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Lucky Orange Review 2023: Best Hotjar Alternative? (Upto 30% OFF)

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In this post, we’ll talk about Lucky Orange Review. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve learned, among other things, that online success depends in large part on the understanding of your visitors. According to my test and my numbers, the best way to know exactly what your readers need (without asking them to fill in forms) is to use a Thermal map or Heatmap tool. 


I’ve tried many of these tools, but Lucky Orange stands out in every way. It’s not just a Heatmap tool, but a complete set of tools for website optimization and usability analysis. I will do a detailed Lucky Orange review 2023 as Best HotJar Alternative? Read my analysis below.

As an online business owner and site owner, you need to be able to understand visitor behavior, create and diagnose funnels, identify causes of site abandonment, and then optimize them for better results.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Lucky Oranges low-cost packages offer many excellent services. Although there is no free package, the packages available are of great value as they provide thermal/Heat maps analysis, website mouse tracking, funnel conversion, live chat, and form analysis that will help you get more information, how visitors interact with Your websites or apps.

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Analysis of Lucky Orange 2023 Lucky Orange Review Vs HotJar

Lucky Orange is one of the best analytics programs to track how visitors interact with your site. With Lucky Orange, you can ask visitors what they are looking for by creating surveys that can be tailored to their needs. You can also save or view real-time visitor interactions with your website.

For example, you can see the last step a visitor has taken before leaving your site. Lucky Orange also provides analysis reports to help you understand your visitors’ issues and possibly leave the site without converting.

A detailed description of LuckyOrange

LuckyOrange is a user analytics analysis tool that lets you analyze user behavior and make improvements to your website.

Many similar tools will help, but if you want accurate analysis, many options, a user-friendly interface, and most of all, a low price, LuckyOrange is the best option.

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of LuckyOrange and do not even need a credit card. After that, the basic package costs only $ 10 per month. For many marketers, the free 7-day trial is more than enough to get important information from the tool.

Once you have registered, you will receive a JavaScript code that you must enter on all pages of your website. If you use WordPress, you can enter it into your design template so that it automatically loads on all pages.

Features Of Lucky Orange

  • campaign management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • tracking Goals
  • Track keywords
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Follow the page
  • Follow-up of the reference source
  • The time following the website
  • Monitor user interaction

Do you know why your visitors do not convert?

Lucky Orange helps answer the question of why 99% of visitors to your site never become customers. This is one of those tools that will make you wonder how you lived without it.


I have already talked about the importance of heat maps and eye-tracking technology.


Thermal Maps give an average of the behavior of many users. Lucky Orange offers clicks, movements, and mouse movements. So you can find out which parts of your website are the most popular.

If you want users to be interested in a particular section of your website, you now know what’s really happening from the user’s perspective.



Give your customers fast, non-intrusive questions, such as – Is there something that keeps you from buying today?” Get valuable and actionable information directly from your visitors.

Live Chat

lucky-orange-live chat

Lucky Orange also offers the opportunity to chat live as Zopim. However, the chat window only appears when you start it. If someone is on your live website, you can start a conversation with them!

Form Analytics

Explore the key fields of your forms where customers leave the payment or registration process. You need to know which fields are too long to end, which are repeated due to errors, and which are given up the most.

Here are 4 main Form Analytics reports you can get from Lucky Orange:

  1. ABANDONMENT REPORT: This will allow you to see which fields visitors have previously entered
  2. TIME TO START THE REPORT: In this report, you can find out how long it takes on average
  3. TIME TO END: You need to know how long your visitors will need to complete each field of their forms. Some fields take longer and can lead to a high cancellation rate.
  4. REPLAY FIELDS: This report shows you which fields are frequently repeated by visitors.

Email Reports

View your website directly from your inbox with Their daily and weekly email reports. Access from any device, including your smartphone.

Try it for Free

I recommend that you try the free trial and familiarize yourself with the recording reproductions and heat maps of the users.

Lucky Orange Conversion Funnels!

