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Pushub Review 2024: Best Platform for Push Notifications?

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Pushub Review


Pushub offers reliable, real-time messaging solutions with advanced features like message broadcasting and user presence detection. Its robust platform facilitates seamless communication for businesses across various industries.

Out of 10


  • Global reach with innovative tools.
  • Tailored services for specific advertising needs.
  • Extensive range of advertising solutions.
  • Dedicated support for advertisers.
  • Advanced optimization technology for better results.


  • May require an initial learning curve for new users.
  • Some services may be more expensive.
  • Limited flexibility in self-service plans.


Price: $ 198

If you need a great advertising platform that meets your needs, choose Pushub. They’re a publishing house and advertising agency that focuses on reaching people worldwide.

Pushub provides lots of helpful tools and services to make your ads work better. But don’t just believe me. Read my detailed review of Pushub below to see how it can improve your advertising and help your business grow.

What is Pushub?

Pushub is a publishing house and an advertising agency that’s good at putting out ads and getting them seen by lots of people around the world.

Pushub Homepage

They have their own special websites where they share news, talk about cryptocurrency, and show funny stuff. These websites are called VOT Media, and you can find them at places like newsvot.com, cryptovot.com, and funnyvot.com.

What makes Pushub cool is that they focus on making sure the ads they put out are seen by the right people. Why should you join them, as Numbers DON’T LIE ..

With around 13,000 direct partners, over 23.7 million unique users reached through push notifications (at the time of writing this review), and a whopping 150 million ad impressions in total, these numbers speak for themselves.

What makes Pushub an Ideal Choice for Both Advertisers and Publishers?

Pushub stands out as the best choice for both advertisers and publishers due to our dedication to putting their needs first.

Whether you’re an advertiser seeking to promote your products or services or a publisher looking to monetize your content, they tailor their solutions to continually enhance your results.

For advertisers, Pushub ensures that your advertising campaigns receive the attention they deserve, reaching the right audience at the right time.

Pushub Advertiser

Because their team is committed to delivering the best solutions, they constantly upgrade their methods to ensure they drive better results for your business.

Likewise, for publishers, Pushub provides a platform that respects your needs and goals. Whether you’re aiming to maximize revenue or enhance user engagement, they offer solutions designed to meet your specific requirements.

Pushub Publisher

Top Reasons to Consider Pushub for Your Advertising Needs

Pushub has some really good reasons why you should consider them for your advertising needs. Let me break them down in detail :

1. Uniqueness:

Pushub offers something special called “Premium Push Traffic.” This means they have access to top-quality traffic from their own websites and exclusive content sites. So, if you want your ads to stand out and reach the right people, Pushub’s unique approach can help you do that.

2. Performance:

When you advertise with Pushub, you’re getting results-driven traffic. They focus on delivering results like getting leads, making sales, or getting deposits for you.

Plus, they use advanced technology like Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make sure your ads perform their best. Their AI Optimizer helps your ads reach the people who are most likely to respond to them, which can boost your success.

3. Service:

Pushub doesn’t just set up your ads and leave you to figure things out on your own. Its team of skilled and proactive Customer Success Managers is there to help you every step of the way.

Whether you’re an agency or a managed partner, they’ll work closely with you to ensure the success of your advertising campaigns.

Pushub Ad Type Options

Let me explain the different ad type option offered by Pushub in detail below:

Pushub Ad Type Options

1. Push Ads:

  • Push ads are messages sent directly to users who have opted to receive notifications from a website or app.
  • These ads are highly personalized and targeted, as they appear directly on users’ devices, such as smartphones or desktops.
  • Push ads can be effective in delivering time-sensitive offers or announcements to engaged audiences.
  • They offer high visibility and engagement since they appear directly on users’ screens, making them difficult to ignore.

2. Pop Ads:

  • Pop ads open in a new window or tab when a user visits a website or interacts with an app.
  • These ads are designed to catch users’ attention by displaying content separately from the main web page or app interface.
  • Pop ads can be effective in grabbing attention quickly and delivering a message or promotion in a visually impactful manner.

However, they may also be perceived as intrusive by some users, especially if they disrupt the browsing experience.

