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Pressidium Pricing Plans 2023– How Much Does Pressidium Cost?

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The Pressidium Hosting or better known as Pressidium Enterprise WordPress Hosting created for the high rising demanding professionals of the business field.

The Pressidium is engineered with the leading first-class tech-savvy people focused on managing WordPress hosting and undoubtedly has no match for today’s world. 

It is also highlighted that what makes Pressidium valued to our expectations is the constant support from DevOps, and it very well-ly becomes an extension for your valuable team. Pressidium is very easy to use and appropriate even to purchase our signup.

Pressidium is very easy and convenient to sign up and hence benefit from their pricing plans

Since Pressidium makes the server customer’s demand for a free and perfect open-sourced content management system and is owned for personal use too apart from the professionals, it has to stand up to its vision.

Pressidium Black Friday Deals

What Is Pressidium?

Pressidium is a platform that manages WordPress hosting with enterprise architecture. Pressidium Details. Pressidium. Pressidium Community. Pressidium is a platform that manages WordPress hosting with enterprise architecture.

Pressidium is a platform that manages WordPress hosting. Pressidium helps businesses scale their marketing initiatives and deliver a great user experience on the web by focusing on three simple areas: speed, security, and support.

Pressidium is an award-winning platform that takes care of all your digital needs from start to finish. All Pressidium managed WordPress hosting plans come with 24/7 expert support that includes phone support(US & UK), a ticketing system, and available live chat.

Pressidium cares about the quality of service above all else. We hire some of the top talents from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Oxford & more to provide your business with the best support in the industry. With our unique combination of skills and expertise, we can ensure that you never have to wait long to get the help you need.

Features Of Pressidium Hosting Plans

Here is a list of some of the best features of Pressidium:

– Enabling/Disabling themes

– Enabling/Disabling extensions of the W3 Total Cache plugin

– Viewing the status of your site (faults, uptime)

– Access to logs on demand

– Customization of plugins and more…

– Daily Back Ups (automatic)

– Daily Offsite Backups (optional)

– Plugins, themes, and extensions speed optimization at the server level

– Auto installation of browser updates in order to keep your site secure

– Monitoring of the site with availability alerts by e-mail or SMS

– Customizable reports

– Database monitoring and alerts

– Automatic server monitoring and alerts

– Updates in real-time of the virus database and scans with ClamAV

– SSH and SFTP compatibility (optional)

Other Features:

Pressidium features

All four in order had the same features that fulfilled the need-

  • High available enterprise.
  • Load Balanced Clusters.
  • Support HTTP.
  • CDN power, HTTP/2.
  • Management of SSL.
  • Encrypt SSL integrated.
  • A version of PHP- new.
  • Runtime environment PHP.
  • Staging Environment.
  • Reinforcements.
  • Free Migrations.
  • The customers can freely select the Pressidium plan that suits their needs. It is advised to choose the Pressidium annual plan and thereby have the two months free add-on. Or they must go with the sixty-day assured money-back guarantee monthly plan. 
  • These aforementioned Pressidium plans have numerous benefits like highly available and fully ascendible architecture provided with the most advanced security and enriched performance and World-class quality support from the best-trained team of Pressidium’s engineers. 
  • The highly trained team of Pressidium’s engineers does the whole stack for you, including firewalls, load balancers, off-site reinforcements, servers, and also upgrades of WordPress itself.
  • They single-handedly manage the availability of your site so you can have a powerful nap whenever you want. 

Pressidium Pricing Plans: How Much Does Pressidium Cost? 

Below are the prices of the above-mentioned Pressidium plan variants:

Pricing Plans Annual Price Monthly Price (Month to Month)
Personal  $42 $49.90
Professional  $125 $149.90
Business  $250 $299.90
Business Plus $500 $599.90


Additional Features Sites of WordPress in Total  assistance of multisite width of band  each month various visits  SSD HA of enterprise Total Storage determined manager of the account 
Personal  Three sites of WordPress Nil limitless   created for Thirty Thousand Ten GB Nil
Professional  Ten sites of WordPress certain limitless   created for One hundred Thousand Twenty GB Nil
Business  Twenty-five sites of WordPress certain limitless   created for Five hundred Thousand Thirty GB Certain
Business Plus Fifty sites of WordPress certainly limitless   created for One Million Forty GB Certain

All four of them have assistance from DevOps or 24/7

Pressidium User Reviews 

Pressidium Black Friday User Review  Pressidium Black Friday User Review  Pressidium Black Friday User Review 



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5+ Best Pressidium Alternatives

1. Bluehost


Bluehost is an excellent choice for webmasters looking to bring their website onto the world wide web. Bluehost prides itself on offering a number of tools, such as 1-click WordPress installation and free domain registration included with hosting plans, that make setting up a blog or website easy and hassle-free even for novices.