A funnel is a group of steps leading to an end goal. With Lucky Orange, you create funnels and see exactly the point of your conversion process, where people go. You can play and see the footage of the exact visitors who left the process.

In this way, you can identify disruptions in your conversion process and develop solutions that will definitely improve your conversion rate.

The process to Install Lucky Orange!

Recently, the site’s load speed has become one of Google’s ranking factors. One of the problems we encounter with add-ons and analytics is the slowness of the website.

A piece of JavaScript code is enough to install Lucky Orange. The code is asynchronous and should not slow down the pages.

There are two ways to configure this code on your site.

1. Copy the code and paste it before your meta tag </ head>

2. Just download and install the Lucky Orange add-on

Key Features Of Lucky Orange

  • Quick and easy installation (no coding required)
  • analysis form
  • visitors shots
  • heat map
  • Super easy and rich in chat features.
  • Polls
  • Real-time analysis
  • Historical analysis
  • Find Twitter in real-time
  • funnel analysis
  • Special support
  • Try it for free. It will enchant you!

Who is the Lucky Orange Tool Ideal For?

Lucky Orange goes beyond what traditional web analytics can offer. If you want to know why visitors are frustrated by websites or apps, and quickly abandon their platform without buying anything, try the tool.

Lucky Orange’s features are designed to help you optimize your websites or applications and increase your conversion rate. This means that a developer and a UX / UI expert can benefit from the tool as well as websites with e-commerce, performance, or social networks as well as news and information sites

What you need to know

Lucky Orange provides real-time analysis of all visitors visiting their websites or web applications. Automatically save every visitor on your platform. The control panel lets you filter and segment the footage to see exactly where the visitors are Dropping off and why.

The toolbox provides ways to improve and monitor web performance by recording complete visitor sessions. Then you can view participation, dropout, and conversion rates, get more information about click-through rate through thermal map analysis and use mouse movements to track mouse movements, etc. You can even chat live with the team to assist customers.



  • Lucky Orange gives you A detailed view of your Visitors.
  • Session Records provide detailed reproductions of the use of your website by individuals.
  • Lucky Orange will give you information about the location of your customers and the date of the visit, which can be summarized in the heat maps.
  • It integrates well with other tools, from GA to Adobe Analytics through Optimize.
  • With Lucky Orange, you can create customization surveys for each country, so visitors can ask for what you want.
  • The award makes it a great place to start to understand a range of tools that help you understand your customers better.
  • There are many options for creating heat maps, such as For example, page URLs, browsers, and geographic locations.
  • With Lucky Orange, you have access to other pages via visitor routes.


  • Lucky Orange does not offer a free life plan despite the free trial.
  • Lucky Orange has a startup plan that is limited to two discussion operators and you can only explore one website.

Lucky Orange Pricing Plans

lucky-orange-Pricing Policy

Starting from: $10.00/month

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

  • Starter: $10 per month
  • Small Business: $20 per month
  • Medium: $50 per month
  • Large: $100 per month

1 year: 10% off

2 years: 30% off

Starter – $10
Three sites,
5000 heat map clicks,
10,000 heat map movements,
100 recordings

Small Business – $20
6 sites,
10,000 heat map clicks,
20,000 heat map movements,
200 recordings

Medium – $50
12 sites,
20,000 heat map clicks,
50,000 heat map movements,
300 recordings

Large – $100
25 sites,
50,000 heat map clicks,
100,000 heat map movements,
500 recordings

Here are the plan offers and prices at Lucky Orange:

Lucky Orange Discount Coupon Code Up to 30% Off

Lucky Orange Discount Coupon

Starter plan – $ 10 per month. It Covers 25,000 visits per month for 1 location, 2 operators, unlimited registrations (for 30 days), and unlimited thermal cards (for 30 days).

Small Business plan – $ 20 a month. Covers 60,000 monthly hits on 3 sites, 4 operators, unlimited records (for 30 days), and unlimited Heatmaps (for 30 days)

Medium plan – $ 50 per month. Covers 200,000 monthly site visits for 8 locations, 10 operators, unlimited records (for 30 days), and unlimited Heatmaps (for 30 days).

