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Most businesses do not pay attention to the design of their website and they fail to realize that it plays a vital role in their company’s development. It is amongst the most crucial features which help achieve real-time benefits and it also needs timely changes. When the features are changed on a timely basis, the website remains attractive, is able to attract as well as increase the traffic to the website. 

Our Process


At Digiexe, we have a very friendly and well-trained team to offer service at any time. You can get in touch with us through email or phone calls. We analyze your requirements and in case we aren’t able to offer the best solution, we will be happy to recommend better-reputed firms which can cater to your requirements.



Our Offer

Backed by experience and the discussion with you, Digiexe provides you realistic proposals in addition to an estimated quote on the pricing. We ask you questions to understand the requirements of your project and let you discuss your idea, which will help us in making it a reality for you. Prior to sending across the proposal to you, we conduct in-dept research. We have worked with all types of enterprises, irrespective of size.

Specification Wireframe

We collect your ideas and requirements before we start sketching out the website layout. We also understand your purpose behind the project before we start the process. We also send across a ‘Wireframe’ model that shows you how the various features will appear or how they work simultaneously on a website, instead of sending across specification documents.



Innovative Designs

We commence the design phase post-approval of the specification by you. During this stage, a few design drafts will be sent to you to share your website’s aesthetic appearance. Generally, all the website pages are no designed as this could cost a lot of time and money. The interim design is consistently applied all through the website. Before we finalize the design prototype, there are many feedback and modification rounds.

Code Implementation

At this stage we get the complex coding done. We use some of the most efficient technologies like PHP, Dot Net, and MySQL to enforce your website’s desired functionality. We make use of Ruby on Rails or ‘Rails’ which helps speed up the development process. It enables the developers to collect data from the server and make some exceptional templates.




Once the coding is completed, the website will be given to you for testing. In case your website is complex and large, feedback will be taken regularly. This approach will save a lot of time and effort being invested in the wrong direction.

User acceptance test

During the development of the website, we have the option to test as well as stage the website on our secure server. It lets us review the latest versions of the website prior to completion. During this stage, we would invite you to review the site on the online platform and the website is open for comments. Once the general layout is completed as per your requests, a short testing duration will be initiated to make sure it has been rightly designed and the website functions well within the browsers and platforms. Quality assurance testing is conducted by our team on all the sites prior to the project going live.



Launch of the Website

At this stage, your website goes live. Your target audience as well as prospects will be able to check out your website or the online services, anywhere, and anytime on the go!

Support Post Development

Post the website goes live, it is monitored for errors and bugs. In case of any, we will fix it for you, prior to the traffic hitting your website. You can select our SEO and Internet marketing services to improve your visibility in the midst of the niche. Digiexe also provides a website maintenance service.




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  • Basic Features


$ 1599
  • Basic + Advanced


$ 1999
  • Enterprise level
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