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Pay Per Click

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The essence of direct marketing lies in establishing liaison with the correct audience at the correct time. Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, is vital to any marketing effort – be it exposure to the target audience or even critical audience intelligence.


Keyword Research & Grouping

For any plan with no research, failure is inevitable. Being an expert in pay-per-click management, Digiexe understands the outlook of your organization. We comprehend your business, products, or services offered by you, and examines the activities of your successful competitors. The research conducted by Digiexe evaluates the current paid efforts and locates effective regular, negative, and long-tail keywords for maximum performance of paid ads.




Every business, being unique, deserves a unique strategy. Post conducting research on your offerings, goals, and target markets, we create a strategy that suits your organization’s requirements. The strategy is tailored bearing in mind various aspects related to the audience you intend to reach, like geographic location, household income, devices typically used- tablet, mobile, desktop, and other such demographic information.

Campaign Setup

Post completion of research and strategy alignment, we develop the campaigns. We make sure that your campaign is well-structured, consists of proper ad groups, keywords, site placements, and a lot more, and also fix the required ad extensions. The team of designers at Digiexe constructs landing pages that are responsive, effective, and drive conversions irrespective of the devices used by the user. With the use of compelling and targeted paid ads, we direct people to the landing pages of your business site. Everything is tracked and integrated appropriately with your current platforms of eCommerce and marketing automation.



Monitor conversion rate & CTR

The team at Digiexe monitors the performance of ads consistently and modifies them to have a conversion route that is successful. The data is reviewed to know the intention and purchasing behavior of visitors.

A/B testing

A/B testing refers to inspecting, observing, and reshaping the campaign to decide the winning campaign. We create strategies that deliver an increase in conversion rates and sales.



Deep Linking of Specific landing pages

Deep linking is an attractive strategy of promoting web content, reaching the target audience, boosts marketing efforts, and increases the conversion rate.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Remarketing and Retargeting drive digital marketing. Though they are similar-sounding terms, they differ and serve diverse purposes. Remarketing is linked with re-engaging the customers with your products or services through an interactive medium, for instance, through Emails. Depending on the behavior of visitors’ on your website, you could opt for remarketing based on cart abandonment, cross-selling, upselling, sending product reminders, etc. Retargeting helps in converting users who have interacted with the brand, by use of retargeting advertisements. Through display ads and campaigns, potential customers can be reached easily. Digiexe has mastered these two marketing techniques to ensure your brand gets a result-driven performance.



Multiple Ad Copy Testing

At Digiexe, multiple ad copy testing is compared simultaneously, so that an ad with a better conversion goal is chosen. The test measures the performance of ads accurately depending on the ad copies.

Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

PLAs are an impressive mechanism of selling your products via the Google Network. PLAs enable conversion of products from the Google Merchant Center to quick shopping ads for the items you wish to promote. By way of leveraging Adwords, you can optimize the products and also sell them in a flawless manner. Be it creating a product listing or optimizing the marketing campaigns or generating lead reports, Digiexe gets you covered with the product listing ads. If you are the owner of an e-commerce store or you wish to design a strategy to introduce your brand, PLA Ads are the ideal solutions which target the correct customers in a very short turn-around time


Our Packages


Monthly Ads Budget Upto $2000
$ 199 /month
  • Management Fees


Monthly Ads Budget $2000 - $5000
$ 349 /month
  • Management Fees


Monthly Ads Budget Above $5000
$ 499 /month
  • Management Fees

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