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MonoVM Review 2024: Is MonoVM Web Hosting Worth It? 

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MonoVM Review


MonoVM is a web hosting firm that provides various hosting options, from virtual private servers (VPS) to dedicated servers. Founded in 2012 by three employees to turn their ideas into a profitable business, the company has grown to over 60,000 subscribers and maintains ten global data centers.

Out of 10


  • It offers a free web hosting service
  • Affordable packages for all the services
  • It offers instant VPS activation
  • A service that is both quick and reliable.
  • A simple and easy-to-use control panel.


  • There are limited payment methods available


Price: $

According to sources, more than 5 billion people use the internet every day. Out of which, 53% of the visitors who browse through mobile leave the website page when they face latency.

This issue occurs when a website does not have the right server for its routine management.

Are you concerned if your website faces this issue and leaves your customers with a bad experience?  Then, I have an ideal solution that resolves your web hosting and VPS service needs at affordable prices.

Read this article till the end to learn more about this ideal service provider.

MonoVM Review 2024: What Is MonoVM?

Every firm needs a qualified and advanced online presence to grow their business. Therefore, this indeed requires the assistance of a multi-functional web hosting service provider.

With 60000+ customers and 40000+ positive reviews and feedback online, Monovm is the next web hosting game changer you need to boost your online business.

MonoVM Review

Founded in 2012 with headquarters in Luthinia, this platform is a go-to solution for all your needs, be it VPS hosting, dedicated servers, RDP services, or more.

With time, this platform managed to spread across the world, mainly Asia, Europe, and the US, with 20 or more data centers nationwide.

With their rapidly growing tech know-how and community, their AMD EPYC 3.0GHz 16-Core 7302P and Intel Xeon Coffee Lake 3.4GHz E-2236 have been the most popular plans under their dedicated server services.

In case you’re looking for a quick domain name, Monovm offers this service for you at an extremely nominal cost.

The key highlight that helps them stand out is their Canada VPS, Forex VPS, and Mikrotik VPS services, which are some of the most popular ones on Monovm to date.

Read the article below to find out about my experience with Monovm, its features, services, pros and cons, pricing, and verdict.

Services Offered By MonoVM

Services Offered By MonoVM 

1. Dedicated Servers

Sit back and relax while the dedicated server provider, Monovm, makes your daily online management easy for you. This platform offers redundant power, security, and network to their customers with top-notch hardware options, ultimate bandwidth, ultrafast reboots, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

With their certified data center facility, they ensure to maintain the strictest hosting standards.

2. VPS Hosting

Monovm offers Windows VPS and Linux VPS services.  With fully equipped administration access, the Windows VPS configurations can be easily handled. With virtualization technology, the setup can now be done as quickly as possible.

As noticed, it takes less than 2 minutes for the setup when compared to the setup time of the other Windows VPS servers provided online.

The Linux VPS servers are built with VMware ESXi and KVM, making it easy for the users to access full root SSH with upgradeability.

3. Remote Desktop

Monovm offers RDP services, where you get assured and dedicated resources according to the plan you opt for or your requirements.

Being extremely manageable to set up, the packages are pre-configured and tailored based on your choices and needs. The RDP services are functional in the UK, US, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, France, and more locations.

4. Domain Names

Domain Names Services Offered By MonoVM

Get your desired domain names from Monovm at extremely nominal rates. These plans start as low as $10 and vary depending on the TLD needed. Check out their list here: https://monovm.com/domain-registration-pricing/

5. Web Hosting

Monovm offers two web hosting services: Linux Web Hosting and WordPress Web Hosting. All the web hosting services offered here rely on SSD storage devices that boost the access speed.

With their top-tier hardware, Monovm assured 99.99% uptime. These services also offer backup plans on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Enjoy the free SSL certificate and business emails with this service.

Why choose MonoVM? (Feature)

Why choose MonoVM? (Feature)

1. Server Customization: With the Linux VPS plan, you get complete root access to customize your servers and upgrade them based on your preferences.

2. Endless Data Transfers: Monovm lets you transfer your data endlessly with no additional or hidden charges.

3. Instant Activation: Get your domains activated as soon as your purchase is done. Monovm is super quick with the domain activation service.

4. 99.99% uptime: Monovm claims to drive an assured 99.9% uptime for its clients with the help of its highly qualified executives.

5. Enterprise-grade hardware: Monovm’s VPS solutions work on Supermicro and Intel processors. All these servers are equipped with SSDs, high-rpm SSDs, and NVME SSDs. With multiple data centers across the world, you’re free to pick yours at your convenience.

Features Of Monovm

6. Competitive SSDs: The Windows hosting packages at Monovm are configured with RAID10.

7. Webmail: Monovm offers you two business email IDs with this free email service they offer.

8. Web hosting at no cost: Monovm offers a no-cost domain name registration service.

9. Data protection: All your private data entered is a best-kept secret with Monovm’s privacy protection policy.

10. 24/7 Customer Service: Monovm offers 24/7 customer support from their tech team throughout the year. You can reach them through live chats, tickets, and emails.