Large plan – 100 USD per month. Covers 500,000 visits per month on 16 pages, 20 operators, unlimited shootings (30 days), and unlimited thermal maps (30 days)

Enterprise plan – Custom plans available through Lucky Orange include billions of page views shared across multiple locations, and advanced customer support features.

Customer Support

There are several ways to contact Lucky Orange. There is an online contact form, a telephone number or a live chat feature. Interestingly enough, we did not find an e-mail address to contact them, unlike the Mouseflow competitor, where e-mail communication is desired. You can also use the Lucky Orange FAQ page, feature guides, and installation guides to get the most out of the session reader.

Would not it be great if you could compare your results with Google Analytics to an even better web analytics tool?

Google Analytics plays a key role in website tracking but is not the only game in the city.

I do not deny that it is the market leader with a market share of 85.7%. In my opinion, it’s important to understand the issues that can be overlooked when you focus on one tool, although some people think that Google Analytics is the norm.

As an ecommerce business owner, you need to make better decisions faster based on specific measurements. They can not afford to lose some of the indicators and risk hampering the competition.

That’s why you need to supplement Google Analytics with Hotjar for accuracy and redundancy.

Hotjar Features Vs Lucky Orange 2023: Get business plan costs $89/M (100% Verified)

About Hotjar! Lucky Orange Vs HotJar

Hotjar is an analysis and commenting platform that helps you to better understand your users. Get a complete overview and an overview of how to leverage your website experience and increase your performance and conversion rates.

You can easily access instant comments from users, see how they use your website, and make changes based on your in-depth knowledge. These features demonstrate the online behavior of their users and allow them to effectively hear their voices.


Hotjar offers two main tools: analysis and feedback. With the analysis tools, you can observe and measure user behavior. You can also see the actual activity of the users on your site. The tools included in this solution are heat maps, conversion funnels, and forms.

Analysis and registration of visitors

In the meantime, feedback tools are developed to help you listen to your users’ comments. To provide a channel where users can voice their opinion, it includes tools such as surveys, polls, in-depth commentary, and recruiters (for recruiting user evaluators). Advanced Annotation Tools helps you better control your comment widgets.

Hotjar is an all-in-one solution that you can easily and quickly use from the simple installation process. It uses a single script for multiple popular platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and HubSpot. Monitoring is not interrupted because you can still access the software with any device that supports multiple devices. So you can work anytime, anywhere on your desktop, smartphone and tablet computer, even when you’re on the go.

In addition, Hotjar has the robust features you need to leverage your user analysis and comment initiatives. It targets device-based visitors, custom URLs, or JavaScript triggers and blocks IP addresses so you can exclude yourself, your team, and your customers from a more relevant tracking process. With the software in up to 40 languages, you can get valuable information about the software without limiting the number of users and the answers.

Hotjars Benefits

Hotjar is a robust software for tracking and understanding the behavior and user comments. Improving your user experience provides you with many benefits to make your strategies more effective and to prepare for the changes you need. These are some of the major benefits of Hotjar:

Visualize the behavior of the user

Hotjar Heatmaps shows how your visitors interact visually with your website. You can see what you are clicking, touching and moving to determine what you want based on the indicators of your motivation and your desire to visit your website.

In addition, you can monitor what your visitors see and record your activities and behavior on your website. This eliminates the approximations and gives you an idea of ​​what they are doing. You can also identify usability issues on your site and fix them immediately, as they can negatively impact usability.

Analyze important information of the user

Hotjar will not only show you in which areas of your website traffic and interaction are significant. It also helps you to see and test which side and which step a passenger is.

This is critical to optimizing your funnels and unlocking their full potential. Hotjar also identifies the problem areas of your online form. Recognize the fields where users spend too much time filling in, leave blank, and even give up your form so you can correct it to increase your fill rate.