The Amazon CloudFront content delivery network enables site owners to quickly present their website visitors with rich, interactive content.

Bluehost offers a generous 90-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 live support to make your hosting experience the best it can be, regardless of your technical skill level or available budget. All Bluehost plans include free email accounts and MySQL databases as well.

2. Hostwinds


Hostwinds also offers dedicated servers that range from $59.99/month and up. Servers start at 512MB RAM and expand to 96GB RAM for WordPress or Magento hosting.

Customers can choose between Linux-based and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems, as well as Cpanel or Plesk control panels. Both cloud hosting and managed dedicated servers are available.

The company provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, with 24/7/365 customer service. Hostwinds promises to restore all data from the most recent nightly backup within 24 hours of any account cancellation request.

3. Kinsta


Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider that helps take care of all your needs regarding your website. We run our services on cutting-edge technology and take support seriously.

Kinsta is a hosting company specializing in WordPress sites. We help you speed up your site and keep it secure. We were founded to provide top notch WordPress hosting in 2013.

4. Pantheon


Pantheon is a webops platform for open-source Drupal and WordPress websites. It is an app-specific PaaS provider, sold on a monthly subscription basis, with several support tiers available. Technologically, Pantheon applications run as software-as-a-service instead of running on users’ own servers.

5. Cloudways


Cloudways offers a comprehensive eCommerce platform and solution that enables entrepreneurs to get their ideas into action, with the minimal technical expertise required.

From startups to enterprises, it’s a perfect one-stop cloud hosting service for all business needs requiring scalability and flexibility. The services have been designed keeping in mind the latest eCommerce and technology trends, keeping up with the demands of a competitive marketplace.

One can choose from various application stacks including Magento 2, WooCommerce & PrestaShop for their online store, and Drupal 8 for complex business sites. Another major benefit is that Cloudways offers extensive hosting options starting from €3/mo billed annually without long-term commitments.

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The Pressidium Hosting or better known as Pressidium Enterprise WordPress Hosting created for the high rising demanding professionals of the business field.

Price:$ 42
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Ankit carries an experience of more than 11 years in Sales, Business Development, He has been closely working with brands over the years and has helped them achieve great ROI. His knowledge and experience have helped businesses in having robust applications.

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  1. I needed a product for my new company, but I wanted to make sure it was right for me. It had to be something that would work with SEO and also be SEO friendly. I did some research on different products out there and this one seemed like the easiest. Being new in business, of course time is of the essence too! I know you’re thinking, ease of use? Project management? Reporting ? Reporting is essential when you want your whole team on board. If they are working together, reporting helps them think they are all part of the same goal! You don’t have to worry about anything when you log in – everything is done for you already my time spent marketing has tripled because Pressidium does most of it.”

  2. I wanted to save my company money, but when I investigated the software I was shocked! It charged you depending on how many visits your website got. And then it just gets really expensive.

  3. Pressidium Black Friday is one of the most abominable pieces of software I’ve ever had to endure. This program charges depending on how many visits this website gets, which can sometimes turn out expensive. You guys are literally asking for money without any sort of reason why they should be giving anything up in return.

  4. I really enjoy using Pressidium to host all my web services in one place. It is cost-effective and has everything I need as a small business owner. There is free website migration and top of the line security features that keep my data safe no matter what. When I first signed up with them, the process was not difficult at all and now I am able to write web content for my client’s businesses easily.

