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Bloggersideas Case Study

Hey everyone,


I’m going to walk through exactly how we touched 1.19 M traffic for Bloggersideas.

Bloggersideas traffic

I genuinely hope that it provides a behind-the-scenes look into what an SEO campaign can look like.


  • From 2500 clicks per day to now 4000 on average.
  • Hardly took under 100 links.
  • 200 traffic pieces of content live on the site.
  • A very limited budget.
  • The campaign was executed by my team.

Background Story

The website has been hit massively by the Google May Core Update as that year we didn’t focus too much on EAT signals and our website traffic tanked by 80%.

We deleted all the thin content from the website and revamped our website with high-quality content.

How we reached to 1 M clicks:


  • Fixed all pages according to the core web vitals.

  • Created 10-15 topical content clusters to rank money keywords.
  • Improved internal linking 
  • Filled content gap by competitor analysis


We’ve included FAQs from the People Also Ask Section from Google

Added schema in the articles

  • Took 10-15 backlinks to rank competitive articles
  • Added 3-4 relevant external links from top authority websites
  • Deoptimized articles which are overly optimized


Added Translation To The Website

We’ve added the translation feature to the website and it boosted traffic from all major countries as they started ranking in the regional languages of the particular countries.





Bottom Line Upfront


We’ve added the bottom line upfront which summarizes the articles resulting in the improved CTR.

Improved Intro – Outro Of The Articles

We’ve used Jasper.ai to improve the intro and outro part of the articles, this helps a lot to decrease the bounce rate and increase conversions from the articles.


We’ve used PAS and AIDA copywriting formulas to improve our articles.


Added Testimonials and User Reviews

We’ve used reviews and testimonials from their official websites and social media sites like Facebook to add trust factor in our articles so that users are  more engaged and helped us to increase conversion rates, indirectly helping in rankings.