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Content Proofreading

Add great value to content with the best proofreading service to leave no hidden error untouched!

A document that has been poorly proofread can put the intended message at risk. If the content volume is large, there are higher chances of errors related to grammar and proofreading, although eventually, what most writers face is a lot of text elusiveness. The more familiarity with the content, the more errors in terms of spelling, punctuation, and flawed sentences would emerge. These are inevitable issues, and hence it is recommended to avoid proofreading your own content.

Digiexe provides editorial proofreading services that enable authors to focus on structured writing and understandable content. At Digiexe, we package it together thereby ensuring it is flawless, marketable, and available at cost-effective pricing!

Our Proofreading Process

Outline Editing Requirement

The extent of editing as well as proofreading the project



Create a Sample Edit

Sample document will be presented to the client post-editing and proofreading

Define the Style Guide

Depending on the feedback, a style guide will be created for editing and proofreading



Plan Schedules, Cost and SLA

Set up the team of editors, fix the delivery schedules as well as cost

Enforce the Final Edit

Finally, usability testing is conducted to review the overall interaction of the user with the products.



Handover Post Quality Check

The team conducts Quality check which is then signed off to be uploaded

Upload The Edited Documents

Documents are edited in the required medium, files are uploaded depending on the requirement of the client


Who requires Proofreading?

Reports, Manuals, manuscripts, newsletters, articles, or any material that has to go in print or online have to be scrutinized by an experienced proofreader. It is a good idea to outsource proofreading, as even a good writer would not possibly be a good editor or a proofreader. Furthermore, long hours are required for proofreading which could strain your eyes.

Beyond Words

We possess knowledge and expertise related to numerous online as well as offline mediums. So, in addition to proofreading, we also can check the structure of page navigation, test hyperlinks, highlight any inconsistency in layout and format, ensure the right pagination, etc.

Write to us regarding your requirements. We would love to proofread some pages to demonstrate our expert skills.