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Travel Case Study

Hey everyone,

I’m going to walk through exactly how we touched 0 to 100 clicks for our Travel site in just 6 months.

I genuinely hope that it provides a behind the scenes look into what an SEO campaign can look like.


  • From 0 clicks per day to now 100 on average.
  • Hardly took any links.
  • 100 traffic pieces of content live on the site.
  • A very limited budget.
  • The campaign was executed by my team.

Background Story

We have launched this really new affiliate website in the highly competitive Travel niche and now we’re getting 100+ clicks every day. We have focused on building quality content from the very beginning and you can see the results.

We’ve created very high-quality personalized content for all our informative articles and took original feedback from users who are regularly sharing their opinions on Quora and Reddit.

How we reached to 100+ clicks daily:

  • Fixed all pages according to the core web vitals.
  • Created 10-15 topical content clusters to rank money keywords.
  • Improved internal linking
  • Filled content gap by competitor analysis
  • Took 10-15 backlinks from our personal niche relevant sites to rank competitive articles
  • Added 3-4 relevant external links from top authority websites
  • Deoptimized articles which are overly optimized

Wait!! There’s One Major Secret: Expired Domains

We launched this website on one of our subdomains but we’re not seeing any results there so we bought a high authority expired domain from Spamzilla and redirected our site there and boom, we saw some serious position boost within a month and all our keywords started ranking to the 1st position.

Proper Keyword Research & Reverse Engineering

Like any new domain, I needed to focus on queries I was confident I could rank for.

I knew there were no commercial pages early on in planning.

So it was easy for me.

Find as many relevant, easy-to-understand “Travel and Best Hotels” topics as you can. I planned keywords with enough volume.

We have started reverse keyword engineering by spying on our top competitors with Ahrefs and came up with keywords which have high traffic volume with medium difficulty.

Improved Intro – Outro Of The Articles

We’ve used Jasper.ai to improve the intro and outro part of the articles, this helps a lot to decrease the bounce rate and increase conversions from the articles.

We’ve used PAS and AIDA copywriting formulas to improve our articles.