  5. I am so grateful for Pressidium since it is currently hosting 5 of my websites securely. I was initially looking at another hosting service, but they would not give me the type of account that I needed to run multiple blogs with tight budgets on separate domains. After some searching, I found out about Pressidium and signed up right away. The first thing that impressed me was how easy they were to use because it’s an intuitive interface anyone can start using without learning first which really helps keep my time running efficiently! What separates them from the rest of the competition is their free website migration services.

  6. I’ve used Pressidium to save a bundle of time and frustration after purchasing my first domain name. They make things so easy – I can easily host multiple sites in one place, transfer domains effortlessly to their servers, get two months free when I sign up for an annual plan offer, plus other useful features like software offers- all while saving on Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals!

    When you’re ready to expand your online presence or just want something quick and inexpensive Pressidium is the way to go! After switching many custom websites over, our clients have had no complaints with hosting them under Pressidium. We enjoy preferring them because they always provide great customer service

  7. The Pressidium Annual Plan Offer combined with a desirable Pressidium Black Friday & Cyber Monday offer offers a great way to save time and money on hosting by combining services.
    Because I am always doing business online, it’s important for me to keep my data safe in the cloud. This package looks like an amazing choice because of its various options where customers can combine plans plus it has malware protection! What more could you ask for when looking for great prices on servers?

  8. I am using Pressidium to host my websites. I love how fast and reliable it is–it’s backed up, too. There are also lots of security features that make me feel safe when uploading sensitive information or running websites with vulnerable software.

  9. Running my own fashion blogging business has always been number one on the priority list, but as of late it seems like all I am able to do is barely keep up with my work. Starting out as a freelancer, I would not have thought having a website create for me separately from my blog would be necessary. But now that things are growing and I feel stretched thin across so many different areas, this is absolutely essential for pretty much any blogger who wants to make their jobs easier!
    Pressidium was amazingly easy to install- you don’t need any specific coding skills or developer know-how because it’s all done automatically for you.

  10. Pressidium has been a reliable and safe way for me to host my websites. Before I came across Pressidium, it used to be difficult hosting everything in one place. Now with their auto detection of malware AND removal, I’m worry-free about bad plugins or hackers getting into my website and shutting down the important process. Alongside this good protection system is the convenient annual plan offer combined with two month free annual offer!

  11. I love Pressidium. It is the perfect hybrid of auto-detect malware and removal, reliability, speed, service type with all WP services packaged into it too! And the best part about this offer? It includes a two plus two months free Annual Plan Offer combined with a desirable Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal to make your purchase even more affordable.
    Pressidium lets me host my many websites in one place so I don’t need to worry about anything getting lost online. All information backed up by their top features like Malware Detection and Removal where fast data transfers let me upload/download big files at lightning speeds without having to second guess any corners being cut or compromises waiting for you around any curve. I highly recommend this offer!

  12. As a software engineer, I know the importance of security. Growing up around computers I’ve seen all types of nasty viruses and malware that can slow your machine to a crawl or stop you from functioning at 100%. Because we code day in and day out it’s important for my available resources on grading systems not be taken away by a viruse. Pressidium was easy enough to install and took only minutes! Even with thousands upon thousands of lines of code for systems, Pressidium had no problem catching everything

  13. I’ve been using Pressidium premium hosting for almost three years now, and I can say that they are the best service out there. As someone with 4 blogs, I need hosting that will send my sites blazingly fast across the Internet. Hosting on Pressidium nets me an average of 1% uptime; where other hosts boast at 2-5%, which is why this company has become my go to solution for web development needs since launching my brand new blog earlier this year. The pricing is reasonable too! their customer service reps are always available to answer questions promptly via email too

  14. The prices are phenomenal, there’s always some serious discount on offer. With Pressidium Black Friday deals, you don’t need to worry about any site speed issues!

    You’re totally there for the long haul with these guys – their customer support is unrivaled and they’ll never let your website down. Got a deadline coming up? No sweat! These guys will keep everything running smoothly so that you can concentrate on creating your content. Can’t recommend ’em enough!

  15. I need a new provider because my old one just couldn’t keep up with how much traffic I was getting. The other providers didn’t have the bandwidth, storage space, or the reliability that I wanted. With Pressidium Black Friday Deals offer of unlimited storage space and bandwidth, they are definitely top-notch compared to the others out there! Plus their support team is so nice – you can actually understand them without any problem!