Listen to the user’s voice

With Hotjar, you can listen to what your users say by providing a platform on which to voice their opinions. Surveys allow you to directly collect comments from visitors to your website by asking questions to specific visitors to your website and mobile site. It offers a variety of question types, including Net Promoter Score (NPS), which you can visualize.

Surveys are also available to collect real-time responses that can be disseminated by e-mail, web links, or invitations from visitors before they leave your site.

With a simple editor, you can create and customize your own reactive and cross-device surveys. In addition, users can immediately leave a visual comment on the context of their application and website. For example, they may leave comments that they hate or like a particular slogan on their website.

Include test users

To develop the right strategies for your site, research and testing with users are essential. With Hotjar you can promote participants from your own audience directly on your website. For example, you can add a widget that you can customize based on your own criteria and ask for help improving your website.

In exchange for profile information and participant details, you can give a coupon or gift. This will give your visitors the feeling that their voices are important to you and improve their relationship with them by encouraging their comments.

Scalable tariff plans

Hotjar’s plans fit your needs. It has projects for people with personal websites and projects, companies, agencies and consultants. This guarantees that you only pay for the features that you actually use. All plans support an unlimited number of users, even for their free basic plan forever.

With easy installation and localization support in more than 40 languages, you can easily optimize the value of the software.

Key Features Of Hotjar

  1. Visitor records

Hotjar is the first analysis tool that offers visitor records. Save the user session screen so you can see how visitors to the web interact with different elements of a page, such as B. with the scroll.

As the owner of an online business, you’ll learn behind the scenes how people consume your content. This will help you understand the problems that are hindering your purchase.

student crowd is a platform for university students in the UK to review courses, accommodations, and part-time jobs. They used visitor records and looked at successful and half-finished magazines.

The results showed that students had difficulty meeting both assessment criteria and that the “Send rating” button was not visible on some mobile devices. This solution increased the number of conversions in the review form by 55%.

  1. Heat cards

Use this feature to see where visitors are clicking. This provides relevant information about the sections of the web page that are most frequently clicked on and receive the least attention.

Therefore, you can insert a CTA (Strong Call Button) in the places with the most clicks. Go one step further to add a tick to the least-attentive points and reduce bounce rates.

The Plezier trampoline is a good example of a heatmap in action. The company has started a blog on the need for information on adjusting trampolines for backyards. After examining a thermal shift map, they found that the CTA was too low.

To solve this problem, they have added the CTA main button at the top of the page. And boom! This resulted in an 11% increase in clickthrough rate.

  1. Conversion funnel

Conversion Funnels help you see where your customers are becoming customers. Hotjar provides an overview that lets you see where site visitors are leaving your site and reducing bounce rates.

How do the funnels work?

Let’s see:

Netguru wanted to increase traffic to his website. They soon realized that they needed more than guesswork to know why users came to their site. The software and design agency installed chimneys in Hotjar and began collecting data.

Several months later, Netguru was able to resolve the issues highlighted by the tool:

  • Increase traffic on the Services page by 30.93%
  • Increase Traffic on the Career Page by 58.86%
  • Reduce the rebound rate by 50.45%.
  • Increase the number of users in the funnel by 17%.
  1. Polls

The only point of sale for Hotjar is the combination of user analysis and commenting functions. Using information surveys, you can ask web visitors why they are performing certain actions, such as: For example, completing a form or clicking the “Buy” button.

There’s also the Incoming Comments feature, which adds a widget to your page. This allows users to leave comments when they encounter problems.

If you’re wondering how it works, this is the story of a company:

The Hubspot Academy used Hotjar’s feedback surveys to understand why visitors left the course registration page and how the team responded. After solving the issues identified in the survey, the brand was able to increase the number of registrations by 10%.

  1. Recruit testers

With Hotjar you can use users to participate in your tests. To do this, you can add a widget on your website that prompts participants to take part in the exercise. Then, users complete the basic registration information and can also make the widget smaller.

To motivate your users to act, you suggest an incentive such as a gift certificate or a discount. Keep in mind that users are reluctant to share personal information online.

