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Are you worried about how to convert your raw video material into a professional screen then
you are at the right place?

DigiExe’s video editing is done by professionals who offer tremendous support, even post-production. We are the leading team that offers effortless and profitable outsourcing experience to its clients. We proffer video editing services for both small and large companies, documentary producers, filmmakers, news agencies, and wedding photographers.

Making a professional video is not an easy task; it is full of various steps starting from shooting until releasing the video. Difficulties in video editing tasks make companies search for great video editing service providers for the professional market.

Video helps the product grasp the attention of its audience through various exciting effects that they express. Online views and television viewership adds to the list of benefits. Video editors with a great idea have always been in demand since video marketing has taken over other
classical methods.

Digiexe will guarantee you the best and experienced video editors. Our editors are ready with new and exciting ideas for your video.

Customer satisfaction is our priority; as when a mind is
satisfied, it is surely going to succeed in the field and our task to help our customers to succeed.

Our editors have a keen interest and understanding about art and its effects. Our editing team works hard to understand the needs of our customer and fulfill every desire starting with simple editing to complete the video post-production process.
Our prices are reasonable, and the standards we provide are of international quality. You can partner with our video editing experts for the best results. We always consider our customer’s needs as our priority and work hard and smart for the best results.

DIGIEXE's HD (High Definition) services

Our team is well equipped for providing our customers with quality service. We offer our services for short filmmakers, documentary producers, news agencies as well as realtors and others. It is very easy for our professional editor team to change raw footage into editable tapes.

We also provide audio-visual post-processing services. We provide our services to almost every industry type.

Wedding videos

Corporate videos

YouTube videos

TV commercial videos

Short films

Event videos


Educational films

Sport videos

Real estate

Training videos

Personal Mp4

Explainer videos

TV shows


Quality assurance

Our editing team never compromises with the quality. At every stage of the project, we go through the quality check process to prevent any mistakes.




Our team knows the importance of time, and we never wish to waste our client’s time. We always submit our assignments on time without any delay.

Affordable price

We provide the best quality video editing at the most affordable price. Our
team provides the rate list according to the various scales such as rates per project, rates per hour etc. We care about our clients and understand them. Working with DIGIEXE will never be a pinch in your pocket.




We utilize the best video editing software and high-resolution monitors. Our team members have a piece of useful knowledge about all the features present in the software and use each of them very well.

Understands the urgency

Many times, companies need the edited video urgently, and it is a challenging task for them to get a reliable video editing organization. We understand the urgency and guarantee the client to provide them with the project urgently.



Provide data security

Is your company afraid of data leakage? Come to us. Our company assures the security of the data. We never risk the security of the data. Our employees have signed a bond with the company for the same matter. DIGIEXE is a reliable company and clients trust us for the security purpose.

Support Post Development

Post the website goes live, it is monitored for errors and bugs. In case of any, we will fix it for you, prior to the traffic hitting your website. You can select our SEO and Internet marketing services to improve your visibility in the midst of the niche. Digiexe also provides a website maintenance service.


DIGIEXE provides various other services and has never failed failures. We care for our clients and try our best to live up to their expectations. We always aim to give the best quality videos to our clients. Companies trust us for our creative minds and secure environment. We have many
companies who have faith in our services. We always submit our projects within the given time limit. Clients are always welcomed to give their ideas and reviews. Our team also makes changes with pleasure according to the client’s desires.

Our team is professional and are skilled. They have minds full of creative ideas. They have a passion for making changes for the world. Videos have changed the whole marketing field, and the editors have a significant part in it. An attractive video will attract the audience and will help
to improve the client’s business.

We have always been a reliable partner and will continue to be helpful to the clients. Client
satisfaction is the most important thing for our company.

We provide many benefits to our clients with the best quality. We understand you so rely on us, and we will stand up to your expectations.

Trust us, and we will never fail you.



$ 10 per hour
  • Desired Audio Quality
  • HQ Microphones used


$ 15 per hour
  • Basic editing + Video Transition Effects / Fine Cut / Audio Normalizing / DVD Authoring
  • Medium editing features + Video Enhancement / Audio Enhancement / Menu with customized chapters / Blu Ray Authoring


$ 25 per second
  • Script / Scenario Complexity
  • Number of Characters, Details in the Characters
  • Number of Frames and Panels, Live Actions, Cartoons
  • Details in the Backgrounds, and Objects used
  • Inking and Coloring
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