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How to Make One Page Landscape in Microsoft Word?

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You might want to create a master page when using Word’s page layout options. A one-page landscape in Microsoft word is something that you can create easily with our guide.

Word documents can be created in either a landscape or portrait orientation. Even though portrait mode is selected by default, landscape mode can be selected to make text appear in a horizontal orientation.

Some workarounds involving section breaks and Word’s built-in page formatting options will be required to combine both layout types in Word.

Let us learn how to do it step by step.

Follow me and you shall be a master by the end of this blog. 

How to Make One Page Landscape in Word?

In Word, you can easily make a one-page landscape document by following these steps:

landscape in word

  1. Open your Word document and move the flashing cursor to the beginning of the page you want to switch to landscape mode.
  2. In the ribbon bar, select the Layout menu.
  3. In the Area Breaks section, go to Breaks > Next Page. This adds a section break and moves your text to a new page.
  4. Select Orientation > Landscape from the Layout menu. This will change the current page and all subsequent pages to landscape mode.
  5. You must now return the remaining pages to portrait mode. Scroll to the next page and position the flashing cursor at the top of the page.
  6. Insert a new section break by going to Layout > Breaks > Next Page.
  7. To turn the pages to portrait mode, go to Orientation > Portrait.

All other pages should remain in portrait mode if you followed the steps correctly.

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Using Word to create specific text landscapes

If you don’t want all your text visible on the landscape page, you can create a page that contains only specific text.

Page Setup Word

  1. To do so, highlight the text that you want to appear on the landscape page.
  2. To set custom margins, go to the Layout menu’s Margins drop-down menu and select Custom Margins…
  3. Within the Page Setup window, click the Landscape option under the Margins tab.
  4. Select Selected Text in the Apply to box.
  5. To confirm the options you’ve chosen, click OK.

You should now have a landscape page with the previously highlighted content, forming a section break with a distinct page layout than the remainder of your Word project.

You can use this procedure to flip a full page landscape; to do so, select all of the text on the page before beginning and then repeat the steps above to finish the transition.

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Conclusion- Landscape in Word 2023

You can now create documents with as many different combinations of landscape and portrait pages as you desire now that you know how to make a single-page landscape in Word.

If you still have questions, please leave them in the comments section and I will answer them.

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