  1. Investigations

Existing customers are the best resource for conversion optimization because they have valuable information about the obstacles and factors driving your business. Hotjar offers friendly surveys to help you get to know your audience better.

Some questions that you should ask your existing customers are:

  • What made you look for a product or service?
  • Why did you stop using our services?
  • Why did you buy or register?
  • What could we have done to facilitate his decision?
  • Remember

Make sure all your questions are open.

  1. Analysis of the forms

How do readers use your forms?

The analysis of the forms of Hotjar helps you to visualize the engagement of forms and fields. For this purpose, you can display statistics for deductions and transports.

You can discover fields that are too long to fill in and leave empty. You will also see why visitors have left the form altogether. All this helps you to improve the fill rates of your online form.

What does Hotjar have to offer?

Hotjar is a comprehensive review and analysis that helps you understand what visitors to your site are doing. Hotjar’s main point of sale is that it combines a set of essential analytics capabilities with feedback tools on a single platform.

Prior to Hotjar, he needed multiple software platforms to achieve this combination of features, each of which increased the cost and complexity of his CRO toolbox. Hotjar collects a large number of analysis functions, CRO and comments on a single platform at a reasonable price.

You’re probably wondering what this feature list looks like. Here is a brief description of the situation before examining each in detail:

  • Heat Maps: Indicate where users are moving and clicking or touching their pages.
  • Visitor logs video recordings of user sessions so you can see exactly what is happening.
  • Conversion funnel: informs you where users put their sales funnels.
  • Form Analysis: Shows how users interact with their forms to avoid unsuccessful termination.
  • Surveys: This option lets you ask users why they did not perform certain actions.
  • Incoming Comments: Allows users to leave comments on their website or application to let them know what they like, hate, or do not care about.
  • Surveys: Contact users through comment forms requesting their comments.
  • Recruiting Assessors: Select attendees to take part in the user tests on your website.

This will give you an idea of ​​what Hotjar has to offer. However, let’s take a closer look at each of these functions so that you can see where they are lit and where they are not lit.

Thermal Cards: See where users are moving, click and type

Thermal mapping is the essential feature of any user analysis tool like Hotjar, but how is it compared to competitors like Crazy Egg who offer the same? At first glance, the two features seem almost identical, but you quickly realize that Hotjar’s thermal charts provide more information.

In contrast to CrazyEgg Hotjar displays mouse movements in addition to clicks. You can also see how many times users have clicked on the same place by scrolling over it in the front panel. You need to access another view to get this information in CrazyEgg. This can slow down your workflow.

However, CrazyEgg offers an additional view that splits clicks into different categories that we would like to see in Hotjar.

Visitor logs – see what your users are seeing

Hotjar was one of the first analysis tools to offer visitor records. This feature saves the user sessions screen so you can see exactly what is happening. CrazyEgg and other tools have now added similar features to their own platforms, but Hotjar still has them.

By using user records, you can see exactly how users interact with the elements of the page: by moving users, moving their mouse, or touching their screens on mobile devices, etc. You can look at the user experience of your website and understand the issues they face difficulties.

This is one of the outstanding features of Hotjar and one of the main reasons why we love this tool in Venture Harbor.

Conversion Funnels: See where your visitors make deposits

Funnels are a great feature that lets you see where users are removed from the conversion process. The implementation of Hotjar gives you a good starting point for starting your surveys, but it is by no means a complete tool for funnel reporting.

However, it would be unrealistic to wait for Hotjar to match the type of events and target analytics we conducted in Google Analytics. Instead, Hotjar provides an overview of where users fall, so you can see where to run the next batch of reports.

Form Analysis: See where your conversions kill the forms

It is interesting to see that Hotjar incorporates the analysis of forms in its CRO platform, but does not offer the depth of analysis offered by specialized form analysis tools.

For example, Formisimo tracks nearly 60 metrics to track the performance of the form while Hotjar tracks only nine. Hotjar’s reports are also not particularly intuitive. They do not make it possible to divide the data by date intervals or, for example, to observe trends per week and per month.

