures; what’s better than interacting personally?

  46. Do you ever feel like you’re struggling to grow your list and improve conversions? Thrive Leads can help! This is just what I needed when it came to list building. It made my job so much easier when it came time for converting clients. You have a lot of conversion tools in one place with Thrive Leads, which means you don’t need a bunch of different plugins. Something I really love about this is its totally customizable experience with plenty of options for tweaking your pages with offer types, message weighting and more! Seriously the easiest plugin ever used!

  47. Thrive Leads will change your life. With this brilliant conversion plugin, you’ll see A/B testing like never before-both in terms of data insights and ROI.

    You don’t need to be an expert marketer or web designer any more with Thrive Leads!

  48. I love how easy it is to get set up with Thrive Leads, all I had to do was upload my email list and select the website themes I wanted to reach. Once that’s done, I just have to insert a button on any post category page if I want an offer for only that particular niche showing up.

  49. Thrive Leads is a conversion tactics plugin for WordPress that does all the hard work of list building and conversion for you. With this plugin, it’s easy to create targeted offers so customers will be more likely to sign up on your site immediately.

  50. so easy to use, so many benefits!

    Love it or hate it, Thrive Leads is one of the most popular conversion-boosting tools out there. If you’re looking for something affordable and easy to set up that can help your business grow through improved customer loyalty and increased conversion rates then this plugin may be perfect for you. Currently trusted by over 1 million customers worldwide (including some big names like IMUSA), Thrive Leads provides everything you need right on one user-friendly interface – with truly unlimited potential.


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