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Top Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions in 2024

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Are you a ChatGPT user looking to supercharge your experience? ChatGPT is a fantastic tool but can be even better with some extra features.

You’re in the right place if you’re interested in integrating ChatGPT with other websites or adding cool functionalities like speech-to-text or chat export. 

As a fellow ChatGPT enthusiast and writer, I always look for the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions to take my conversations to the next level.

In this article, I’ll explore the top ten ChatGPT Chrome extensions you need to check out in 2024. Let’s make ChatGPT work even smarter for you!

1. ChatGPT Writer

chatgpt writer

ChatGPT Writer is an OpenAI Chrome extension designed for email writing. It leverages your email history to craft professional and contextually relevant email responses. Simply provide the conversation context and a brief outline of your reply, and this extension will generate a suitable email response for you.


  • Tailors email responses based on previous email interactions.
  • Simplifies email composition by providing AI-generated responses.

2. Cruxe

Cruxe overview

Cruxe is a handy Chrome extension equipped with AI text summarization capabilities, making it effortless to condense lengthy articles, blog posts, and more into your desired word count. It offers precise summarization for selected web page sections.


  • AI-powered text summarization.
  • Summarizes articles to a specified word limit.
  • Enables summarization of specific web page sections on selection.

3. Summarize

Summarize, a Google Chrome extension, offers swift content summarization for selected web pages. It’s the perfect tool when you need a brief and concise summary of articles, news, blogs, or research reports, sparing you from reading the entire text.


  • Efficient content summarization.
  • Ideal for quick and short summaries of various types of text.

4. ChatSonic

Chatsonic chrome extension

ChatSonic, a robust Chrome extension, empowers users to create various types of text-based content, such as social media captions, blog posts, press releases, ad copy, and more.

It generates Google SERP results, summarizes and responds to tweets, composes emails, and other tasks. Created by the renowned AI content-writing tool makers, Writersonic, ChatSonic is a versatile content-generation solution.


  • Generates diverse text-based content.
  • Suitable for creating social media captions, blog posts, and more.
  • Ideal for tasks like summarizing tweets and composing emails.

5. WebChatGPT

WebChatGPT is a handy Chrome extension that enhances ChatGPT’s capabilities by swiftly retrieving relevant information and data from the internet.

It delivers accurate and up-to-date results by scouring various search engines, making it an excellent tool for answering questions on the latest topics.


  • Retrieves information and data from the internet in real-time.
  • Provides precise and current answers to user queries.
  • Enhances ChatGPT’s knowledge base with external source

6. Meta Descriptions

meta description chrome extension

Meta Descriptions is a useful Chrome extension powered by GPT-3 to assist in crafting engaging meta titles and descriptions for SEO purposes.

It simplifies the process by generating precise and memorable meta-descriptions based on the context provided, ensuring your content stands out.


  • Generates SEO-friendly meta titles and descriptions.
  • Creates compelling and accurate meta descriptions.
  • Streamlines the process of crafting catchy titles for articles and web content.

7. ShareGPT

sharegpt homepage

ShareGPT is a handy Chrome extension that simplifies sharing your ChatGPT conversations with just one click.

It lets you capture a screenshot of your chatbots‘ conversations within ChatGPT, making it easy to save important discussions for future reference or share them with others. Share your AI-generated insights effortlessly with ShareGPT.


  • Quick and easy conversation sharing.
  • Convenient screenshot capture for ChatGPT interactions.
  • Useful for archiving important conversations or sharing insights with others.


AIPRM Chrome extension

AIPRM (Artificial Intelligence-Powered Research Assistant) is a robust Chrome extension designed to assist SEO professionals in keyword research and improving website rankings.

It provides precise and highly relevant answers and offers a collection of curated prompt templates tailored for SEO purposes.


  • Facilitates keyword research and website ranking enhancement.
  • Generates accurate and relevant responses.
  • Offers curated prompt templates for SEO optimization.

9. FancyGPT

FancyGPT home

FancyGPT, similar to ShareGPT, simplifies sharing ChatGPT conversations, but with a fancy twist.

This ChatGPT Chrome extension enables you to share conversations in various formats, including links, images, PDFs, and text files, allowing for customization with different colors. Share your dialogues in style and across multiple platforms with FancyGPT.


  • Share conversations in various formats.
  • Customization options with different colors.
  • Versatile sharing capabilities across different platforms.

10. Engage AI ChatGPT

Engage AI overview

Engage AI ChatGPT, a top ChatGPT Chrome extension, streamlines the process of crafting intelligent AI-powered comments.