Like the funnel reports from Hotjar, you can get an overview of the performance with your form scans. However, these are not enough to identify the cause of problems and fix them immediately.


This is where Hotjar is superior to competing products. Instead of paying separately for different services, you end up paying a few dollars for a combination of three to four services.

Hotjar competitive prices also highlight on your homepage.


Let’s take a look at the packages you can choose from Hotjar Discount Coupon.


The floor plan is free. This is ideal for users with little traffic or for those who prefer to test the tool before settling there.

  • The features provided by this plan are:
  • Heatmaps-3 snapshots of 1000 pages each view
  • Video recordings – 300 records 100 at a time
  • Funnels – 3 funnels collect unlimited data
  • Forms – Form 1000 three sessions each
  • Polls, Polls, Advertisers, Incoming Comments.

Hotjar used to record data, heat maps, funnels and shapes for a year, but the rest used indefinitely. When traffic exceeds 2,000 daily views, it automatically distributes data collection.

Plus plans

The Plus Plan costs $ 29 a month and offers unlimited use of all tools With Hotjar discount coupon. This helps you to note the following:

  • Mc_ui_heatmap – Unlimited for 2000 page views each
  • Video recordings – Unlimited for 2000 recordings each
  • Funnel – unlimited funnels for unlimited data
  • Forms – Unlimited for 2000 sessions each
  • Polls, Polls, Advertisers, Incoming Comments – Unlimited for unlimited answers


Other features provided with the basic plan are:

  • Add notes to recordings.
  • Records for specific pages.
  • With the help of JavaScript activator for orientation

Once traffic exceeds 10,000 page views, data collection will be distributed by scanning. When you reach the limits of your plan, you can delete items or refresh Hotjar.

Business plan

  • The business plan costs $ 89 a month and is better for entrepreneurs with more than 300,000 page views per month. It is also useful if you want to remove the tools brand Hotjar visitors.
  • The offered functions are:
  • Thermal Card – Unlimited for 10,000 page views per person.
  • Video recordings – unlimited for every 5,000 records
  • Funnel – unlimited funnels for unlimited data
  • Forms: Unlimited forms for 5000 sessions each
  • Surveys, polls, advertisers, in-depth comments, unlimited for unlimited answers

Other features provided with the plan are:

  • Remove the hotjar marking common records, heat maps, and commenting tools
  • optimized integration
  • Change the style Emoji incoming feedback.
  • See back tools like surveys, invitations to polls, advertisers and incoming returns to a percentage of web visitors.
  • When traffic exceeds 20,000 page views per day, Hotjar automatically distributes data collection sampling

Pros And Cons


  • Simple, easy to create surveys and surveys with visitors.
  • I like the ability to follow my users. It helps to diagnose problems
  • I like the simplicity with which things happen, the user interface is clean.
  • Extremely easy to use for a few minutes and only takes to integrate.


  • You can not use heatmap with dynamic content.
  • I can not think of anything, we love Hotjar.
  • Adds considerable weight and loading time to websites
  • The interface can be confusing with multiple sites.

Quick Links:

There is much more about Hotjar features, and some of the most wanted features are video recording, funnels, and thermal maps.

I would rate it 4/5 because of its range of amazing properties that have been proven to be the best today.

With this tool, you can speak to your audience, dramatically increase traffic, and many other interesting things that have a direct impact on the outcome of your website.

Conclusion: Lucky Orange Review (Discount Coupon 30% Off) Best Hotjar Alternative

Lucky Oranges low-cost packages offer many excellent services. Although there is no free package, the packages available are of great value as they provide thermal/Heat maps analysis, website mouse tracking, funnel conversion, live chat, and form analysis that will help you get more information, how visitors interact with Your websites or apps.

Get detailed information about visitors and even communicate with them in real-time. So you get an accurate picture of what’s wrong with websites and apps to improve them.

Now that you have all the information about this amazing tool, please let me know in the comments section.

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