  16. I’m usually hesitant when it comes to finding a new web hosting company because being so in love with my sites I can’t risk losing them, but Pressidium is the one for me. The prices are competitive with what I was paying before and their customer service is amazing. They responded quickly to all of my requests, were patient with me when answering my questions, and made sure that every problem was solved quickly. 6 months in, I don’t have any regrets or complaints!

  17. Pressidium is the ultimate WordPress hosting platform. The team there is focused purely on customers, more so than any other provider out there. Pressidium’s supportive environment allows me to focus on what I do best, which is content creation and all of my many creative outlets without needing to worry about the underlying technology needed for running a website. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or someone who simply doesn’t have time at that point in life for managing their own site, give Pressidium a try and you won’t regret it!

  18. I was originally hosting on another company’s host, but for some reason my site was running super slow. I had to do something before it got worse. A friend told me about Pressidium and my website is now fast again! The customer service is great too- any time you’ve got a question or need help they’ve always been there in less than 15 minutes.

  19. I’ve used other hosting providers and they left me frustrated, but not with Pressidium. As a standalone WordPress host, their platform is flawless. I get spot-on speed and uptime with excellent features without having to wrestle with managing my site on my own!

  20. I’m usually a pretty hardworking guy, but I couldn’t seem to find the time this year for those pressing projects that needed some elbow grease. I was sitting on some big decisions waiting to be made, plus catching up on some emails and phone calls from clients who had been patiently waiting. In addition, my website was really hurting as it kept crashing because of our out-of-date hosting company. With lots going on, my server manager went down with pneumonia and we were left with no one to answer phone calls or send greeting cards for the holidays! Or so I thought… Luckily, a friend introduced me to Pressidium’s Black Friday deals–in fact they offered a free year of their Basic package! Then just like that things started…

  21. When I found Pressidium, my mind was blown. No more toggling between Outlook and our server management software, just a couple of clicks to update all the servers in one place! The customer service is amazing – they always respond within minutes when we have questions or concerns about the services provided.

  22. Pressidium completely revolutionized the way my team works. In a matter of minutes, we can reserve resources and power up our servers with 100% efficiency! What used to require hours now only takes a few keystrokes. To top it off, they’re cheaper than competitive providers by about 50%. This is absolutely worth checking out if you’re someone who likes their work to be as productive as possible.

  23. Pressidium is your escape from constantly updating IT admin duties so you can focus on the more exciting things in digital media. I love that I don’t have to constantly ask my team what they are doing each day because Pressidium has them covered.

  24. I have a business in three different states, and I work in one if them 24/7. The Pressidium Dashboard is the best purchase decision I’ve made for my business.

    Rather than having to pay an employee from each state minimum wage when they don’t utilize their time effectively, I was able to delegate tasks to my employees so that they can work on something else when there’s no demand in their own area. Not only does the dash decrease redundancy by giving us more control of our money, but it also allowed me new ways to make profit like sending specials across all the states at once!

  25. It’s hard to go wrong with Pressidium as a website host. I’ve had my site hosted with them for 10 years and we couldn’t be happier.
    When we first moved our site over, everything was very smooth and doing it ourselves gave us control of the whole process which really satisfied that need for customer service and personal relationship.
    Pressidium has excellent reliability and uptime–which is great because I am paranoid about downtime so being able to have peace of mind knowing that wasn’t an issue always put me at ease. The dashboard is convenient, fast, easy-to-use, user-friendly, practical…boring words…but all true! It’s not too expensive either so it was worth

  26. The control and affordability you’ve been waiting for! I came across Pressidium’s Black Friday deals and was thrilled with the options. When starting a business, it can be hard to find the hosting company that offers both affordability and functionality (and needs). PRESSIDIUM, however has made my dreams come true: these deals work for me as they tailor WordPress products.
    The usability of this platform is amazing; configuration takes seconds. And because Pressidium is so affordable, it makes my wallet happy too–I’ll tell my fellow techies all about it!

  27. I can’t stress enough how great this website was. The dashboard is incredibly easy to navigate, the people are helpful and knowledgeable, and they always go out of their way to make sure that your site’s running smoothly. It might not be the cheapest WordPress host, but it’s definitely worth what you pay for.


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