Various Optimization Tools by Pushub

Pushub offers advanced technology to help advertisers optimize their campaigns for better results. Let me explain you how they work below :-

1. CPA Goal Auto-Optimization Mode:

Automatically adjusts campaign settings to meet your defined Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) goal. Choose between automatic optimization based on your target CPA or manual adjustment.

2. User Age and Hourly Optimization:

Campaign optimization based on user age and engagement times. Ad delivery is adjusted to peak engagement hours, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

3. User Frequency Control:

It allows each user to control the frequency of ad exposure. Limit daily ad clicks per user to prevent fatigue and maintain engagement levels.

Pushub Tools to Help You in Driving Traffic

Pushub provides valuable tools to help advertisers drive traffic effectively. Let’s break down two of the most important ones:

1. AI Optimizer:

This tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms and big data analytics to optimize advertising campaigns. It automatically adjusts bidding strategies and optimizes bid landscapes based on specific goals like Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

By analyzing real-time data and campaign performance metrics, the AI Optimizer fine-tunes bidding strategies to ensure optimal results.

This helps advertisers achieve their desired outcomes, whether it’s generating leads or driving sales. Let me show you in detail how it can help you :-

  • Efficiency:

The AI Optimizer automates complex optimization tasks, saving time and resources while delivering superior results.

  • Precision:

Its data-driven approach ensures targeted optimization, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

  • Adaptability:

With real-time optimization capabilities, the AI Optimizer keeps campaigns aligned with changing market dynamics and consumer behavior.

  • Competitive Edge:

By harnessing the power of AI and big data analytics, advertisers gain a competitive edge in maximizing campaign performance and achieving business objectives.

2. Traffic Estimator Tool:

This tool provides insights into the expected Cost Per Click (CPC) rates across different ad formats and geographical locations.

Pushub Traffic Estimator

Advertisers can use it to estimate the potential costs associated with their advertising campaigns, helping them plan and budget effectively.

By accessing CPC rate estimates for various formats and locations, advertisers can make informed decisions about where to allocate their advertising budget for the best results.

To use these optimization tools, you need to be a Managed or Agency Partner with Pushub and insert a postback Pixel (S2S) on your server or landing page.

This allows Pushub’s system to track conversions and adjust your campaigns in real time based on the data it receives.

Pushub Pricing Plans

Different Pricing plans offered by Pushub are given below:-

Pushub Pricing Plans

1. Self-Served Plan ($200):

  • You pay $200 upfront to get started.
  • With this plan, you manage everything yourself.
  • You get access to unique traffic, but you’re responsible for running and optimizing your campaigns.
  • Benefits include pre-filtering for invalid clicks, customer support via email, and access to a customer success team via email.

2. Managed Plan ($1000):

  • For $1000 upfront, you get started with this plan.
  • This plan offers access to unique traffic with a personal manager to help you. You also get assistance with optimizing CPA goals, user age optimization, creative insights, BL/W, CPS optimization, and pre-lander creation services.
  • You still receive the same benefits as the Self-Served Plan, such as pre-filtering for invalid clicks.

3. Agency Plan (Custom Pricing):

  • The pricing for this plan varies based on the needs of your agency.
  • Here, you get all the advantages of a Managed account, including a Personal Manager and access to detailed data.

But here’s the best part: you don’t have to do anything yourself. Pushub’s Team takes care of everything – from setting up your account to optimizing it and managing key performance indicators (KPIs) and return on investment (ROI).

It’s just like having your own Google employee handling your media buying on Google for you.

Pros and Cons: Pushub 

Pros Cons
  • Global reach with innovative tools
  • It may require an initial learning curve for new users
  • Tailored services for specific advertising needs
  • Some services may be more expensive compared to competitors
  • Extensive range of advertising solutions
  • Limited flexibility in self-service plans
  • Dedicated support for advertisers
  • Advanced optimization technology for better results


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Conclusion: Pushub Review 2024

In conclusion, Pushub is the go-to choice for effective advertising. With their innovative tools and services, they cater to your specific needs and help your ads reach a global audience.

My review has shown how Pushub can transform your advertising efforts and take your business to new heights. So don’t wait any longer – Join them now!

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