Pros & Cons Of Monovm

Here are some of the pros & cons of MonoVM:


  • It offers instant VPS activation
  • It offers a free web hosting service
  • Affordable packages for all the services
  • Customer support assistance is provided throughout the year, and the team ensures 99.99% uptime 
  • Monovm offers a varied range of services, making it easy for anyone looking for web-related solutions. 


  • There are limited payment methods available

MonoVM Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

While there are a lot of services to choose from with varied packages, Here is a quick breakdown of these:

1. Dedicated Server

 Monovm offers four varied dedicated servers

  • Fast DeliveryServer 

MonoVm Fast DeliveryServer Pricing

This package ensures the delivery of dedicated servers instantly and offers three plans based on the Core, Threads, and Storage size.

  • ECO Servers 

This package offers mid-range servers and has three plans.

MonoVm ECO Servers Pricing

  • Custom dedicated servers 

Custom dedicated servers

The custom dedicated server plans are ideal for businesses looking for advanced features and customizations. With this plan, you can manage high traffic on your websites in a fast and efficient manner. The package offers nine plans based on the Core, Threads, and Storage sizes. 

Click on the link to gain in-depth knowledge of these plans: Dedicated Server

  • GPU servers 

This plan is ideal for someone looking to compute complicated apps that need a strong GPU to handle complicated graphic or video processing-related tasks.

Monovm offers a single plan under this service, which starts at $907 per month and can be availed from the following link: https://monovm.com/dedicated-server/

2. VPS Hosting

The services available under VPS Hosting are as follows:

MonoVM - VPS Hosting Pricing

  • Linux VPS Hosting: Starts at $5.99 per month 
  • Windows VPS Hosting service costs $16.99
  • The Forex VPS Hosting service costs $25.77 per month and goes up to $64.77 monthly. Click on the following link to learn more: https://monovm.com/vps-server/forex-vps/ 
  • The NVMe VPS Hosting service begins at $13.99 per month and goes up to $83.99 monthly. Click on the following link to learn more: https://monovm.com/nvme-vps/ 

3. RDP Services

MonoVM RDP Services Cost

  • The charges for an RDP account with no admin access begin at $10.49 per month and go up to $31.49 per month.
  • The charges for RDP Server with an admin access solution begin at $13.00 per month and go up to $59.49 per month.

4. Domain Registration Service

MonoVM Domain Registration Service Cost

This is the most prevalent solution available on Monovm. The charges begin at $5.10 and go up to $65.61 a year. Find out more about this Domain Registration Pricing 

5. Web Hosting Services

There are three plans under this service, which are as follows:

MonoVM - Web Hosting Pricing

The Linux Web Hosting solution has the following plans

Linux Web Hosting Plans 

  • Linux Web Hosting Eco cost $2.09 per month.
  • Linux Web Hosting Plus costs $2.99 per month.
  • Linux Web Hosting Pro costs $3.99 per month.

WordPress Web Hosting: Price plans under this service

MonoVM WordPress Web Hosting Pricing Plans

  • WordPress Web Hosting Eco costs $2.99 per month.
  • WordPress Web Hosting Plus costs $3.99 per month.
  • WordPress Web Hosting Pro costs $4.99 per month.
  • WordPress Web Hosting Super costs $5.99 per month.

Linux Reseller Hosting:

  • This service starts at $19.99 per month.


Is there a money-back policy offered by Monovm?

Yes, Monovm offers a money-back guarantee on VPS hosting plans.

Are there any trial plans at MonoVm?

Yes, Monovm offers trial plans for less than $0.05 on Linux Web Hosting services. Avail your Web Hosting trial by clicking on the link https://monovm.com/linux-hosting/

Will Monovm help me build a website?

I’m not sure if there is any dedicated assistance for this, but Monovm has a blog and article section where you may find a lot of resources related to such topics. You may also reach out to their team for clarification.

What are the perks of domain registration with Monovm?

Well, you get to enjoy WHOIS protection and free webmail.

What are the various payment methods accepted by Monovm?

They accept payment through PayPal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, USDT, credit cards, and debit cards.

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Conclusion: Is MonoVM Worth It?

With this, I conclude that Monovm definitely claims the title of the best web hosting and server solution platform for me. The 40000 positive reviews were evident enough for me to try this platform.

With its varied data centers worldwide, Monovm should be your ideal choice. If you’re about to start an online business, their Domain registration service should be on your list, as it’s extremely efficient and affordable.

Its Canada VPS, Mikrotik VPS, is a five-star for me. This platform’s commitment to its customers and service makes it different.

The instant activation of a dedicated server can save you hours. So go ahead and give Monovm a shot.

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