Ideal for social media managers, it offers time-saving benefits and enhances your social selling efforts by automatically generating comments for posting on various social media platforms.


  • Streamlines comment writing for social media.
  • A valuable tool for social media managers.
  • Boosts efficiency and engagement on social platforms.

11. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT Prompt Genius, a valuable Chrome extension, offers the capability to explore, share, import, and employ top-notch prompts for ChatGPT.

It includes a wide array of prompt suggestions across various domains and conveniently preserves your ChatGPT conversation history within your browser.


  • Provides access to a variety of useful prompts for ChatGPT.
  • Enables sharing, importing, and utilization of prompts.
  • Maintains a history of your ChatGPT conversations in your browser.

12. Voice Control for ChatGPT

Voice Control for ChatGPT overview

Voice Control for ChatGPT is a convenient Chrome extension that enables voice commands to simplify the process of inputting prompts for ChatGPT. It allows users to engage in voice conversations with ChatGPT, similar to Google’s voice inputs.


  • Voice-enabled prompts for ChatGPT.
  • Enables voice conversations with ChatGPT.

13. TweetGPT

TweetGPT Chrome extension

TweetGPT is a useful Google Chrome extension that leverages ChatGPT to create tweets and tweet responses directly from your current webpage.

However, it’s essential to exercise caution when using it, as it can generate controversial or offensive content without the ability to discern right from wrong.

It’s a helpful assistant for generating tweets, but final discretion is advised to ensure the content aligns with your intended message and audience.


  • Generates tweets and responses using ChatGPT.
  • Allows for tweet generation without leaving the current webpage.
  • Caution: May produce controversial or offensive content. Use responsibly.

14. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT 

The YouTube Summary with ChatGPT is a free Chrome extension that offers a convenient way to access video summaries while watching YouTube content on your desktop.

It displays a transcript and a summary box on the screen, helping you quickly grasp the video’s content. Additionally, it allows you to save these transcripts and summaries for future reference.


  • Provides video summaries and transcripts while watching YouTube.
  • Enables you to save transcripts and summaries for later use.
  • Enhances comprehension of video content.

15. ChatGPT for Gmail

ChatGPT for gmail chrome extension

The ChatGPT for Gmail extension by cloudHQ is a valuable tool for enhancing your email communication.

Unlike OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which may produce incorrect and impersonal email responses, this extension empowers you to craft personalized emails and generate quick, accurate replies.

It achieves this by leveraging data from past interactions to compose relevant and personalized responses.


  • Composes personalized emails and quick replies.
  • Utilizes past text data for accuracy and relevance.
  • Enhances your email communication experience.
  • Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Chrome Web Store.

16. GPT for Sheets and Docs 

GPT for Sheets and docs chrome extension

GPT for Sheets and Docs is a highly rated extension within Google Workspace, with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. This extension enables users to integrate ChatGPT with Google Sheets and Docs seamlessly.

With this integration, you can effortlessly generate, translate, and summarize text within your documents.

Moreover, it simplifies complex tasks like sheet management, data extraction, and list creation, eliminating the need to memorize complex formulas. This extension streamlines your workflow and enhances productivity within the Google Workspace environment.


  • Text Generation: Easily generate text content for your Google Sheets and Docs documents.
  • Translation: Translate text within your documents to different languages for global collaboration.
  • Summarization: Summarize lengthy documents or data for quick insights.

17. Superpower ChatGPT 

Superpower ChatGPT 

Superpower ChatGPT is a Chrome plugin that enhances the ChatGPT experience by providing essential features.

It allows users to neatly organize and categorize their chat conversations into folders with customizable colors, making managing and retrieving past chats easy.

Additionally, it offers the convenience of syncing chat history to your computer for offline access, ensuring important conversations are never lost. With support for over 190 languages, it’s a versatile tool for multilingual communication needs.


  • Organize chats into color-coded folders
  • Sync chat history to your computer
  • Support for over 190 languages
  • Customize writing style and tone

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Conclusion ChatGPT Chrome Extensions in 2024

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that ChatGPT, like any AI, can have its limitations and may generate answers that you don’t agree with. It’s a tool to generate ideas and shouldn’t replace your judgment in daily tasks.

Sometimes, it might even provide controversial or unethical responses. In such cases, it’s wise to regenerate another answer before sharing it publicly, as you’ll be responsible for what’s posted.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using ChatGPT, and it can be a valuable time-saving tool when used wisely. So, please make the most of this technology but forget its drawbacks. If you’ve tried any of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions mentioned above, feel free to share your experiences with us.

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